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 Resonant Rhizome in Jogiwara Valley 1 / Zalina, Pamela and Maria
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Subbody Journal
 Dark House 2
 Dark House 1
 19 March, 2018

Dark House

Usually we go to nature on Thursday, but this week it was stormy wheather, then we shift to the school house.
At first everybody found favourite place in the house, and research the subbody with dreaming.
After then we exchange the place by lottery.

A person was guided by another person to his/her place with blindfold, and danced there.
And the first guide person started whispering his dreaming to his blindfolded partner.
Then suddenly the <Blind Guide> and <Dreaming Share> merged and became one.

It grew up to so interesting day as you can see the video above.
This year. I stopped all planning and programing of the class, and just listened to the various Qualia of everybody's darkness of body.
Then through Qualia and Qualia resonance, so many unexpected novel ideas of researching came out everyday.

This would be a fortune of Non-dual.

From pair and trio to Resonant Rhizome 
Himalaya Resonance Diary

Dar Ma

Ma Dar introduced a beautiful article of Inuit people on facebook. It is about “Synchronicity between Animal and Human” in Animism of Inuit people.

But, this is not only past story. We still keep this world in our darkness of body as subbody=cobody.
The subbody=cobody has no boundary as same as very earliest Animistic world. 
We become everything in the Universe beyond the boundary between human and the other being.
Not only pysical being, but also any imaginary beings, we transform beyond life and death, beyond time and space.
There is no border between subbody and cobody, indivisual and group. We are one Life in the subbody=cobody world.

Life Resonance is non-dual Rhizome. It is sprout form of future of human being.
This year, we are going to co-research the Tree-Rhizome method that we go and come flexibly among dualistic Tree world and non-dual Rhizome world in Himalayas together!
Thank you Dar!


Synchronicity between Animal and Human


In the very earliest time
When both people and animals lived on earth
A person could become an animal if he wanted to
and an animal could become a human being.
Sometimes they were people
and sometimes animals
and there was no difference.
All spoke the same language
That was the time when words were like magic.
The human mind had mysterious powers.
A word spoken by chance might have strange consequences.
It would suddenly come alive
and what people wanted to happen could happen--
all you had to do was say it.
Nobody could explain this:
That's the way it was.

-- Nalungiaq, Inuit woman interviewed by ethnologist Knud Rasmussen in the early twentieth century.

Dar Ma (Dara on facebook)


Subbody Journal
 Subbodies of March 1 / Zalina, Vishal, Akash and Ev
 Resonant Rhizome in Jogiwara Valley 1 / Zalina, Pamela and Maria
 7th Fukushima 3.11 Resonance
 11 March, 2018

7th Fukushima 3.11 Resonance

We resonated with the Qualia of the deseaster attacked north east Japan 7years ago.
The largiest Earthquake M9.0, 20m hieght Tsunami, Explosion of Atomic plants and melt down, Radiation leak. It still continues to spread radiation into the Pacific Ocean.
We resonated with the small creature in the ocean, when they are attacked byt the radiation, the DNA of cells mutated, and makes body malformed mutant.
Each part of body is twisted, bend, shrunk and disabled.
We continued to share the misery of small creature's Life every year of 3.11 Anniversary day.

It is first or second week of the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya every year. We start from the deep resonance as Life. It becomes a tradition of the Subbody school.

This year some old students come back to the school, Ozerk(Turkey) after 9 years, Lisa (Germany) after 5 years and so on. I am so happy to meet them and dance together.
We will continue to deepen Subbody method constantly.

 Resonant Rhizome in Jogiwara Valley 2 / Vishal, Sonja and Franzi
Sinking into darkness of the body
11 March, 2018

Chaos, Non-dual, Rhizome

 Today is the 7th anniversary of 3.11 Fukushima.
Many people were fell down into the chaos at that day.
We continue to dance the chaos every year on this day at Himalaya, and try to resonate as Life beyond any borders.
What is the chaos in the darkness of body?

”You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."

Friedrich Nietzsche

This word had grabbed my soul at the age of 15, and I became myself by it. It encourages me freshly each time, even whenever I read again and again.

