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Subbody Journal
 Reflection of | Alex and Santeri
 What does it mean to stand up | Gio and cobody
 Cravings of Damned Soul | Rita and Cobody
Sinking into darkness of the body
 Release from Ego and become Life
  22 April, 2018

How to Liberate from the biggest Archetype, Ego

In order to fully demonstrate the creativity of life, it is necessary to get out of the ego, superego, and Archetype.

The fact that modern people cannot exercise the creativity of life is,
It is because he/she is forced to have an ego and he does not know how to stop his ego.

Nothing becomes obstacles to creation as much as ego and superego.Because they are captured in dualistic judgment.

In order to quench ego and superego, first of all, we have to know exactly what they will show up.

People are unconsciously captured by ego and superego in daily life,

it is because we can not control it without knowing the other party.

Let 's describe the outline of how the ego and superego emerge.  

The ego's appearance

The ego generally appears in the following form.If you notice it, immediately say hello and break apart.  

1.    Private Territory Owner

Ego is always territorializing like "This is my area". It is driven by the urge to secure his own safety zone. The ego is captured by anxiety. Found a quiet environment that you can become alone.
"You do not have to worry. Because no one here will try to infringe you, here."First of all, you can find an environment that makes your ego relieved and calm. It is important first.

The ego is stuck with the urge of private ownership "This is mine". These tendencies that we were born and raised in a capitalistic society of private property system. However, that is not the only way human beings are. I leave the attachment of my ego and descend to the land of Life.

There is no boundary between self and others, and every life is just resonating in the world. I will let the ego know that there is such a different world. 

2. Self-justificator

Ego always keeps on justifying himself. I can not live with confidence without awareness that "I am not wrong".

There is nobody in the world of Life, such as making a dualistic judgment of right and wrong, such as right and wrong. I do not have to keep busy, self-justification etc. Because I am convinced that it is a human being, I am driven to such work.

3. Story maker

For that reason, the ego always keeps making his own story. As long as you believe in your own story, you can always be in your own right. Even if that is just my own excuse, the ego does not notice such a thing. Because I can not support myself as soon as I noticed it.
You never do such a stupid thing.

4. Pretender to be a good person

I am dressing my ego all the time. I am busy showing myself well.For that, we must first believe in stories we make up first.The ego knows somewhere a lie always cold wind is blowing. Just do not desperately look for it. I am convinced that I am myself as being a "nice person."

5. Ironic critique

When the ego sees a person, he always looks down.
I am watching whether the fantasy of the ego stories that others believe has not come off. Only a careful look that does not overlook the collapse of others' story. It will save my own story of the story from collapse.

6. Emotional

Ego is always regulated unconsciously by the condition of the body and emotions rising from it. However, I do not notice it on my own. Ego's actions are all inspired by this unconscious emotion. Since that urge brings only a faint signal. It is hard to notice with everyday consciousness. It is not until you stop your ego consciousness.
The unconscious connection between the ego and the body and emotion appears transparent. 

How the super-ego appears

Ego is still cute. Compared to the unrelenting denial of the superego.

Superego is a type of <original type> living in the collective unconscious of deep layers. Its power to control is powerful, and it can not be ruled out if it is captured. 

7. Public prosecutor

A judge like a prosecutor or a judge is the biggest feature of the superego. Wielding around the dualistic judgment of a narrow "good/bad" I try to decide my own black and white. Then deny and truncate without mercy. There is no bad existence of prosecutors who believe that they always belong to justice. However, prosecutors and judges are alive among anyone. Every time it comes out, keep on quitting. Perhaps super-ego is a type of former type to be described later, I am trapped by it before I notice it.

In learning how to go out with <Archetype> living in the deepest layer of unconsciousness. I gradually calm down the captivity by the superego.

8. Self-critic

There is superego which only ironic and cynical criticism is done. Always stick to new attempts at negative criticism. I try to ruin everything. It is a timid, most conservative denier to the new transformation.

9. Justice guy

The end of the prosecutor and judge is righteous Han. Believe that I am right and swing. There used to be many men in old days, but now it got less. On the contrary, I often came across the case that I possessed in women's animus. This righteous man is alive in everyone.I have also fought with a guy who faces Justice in my life for life, but I cannot stop my breath. Especially I am not aware that I am infiltrated by Animus. Feminism women are eaten by eating this super-ego called Justice Han. It is pleasant to sexuality to associate with Animus of justice. Once you get killed you will not be able to escape, it is the same as when men are captured by anima.

But because it is unconscious, every feminist woman, Anima's captive man can not notice it. It is still the biggest obstacle for me.

