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Sinking into darkness of the body
 24 February, 2018

Letter to old and new students, co-researchers and world dancing friends


Since this year we could find a new method to travel into the non-dual Qualia realm, to listen to Qualia before differentiation of channels and self/others, inside/outside and so on which we could not do so far.

It will be added to the basic practice in Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya 2018.

I hope to share it with all of you.

Please feel free to use it.


A travel to non-dual Qualia


It has been over 20 years since I have dug the darkness of the body.

Finally it was able to find the way to taste <non-dual Qualia> that it was not clear so far.

"Non-dual" refers to the realm of Qualia are located in the deepest subconscious area, named by ancient meditators.

Non-dual is a condition of Life Resonance Qualia, everything is not segmented by dualistic judgment of self consciousness and language consciousness as in the world of concensus reality, but it is a transfiguration flowing undifferentiated.

Oriental meditator call it non-dual, or called "Kuu (emptiness)" or "Mu (nothingness) in Buddhism, "Tao" in Taoism.

In the ancient Western it was named "Uroboros".

All of them refer to the chaos of the original realm before everything differentiates.

In the Subbody meditation and conditioning, everyone can feel it, if the mind and body became the subconscious mode enough.

However, since it is extremely subtle and delicate, it is impossible to notice it unless we fully calm our daily consciousness.

Now, you can experience it in the following procedure.


[I] Sufficient conditioning


1. Any conditioning method can be used. Choose a quiet place and sit down or lying down, perform a basic subbody conditioning such as breathing, stretching, swaying, or vibrating for more than 20 minutes, until you become a subconscious body mode under a pleasant semi-sleeping semi-awaking.

In the subconscious realm, the subconscious and body become oneness.

It is the subbody.


[] Taste various Qualia

1. At first it starts with tasting the subtle Qualia differentiated into the channel.

Close your eyes, lying quietly in the pose of the corpse.

When consciousness is resting sufficiently, various fine light and color patterns begin to appear in the dark. Enjoy the varieties.

Push your eye balls by finger and enjoy the change of the pattern.

2. Breathe quietly through the nose and feel the Qualia that oxygen in the air resonates with the mucosal cells in the nasal cavity are performing cell respiration directly. It also tastes that the pattern of the light in the dark changes according to it.

3. Feel the sound before it becomes a faint voice when the air passes through the mouth, nose and throat. Also try to feel the subtle changes in smell and taste.

4. The muscle somewhere in the body contracts slightly and slowly relaxes. During the slow and slight body shifting into various postures, continue to listen to the subtle changes of Qualia that is felt by it.

5. When you are in the subbody state sufficiently, the Qualia which is felt in the darkness of the body are mixed with each other beyond the boundaries among the  channels and they transforming. You cannot distinguish whether it is Qualia of body sensation, movement, visual, audio, emotion, human relationship, world image=self image and thinking channel. Also it is impossible to distinguish whether it is the inner Qualia that is stored in the cell or the outer Qualia that is resonating now. Neither memory nor dreams, neither delusion nor imagination can be distinguished.

6. Congrats. It is the non-dual Qualia. It is a no boundary chaotic subtle sensation that cannot be discerned. Please spend plenty of time to taste.

This non-dual Qualia are the true infinite treasure house of the creativity of Life. Listen to the varieties of subtle Qualia. Enjoy it as long as possible.


 []Researching  Subbody-cobody


1. While shrinking and relaxing a variety of fine muscles, and slowly change to the diverse postures, you will meet various novel Qualia at every moment. Please enjoy it for a plenty of time.

2. Among them, when you meet impressive, interesting Qualia, listen to the body with asking your body what kind of postures you want to move next, and follow the spontaneous movement.

3. Sometimes you may feel the forgotten memories, dreams and imaginary Qualia have wandering that leads to movement. Sometimes it is still non-dual Qualia that cannot be distinguished at all. Either way is OK, there is no need to sort out separately.

Just enjoy the spontaneous movement.

Sometimes some specific Qualia and movement become oneness firmly. it is your dance.

4. While continuing about it for about 20 minutes, remember the most interesting and fresh movement you met today. And integrate it as one sequence with unique movement and own Qualia for a couple of minutes with listening the <Jo-Ha-Kyu> of your Life.


[] Tree-Rhizome method

This year, we will co-research a novel Tree-Rhizome method. It is to go forward and back between both of dualistic Tree world and non-dual Rhizome realm flexibly. Listen to the process carefully how the Qualia are changing from the non-dual Qualia without channel differentiation to any dualistic Qualia in each channel. Listen to the subtle transformation of Qualia among non-dual chaotic Qualia to some clear Qualia in each channel.

We share the experiences. How the creativity of non-dual Life becomes our creation of subbody-cobody Butoh. All mysteries and secrets of creation are hidden here.

This is the one of main field of co-research 2018 to become a specialist of Qualia and creativity of Life.