It continued to resonate in the darkness of body like “the eternal regression” for decades afterwards.

When I was young I switched through several workplaces and occupations, but in each case I continued to take care with careful attention so as not to lose this chaos. I have tried to make it poems, though it did not work. But, I kept listening carefully to it.

And at the age of 45, at last my dancing stars came out of the body and started dancing. I was reborn as a Butoh dancer. After that I keep listening to the chaos of the darkness of the body as important more than anything else.

To make this opaque chaos visible through transparently, and also, to become a transparent body that makes things visible throughout the body (all brain, mind and body) became a life work for me.


Hijikata Tatsumi called this chaos "the darkness of the body", continuing to dig it and brought many Butoh dances one after another.

In ancient Buddhism, it was called "Nothingness" or "Emptiness", Taoist called "Tao". All of them are given some different nuance and value.

After that, people created the each hierarchical theory which has a center value as God or Buddha based on those archetypes. It became the religions.


I came to Himalayas 20 years ago and I have met the word "Non-dual" that is the most neutral and universal word for the chaos.

The world that I felt just opaque and chaotic in the past, now becomes slightly transparent than ever.


<Non-dual and multidimensional Qualia of Life Resonance>


I found that the chaos is the Qualia stream in the darkness of body that Life is resonating in each moment. It is a little fruit of struggle for decades.

Since then, we have continued the journey of non-dual realm of the darkness of body in Himalayas. At first it was a blind journey that none understood, but while it continued for more than a decade, it was understood that the non-dual is the Qualia of Life Resonance itself of the darkness of body. We found the method to become subconscious mode of body by using breathing, stretching, vibration, swaying, etc., and the method of touching non-dual Life Resonance has become clear year by year. That is a number of subbody conditioning methods.

In Himaraya's Resonance Cram School, we listen to the Life Resonance Qualia in the subconscious mode body, and just follow it. Novel movements and dances that never existed will come out more and more from the darkness of the body by itself.


Non-dual and multidimensional Qualia cloud


From early spring this year, a revolutionary change is taking place that overturns the subbody method. The dogmas that I was bound such as the dualistic program, the segmental theory of education which had been capturing me in the past has disappeared. I enter the practice place without thinking every day. And, in the meanwhile of conditioning together with the co-researchers the next practice method comes spontaneously from somewhere.

I listen to the darkness of the body for twenty-four hours and remember the each dancer's movement, I make a cloud around the body of those Qualia and wear it always.

Maybe from the Qualia cloud, the most interesting idea of next researching and experiment will come out..


Shaman and Subbody


The picture above depicts the essential method of the Shaman. Wisdom and experience of the ancestors are drifting like clouds around him. Shaman is a person who has the skill of wearing this ancestral Qualia cloud, constantly resonating with it and exploring the optimal solution in the real world.

(My mother changed five times, the second mother, a grandmother without blood connection, was a shaman of Japan. When people wanted to meet the dead person, she was possessed by it, and told the word of the dead persons.

I could learn her technique and stepped on one step. It is a technique that puts all kinds of Qualia in the cloud around the body, instead of the ancestral Qualia for Shaman.

Hijikata Tatsumi called it <Clouding body method> in his "Sick Dancing Princess". He learned it from the old man in his home town Akita.

When we stop the language consciousness, and listen to the subtle Qualia in the subconscious realm, we can feel the non-dual Qualia itself, it is so obscure and unable to grasp, because it is transforming always to various things infinitely.

From the ancient times, people have countless names such as Nothingness, Emptiness, Tao, Non-Dual, Uroboros, Unite, Prima Materia and so on. People must be attracted strongly.

Among them, the ancient people raised the common illusion of God or Buddha that build an order from the chaos. And it grew up to the religion that has the hierarchical order as the God or Buddha as the top of it.

Only a little difference between them and us is that we feel the infinite transformational flow of Qualia without any meaning or value, and we will follow it by body and dance the Qualia. It is a point.

It is because we noticed that there is a treasure trove of infinite creativity of Life. There, Qualia of Life Resonance encounters each other, and new Qualia is constantly born every moment. All we have to do is quietly listen to it. Just stop thinking and listen carefully.