Other Archetypes

Many Archetypes live in the darkness of the body besides ego and superego.

10. Shadow, Not me, Dissociated personality

All Hidden bodies are the archetypes, too. As same as the surface identity or character of Ego is Archetype.

Freud called it “Inferior personality”,  Jung called it “shadow”, Sullivan named it “not-me”, and so on.

All of those are also Archetypes, many shadows are hidden in our darkness of body. We need to dance it to release them.

11. Anima, Animus

Probably one of the most powerful Archetype. Anima is a secret feminine aspect of men.

Animus is the opposite, it is a secret male side in women.

However, since they lurk unconsciously, we usually do not notice them.And the man projects the feminine Qualia inside himself to a certain external woman or feminine image.

It is love. Love is unconsciously invaded by the Anima, Animus inevitably.

If I tell it in more detail, In a love affair, so multiple Qualia are entangled around the sexuality; biological sexual hormone states,  emotional influence of the Archetype of Anima, Animus, Girl, Boy, Queen, King, Princess, Prince, Great Mother, forgotten memories of relationship with Mother, Father, Grandparents, infantile girl or boyfriend, momentum flashback Qualia of them, social moral of sexuality, and so on.

It cannot be said easily. However, if you always look at the fact that you always fall in love with a particular biased woman or man, you can see the fact that Anima, Animus is involved in it.

Liberation from captivity to Anima is an unknown task in my middle of the quest. Since working on decades, just a little bit has become transparent, though it is still on the middle way. My final creation will be about Anima. Prisoners for women of Animus are also deep misery.

I can only say so now, to be honest. We may need a partner to liberate from them together.

Unless we solve this problem, it is clear that only the fact that friendship between men and women cannot be realized.

13. Great Mother

The Great Mother is the oldest Archetype and is also involved in Anima. Sometimes it appears like a superego. Great mother loves everything and eats everything. There is no distinction between love and desire to own possession.

Non-dual Resonance

Archetypes are all in the Qualia cloud that is not able to distinguish clearly. There is no clear distinction between them. Those Qualia are resonating in non-dual and multi-dimensional with changing shapes infinitely.
Sometimes other Archetypes resonate with those and become so complicated entanglement.
Old wise men, heavenly woman, boy, animal, trickster, mad, guru, god, devil etc. There is the millions number of Archetypes that are unlimited.

Every day it's going to come up with them and we are in the middle of exploring how to handle it, I still have no power to tell them all.

Here I focused only on Ego, Superego and Anima, Animus. 

Denial tendency of Ego and Superego

This super complex group of problems only has to deal with deepening multidimensional resonance theory.
Features of ego and superego are in denial. It is bound by the tendency to deny others.

The superego denies yourself from above with overtaken power.
The ego denies in a horizontal confrontation with others.
There is only a difference in position and case.

The superego always appears together with the common illusion such as justice, morality, ethics, true and good.

The whole image of the identity is in a deeper mystery than the Archetype because it is mixed with multiple elements of the sexuality, nationality, moral, education, religion, law, thoughts, and so on.

Superego is the biggest enemy of creation more than self or ego.

To calm down and stop superego and ego is necessary inner work for everybody in order to realize the better future that is able to open the infinite creativity of Life. 

How to stop ego and superego

24 hours Listening to subtle Qualia

In a quiet state where you can notice the appearance of ego and superego, it is important to spend every day at that condition, because the appearance of it is so subtle.
As long as you talk with people using words, self and superego are activated unconsciously. And in the conscious mode, we cannot listen to it.
It is important to stop talking with words externally and internally.Maintain a transparent state of mind and body that you can notice the subtle Qualia constantly.
Then you can notice at the moment when ego or superego comes up.
At that moment, you can give a greeting to ego and superego.

Hello! My ego, and superego. How are you?

I know you well, you are necessary to survive in this capitalist society. But, not now. Now I am in the creation mode. See you later!"

Never deny the ego or superego directly, because it activates them as counterproductively.

Ego and superego want to receive an optimum respect. We need sensitive attention about it.

Nobody can live in today's daily world without ego and superego.

And as long as humans are captured by ego and superego, the man keeps supporting the common illusion of Nation-state and power.

And the creativity of Life continues to be alienated from people.

For the real liberation of human beings, the disappearance of Ego, Superego, Archetypes and the Nation-state are necessary at the same time. The liberation from the common illusion of the Nation-state and politics are connected. I was working on those issues over many decades.

Beyond the huge difference between Ego and Life

Life is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance itself.
Qualia are Life Resonance.
It has no dualistic boundary. All Qualia are resonating beyond any boundaries.
It is Rhizome that has no center, no top, no hierarchy at all.
Rhizome is able to connect freely and separate flexibly at any moment at any place.

