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Practice Guide of Butoh Revolution
Second Edition

Rhizome Lee

Paperback 32 USD

Following the previous book “Butoh Revolution”, I will send “ Practice Guide of Butoh Revolution” to the world. As with the previous book, while running a Subbody Butoh School Himalaya I have summarized the sentences I wrote down over the past 20 years.

In Butoh, every thing starts from daily practice. It is not guided by any preceding theory, it just calms down consciousness and listens to the darkness of the body, where various Qualia stream.

Every time I dance, mysterious movements that I have never known spill out of the darkness of my body and amazed me.

For trying to solve the unknown mystery of the darkness of the body, I have figured out some logic for the last 20 years. By putting it all together, it crystalized as the theory part of this book, chapters 1 to 3.

If you really want to learn butoh, I suggest to start from Chapter 4 and read while moving your body.


Kindle e-book (9.76 USD---Now chance to get it by 6.25 USD opening sale)

Crick here

Paperback 448 page
32 USD

Crick here

Sinking into the darkness of the body

Essences of the Practice Guide of Butoh Revolution
We introduce the essences for dancing the Flower of Kan from the new book.
Everyday we will update it. Please enjoy it.

Sinking into the darkness of the body
05 August, 2020

Meditation and Medimotion

 Thinking mode of brain


One more recent discovery in brain science is “Default mode”. Brain scientist found when our consciousness has a rest, the brain activity doesn’t rest, on the contrary, the bloodstream in the brain is more than the thinking mode. The brain is active in “Mind Wandering”. They called this “Default mode”


Default Mind Wandering mode (Medimotion mode)


The traditional meditation technique is sometimes to keep this “Mind Wandering” mode to be aware of various things. Because in this mode various parts of the brain become active and various Qualia can encounter each other and generate new Qualia automatically. Recent “Mindfulness method” maybe in this mode. In the traditional meditation technique, sometimes they focus on one image, for example, “Buddha”, “God”, Gull” and so on. In this case, brain mode becomes closer to thinking mode.

Observe the above figure carefully, it is activated except for the movement field. In the movement field, there is no activity. Because they block body movement at all. The Qualia stream can’t meet movement Qualia at all.

Medimotion mode


What happens in the Medimotion?

Medimotion is moving meditation. Then including the movement field, all parts of the brain become active and all kinds of Qualia can encounter freely beyond any borders.

This state happens only in the Medimotion mode, the reason why the creativity of Life becomes maximum in the Medimotion.


By losing what, do Qualia become information?


The difference between Qualia and Information

The relationship between Qualia and Information has been a mystery

that cannot be solved well for a long time. But, it began to be solved out little by little. When Qualia are converted to information, what do they lose? When this question came up, a transparent brightness was seen for the first time. By losing what, do Qualia become information? It's Life Resonance! Qualia are generated as long as Life resonates with something. When Qualia are converted to information, they leave from the field of Life Resonance which Qualia are generated. They are converted to things that are information. Information of the image, of the sound and of the language, they can be translated into binary machine language consisting of 0 and 1. At that time, by losing the Life Resonance, Qualia is converted into Information. Only Life can resonate with Qualia. The machine never resonates with Qualia. The machine can treat only things like information. From here, it is possible to go confront the deep mystery between Qualia and Information. I was able to find with difficulty such a point finally. Although I cannot drink liquor anymore, Let the imaginary glass empty tonight. I could come to this place by researching "Sick Dancing Princess" of Tatsumi Hijikata which is full of Life Resonance. Not by any information, but by Qualia and Life Resonance, the Butoh of Life will be created



Read more "Sinking into the darkness"


 World Life Resonance
Life Resonance Journal


Ariel starts Online Butoh Course

Good morning, movers!

I am very much looking forward to sharing some Life Resonance Butoh with you all.

The basis of the method is to enter a state of deep listening of Life in the darkness of our bodies, to gain access to a place before the separation between the “Self” and “the Otherness”. Through deep listening with our whole body, we become subconscious, thus a being that can travel in between consciousness and unconsciousness, between Tree (Ego) and Rhizome (Oneness), manifesting the different forms of Life which move and transform infinitely in the Abyss of existence. This allows us to meet infinite creativity of life which we cannot reach with our daily language thinking as it is bound by dualism.

I will be broadcasting live from Life Resonance Art Center in Dharamsala, India. You can join the sessions from the comfort of your home via Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays at
3:30 pm:

Password: Butoh

It is an honour for me to share this method I’ve learned here in the Himalayas and help spread my mentor’s life-time research. It has transformed my life completely, and I am pretty sure it can transform yours too.

