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Highlights of India Rhizoming Tour 2015
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 Donna and cobody at Mumbai Beach

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Baul misic passed through body
Oneness in Kolkata
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 World Life Resonance 2014
50 years dialogue with my dead friend Yamazaki

'Falling into Blossom'
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This is Rhizome!

'Desperate,Ripple' Gio and cobody 
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 What's New?

 New semester starts on 9th March!
People who want to become Rhizome, Join us!

Accepting 1 to 3 years course
7 September 2015 - 17 June 2016
3 spaces remained
7 March 2016 - 9 December 2016
10 spaces remained
Application: subbody [at]
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India Rhizoming Tour
6 March, 2015

Highlights of India Rhizoming tour 2015

India Rhizoming tour brought so many unexpected harvests.
The most unexpectd one is what I could become myself again, or what I was reborn again. And many novel methods were found out. Many new projects were generated. All of them will become new contents of the Subbody Resonance Butoh School 2015 and our multi-layered new activities.

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

 World Life Resonance

Congratulation, Big challenge!
Ejoy 40 Days, Odille!

Dive IN . Bloom OUT

40 Day
Butoh Dance Journey into the True Self

For 40 days participants will receive support and guidance to dive deeply IN. There will be 5 Sunday sessions (mostly outdoors), 1 Private Session (30-45 minutes), and a final showing with the possibility of opening to the public...

March 15th - April 23rd
3-5p Sundays in City Park
3-6p Sunday April 6th
(No Meeting April 12th)

About the Facilitator:
Odile Nicole works as a teaching artist. For fifteen years she has explored innovative Theatre, Physical Performance, Butoh dance theatre and deep contemplative practice. In 2010, she studied, performed and began teaching at the Subbody Butoh School in the Himalayas before relocating to New Orleans. She continues her practice as performer and educator, integrating mystical principles into the creative arts

India Rhizoming Tour
3 March, 2015

"Healing with Deformity" -- Pure Life resonance of an article of Indian newspaper

There were many newspapers came to interview for our collaborative butoh performances in Pune.
Generally, their attitude was sincere to understand somehow "Butoh" which came from different cultures they do not know well.
Among them, especially an article titled "Healing with Deformity" was full of deep understanding and resonance.

Healing with Deformity

apanese artist Rhizome Lee's performance of Butoh, an art form that evolved after the Holocaust, explored the concept of beauty hidden behind layers of grotesque make-up.


It WAS A sight to remember. The eyes of spectators stayed glued to the Butoh dancers who crawled in a hyper-controlled demeanor, with their intimidating make-up intensifying the mystery and tension in the air, which was slithering in-between pauses of shallow breaths. As if bewitched by a spell, for nearly an hour, nobody moved from their place, making the act, Resonating to the Last Echoes, performed by Rhizome Lee and his students from Subbody Resonance Butoh School in Dharamsala, one of the most enthralling performances at the ongoing Pune Biennale.