On the contrary, ego, superego, and consciousness live in the dualistic world. It is Tree system that has hierarchic order.
There is a huge gap between Tree and Rhizome.

We need to cultivate a novel type of intelligence that is able to go and come between both realms of Tree and Rhizome.

It will be called "Transparencious" (shortening of Transparent consciousness) that is not being bound by anything, including Tree and Rhizome as the future mind.


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Subbody Journal
Dead Mother | Zalina 
 Blocked Process | Ozerk
 Addiction | Akash

Subbody Butoh Intensive course
 by Alex and Santeri (April)
by Ozerk (May)

Starting Every Monday
Monday to Friday
10am to 5 pm
At Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya

The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
5 Becoming a rhizome

Become a rhizome.
Become a secret!

What is Rhizome?
It is a new way of being.
Take off the illusion of being a human and you will find the possibilities of just being a life very flexible.

Rhizoming technique is a technique in order to become a rhizome.
<Rhizome> is the oppisite concept of <Tree> that has hierarchy.
All hierarchy that has top/bottom, center/edge is common illusion that human made. In the Universe, there is no center, no top. Universe and nature is the rhizome acctually. Rhizome can connect freely and separate flexiblly at any point.
To become rhizome means we become nature with taking off all human illusions.

1. Control the body at a subtle level

Rhizoming is a technique of transformation that begins at one part of the body, then infects a neighbouring part, and spreads to the whole body/mind.

In the darkness of the body, non-dualistic multiple dimensions are streaming and changing. If we watch this directly, we cannot understand what is happening, because there is too much chaos.
By slowing down, we can differentiate within the chaos. We can choose a subtle qualia, follow it, and amplify it to the maximum. By cutting the whole process into thousands of moments and stopping time, we can see more clearly what is happening within the process.

2. Various Rhizomings

There are seven ways of rhizoming:
1) Bottom rhizoming; a transformation that starts from the bottom.
2) Top rhizoming; starts from the head.
3) Centre rhizoming; starts from the centre of the body.
4) Edge rhizoming; starts from an edge, like a finger or toe.
5) Charm rhizoming; in the middle of a bottom or centre rhizoming process, another power influences the movement, and the movement changes to another stream.
6) Strange rhizoming; in the process of top or edge rhizoming, another power disturbs the process, changing the movement in a strange way.
7) Random rhizoming; starts at random points of body.

3. Eight channels Rhizoming

When subbody is streaming in the darkness of body, it has multi channels Qualia, it does not separated into any channels.
But when it comes out with noticing by the consciusness, it has to come out through a channel, because or consciousness can recognize a signal through only one channel at the same time.
Then our multi channels qualia have to change into a channel stream with shrinking.
That's why a stream comes out through fifferent channels, for example, dream , syndorome of body, subbody movement and so on.
We need to control these process between multi channels qualia streams to passing through single channel to another channel in the time process to show whole Qualia.

4. Tree/Rhizome change

Subbody stream seems to change shape and qualia from a channel to another channel. But it is a illusion only for our consciousness, because the consciousness can recognize qualia through only a channel at the same time.
Then we need to show our subbody movement with changing from a channel to another channel for informing the whole channels qualia to others.
We have to be a transrators from multi dimensional rhizome to lower dimensional tree movement.
To become a subbody means to become rhizome and transrator between rhizome world and tree world.

5. Opening another dimension

Subbody method has a specific changing technique as a 'opening another dimension'.
Like a dream change the scene from a scene to another scene without noticing by consciousness, our qualia stream are always changing and streaming in our darkness of body.

A subtle signal of onther dimension which was folded in a dimension is unfolded, and comes out gradually until to open whole of another dimension.

6 Transparent mind and body

When you get the whole techniques above, you can see the whole process transparently which is happening in the darkness of body between the body, subconsciousness and consciousness.
It happens not in stillness body, but in moving body.
When you dance your subbody butoh movement with changing from a dimension to another dimension dynamicly, you can see everything so transparently.
It is the transparent mind.

And when it is possible to show everythng to the audience with resonance riken.
Resonance riken means to watch the whole process in performing from outside, including the resonance with audience.
Everything is resonating between dancers and audience in a short moment.
Then with using resonance riken, you can controll the Jo-Ha-Kyu timing with subtle control.
When you get this resonance riken, you can becoem a transparent body which it is able to show everything transparently.
I do not know how long time we will need, because also I am middle on the way to be a transparent body.