Thank you, warm resonance.

 World Life Resonance
We start a Support Campaign


Please collaborate on the campaign to support Lee’s Cancer Treatment.

 Click here

Rhizome Lee(Ryuji Oka), a 71 years old Japanese Butoh dancer, founder of Subbody Butoh Method, who has dedicated his life to research on the chaotic resonance patterns of Life through art, in order to free and connect Life beyond boundaries. Many souls and shadows all over the world healed and benefited from his research.

 Relate video:

 In May, he was diagnosed with stage3 (pT3N1b ) colonic cancer.

 Thanks to the warm support from old friends and students he was able to have urgent surgery on the 25th of May in Max hospital Chandigarh, India.

Surgery summary

Exploratory laprotomy + Enmass sigmoid colectomy + Jejunal loop excision + Right inguinal hernioplasty + Cholecystectomy

 But as the cancer report shows cancer has spread to blood and lymph, so even after surgery he needs to go under chemotherapy.

 Just like most freelance artists, he doesn't have any savings. Neither government medical support, as he moved to India from Japan to establish the Subbody Butoh institute 20 years ago. The state where he lives has very limited medical support for cancer treatment, under COIVD19 world condition, all travel cost is much more expensive and plus his body condition(Surgery wound has about 60cm long, the organs that were cut off has about two feet big), for a while he won’t be able to make any incomes to continue his treatment and living.

 Lee never yielded even once to pain or fear of death, his heart full of gratitude. After 8 hours of surgery, in ICU the first word he said was “Thank you”. Once he is able to move, the first thing he did was to write down his new book about Life Resonance Philosophy! Even if he couldn't write down a proper word yet, he said this is the only way he can give back to the world, for all the support and warmth. The most important thing keeping him alive is to give back in return.

 Small drops of water make the ocean, any amount of support, big or small, they all transform to the wind that brings the heart to heaven.

Thanks for all!

 Life Resonance Art Center


Sinking into the darkness of the body
Appreciation for your big support
19 June, 2020

Thanks for your big support

Dear supporters

Thank you very much for your big support.
Depend on your support I could have surgery and survive. I could learn that Life is not living alone, but living with supported by huge Life.
Also, you gave me a clear Heaven mind it was a big gift for me.
Cancer has spread to lymph nodes already, to prevent cancer metastasis I have to receive chemotherapy for half more years.
I regret to ask you for your continued support.

I appreciate you deeply.

Rhizome Lee

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Sinking into the darkness of the body
21 May, 2020

Help me, please

Dear my Friend

How are you spending in the Coronavirus state?
I resonate with your hardship deeply.
Unfortunately, the unexpected transformation happened in my body during the lockout.
This week I was sentenced to colorectal cancer after the endoscope test.
However, I have not much money at all. I have only a way to ask my friends to support me. Just as much as you can is OK, I hope you support my life a little bit longer.
Please send money by a convenient method.

1. Easy to send with PayPal

Open www.,
Sign in or log in,
And send it to me.
Account name: Ryuji Oka
Connected email:

2. Transfer to the SMBC bank

Bank Name: SMBC bank
Bank code: 0300
Branch No.: 043
Kind: Saving
Account No.: 5686713
Account name: Oka Ryuji

Address of the bank :
Japan, 〒600-8008 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Naginatabokocho, 8
Tel: 81-75-211-4131

Address of the Receiving person :
Ryuji Oka c/o Kenji Oka
311,3-3-17, Ikuta-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Pin: 650-0032
Tel: +81-78-221-1207

3. Transfer to SBI Bank
Bank Name: State Bank Of India
Branch: Mcleodganj
Account Holder Name: Ryuji Oka
Account Number: 31687887679
Bank Code: 04250
Swift Code: SBiNiN BB 676
IFSC Code: SBIN0004250
MICR Code: 176002009
Branch Code: 004250

Address of the bank:
Dharamshala, Kangra, H.P. 176219
Phone number:01892- 220612 Ip- 403426

Address of the Receiving person:
Ryuji Oka,
Village Jogiwara, Post Office McleodGanj,
Dharamsala, Distt. Kangra, H.P. India. Pin 176219
Tel: +91-57547838

Thank you for your support!


