PEurope Resonant Butoh Tour 2016
 Subbody workshop and Performance in Budapest, Hungary

  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

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Quest for Unexplored Butoh!
Accepting One Year Co-researchers

September Starting Course, 2016
5 September, 2016-11 June 2017
( 3 seats Remained)
March Starting Course, 2017
6 March - 17 December 2017 ( 7 seats Remained)

From next year, we will have 3 semesters
1st semester : March 6 - May 28, 2017
2nd semester : June 12 - September 10, 2017
3rd semester : September 25 - December 17, 2017
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Europe Resonant
Butoh Tour 2016
 Subbody workshop and performance in Budapest
 Last Performance in Piedinterra, Italy
 Himalaya Resonance Diary


Sitar and Botoh
Space Igu 3 years anniversary

Date: August 14, 2016 (Sun) 18:30
Rates: Advance 1000 yen on the day 1,200 yen (30 people capacity)
Venue: old houses Space IGU Ichinoseki Akaogi shaped top bag 204
Reservations and inquiries Iwabuchi (Mimi) 0191-78-0713
Sitar Minamisawa's YOUR pick up to collaboration.
What time from flowing into the space of the 200-year-old or more of the old houses,
looking forward to!



Subbody Both Training

When: 13th July 19:30 - 21:30
Where: Millinxparkhuis
Millinxstraat 69, 3081 PE Rotterdam

Europe Resonant
Butoh Tour 2016
 Co-creation of the each subbody=cobody world
 Piedinterra in Italy
Resonant Butoh Tour Europe 2016
1 July, 2016

Listening to Various Teachers of the River in Italy

The Resonant Butoh Toue Europe, the 1st place is Piedenterra, Italy.
Old students Chiara and Franchesco built a mountain resort on the hill.
Their new house was almost completed.
Their daughter, Nina grew up to 5 yers old pretty girl, though the last time she was just baby.
We danced at the open air studio in the Piedenterra, and the river, forest and so on.
In the River Sati Gio guide to find each one's teacher arounf the river and we shared it together.
We started from listening to subtle Qualia.

Read more School Journal

Resonant Butoh Tour Europe 2016
Italy, Spain (Almeria, Madrid, Spanish Himalaya, Barcelona), Hungary, Poland


Italy: June 23-30 organized by Chiara
at PiedinTerra near Milano
Chiara de bona

: July 4-18 organized by Andrea,
Judit and Tamas
at Budapest

Andrea Dobos <>,

Judit P. <>,

 Tamás Szekeres <>

Spain (Almeria) July 17- 24
1st Subbody Gathering
organized by Jaime and Aia at Almeria

Jaime Martinez <>

Spain (Madrid): July 20- 22
Workshop by Sati Gio at Madrid
Jonathan Martineau <>

Spain (Spanish Himalaya): July 24- August 7
organized by Jonathan at El cielo de la Vera, Cáceres, Spain. (Two hours away from Madrid
Jonathan Martineau <>

Spain (Barcelona): August 11-14
Organized by Jordi Arque
at Barelona

Jordi (

Poland: August 12 - 21
organized by Kaska at Michalowice

Kasia Żejmo <>

Sati Gio <>


Judit, Andrea, Lee, Sati Gio

Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop
in Hungary

with Rhizome Lee
organized by Judit and Andrea

When: July 4-18



Andrea Dobos <>,

Judit P. <>,

 Tamás Szekeres <

Spain (Almeria)
 Jaime, Aia, Lee

1st Subbody Butoh Gathering

Spain (Almeria) July 17- 24
organized by Jaime and Aia at Almeria

Jaime Martinez <>

Spain (Madrid)
 Jonathan, Gio


Spain (Madrid): July 20- 22
Workshop by Sati Gio
at Madrid

Jonathan Martineau <>

Spain (Spanish Himalaya)
 What is Resonant Rhizome
Video: Sergio, Interview and Subtitle: Jonathan

Jonathan, Lee, Sati Gio


Butoh in spanish Himalayan
mountains II · 2016

When: July 24th to August 7th of 2016

Where: In El cielo de la Vera, Cáceres, Spain. (Two hours away from Madrid.)

Workshop and Collaborative Performance

Workshop – 360 euros (420 after June 15th)
Lodging and food (three meals per day, 14 days) – 550 euros
Total – 910 euros (970 after June 15th)

Information and inscription: / (34) 625 067 600

Jonathan: <>

Spain Barcelona
 Jordi, Sati Gio

Workshop and Collaborative Peroformance

Spain (Barcelona): August 11-14
Organized by Jordi Arque
at Barelona

Jordi (


Kaska, Lee, Sati Gio


Subbody Workshop in Poland

with Rhizome Lee, Sati Gio
organized by Kaska

When: August 12-21


for more informations please contact at
Kasia Żejmo <>


Shai, Sati Gio


Subbody Butoh Theater Experiment and Workshop
29 Aug ~ 9 Sep

at London Buddhist Arts Centre
Contact : Shai Cabili -
or +44 (0) 7514703551

  Pilar and Kaska

Resonance Dance Workshop
June-July 2016

Resonant Creation with Subbody Butoh
by Pilar and Kaska

Every Monday You can join in!

20 June - 22 July, 2016
Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 5:00

Resonant Butoh New Studio, Dharamsala, India

< Tuition>
June course (3 weeks): 300 USD
July course (3 weeks): 300 USD
June=July (6 weeks): 500 USD

* Accommodation and food is not included.
* Indian and South Asian are discounded 40%.

Pilar <>
Kasia <>

12th International Himalaya Butoh Festival

Sinking into darkness of the body
Proto Dreaming Honza and Cobody  
20 June, 2016

Rather than the expression, the disappearance

In the proto dream theater by Honza of the12th Butoh Festival at his request I was carried by others, with upside-down position as I came out to his dream.
After that, I become Rob, a mutual friend of Honza and me, who left the world three days before this day.
I wandered behind the Honza as the "Behind Spirit".
After the death for a few days, dense qualia of dead people are floating around here and there.
To dance it is the funeral way as a dancer.

Rather than the expression, dance the qualia of disappearance.
20 and a few years ago, I have danced the death of my mother in Java island, Indonesia.
It was the start of dancing the dead for me.
In forties, fifties, I have danced my dead friends, Hiroaki Yamazaki, Toshiaki Tsuji, Kenji Hashimoto et al, repeated and repeated many times.

Several years ago a dancer who was belonged in Santiago's company came to Dharamsala and told his death.
Also I have danced the death of my esteemed friend Santiago Sampere, many times.
But, after a few years, it was found that he is alive.
It became a mysterous experience to dance the death of alive person.
This March, I danced a death of my friend Toshiaki Ota who was closed together with me during the high school and University.
From now, I would dance a myriad of loss must come more and more.
Instead of dancing in front, I dance in the shade or behind of living bodies.
Dance to erase my own to a mere sway.
That go off gradually gradually oneself.
Dance the disappearing of Life slowly to non-time non-space realm.
This is a long gardual death of mine.
My death will be created in such a way.

Instead of waiting to be eaten by death one day,
deepening the dance of the disappearance step-by-step.
It might be a creative death.
I hope to create my Death in the deepening process of disappearance.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

""Shadows of Fire" Naireet Basak 

Opening Performance
Immersive Interactive Butoh Theater

 Subbody Butoh Books
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Rhizome Lee's ten years investigation in Himalaya
 Sinking into the Darkness of Body

Crick here to read the sample
Abyss of Quiet House
Rhizome Lee

Behind the Mirror
A Butoh manual for Students

Rhizome Lee

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