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India Resonant Butoh Tour


Dancing in the Jungle
Tumkur Butoh Festival
Chaos Share in Kolkata
International Butoh Festival Himalaya

Echoes of Pluto/ Aia and Jaime
Disclosure Gorka
HAIKU Jaime 
Kabuki Summer/ Anais and cobody
Invasive Walls are not the End/ Johanna & Cobody
Chaos Rhizome Gorka, Lee and cobody

 Un*nameable Goddesses and Beasts/ Pilar
Toward the Center/ Laurence and cobody
Yamazaki, Sleep!
 Yamasawa, Sleep!

A Girl
Hijikata Tatsumi
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Read "SickDancing Princess"
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Bengaluru Butoh Festival 2017 Part 1 Tumkur

    Dancing in the South Indian Jungle
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  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

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3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kerala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bangalore -
- Goa - Aurovile - Delhi - Dharamsala

India Tumkur
Dancing in the South Indian Jungle
Bengaluru Butoh Festival part 1 Tumkur  
Dancing in the South Indian Jungle

AntzFarm which was the first stage of the Bengaluru Butoh festival, is placed in the deep jungle of South India.
In the night leopards and bears would wander and eccentric roar echos.
The middle day of a weekly workshop of <Dreaming Share>, the participants danced in the nearby jungle to find a favourite place.
The young man from Afghanistan who danced first with Banyan tree, dancing the scars of the war engraved on his mind and body, moved us deeply.

Whether it is a short-term workshop or not, it is a feature of <Dreaming Share> that is able to resonate at the deepest place of each other.
The way to cut into real Butoh of Life Resonance finally opened.

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 Himalaya Resonance Diary
Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017


 Schdule of Summer tour 2017 is almost fixed.

1. Netherlands (Rotterdam): Jun 19-July 3
2. 2nd Subbody Gathering (Barcelona):July 6- 15
3. Hungary (Budapest) July 17 - 26
4. Poland (Michalowice): July 28- Aug 8
5. Switzerland (Geneva) : August 10 - 16
6. Russia (Uragivostock) : August 20-25

Let's enjoy it!

Asuka and cobody

Cobody Gathering

10 to 13th August, 2017


Sinking into darkness of the body
 Dreaming Share workshop at AntsFarm in Tumkur
22 February 2017

<Dreaming Share>

"The words are very important to me, but not important at all.

In the last Summer Europe tour, a participant of the workshop said so. It has changed something in me.
There were two contradict Qualia existed together nonchalancely.

(Yes, that's right! I need such flexibility like this in order to release from the dualism's spell. This is the
<Qualia words>!)

I realized that for a long time I was captured by a strong complex against words.

When I was young I tried to write poetry and novels, but what I wrote was always something different, I have felt so. It might be merely lacking ability to express myself well, but I always felt that more important things were lurking in what I could not write than what was written.
Besides, from my 20's to the middle of my 40's, I worked as a copywriter and editorial work.
In that 25-year experience, the copywriter-like instruction-expressing language got stuck in me.
In the world, I had to avoid carefully the the contradictory words strictly. I had been trapped by the dualism which is not permitted such as above.
Since I migrated in Himalayas, I escaped from the dualistic words, stopped thinking and judgement and kept listening to the subtle Qualia in the darkness of the body without words.
By that work, I could create a subbuddy method to transform with following the Qualia stream in the darkness of the body into a subbody butoh creation. However, until now, I have excluded words paranoidly. Keep silence, and listen in the silence. This is the main principle in the Subbody training. I know that we need to build the <Tree=Rhizome method> which freely moves back and forth between daily body and subbody, between Qualia and words was always in front of me, though I could not find how to realize it.

That awaerness of the
<Qualia words> that is released from the dualistic binds, led to the discovery of <Chaos share> using self hypnotism technique to open full imgination by the both of body and words, and co-create each one' lucid dreaming world.