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Sinking into the darkness of the body
Resonant yoga Life Resonance Butoh
15 May, 2020

Resonance yoga

We have behun the Resonance Yoga in the morning several years ago. In the past, I, or another midwife, guided the conditioning every morning, but in order for each and every one of us to grow into a mutual midwife that helps the birth of ourselves and our fellow's subbody=cobody, we devised it.
Resonance Yoga is everyone guides their own the best conditioning and shares it with each other. For that reason, as I mentioned at the beginning, it is essential that everyone builds the custom that researches each day's most comfortable conditioning every morning. And share it with others the best way to become the best condition every morning. This is the basis of co-research and co-midwife.

Double operation with half-open to inside and half-open to outside

When you share the other person's conditioning, if you try to obey it without doing anything, the ego may wake up and begin criticism or negative judgment. Sometimes it gets boring and you get trapped in it. The double operation is devised to prevent it and to calm the ego. Half move the body according to the conditioning guided by others, while the other half listens to the darkness of own body and adds other Qualia movement to a part of the body. This double resonance is to be aware of the double or multiple resonances of Qualia at the same time. This is also a practice to bring a transparent body that is open to the outside 50% and to the inside 50%. If you get this dual operation technique, you will also be able to perform resonance yoga and simultaneously search for your own Qualia, so you will not be bored and there is no room for critics to appear.
Feel everything with opening full of empathic imagination in the "Resonance Yoga". This is a step for the "De-self" that is not trapped by only one's own problem, but also it is the first step to become mutual midwives who help each other's birth of subbody=cobody.

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Sinking into the darkness of the body
Dancing the "Behind World"
 09 Mayl, 2020

Dancing the “Behind world

What is the Behind world?

Our Life s resonating with Qualia of the various invisible world; the imaginary world, dreaming world, prototype world like a primitive intuition, archetype world like various imprinted images in the genome like the Hell, Heaven, Devil, God, Ghost, monster. Engel, fairy, sprit, great mother, trickster and so on. Hijikata called these various invisible worlds totally “Behind world”. (See. Chapter 9 “Quiet House” ).

1. “The Red God”

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Stuffed spring

Nest of Forest, Nest of Eyes, a moth placed on a wooden board

A vaporized candy maker or the Christ drawn as a Samurai warrior

A fine spider’s thread that runs on the forehead


Cat Waist

Behind World

Garbage disposal place

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of the flower

A fragile sound collapsed in a shed

Can Factory Regenerate a reduction by X 

Behind the mirror 

Blindfold walk

Hide your eyes by the blindfold and walk at a safe place.

Listen to the subtle Qualia in the darkness. You will meet various unknown Qualia, invisible and non-dual that is not able to distinguish which it is. You may feel just fear, scared, shivering, blockage, these are the Prototype Qualia that is imprinted in the genome. You may feel strange images, ghost, monster, fairy, spirit and so on. These are the Archetype Qualia that we receive them from the ancestor. You may meet imaginary creature or strange atmosphere and your body shrink or shiver. All of those, we call the behind world. Taste it and remind it. This is a practice to collect Qualia of the Behind world.

Exchange the Behind world Qualia

One person stands with the blindfold and the other approach him/her with becoming your own Behind world Qualia that you have met in the blind walk from the behind the person. The front person can response freely. The other person changes to various Behind world.

Dance the Behind world

One person or one group dance at the center of the stage.

own Behind world and approach the partner with transform into various Behind worlds. The front person or group dance with free resonance.

This is the practice to release from the daily habit to dance only in the self-position. We need to try the de-self conditioning often until we are released from ego and self to become Life.

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Sinking into the darkness of the body
Nondual=Dual Transformation
03 May, 2020

Non-dual and Eight channels

Listen to the Non-dual Qualia

When we calm down our daily mind and body by Medimotion and start to listen to the body, at first we feel something undefined which we can’t distinguish what it is; “Is this sensation? Imagination? Dream? Illusion? feeling?”. It seems something mixed all of them. We call it “Non-dual” Qualia. Life of the hundred trillion cells of our body is resonating with multiple Qualia of Gravity, Sunshine, Air, temperature, moisture, sound and so on. Not only those of present physical Qualia but also memories of them reserved in the cell as the four billion years Life memories. Qualia are resonating with those multiple and non-dual Qualia and changing always. That why we can’t recognize it clearly.

When we continue to listen to with medimotion, or self-researching with changing body position, sometimes the Qualia appear through a channel, and it becomes clear to recognize as the bodily sensation like warm/cold, heavy/light and so on. Sometimes it appears as the spontaneous movement, sometimes visit us as a visual image, or audio image of voice, sound or music. Sometimes as an emotion, human relationship Qualia or world image=self-image, or a word or phrase and so on.