Butoh, as an art form, was originally invented to vent out the emotions after the holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World WarⅡ. Modified and taught by Lee in the holy land of Himalayas for last 20 years, he brought it to the city on Friday at Deccan College, in a collaboration with two installation artists from the city, as his performance weaved the installation art work as a part of the "healing" process.
The installation artists include Snehal Kulkarni Dutt, who displayed her work 'Gone To Grass' along with collaborator Rucha Kulkarni, who brought a mysterious dimension to the installation with her aboriginal sculpture of Indian diety along with mirrors.
Explaining the concept behind the performance, which was carried out in an extreme and absurd looking environment, Lee said, "Subbody Butoh is generally considered as an art form that helps to heal the body, mind and spirit. In the process of exploring and creating movement, a practitioner often encounter his/her physical and emotional blockages. In this particular installation, we tried to show the complexity of human beings in comparison with the simplicity of trees."
Lee has derived the word Subbody from two different word--subconscious and body. "In the realm of the subconscious, away from the boundary of ego and daily consciousness, our mind and body melt into oneness and create a world completely different from what we encounter daily," says Lee. The new world formed by Lee and his fellow dancers in the periphery of 20 meters is also a challenge posed to the defined concepts of beauty and wellness.
Throwing light on the rebellious nature of the performance, Lee said, "After the World WarⅡ, many people in Japan were born with deformities. The after-effects of the nuclear blunder were devastating. However, during the same time, people in the Eastern countries started realising that the concept of beauty is not the one defined by Western thought. The true beauty lies in the beauty of mind and soul, which is hwy the dance was performed with grotesque make-up."
Talking about her contribution n the installation, Dutt said, "I wanted to explore a sense of entanglement in changing times through the rots. When I met rhizome for the first time through a common friend, who was his student in Dharamsala, we came up with collaboration idea." Kulkarni, on the other hand, had a different point of view. "The purpose behind the idol was to show the interdependence of 'prakriti and purush',as described in the ancient texts. The mirrors created an optical illusion as people thought it was water," she says.
To create the installation, the artists had to work for more than four weeks. Expressing his joy at the success of the event, Lee said, "I performed at the first time. This was also the first time we worked in collaboration with installation artists.
I wish to perform the same act in collaboration with these artists in Japan in 2017." Subbody Butoh's next performance will take place at the Kala Choda Arts Festival in Mumbai next week.

See the newspaper

Yes, we danced many entangled, twisted, broken and deformed subbody=cobodies.
Because, subbodies are hidden in the darkness of body with shrunken, twisted shapes for many years.
Moreover, we danced the Rhizome-like chaos which are transforming and flowing while entangling beyond self and others.
The space-time has changed completely by becoming oneness with the installation by Snehal which amplified the degree of Rhizome of natural Banyan tree.
But, to write the article entitled "Healing with Deformity", it must be necessary that something was moved or changed in the reporter's darkness of body by looking at our performance.
How straightforward word of pure Life resonance it is!
I was surprised at such a honest soul the press has.
Such a straight word must be impossible in Japanese or Western newspaper which was stained by stereotype for butoh, and looking away from their ugly things inside of them.
It is so happy that there is lurking hopes still in India.
But we are not afford to have remained only in India.
We have to polish further the impact force of "Butoh Rhizome" that was found through the India Rhizoming tour, and we shall be re-landing on Europe and Japan some day.
Have a fun on that day!

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

28 February, 2015

Donna and cobody at Mumbai Beach

We met Donna and Alon of Banstho group at Mumbai, and Donna performed at the beach. Participants of Mumbai workshop and Lee joined in. It became the beautiful ending of the three months India Rhizoming tour.
Thank you everybody! See you again!
The second India tour of next winter will be in South India, around Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, and so on. To get many new warm connections is one of the most beautiful harvest of the tour.
We shall came back.

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

21 February, 2015

Rhizoming workshop in Mumbai

In Mumbai Lakshika Pandey organized an advanced workshop. It was the last workshop of the India Rhizoming tour, then I integrated all new findings of the three months tour.
How is it possible for us to take off the daily human, and become Rhizome?
We stop daily thinking and judgement, and listen to the darkness of body. It is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance of Qualia. When we follow it by whole body, we can be subbody=cobody.
They are hidden in the darkness of body with various shrunk, bended, entangled conditions.
We tried to find the optimum space and timing for subbody-cobody to come out.
-Dancing between, behind of the people,
-Entangled each other and slipping through, passing through.
Through this new method, so many interesting subbody=cobody came out, in spite of very short time as only for two days.
-Bottom bodies
-Stone bodies
-Vaporized bodies
-Hidden bodies
-Proto bodies
-Animal bodies
-Plants bodies
-and so on...

The workshop brought so rich harvest for everybody.
I realized that the temporary distinction of subbody and cobody which was bound by dualistic thinking of mine was disturbed the coming out of them for long time.
These methods above are the one of the most important awarness of the three months tour.
All particpants could realized them obediently, though some of them had met so strange creature and not-me and felt scary or strange to encounter them first time.
If you like to deepen it, Welcome to Himalaya!
You can learn how to overcome it, and go further!
Everybody of Mumbai!
Thank you very much!