We shall share the best we found quickly. And we become a cooperative midwife who can fully demonstrate each other's creativity.

This is the Rhizome as the future order that breaks down the Tree system which has the pyramid-like hierarchical order.

There is neither above nor lower in the Rhizome. There is no distinction between inside and outside. Everything is freely resonating, connects freely and separates flexibly at any time. Qualia generate new Qualia every moment. Just following that Qualia flow, more and more novel and interesting movements come out.

Bloom it infinitely!


Sharing the Secret infinitely


We do not hide the secret, we try to share it with anyone.

In modern times, a very few people touched the treasure trove of this creation, making that way a secret only for themselves, they became such as choreographers and directors. The choreographer creates dance and the dancer is choreographed by the choreographer. It is the old Tree system. There are many people still doing it.

However, such an era will be over soon.

Everyone who stops consciousness is able to become subbody and cobody, and just follows infinite transformation of Qualia, you can acquire infinite creativity of Life.

Instead of the past pyramidal hierarchical order, we found a co-creation method of rhizome type that all become creators. We have been doing the experiment for 20 years in Himalayas.

It is still in the trial and error in the entrance, but have an unparalleled possibility. Our subbody Butoh videos got over 10,000 subscribers in the world, eventually will break through even 10 million viewers soon. Supporters for this strange dance that has never seen has spread all over the world.

The future of Rhizome is now opening.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

Subbody Journal
 Meanwhile (all creatures)
Resonant Rhizome in Jogiwara Valley 1 / Zalina, Pamela and Maria 
Himalaya Resonance Diary


Gadu continues Fukushima Sopport



Healing for Children
in Fukushima


Saturday March 10th 2:00 - 5:00PM

at Heart of Tao Resonance Art

It is the 7th Anniversary of 3/11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami


Heart of Tao Resonance Art has been organizing charity healing events for children in Fukushima since 2014, supporting continuing effort to provide a relief to those who were affected by the devastating earthquake and nuclear reactor collapse in Fukushima in 2011. 

Currently, we support Shinentai in Osaka, Japan, an organization dedicated to help relocating children and families in Fukushima. 


2018 Healing for Children in Fukushima


Our goal this year is to raise $3000 by December 2018 for their Spring Relocation and Hoyou Project in 2019.  

This year we offer our Group Healing Circle and Individual Healing Appointments as well as regular Qigong Healing services to donate the fees to Healing for Children in Fukushima.


Healing for Children in Fukushima Final Report 2017 (PDF)


(Read Final Report by clicking the button above)






Healing for Children in Fukushima Schedule

2:00 - 3:00pm: Group Healing Circle

3:15 - 5:15pm: Individual Healing Appointments (30min each)

Making Appointments:

Contact Us or call 612-703-7501 to make an appointment. 

For more information, please go to:www.doushinresonance.com/create



Suggested Donations 

$20 for 60 minutes Group Healing Cirlce

$50 for 30 minutes Individual Healing Appointment (Qigong / Qi~ssage)


(You can always give as you are able with LOVE)

You can also make regular Qigong healing appointment and donate the fees to Healing for Children in Fukushima. For the available healing services, please go to:



2018 Schedule:  3/10, 4/28, 5/26, 6/9, 7/14 8/18, 9/22, 10/6, 11/24, 12/15


Please make a check and mail your donations to: 

Heart of Tao Resonance Art
2322 Garfield St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Or Give Online by clicking the botton below: 



Sinking into darkness of the body
4 March, 2018

The first thing to get

A new semester starts from tomorrow. Himalayas are wrapped in spring weather.
Over the winter I continued writing the English version of "The Butoh" and the Japanese one.
I found an appropriate article for the new semester, so will introduce it.
It is what Hijikata has been continued for whole life, and what I do everyday.
My teacher Mindel and Focussing's Gendlin also kept this for 24 hours.
I would like to share the way to listen to the Life.