This is the Rhizome=Tree sway of the Qualia. In other words, Non-dual=dual sway. Qualia is always swaying between them. Listen to it transparently and follow it by your whole body=mind.

  Fig.2 Qualia are streaming among non-dual and eight channels

Dancing between Non-dual and dual Qualia

See the fig.2. The most of Qualia, maybe over 99.9999% Qaulia are non-dual and Rhizome without any orders and hierarchy. They are hidden in our hundred trrrilion cell’s Life memories. Out brain can’t recognize it.

But through medimotion, our body’s cells become able to remind it, and appear at some channels Qaulia; sometimes bodily sensation, spontaneous movement, visual fantasy, audio body sound, emotion, human relationship, world-self-image and Qualia thinking and so on.

Hunt the moment and follow it by your whole body=mind=brain, it become your subbody-cobody.

We are waiting for people who want to develop this Life Resonance Art method into, Art therapy, Dance therapy, Music therapy and so on.

This is the way everyone can become a unique artist in the world.

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Sinking into the darkness of the body
Comfort Medimotion Overcoming coronavirus 7 | Rhizome Lee 
 30 April, 2020

Comfort Medimotion

Overcoming coronavirus 7

Forget all "should"    

Forget all pre-concepts like "Exercise should be like this". To move comfortably is the best for your Life.
Your body is moved by something with comfortable speed and size.   
Every part of your body is moved by a comfortable Qualia.
An imaginary creature enters your body and moves it from inside. A small snake enters your spine, and so on. 
Various beings in the Univers enter your body and transform you. 

What is best for your Life?

The more comfortable, it's the better for Life.

Life wants to become everything in the Universe.

Your body becomes fairy, seaweed, octopus, and so on.

Open your full imagination and forgotten memory.   

Qualia meets Qualia and creates new Qualia by "Resonant Emergence."

You can open full creativity of Life.
For overcoming the stress 

Please try for 1 hour or 2 hours every day.

We can overcome the stress, frustration, and prevent domestic violence.     

Forget all "should" 

I share "Comfort medimotion" today.

Please forget all pre-concept like "Movement should be like this."

Comfortable movement is the best for your Life.

The body knows well what is best for it.

Please just follow the spontaneous comfortable movement.

It must release you from stress and frustrations.

Let's overcome the coronavirus with this together

Request for support

The Himalaya Life Resonance Center is now in a state as an isolated island on land. All Indian public transport has been cut off and international aviation has stopped. It will take a year or two for this world to recover from the free world traffic it used to be. In the meantime, we have to endure no income at all. If you can afford it, please support us with your free gift. Thank you for your warm resonance.

My Paypal account is "Ryuji Oka"

e-mail is "".

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Sinking into the darkness of the body
Five Desires Research Life Resonance Butoh Rhizome Lee 
 27 April, 2020

Research in the 5 Desires

We have 5 basic desires.

1. Resonance desire (tendency)

The most fundamental desire as Life is Resonance desire. Even Life of a cell has this tendency that pursues or wait for the best resonance pattern between Life and the environment. We can regard it as the basic tendency of Life. The cell has no sensing organ, only a cell’s skin, and cell fluid. The Resonance tendency is Non-dual Listen to Life of your hundred trillion cells how they resonate with various Qualia between cell’s Life and the environment; the gravity, the son, temperature, moisture, sound and the Life memories that are reserved in the cell as the inner Qualia. All other desires connect to this Resonance tendency. This is the most fundamental and non-dual tendency for Life.

2. Safety desire

Next three desires are the fundamental desires as the creature. Start Ash walk and at first listen to safe Qualia that is good Resonance with the world. After for a while listening to unsafe Qualia that you feel fear with the world. Like this in each desire try to listen to both of good Resonance Qualia and dissonance Qualia. Dance it by your spine response. The prototype fear, shivering and blockage might be hidden in your deepest hidden muscles. 

3. Comfort  desire

With walking listen to Qualia that you feel comfortable, food, drink, breathe, and circumstances. And Imagine that they are disturbed and you feel uncomfortable. Research your own pattern of comfort and discomfort around your habits, addiction. And so on. Dance it by the response of your all Hidden Cavities; inner organs, the intestine, stomach, lung, heart, throat, mouth, nose, tongue and so on.