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

18 February, 2015

"This is the Butoh Rhizome!" in Pune

Co-butou performance in installation of Snehal became worthy to the final of three months India Rhizoming tour.
Banyan trees that extend the stem, roots and aerial roots indefinitely are already storng Rhizome, and the network of the new roots and aerial roots created by Snehal was deepened the Rhizome.
And further bodies of rhizoming dancers transformed with connecting and separating freely, developed it to multi-llayered and non-dual demension. We could realize the "This is the Rhizome".
So far it is the first successful creation that is able to call "This is the Butoh Rhizome!" in the history.
Rhizome is a contemporary form to explore the human future that will be released from the Tree = Hierarchical order of thinking and behavior pattern which modern humans have been trapped.
It would be obvious if you can look at the pictures than say much. Further an excellent video by Varun will be edited and uploaded soon. Have fun!

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

 "Gone To Grass" Snehal Dott
11 February, 2015

Inspiring to the Rhizoming Roots by Snehal!

I was so surprised to see the new instalation for Pune Biennale by Ms.Snehal who collaborated last year with Ankur and Agu.
It was the true world of Rhizome.
She connected new roots made by rice straw to five Baniyan trees in the campus.
The extention roots connect to the roots and air roots, sometimes it digs into the ground and comes out from another place.
Though my legs was hurt and not sure to able to dance in Pune, but the moment when I met it, the pain has disappeared at moment.
As if I did not dance there, I must not be Rhizome Lee.
At the night, my subbodies did not sleep till morning and continued to create new images of rhizoming dance.
The workshop of Pune is going well, and on the last day, we, with Honza, Anneri and participants of workshop will co-create a dance piece which is "This is the Rhizome!"
Not only that, a new dream came out which I want to bring it to the Japan Rhizoming tour 2017 with Snehal and husband photographer Varun together and co-create it again as the growing up form.
Now, we don't have any certain financial plan, but when we long it strongly, some help must come out, I believe so. Hope someone shall appear to support us in 2017.

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

 World Life Resonance 2015


Behind Mirror:
Subbody Butoh Intensive
with Gadu

March 6, 2015 - March 8, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 at 9:00am to Mar 8, 2015 at 5:00pm

Save the date! Electric Fish: Center for Improvisation and Somatic Research proudly presents this weekend long Subbody Butoh workshop.
Gadu, the Minneapolis-based teacher will lead this 3-day immersion in Subbody Butoh Method.
Subbody Method was created by Rhizome Lee, a Japanese Butoh practitioner who opened a school in Dharmsala, India ( “Subbody” means subconscious body. In the subconscious realm, away from the boundary of ego and daily consciousness, our mind and body melt into oneness and create world that is completely different from the daily world. Through various conditioning techniques, a Subbody Butoh practitioner creates movements through exploring the subconscious realm.

This Intensive workshop will focus on experiencing the hidden potential of a body through exploring Hidden Body (Hidden Joint, Hidden Muscle, Hidden Skin, Hidden Cavity and Hidden Fluid) and resonating with one another.

For more information on Gadu visit
Please stay tuned to our website for more details about this and upcoming workshops

Sinking into darkness of the body
7 February, 2015

<Slipping through> and <Dancing between-behind>

This decade, I had been away from dancing in public.
But, meanwhile, I had a strange habit.
When the students research in own darkness of body,
I have danced behind or between them.
I prefered to dance behind of their body or between the legs, under the foot and slipping through from one after another another.
My subbody=cobody seems to have been exploring the possibilities of new dancing places.
While India Rhizoming tour, we practiced a thechnique; "slipping through" which in decades head, I was doing often.
It was noticed that there is a rich mine which a lot of unknwon subbody=cobodies are hidden in the dancing between-behind.
When dance between or behind or the side of the people, unknown subbody-cobodies come out often that we did not even expect.
Moreover, there is no distinction between subbody and cobody since they are coming out between-behind with other subbody-cobody.
Now it is the time to share it with people.
By these two (Slipping throuhg and dancing between-behind) are linked, so far of Nomad-Rhizome,
furthermore infinite subbody = cobodies transformation occurs.
This is is a new transformation techniques to become a Rhizome.