In the India Resonance Butoh tour #3, the experiments were fully developed with Indian participants at various places; Kolkata, Tumlur, Bengaluru, Goa and so on.
While the tour, the experiments developed so vaious ways, sometimes we use the self hypnosis, sometimes during the previous subbody conditioning and self researching, participant's imagination was fully opened with the both of bodily movement and explaining the world with the words.
It developed into the
<Lucid Dreaming Share> that co - creates each dreaming world.
Initially it was classified as <Chaos share> or <Journey share> etc, now we integrated allof them as the <Lucid Dreaming Share>.
It connected to the previous <Proto Dream Theater> that has been going on for 20 years, but on the spot it is simplified and called
<Dreaming Share>.

From the resonance to the magical words of the workshop participants, my long-term trap against words began to melt and the experimental world of this new method was realized.
From this breakthrough, we will explore
<a mysterious transformation process between Qualia and words> practically with the co-researchers in the next semester.
I wrote a book, "Qualai as Life Resonance" this winter, a new tunnel of investigation was found. It would be going to be fun this year.

The word "Lucid dream" owes to Mindell's "24-hour Lucid Dream". I will write in another article about it.

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Read more "Sinking into the Darkness"

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Subbody Butoh Videos on Youtube

Views 4,014,807 ; Subscribers 3,874

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kerala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bengaluru -
- Goa - Auroville - Delhi - Dharamsala

India Tumkur
India Bangalore
Bengarulu Butoh Festival part 2 Bengaluru
 Trailer of Butoh Fusion in Bengaluru
Butoh Fusion in Bengaluru
Bengaluru Butoh Festival part 2

29 Jan - 8 Feb

An experiment for the Butoh Fusion

At the Bengaluru Butoh Festival Part II,
We experimented the ”Lucid dream share" and "Butoh fusion" in the workshop and performance.
Both were so rich harvest.
Bharath who is the organizer of the festival is a house dancer, and he tried the fusion of butoh and house dance for the past year, so we experimented how to deepen the fusion.

Many of the participants were experienced in various genres such as Indian traditional dance, Belly dance, Street dance and so on.
We explored the dance of the Life Resonance dimension before the human dance differentiated into various kinds of dance styles.
In the workshop, I introduced two important techniques. The first one is " Fine Segmentation", the delicate control technique of Butoh, to segment our face, hand, body into 100 fine parts, and each detail resonates with various Qualia.
The second technique is Japanese resonance method of "Awase-Hanare". It is to resonate with the music, sometimes with the same pattern and sometimes with diffrent pattern.
So that we can resonate flexiblly with various music and inner subtle Qualia stream.

Furthermore, in the performance, each participant created a dance transforming into Butoh from the various dance styles such as Varanaciam, Belly dance and House dance.
That work was an interesting process exploring something about the animism before the ancient dance differentiated into the national dance of each country and the dance that comes out from the pure Life Resonance that is the basis.
Originally, Butoh started from the Quest for the "Butoh of Life" beyond the differentiation of the dance styles. Tatsumi Hijikata learned the ballet, modern dance and social dance etc. He quested the deeper realm beyond the differentiation of the dance styles.
This experiment is the quest for what is the "Dance of Life" before the differentiation into the various dance styles of human.
All participants worked ambitiously on the task of exploring the connection with the dance that comes out from the deeper Life Resonance from the dance circulated in modern times that they learned.
Someday these experiments will be involved into Oneness of "the Butoh of Life" in the future.

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kerala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bangalore -
- Goa - Rajasthan - Delhi - Dharamsala

India Tumkur
 Performance at AntzFarm

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kerala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bengaluru -
- Goa - Rajasthan - Delhi - Dharamsala

India Goa

Butoh meets Liquid Dance in Goa

Come to explore the play between water and land, gravity and non·gravity, transformations of the density of our own inner fluids, opening our hidden bodies, secrets, flowers and mysteries… For the first time, bringing the Subbody Butoh Method from the Himalayas into the Waters!

India Kolkata
 DarknLight・ Anna, Gorka, Jaime, Naireet, Pamela
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 Qualia as Life Resonance

Rhizome Lee

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