4. Connection desire

Connection desire includes sexual desire. But for the cell’s tendency, we can call it as the connection desire as a general term. What do you want to connect to? You will feel satisfied when you can connect to what you want to connect. What do you feel when you can’t connect to what you want to connect? You feel fluctuation and the desire will be twisted, broken, and transform to anger, hatred, jealousy and so on. Taste the both of good Resonance and Dissonance of connection desire. Dance it with the response of all layers of Hidden skin.

5. Individuation desire (Creation desire)

Individuation desire (Creation desire) is only human beings have it. It is a special desire, “I want to be a hundred percent myself.”, “I want to realize all potential creativity, originality, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life.” It also grasps as the Creation desire. Listen to how did you become yourself? What is it that let you not yourself? Or, how did you fail to become yourself?

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Sinking into the darkness of the body
 Let's Flood your wisdoms to all over the world! overcoming coronavirus by medimotion 6 Rhizome Lee
 World Life Resonance
Scorpion | Kan Katsura 

Kan Katsura

Good News!

My Butoh Master, Kan Katsura will be the Himalayas

to teach after the end of the pandemic

Great Butoh master Kan Katsura was my Butoh master I studied under him when I started Butoh several years in my 40s, we have visited various countries; Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Howaii and so on together,
sent me a pleasant mail.

At the end of the pandemic, his unique Butoh technique will be shared in the Life Resonance Art Center.

"Japan is in the "state of emergency" until the end of Colden Week in May.
At this point, if there is some prospect from June to July, We will get back to you.
I think it's mainly possible in the Fall to participate in the Resonance Center at the latest.
I think Resonance Juku is "a quiet center for Butoh in the world".


Katsura Kan

Sinking into the darkness of the body
Coronavirus hits India's poor especially hard 
 11 April, 2020

To build a future that shares the issues of the weak as our own

In India, lockouts of 1.3 billion people have been implemented to combat coronaviruses, and two weeks have passed.

As we look at the situation in India, poor Life Resonance with the poorest people such as migrant workers is remarkable.
Millions of people in Delhi who had no choice but to return to their hometown because they suddenly lost the job in the city, but the government gave only a few buses and most of the rest have to walk back hundreds of kilometers to the hometown.
It reveals that the Indian government bureaucracy has no sense of Life Resonance to them.

Also in the United States, black people and Hispanics account for the majority of coronavirus deaths.
This is because he cannot afford to have a large amount of health insurance and cannot receive uninsured medical treatment at a hospital because it is too expensive.
It is these contradictions in the modern world that the coronavirus problem has highlighted.
How bad the world we have made.

Long distant eyes for the better future is being questioned

What is really being asked now is how to resonate with the problems of the vulnerable groups. How can we co-create a world where we can solve the problems of the weakest people, poorest people, those who do not have health insurance, who have disabilities and are excluded from ordinary citizens, rather than the world that is good for only me.
We need to prepare those distant eyes for the future world.

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 World Life Resonance
The Fouth message against coronavirus Sotai Medimotion
 08 April 2020

The Fouth message against coronavirus--Sotai Medimotion

-Sotai Medimotion

Hello everybody!

I resonate with your hardship deeply.

Today I introduce you the "Sotai medimotion" on the chair. Sotai was invented by Keizo Hashimoto in Japan a hundred years ago, an excellent bodywork.

Breath of Life

We start breathing; we have to kind of breathing. One is outer breathing, through nose and mouth, lung breathing, another is inner breathing, cell's breathing.

We have a hundred trillion cells in the adult body; each cell is very small, but when a hundred trillion cells get oxygen, what's happens? So, our whole body spreads up-down, side-side, and front back direction. We call this "Breath of Life." We continue this from fetus age. Outer breathing resonates freely with inner breathing = Breath of Life

Let's try to feel the Breath of Life. Your body spreads very slowly for 10-15 seconds.

After then slowly, your body fades down. Please enjoy this Breath of Life for a while.

Sway of Life

You will notice that all cells are not together, some parts of your body spread, and the other parts fade down. Your body starts to sway, spreading and fading down. Enjoy this Sway of Life.

Sotai Breathing

Next, it Sotai Breathing.

Sotai means cleaning up the body. The principle is very simple.

With breathing out, someone pulls up and stretch some part of your body slowly, at the maximum stretch position inhale, and sends air to that part. Hold the breathing. And drop-down, recover the fluidity of your body.

That's all. Enjoy Sotai breathing at various parts of your body.

Sotai Medimotion

When you continue it, gradually, you can't distinguish whether you are moving or you are moved by someone. Various parts of your body are moved to some directions, stretching and dropping down. The unexpected part is moved to unknown directions. Sometimes you are on the floor and floating in the air. This is Sotai Medimotion. Enjoy it.