Only each person dancing as an individual, and be unconscious to the resonance each other, they unconsciously keeping the individual distance between as the normal society. In the Subbody school we have been avoided it called "City Park".
Instead of it we realized a formation like a Stone Garden of Japan which everybody is aware of the each special resonance in varieties of distance to open richer resonance.
We've been called <Stone Garden cobody>.
<Slipping through> and <Dancing between-behind> is to deepen it further.
We shall become Rhizome with the infinite ability of transformation .

Toward the horizon wheather to be me or not to be me is not something important at all

I was not able to passing through the last wall ever.
As long as we are tied to performance form of distinction of solo, duo, trio and group, our dancer would tied to ego and self in the frame.
To indicate the invision of Rhizome as the future of human beings have to break through there.
Another performance forms beyond the theater has to be created.
The "Passing-through method" of my friend, David Zambrano and Improvisation theater of Mark Tonpkin, was one of the attempts that would overcome the limit.
However, we must be farther to go from there, untill we open the horizon of the distinction of subbody and cobody disappears.
We explore not only passing through, but slipping through, entangling and passing through, merging and through, possessing and through and so on.

Apparently this is going to be our last big job.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Sinking into darkness of the body
6 February, 2015

This is Rhizome!

Starling flock showed a stunning aerial arts in Palestine in the sky.
Two herd joined to coalesce, freely separated.
As if they laugh at human who was bound by the common illusion of nation-state, religion and politics, and cannot resonate well on the ground.
They are vividly showing the model of the future of the human.
This is the Rhizome.
It's teacher of protean beyond the border of individual and herd.
Take off the illusion as human beings, right now.
The first time in shed the nightmare of modern of self = subject, we can become a phantasmagoric Rhizome.
2015 of Subbody Resonance Butoh School will focus here.
In the India Rhizoming tour, we have been pollished new techniques of "Dancing in between-behind" and "Slipping through". If we can integrate both of them,
the dualistic distinction of 'solo', 'duo', 'trio' or 'group' disappear and we can become Rhizome that is everything at the same time.
Until then, we were imprisoned for a long time in the temporary definition that subbody is an individual's subconscious body, and cobody is the resonance subbody.
All old students and workshop participants!
I am so sorry, till now, I could not give true guide of subbody=cobody method.
More than anything else, I was trapped by the dualistic illusion of <SELF=SUBJECT>.
And I have misguided that your subbody as the subject feels the subtle signal of behind world as the object, and so on.
I amplified your <SELF=SUBJECT> illusion!
I am so sorry! Please forget it!
Subbody Butoh is neither to dance as the subject, nor to express the self.
We BECOME Rhizome that is the both of individual and group at the same time.
If we do not become the non-dual Rhizome, which is the both of subject and object at the same time, we can not begin anything.
For me to get this awareness, the India Rhizoming tour was necessary.
I want you to expect the Sbbody Resonance Butoh School of this year.
Rhizome is a herd even just one person, it is non-dual and multi-dimensional transformable being.
Take off the human, Become a Rhizome!
Let's live as freely Rhizome which can transform beyond all boundaries. We become "Shisha", "Spirits", and everything in the Universe.
Finally it has become possible to be a real voice on my mouth.
And it was possible to find a technique that would really becoming the Rhizome.
It took 20 years to come up here.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

India Rhizoming Tour
31 January, 2015

"Zeami" of India

We moved from Kolkata to the west, a village called Jamudi of Jarkhand.