How to listen to the hidden message of Life

A faint,very subtle message is always delivered from Llife to consciousness.
It is different from the way of language consciousness.
Because it is transmitted without using a language, it is difficult to grasp by the consciousness accustomed to language.
However, once you acquire the dictionary of life, you can always contact with your life.
What I have been exploring in Himalaya without external pressure of external language information is to listen to this unique linguistic sense.
Let me introduce some definite ones.

”Moyamoya"; Qualia cloud in the body

Before waking up in the morning explore the bodily sensation that is a hazy mood in the body.
Then, the scent of the rest of the work which the Life was doing all night is drifting there.
The job of Life at midnight is to organize the Qualia of the new experience that occurred on that day.
A new experience will be preserved in the hippocampus of the brain for the moment.
And, overnight, it is allocated to those to be stored as long-term memory among those temporary memory and those to be discarded.

How is the screening done in what way?
Perhaps while sleeping, life compares the new qualia that you got that day and the qualia you saved in the past one by one and is trying out what kind of resonance will happen.
And if fresh resonance occurs different from the existing inner qualia, it will be permanently preserved in a specific glia as <fresh qualia>.
And against this fresh qualia, matching with each existing glia is done.
It is a reflection of the events occurring in this matching work that various images and streams are deployed in a dream.
Then, if strong resonance occurs between the new qualia and the existing inner qualia, neuron branching is formed between the new glia and the existing glia.
It's a peculiar qualia that is drifting in the morning morning of the morning body as a strange and fresh sensation.
If you find this <strange and fresh Qualia> in Moyamoya, do grab it firmly.
When you sway it in the darkness of the body for a while, what comes to be lighten gradually.
It brings fresh awareness and discovery.
<novel Qualia> - This is the first message from Life.

Newly long-term preserved Qualia, but has not yet established a close relationship with the countless Qualia other than that.
It is perceived as a strange feeling that is difficult to grasp <It does not fit nicely> or <poor calmness>.
If these Qualia of "restlessness" is found in the feeling of Moyamoya at dawn, it is evidence that a new Qualia was created.
It still has settled and has not established a certain resonance with the surroundings.
It continues to change and flow to find good resonance.
When Qualia of restlessness is rolling in the body, the inner Qualia where the new Qualia is preserved often creates new resonance.
This <poor calmness> is the second way of message from Life.

This is a faint Qualia in the process of converting from temporary memory to long-term memory.
The work of Life, but that is not all.
More fundamentally, when the feeling of uncomfortable Life felt something uncomfortable in the daytime consciousness something is going on, <somewhat disagreeing> or <quiet feeling of discomfort> Qualia is emitted.
This is the third way of messaging from Life that resonates.
It is Qualia which informs something that Life is not resonating well.
It contains messages from underlying Life.
Life is always exploring ways to resonate well with every qualia.
Resonance to resonance is the most fundamental desire for life.
It is a message from the most important life that can be delivered in the form of <something unfitting> or <something discomfortable> that emanates from Life.
"Felt sense" by Gendllin of Focusing and "Sentient" by Mindel of the process orientated psycology, all trying to listen to the hidden message of the Life.
Do grasp it firmly, not releasing it away this faint discomfort Qualia.
Although it is very faint, when we solve this message, it often leads to a big discovery and enlightment.

Messages in the dream

In the dream of seeing every night, various images and stories and it comes up as a vision.
However, the concrete pictures and stories of the dreams are tied to the old inner Qualia at random in the process of dividing whether temporary memory accumulated on that day into long-term memory or not, and whether to save, because it occurred on the line.
It is often a coincidence product.
If you have a dream, not only the peculiar images and stories of that dream, but also the Qualia that blows in the dream,
I will return to one of the above three major qualia, <novelty>, <poor calmness>, <faint discomfort> whether it will disappear as it is a while in the body.
Because these three are important to Life, Life will hold on to keep it unforgettable and keep shaking in the darkness of the body.
Then, once Qualia resonating with it was found,
it can be solved what Life is trying to say.