It's OK for 10 minutes or any duration. Let's overcome the stress and frustration by coronavirus with Sotai Medimotion.  

If you want to learn Sotai more,
Please click next link.


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 World Life Resonance

*** In compliance with CDC guidelines regarding coronavirus prevention, we are now moving our Doushin Butoh Experience Workshop to Zoom on Thursdays 4/9 and 4/16 from 6:30 - 8:00pm. ***


***Doushin Butoh Experience
- One Day Butoh Workshop with Gadu
Thursday, April 16th, 2020
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Heart of Tao Resonance Art
2322 Garfield St. NE,
Minneapolis 55418
Fee: $25

(Click HERE for more information)

Dear Friends,

In this challenging time when the world is filled with fear of unknown and worries, it is best for you to stay balanced and feel peace in your heart.

Heart of Tao Resonance Art and Gadu is committed to help you with your healing needs.

If you are reluctant to come in for healing in person, we have Qigong Phone Healing and Qigong Distant Healing which are as effective as in person healing.

Please Contact Us for any inquiry about our services.


Heart of Tao Resonance Art


Contact Gadu

 World Life Resonance
The Brain Science of Medimotion Brain
 30 March 2020

Why can meditation opens the creativity of Life?

The brain science of Medimotion

Message against coronauirusu from Himalaya 3

 Everybody in the world!

The coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world.
Here in Dharamsala, a small town in the Himalaya, India, the first death by coronavirus has finally occurred. In India, where medical facilities are not enough, a three-week lockdown has started.
All traffic and markets are closed, and a total population of 1.3 billion is banned from going out and gathering. All of us have to stay at home.

How about in your area? I resonate with your difficult situations deeply.

In the first and second propositions, I introduced the "Medimotion method" to overcome our situations.

Medimotion is “moving meditation” or "meditation in motion"

Please imagine that someone moves your body and just follow it.

In today's third message, I would like to introduce what is happening in our brain during the medimotion by the latest brain science.

As shown in this figure, our brain is divided into several areas according to the opening channels.


 For example, when we are thinking, the "prefrontal cortex" in front of the brain is activated.

When listening to music, the "temporal area" beside the brain is activated.

When we are looking at things, the "visual area" behind is activated. 

“Default mode” is found out

In the 20 century, the dormant brain was regarded to be doing nothing.

However, at the beginning of the 21st century, it was discovered that many parts of the whole brain are active as shown in this figure. It is named "Default Mode".


When you're out of concentration, as you experienced, your mind is wandering from an image to another and then moving on to something else. It is also called "mind-wandering".


When brain scientists examined the brain while meditating, it looked like this "Default Mode" or "Mind Wandering". It turns out that every part of the brain except the “motor area” is activated. The meditator feels various Qualia during the meditation and is traveling from one to the next.

 What about “medimotion”?

Although it has not yet been proved in experiments, it is easy to imagine that it activates the whole brain, including the "motor area" in front of the brain, which was not activated at the time of meditation, as shown in the figure below you, can assume.

As you experienced in medimotion, you could meet all the different Qualia come and go, one after another, and change from one to the next.


Yes, during the "medimotion" that moves the body, every Qualia sleeping deep in the mind and body is activated, and when they meet, new Qualia are born more and more.

Secret of creativity of Life

This is the secret how "Medimotion" opens the infinite creativity of Life. A Qualia that moves somewhere in the body meets a Qualia that you dreamed of when you were a child, and a new Qualia was born, or a Qualia in another part of the body met a memory you forgot, and a new movement came out.

We call the mechanism by which Qualia and Qualia meet and create a new Qualia as <resonance emergence>.

As introduced in the second proposal, I think that you met the pink Qualia and the elephant Qualia and experienced the creation of the "pink elephant" Qualia without permission.

In this way, Qualia and Qualia automatically meet, not by consciousness, and a new Qualia is born by the <Resonant emergence>. ――This is the secret of the infinite creativity of life.

Please continue to meditate for 10 or 20 minutes daily and open your sleeping creativity.

Everyone can be the only creator in the world.

I hope you are not bound by  the “stress”, “frustration”, feeling of “boring”, but use the medimotion to release from the stress and Find hints that will change your way of life.

Medimotion can change the minus to plus.

I hope to see you in Himalaya after this pandemic.

This is going on. looking forward to it!