Himalaya Resonance Diary


Introducing Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop

Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop is designed as a pre-requisite for Doushin Butoh Workshop in order to learn the basic physical methods of Subbody Butoh Method and basic meditation techniques of Spring Forest Qigong. ​​​​​​​​​

This workshop will focus on the essential aspects of Doushin Butoh:
Quiet down the daily consciousness and listen to the subtle body signals
Go beyond our physical, psychological and social bounds in order to create movements that are novel and unique to the individual body
Resonate with other bodies
Go into meditative state using Spring Forest Qigong techniques
Doushin Butoh Workshop is a group process and this workshop requires no previous dance experience. Anyone who would like to explore his or her hidden creative potentials is welcome!

When: Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00pm

First Term: 5/3, 5/17, 5/24, 6/7, 6/14, 7/12, 8/2, 8/9

Where: Heart of Tao Resonance Art, 2322 Garfield St. NE, Minneapolis 55418

Tuition: $120

To Register, please complete Online Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Subbody Journal
 Ashamed | Gagan and cobody
 Despejadas | Lisa and Leire
 Annoisea | Sonja and Santeri


 Exchanging Costume | Leire and cobody
 15 April, 2018

Exchanging Costume

All dancers exchanged the costumes each other.
And also their personality or charactor have changed.
They danced with becoming another charactors.
It is also a way to be released from own ego and self.
Every week someone envent unique ay of experiment.
It is so interesting!

Read School Journal more

Sinking into darkness of the body
Qualia and the String theory 
  15 April, 2018

Qulia and the String theory

I have continud to listen to the Qualia in the darkness of body for over two decades, and got a hypothesis that Qualia are made of the Resonance pattern of the String.
I wanted to share the hypothesis with you, and hear the feedback from you.
Because, it is one of the biggest mystery for me.

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Subbody Journal
 Strange World Share
 13 April, 2018

<Strange World Share>

Each one remembered the strangest world Qualia in own life, and found a place to co-create the world with resonance.

Each one invited a person by lotter to that place and approach to the person with the strange world Qualia.

Everybody had to dance in the strange world of others.

Hijikata wrote to dance in the many world changes in the "Bugs walk" and "Sick Dancing Princess".

"A body continued to be eaten by the world"

Frantz Kafka wrote;

"Support the world in the struggle between you and the world."

So, we become the world. This is the way to release from the strong ego archetype and self bind toward to become Life.

Sinking into darkness of the body
 Rhythm of Life
 Common Essence of Quiet House and Sick Dancing Princess

There are common essenses among Quiet House and Sick Dancing Prncess.
This lecture is to share this recent findings.

“Quiet House” original text


1. “The Red God”

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Stuffed spring

Nest of Forest (*1), Nest of Eyes (*2), a moth placed on a wooded board (*3)

A vaporized candy maker or the Christ drawn as a Samurai warrior

A fine spider’s thread that runs on the forehead


Cat Waist

Behind World

Garbage disposal place

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower

A fragile sound collapsed in a shed

Can Factory (*5)

Regenerate a reduction by X (*6)

Behind the mirror

"Sick Dancing Princess”

1st chapter


[1 The method of clouding* the body]
* obscuring 

[Thinned down waist smoke bugs])

"Hey look at them! 
Insects are alive without breathing. 
Look! The thinned down waist smoke bugs have come walking this way. Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating into something.”
I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body, participating in such as observations I overheard. 

[Shrink and attentiveness]
All because, shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.

[Strange brightness and something shady]

Also the boy as me suddenly became stupid without any intention, and kept like a strange brightness but only just barely alive. And yet, my eyes fell into something shady as if they were cursed, I had an excessive curiosity towards such nameless things as lead balls or string. I was forced to work in the eyes like a spy, guessing that the lead ball and string must be pretending to rest.

Sinking into darkness of the body
 Co-creation of "Stuffed Spring" by Reduction by X
6 April, 2018

Co-creation of "Stuffed Spring" by Reduction by X

We can co-create various strange worlds as the Stuffed Spring that Hijikata called in the Quiet House by using his transforming mewthod; "Reduction by X and regeneration".

When all of us reduce the gross movement, it bcomes the "Stuffed Spring".
If we reduce the speed, it becomes very slow motion world.
We can reduce any elements from the daily human movement, and co-create varieties of Butoh world; slow rollong stone, ancestral whisper, silent shout, and so on.

Yesterday, students reduce various elements and co-created varieties of the "Stuffed Spring".
This month, we will focu on this>
How much strange novel worlds can we co-create with?
It is fun.


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New Subbody Butoh Book
 Now on Amazon!!

 The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle 6.99 $
Paperback 20 $

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