For decades, I tried to solve the technique of Life Resonance.
Finally, a little bit of the opaque cloud has come to be able to grasp as certain things.
They may be difficult to distinguish since they are very similar, but no need to sort out.
Either way, <Qualia something do not resonate nicely> is.
It belongs to an anonymous discomfort for Life seeking resonance.
Feeling that it was not until then If you can feel bad things, you should think that is the big opportunity of creation.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

Subbody Journal

 Thanks for
10,000 Subscribers
of Subbody Videos!

 Views 9,321,264_____ Subscribers 10,003

We have continued just dancing the Life Resonance.
And now, 10,000 people are empathizing it.
Also, the number of viewers is going to exceed 1 million viewers soon.
It encourages us a lot.
We will deepen it further with confidence.

Visit Subbody Butoh Channel

The Butoh  Part 2
Abyss of "Quiet House"



206 Secret Control technique of Weakened body


How Hijikata controlled the random sway of weakened body

By the outlook, Hijikata's body was seems various parts of body swaying at random in different directions at the same time.
But, he had a secret technique which could not tell to the students, because it was pure experiment that was not sure success or not.
He wrote to himself in the 1st chapter.

"A fine spider’s thread that runs on the forehead


Cat Waist

Behind World"

What do these sentences mean?
It was a mystery for long time. But, through the bodily reading for long years, finally I found the secret.
These sentences were the hidden symbol of his secret technique to control the weakened body.

Hijikata controlled his body dividing into three levels;
"Three" is the entrance tunnel to release from dualistic binds.

"Three" is the necessary way to the multi-dimensional world.

Hijikata knew well about the importance of "three", he used "three" often.

There is an important "three" at the first chapter of Quiet House ;"Red god".

 This "three" is the secret method how to control subtle body.


A fine Spider’s thread that runs on the forehead---Subtle qualia at the detail of body

Beggar                                                        --- Total body image

Cat Waist                                                    ---Partial body movement


Hijikata controlled this three level with the best balance for focusing on the subtle qualia at each detail of body. To show the subtle qualia is the main thing, the whole body shape, and partial movement are supporter for the subtle qualia. Then the subtle qualia; sway, shiver, collapse and so on can be focused as a picture. 
We need to arrange the best timing to focus a subtle qualia at tiny detail.
In Japanese we call it "Tame" and "Ma" which is a time of stilness preparing the best timing a flower coming out. Also we need proper technique of controlling three level of body how to arrange the three; a subtle detail, a part of body, and total image of body to focus on the subtle qualia transformation.

Then audience saw as if he could control all of infinite subtle transformation.

This is the secret method of Hijikata magic


One more element; ‘Behind World’ to become Multi-resonance body

All of three levels of body resonate with the Behind world in each way.
Totally, he could control his body precisely in the multi-dimensional resonance of Life. But it was seen just a random sway by the outlook.

Not only in this 1st chapter, but in other chapter, it is described with dividing into four levels as the following;

Whole image of body
Girl, Beggar, Christ, Witch, Mad king, Bear, Tiger, Ship, Shisha,
Soul and spirit, Participation in the skin

Part movement of body
Floor face,
Salmon face,
Nest of eyes,
Cat weist,
Horse face

Detail of body
Fine spider's thread that runs on the forehead,
Dance of a hair,
Waltzing mustache,
Bug's fear and bird's fear,
Hands of mad king--bug, bird, stick
A bird with long nose hair,
Dismantled ship

Behind world
Stuffed spring,
Garbage disposal place,
Behind the mirror,
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed,
Water, A far away forest,

He could integrated this technique into the final weakened body Butoh in the “Quiet House”.
Till then He needed to take off all of his gross aggressive butoh dances which he had done in his young ages.
The weakened body was completed by this technique as the absolutely necessity to resonate with his dead sister and dance the Butoh of Life.




The Butoh  Part 2
Abyss of "Quiet House"


 Now I am reeditting and rewriting "The Butoh"
Today I found this article that was forgotten it many years.
I want to share this with you with the fresh excitement at that moment.

215 Shadow of mind

What is "Shadow of mind" ?
I could not get it exactly until this year (2010).