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 World Life Resonance

The second message from Himalaya

 23 March 2020

Let’s change the Isolation time by coronavirus

to open creativity of Life

--The second message from Himalaya 

Listen to the subtle sensation of the body

In the first message, I shred the way of medimotion. It just follows what someone moves you into various ways.
As you get used to it for a couple of days, you will notice that the various "feelings" at multiple parts of the body are transforming while being moved in the medimotion.

Listen to the subtle feeling in your body. Sometimes you may remind of a forgotten memory or dream. Sometimes some parts of the body want to shake or float. Enjoy being moved by someone in various ways that have never moved before.

This "feeling" is very subtle. It is born and disappears momentarily. You can sense it for a  milisecond and then it disappears or changes to another "feeling".

This subtle feeling is called “Qualia”.

Qualia is everything that Life resonates. Not just human beings, but all living cell’s Life resonates.

Qualia has a mysterious characteristic. When a Qualia meets another Qualia, the third new Qualia is born immediately and spontaneously. It is not something you can control by your consciousness. The Qualia resonates with and emerges new Qualia automatically.

For a try, please think of pink Qualia in your head. And remember an elephant Qualia, too. But please. Never imagine a pink elephant Qualia.

How is it?  No, you can’t control it yourself. I think a pink elephant is walking in your head. It is the wonder of Qualia. But this mystery of Qualia is the secret of the infinite creativity of Life.

During you are moved by someone with comfortable speed and size in the medimotion, your daily consciousness will disappear, and you will be in a subconscious body mode.

Only in this subconscious or unconscious state, the infinite creativity of Life that hidden in the darkness of the body can be opened.

Open your creativity to all channels

Medimotion is useful not only for Butoh or dance but also for any channels. If you like painting, please draw the visual images that came up while the body is moving. If you like music, crate a music piece with the audio Qualia that came up with unexpected melodies or rhythms. If you are good at words, write the words that appear one after another in ok. It may become poetry, it can be a long story like a novel. We call all of those as "life resonance art".

After all, the Subbody resonance school has developed into an art center for life resonance arts in all art fields, not just Butoh.

If you are interested in opening the creativity of Life that begins with this medimotion, please visit the Life and Resonance Art Center, once the Coronavirus has disappeared, and you are free to travel.

The Center is open all year round as space where various artists from all over the world come together and resonate freely.

I hope all of you to overcome the "confinement" by medimotion and have a good day. I hope to meet you someday.

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 World Life Resonance
 Let's get over the stress by coronavirus through medimotion
--Appeal from Himalaya 1
 23 March 2020

Let's get over the confinement state by

coronavirus through medimotion!

--An urgent message from Himalaya

Everyone in the world! Now, we are facing various difficulties caused by a coronavirus.

I resonate with your hardship deeply.

My name is Rhizome Lee. I have lived at a small town Dharamsala, on the mountains foot of the Himalaya north part of India, and I built a Butoh school named “Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya for 20 years.

Now, even in the remote Himalayas, we are in confinement de facto that we are banned from going out and gathering with more than four people since last week. We became like the prisoners at home and lost daily freedom.

Around 70 years ago, a French novelist Camus wrote a novel "Pest" and described a special condition of confinement. And now we have to experience the same condition of confinement.

In this state, we have to face unexpected stress and frustration. I think some of you are experiencing mental and physical frustration and many kinds of struggle in the human relationship.

Here I would like to introduce a way to overcome this difficult situation.

It is the Medimotion method that we have practiced in the Himalaya Resonance School for the past 20 years.

What is medimotion?

Medimotion is moving meditation. Traditional meditation is doing with a fixed body, for example like this. We stop the movement; just sit still and use the only mind.

But medimotion is meditation with moving freely.

Traditional Meditation is also useful in such an unusual state to listen to your Life and travel various unknown worlds that hidden in your Unconsciousness.

And medimotion is much more useful than meditation in such a confinement state. Because medimotion moves the body freely, it is suitable for your health, and you can meet many more exciting worlds hidden in your darkness of the body. You can do it anywhere, alone, or with your friends.

How to do the medimotion

Please find a quiet place and sit down freely.

There is no rule on the shape of the legs. Any sitting positions are OK.

Imagine that a thread is attached to the top of your head and pulled up. The spinal cord of the body stretches straight.

And imagine that someone pulls a part of your chest forth and back.

The body is moved by someone forward and backward comfortable.

You are moved not only forth and back, but also left and right and up and down. It is with the most comfortable speed and size. Gradually, not only the chest but also various parts of the body will be moved in multiple directions. Please continue it for a while, until your whole body becomes very comfortable.