We visited the house of the master of traditional mask dance "Chhau" .
Their dance group was established by Mr. Shree Sudhir Kumar in 1971.
The main choreography was integrated the traditional dance froms of Jamdhi and fixed by him and many times foregn performance tours including twice of Japan tour(1984, 1998). Now the son Mr. Adhar Kumar guides the group as the assistant director.
We stayed for 8 days in their costume house , and watched their practice in every evening.

Time slip of Millennium

We participated in the Chhau festival that took place in the neighboring village square continued from midnight until the morning.
Dance performance field was brocked by bamboo, and audience seats were made by laying a rice straw.
While I was watching a sympathetic resonance with young and old village people and dacers, I was experienced a time slip of thousand years.
Because, It was a competition style by two chhau groups as same as the old Japanese performance style in Kan'ami, Zeami's age when the Noh dance was established by them.
Kan'ami had integrated the various styles of local traditional dances, Sarugaku(acrobatic monkey dance) and Dengaku (farm dance) etc.
In front of me, it has spread a scene and landscape as if beyond Millennium as the same as old Japanese rice farmers village.

The characteristic of Chhau dance is a big mask and acrobatic skill of rotation in the air, it is unique in India.
Indeed, when we watched their practice, the airial technique was remarkable for us, because so small boy around 7 years old could do it well. But, in the real performance with full costume, the biggest surprise was Mr. Adhar's solo.
He performed the Shiva and Krishina god.
He became the god, and showed so elegant and skilful steps.
I could see the double focused image on him, as if Kan'ami and Zeami in Muromache era were performing in front of me.
He seemed to reach the range of the beauty of "Yugen (subtle and profound)" that Zeami established.
Then in Adhar's solo, the acrobatic technique was reduced into minimum, and focused on the elegant steps as the god.
Acrobatic dance is easy to catch a glance, but if only it, audience might become tired.
The father Kan'ami edited the various traditional techniques, and the son, Zeami tried further reduction of them many times.

It also overlaped for me with the history of Butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata reduced all the the tricks of brute force, and crystallized the final form of "Weakened body butoh".

Zeami said in young age as the following, in his text of "two songs, three bodies".

"Dynamic movement is mainly by force, and not elegance. But, if we find the best timing, sometimes it surprises and moves audience mind, though we must never try it twice in one performance."
The dynamic movement was affirmed with a condition.
But, in his late ages, he denied it completely.

How their Chau dance will develop and deepen?
I dreamt that some day they shall polish their own beauty, and their existence may become threatening Japanese Noh dance, someday.

Anyway, I could recommend strongly Japanese people must see it. We can learn a lot of things, especially, how an art develop from the most primitive local art to the international art.

And at the same time I was facing about my butoh.
Where are you going?
What the Life want to do most?

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

West Bengal
30 January, 2015

India Rhizoming tour part2, West Bengal Highlight

The second part of India Rhizoming tour is over with so rich Harvest of "Oneness". After this we separate into many small groups or alone wolf and spread to all India with new participants; Jarkhand, Oriissa, Auroville, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Pune and Mumbai. Though to introduce all of them will be very late. Now most of core members are facing own edges or Abyss by alone. Hope to get pass through safely and find novel secret, mystery and flower.