"5. Something that was grasped as a shadow of mind

A girl who moves with subtle speed
The Christ who has gone slack
The Christ who was released with the slacked body
Mad King’s hand – Bug, Bird , Stick
A sitting crane fly
These are almost danced by the waltz
Thus, the reduction by X and regeneration are flying off from the far away forest and the nest of eyes,
And “Shisha” participate with all of these
Someone, who appears in order to dance these things (or a Butoh dancer), has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear.
And the girl becomes the horse face and stops there.
Also, another girl stands up and becomes a doll through a dragon fly.
All sways stop there."

When I was half asleep mode and saw this subtitles and keywords of Quiet House, the common charasteristic as Subbody came to light.

"The Red God
Being moved Qualia by unknown thing
Soul and Spirit
Something that was grasped as a shadow of mind
Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear
Can Factory
Dream of Horse Meat
Behind the mirror a wall of light
The dizziness, shivering and swaying shadow of flower

All of these are various entrances for subbody ( Subconscious body) mode!

I have reminded that Hijikata wrote in his notebook;

"It is better to sleep than arbitrary destruction,
You should be in a state of being swaying between asleep and awake.
In other words, the wandering in foggy conscious state is important. "

(Unpublished draft)

That's right.
This is the body of subconscious mode, the Subbody itself.
Toward becoming that state, he tried to change various methods and approached to that subconscious body mode little by little.
Until this moment I have beleived that I've been digging foward the Subbody method by alone separately from Hijikata.
And finally I understood that Hijikata was also digging the exactly same tunnel.

"What can be caught as a shadow of mind" was exactly the Subbody itself.
If the mind represents a clear daytime consciousness, the shadow of mind means foggy, degenerative consciousness state, subconscious itself.
There time flows with a unique subbody speed, and infinite transformation is occurring.
It is the most familiar scene in the darkness of the body.
From the slow motion, to the waltz of the insect, very slow movement is the fundamental speed of the subconscious body.
It is sometimes changed variously, by the rhythm of insects and birds and bars.
By the reduction by X and regeneration which is jumping from the distant forest and nest of eyes.
The constant transformation continues.
The ancestral emotions, fear of the birds, scars of bugs.
The images of archetype which Jung discovered as collective unconscious contents.
Qualia flow that is further deeply rooted.
In a journey of the darkness of the body, I felt empathy that he was digging up the unexplored tunnels by alone.
Only the dying experiences surrounding Jung's "confrontation with unconsciousness", and Mindell's "Shamans Body" was reliance on the journey of the dark for me, before. I have felt so solitude.
However, Hijikata has traveled ahead of us, to what extent, and he has left footprints.

I didn't know why there was no choice for me but to struggle with "Quiet House"?
Why I was so obsessed and working on it desperately till now, the mystery finally solved.
"Quiet House" was the home of the subbody method.
He was meeting with friends of the same town across the spacetime.
Until now, being distracted by rhetoric unique to Hijikata,
Everything in the Quiet House is a journey of the darkness of the body so far.
I did not notice that it was familiar scenery.
What, what was that?
Hijikata was a pioneer of Subbody method from 50 years ago.

However, there is one big difference.
Hijikata's era, Hijikata alone got off this secret tunnel,
Creating various dances by touching the creativity of Life.
And Hijikata gave the choreography to the disciple including Yoko Ashikawa.
His disciples was not allowed to touch on the creativity of Life.
It was an era when the choreographer and the dancer classified in a stark manner.
Probably in Hijikata he became an alternative consciousness by himself, and only he could touch on the infinite creativity of Life and did creation that springs countlessly. He could not share the subbody method with others. It was hidden as a secret of himseparated he and disciples.
"The conditioning of Subbody method" that is able to share to enter the subbody mode and open infinite creativity of Life, this is the novel finding of Subbody method.

Subbody method is open to all.
Everyone digging up the dunning tunnel of the body through which Hijikata passed.
Now, you can touch the infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life as same as Hijikata.

Read more "The Butoh"

Subbody Winter Course 
 Smoke Bug's Rhizome in the Garden / Lee and cobody
 Unspoken Tale / Margarita and Naresh
New Subbody Butoh Book
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 The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle 6.99 $
Paperback 20 $

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