And you can follow the body with more parts are moved in unexpected directions, arms, legs, hip, stomach, etc.

When your head is moved to on the floor, the legs, which generally support the body, begin to dance in various directions.

That’s all in the beginning process. Please enjoy it thoroughly.

I hope all of you to overcome the "confinement" by medimotion and have a good day.

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School Journal
  15 March 2020

Mushimaru will be back after Pandemic

Mr. Mushimaru, who was scheduled for this year's Butoh course, was unable to come due to a decision by the Indian government on coronavirus. Mr. Mushimaru's workshop was postponed to the next opportunity. He will visit us on his return to Europe tour in late June.
Instead, Honza will guide the Butoh course. The first week started with six participants, with regular performances on Friday and street performances on the streets of Mcleod on Sunday.

 Life Resonance Books
Small Gifts for you!

We present you Life Resonance Books PDFs.
Please crick the links for download.

"Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution" (459 Pages)

In case of difficult to download the full file,
Please try the Digest version below.

"Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution Digest" (134 Pages)

"Butoh Revolution Third Edition" (289 Pages)

"Qualia as Life Resonance" (72 Pages)

Those are Crystals of 20 years investigation in Himalayas
with all co-researchers. Thank you very much!

Please enjoy them, and hope you to deepen it!

If you want to get Printed Books, yuo can get them on Amazon

Crick Here

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 Subbody Butoh Books
 Now on Amazon!!
Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution

Rhizome Lee

Kindle e-book (9.76 USD
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6.25 USD opening sale)

Paperback 464 page
31.99 USD

We need a change!

I wrote this book to change. We need to change both of ourselves and the world at the same time. Because our inner state and outer world states are resonating together and supporting each other.

The original articles of this book are written on the Subbody Resonance Butoh site for two decades for the practice guide for Subbody Butoh method. However, during the editing, it transformed to practice guide to change our ways of living.

Now our planet faces the crisis of nature, by sea pollution by the radiation leak, heavy metals, plastics, and forest destroy by too much cutting and burning. They are proceeding by the Tree-like hierarchical system of capitalism economy and Nation-State. We need to be aware that we support it. We have inner Tree system: Ego, Self, Identity. These outer Tree and inner Tree support each other. That’s why we need to change both at the same time.

Here are the methods to calm down the daily consciousness by Medimotion (Moving meditation) and become subconscious mode (Subbody=Cobody). It will develop to various ways of  Qualia Share, Resonant Rhizome and Rhizoming co-creation methods. This is the entrance of a radical way to change ourselves and the world together. This revolution is to take off our common illusion of "human" and to become Life which resonates together from the bottom of being. 

Kindle e-book (9.76 USD---Now chance to get it by 6.25 USD opening sale)

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Paperback 464 page
31.99 USD

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The Butoh Revolution
Third Edition

Rhizome Lee

Kindle E-book 8.99 USD
Paperback 18 USD


Butoh is a revolution

Butoh discovers a new beauty even in the unsightly form of Life that people do not normally regard as beauty. Any ugly and distorted bodies can be transformed into beauty by finding the optimal Jo-Ha-Kyu.

Butoh has continued to invent a new “Beauty” that seems to be out of the ordinary for people, breaking the narrow aesthetics of the past.

This is possible by taking off the1“human” concept and becoming a “Life” that is not trapped by “humans” and exploring the darkness of the body.

Hijikata always said to the dancers,

"Don't forget to take off all the human conditions."

Butoh is a revolution that takes away all the conditions in which modern human beings are trapped and becomes pure Life.

When we become to Life, we can recover the essence of Life Resonance that "other people's suffering and problems are my own" that we have forgotten.

In the present age of natural destruction and the devastation of Life, the biggest problem for us is that we have forgotten the <Connection of Life> or <Oneness of Life>.

 As human beings become Life again, the way to fundamentally solve the problems of the modern earth becomes transparent.

Butoh was the beginning of the coming <Life Resonance Revolution>.

In the future, it will spread to various fields of art and social activities as a “Life Resonance Art”. It will deepen and develop to a “Life Resonance Revolution” on a global scale by people who can make the whole problem of Life all over the world as own.

This book is the first step in my quest for 20 years of the path from the Butoh Revolution to the global Life Revolution.

I hope you proceed to read the next step of “The Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution” and the “Life Resonance Revolution” for the future of Life.

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Let's get over the stress by coronavirus through medimotion 
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