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

West Bengal
23 January, 2015

Baul music has passing through the body like crazy wind

Baul means 'crazy', 'air' or 'wind'. It has over 500 years of tradition in Bengal. Baul musicians has unique belief to abandon the world, and not belong any established religion, temple and caste system, they believe that our body is God itself.
It was also the famous poet Tagor's background.
Baul is not only music and poetry, they have so unique view point that breaks away from those conventional habits.
The Kenduli Mela(Festival) was so huge scale, gathered the hundreds of buses from Bengal around, the audience went up to tens of thousands.
Young and old sang and listened intently.
Most of concerts continued with loudspeakers over night.
But, a few group that respect the tradition, without using electricity and speakers.
They resonated together in small groups of which surrounds the only light of a candle, they seemed to choose a way to focus on the release of the soul.
Baul is a pure resonant music.
When one person starts to sing and play intrument,
fellow co-create the one resonant music with each traditional instrument.
It was so similar to our Nomad Rhizome and free resonance way of co-creation.
Strangely, in its Baul group which I liked the most, four Japanese girls were their members.
I interviewed history to one of them.
She said,
"I came India to reconsider my way of life after the Tohoku Earthquake, and encountered the charm of Baul, now for three years studying it, because we can study all of India in one place, here."
It would be a special space-time that can experience much deeply.
Both of the way of Baul who abandoned this world, and Butoh to become Shisha (dead) and transform everything, have something familiar.
It was unexpected encounter.
I was let the baul music pass through to each part of body earnestly in different ways.
Passing through every single spinal cord, joint, muscle, and inner organ, in a variety of ways for two night.
After overnight, my body became extremely free as transparent body. A person who was looking at me, said I was seemed to have entered a transformer.
In reference to this experience, in the next semester's class, I will try to find a novel method of conditioning, using the Indian music, including Baul.
It was so nice experience for me that my body could open novel window.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
19 January, 2015

Hit a Stone

--"Yamazaki, Hit my body by a stone 6" Rhizome Lee

From last year of Poland, throughout the India Rhizoming tour, I continued to hit a stone as my dead friend, Yamazaki.
In bounce stone has been hitting my body.
As if I was looking for the place to die, I looked for a dancing place with a stone.
Stone is everywhere.
Everywhere I could find a dancing place.
I wonder what did I hit.
What is the Stone?
It is our frozen body.
I have continued to hit the frozen body which has forgotten the Resonance of Life.
Someday, Yamazaki will be reincarnated,
I believe it would begin to dance owe our body.
Life must begin to resonate beyond time and space.

But it's a tremendous dream.
I am going to die with continuing to live this tremendous dream.

I built a tower of bricks at a bank of the lotus pond at Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India, and hit it by a brick.
The brick was shattered into many small pieces.

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 World Life Resonance
India Rhizoming Tour
West Bengal
17 January, 2015

Collaborative performance "Oneness"
at Kolkata

On 11th Junuary, we could co-create a collaborative performance at at the Proscenium Art Centre in Kolkata.
The performance became real 'Oneness" amazingly!
It was intrduced on the website of as the following; with titled

"Beauty of Pain"

The Arshinagar Project, launched in 2011 by Arka Mukhopadhyay,brings together artists from different countries and disciplines. The inter-cultural exchange and experimentation result in free-spirited performances at unconventional locations. One such captivating performance, led by Butoh master Rhizome Lee was held at the Proscenium Art Centre on 11th January, 2015, in collaboration with artists from India, Japan, France and Mexico.

Butoh, a type of Japanese dance theatre, portrays life by drawing inspiration from the darkness of the body and its natural surroundings. Master Rhizome Lee who was a student of Akiko Motofuji, wife of Tatsumi Hijikata, who is considered to be the Originator of Butoh,has been practicing the art for the last 30 years. Through his spectacular performance at the Proscenium Art Centre, he has tried to portray the massacre of his friends at the anti-Vietnam War movement. The stones that he used as props are representations of those lost souls whom he wishes to awaken.Having performed in more than 20 countries, he came to Kolkata for the first time and was content with the response of the Kolkata audience.

An international Butoh workshop under the guidance of master Rhizome Lee was also organized by The Arshinagar Projectin association with the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya. The workshop washeld at Tepantar Theatre Village, Satkahuniya,West Bengal from January 5th – 9th, 2015. The workshop, together with the performance at the Proscenium Art Centre, was entitled ‘Oneness’.

It takes a strong stomach to watch a Butoh performance and it takes an even stronger heart to perform Butoh. In one word, it is ‘dark’ and mostly bears testimony to the natural and man-made disasters that Japan has endured for centuries. The movements are not only physically demanding but also extremely intense. What makes this Japanese dance theatre unconventional is the beauty arising out of pain.

Read more "India Rhizoming tour"

World Subbody Course Guide

You can learn Subbody Resonance Butoh
in many places in the world!

See the left collumn and crick links!

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