 Trans-border and mix channels

Usually, we dance it in body and movement channel, and sometimes we condense the Qualia into single channel; visual, audio, touch, emotion, human relationship, world-self image and language or thinking channel. And resonate beyond the boundaries of channels and self and others.
We experience that Qualia of a single channel is resonate and shift to Qualia of another channel. And also Qualia of a person is able to resonate with other person. We can experience the mystery that Qualia Resonance is beyond any boundaries, and able to crystalize in a single channel as word (poem or Butoh score), or drawing, voice and music. etc.
Finally, we integrate all of those experience as the subbody-cobody Butoh. It is non-dual and multiple channels and beyond the boundary of self-others.
We travel among dualistic realm and no boundary non-dual realm. This is also the <Tree-Rhizome> co-research that we will focus on this year.


[] Subbody=cobody sharing


1. Sharing the each movement of subbody in various ways.

Sometimes we share it with the same resonance pattern, or sometimes we share it with different resonance pattern.

(see the <Awase-hanare Resonance method>).

2. Through the resonance, everything becomes one.

By the resonance, the subbody is not of a specific individual but of a group, it becomes the cobody. Actually subbody is cobody.

3. Since subconscious is originally a flock, there is no distinction between subbody and cobody. Like a wolf, even a single wolf is a flock.

4. Sometimes you can share with just the movement of the body, sometimes you can use the method of <Dreaming Share> to share using both the body and words.

5. Sometimes it copies in exactly the same form, and sometimes resonates freely with different movements. (See <the Awase-Hanare Resonance method>.

6. In this way, we will continue to share the subbody = cobody coming out of the darkness of the body every day.

This is the everyday life of the Subbody Resonance Butoh cram school Himalaya.

On the weekend each creates subbody or subbody=cobody dance that integrates one week's subbody and cobody. We collaborate with solo, duo, trio or a large groups.


[] A new experiment of co-research


In this year we will try a new experiment of co-research in "Quiet House" and "Sick Dancing princess". It is what each person choose a chapter of the text above and become a tutor of it. The tutor will dance the chapter, and guide the co-research by all as the MC (master of ceremony). It is for the growth as a midwife.

In case of that you feel too difficult, you can shift to the short course flexibly.

At the end of the month, we will integrate one month of subbody=cobody, and at the end of the semester we will integrate all subbody=cobody of the semester and co-create a Butoh Festival. Next 16th International Butoh Festival Himalaya will be around May 27 - June 8, 2018.


That is the first semester of the resonance cram school. It is from March 5 to June 8. In summer and winter between the two semesters, some long-term students become midwives and guide short-term courses. Long-term co-researchers can participate in it for free.

In other words, if you wish, you can continue to practice every day throughout the year.

Please enjoy it.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

The Butoh  Part 1

What is Butoh?
 "Quiet House" Tatsumi Hijikata 1974

3 After fifty years,
Subbody Butoh was born

Fifty years have passed since Hijikata began his Butoh dance.

In these fifty years, we have found so many maps to enter into Hijikata's multi-dimensional world.

How could Hijikata create such an extremely strange Butoh?

By inventing a special way to enter into the darkness of the body.
In this darkness of the body, it is a non-dual and multi-dimensional world that is constantly and fluidly shape-shifting beyond the baundaries of self and others, you and me, inside and outside.

The inner dead resonates with the outer dead.
The inner collapsed is crying together with the outer collapsed.

Hijikata often said,
"I keep a dead sister in my body. I move with her always."
He grew his hair long and wore the clothes of his dead sister.

Hijikata also said, "I thirst to be a handicapped, collapsed body."
He explored the collapsed body of the insane, diseased, handicapped, and near death.

This collapsed body is called "suijakutai." He pursued this for the rest of his life, and found a deep resonance between the inner collapsed body and the outer collapsed body.

Then he opened another dimension, in which Butoh spirits are dancing together beyond time and space.

Before Japanese society shifted into a high-speed, information society, there were many paths to these other dimensions.
Most people had an animistic, fluid mind.
But during the later half of the 20th century, society shifted into a mono-dimensional world. We lost the paths to the multi-dimensional world. We lost the ability to resonate with other dimensions, with animals, plants, archetypes and so on.

However, in these fifty years, some people have looked for paths to an alternative way of life. Through their work, we have been given some maps to guide our way into the non-dual and multi-dimensional world of transformation.
We can now enter the world of Butoh by using these maps.
I found useful maps in the following people's work:

1. In "Words and Things" (1960), Michel Foucault predicted "The ending of the human", the idea was that the human will disappear when an alternative type of intelligence will be found. He meant that the human-centred thinking of modern western society will vanish and we will shift to another way of thinking.

2. In 1968, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari proposed a new way of thinking: the "Rhizome". Rhizome can connect freely to others and separate flexibly within a multi-dimensional world. It is the opposite concept as that of the "Tree" which has a pyramid-shaped hierarchy. "Thousand Plateaus" is one of the best guides to the multi-dimensional, fluid, shape-shifting world in which Hijikatat found the path to Butoh magic.

3. String theory was found in 1968 and has developped an extremely different way of seeing the Universe in the last forty years.
Most of us take for granted that our Universe has three dimensions. But this is not so, according to the String theory, which claims that our Universe has many more dimensions than meet the eye. These dimensions are tightly curled into the folded fabric of the cosmos.
According to the String theory, the Universe is made up of tiny strings, whose resonant patterns of vibration are the microscopic origin of partical masses and energies. Contrary to standard physics, which is bound by the old concept of three dimensions, the String theory has opened a completely new view of the multi-dimensional Universe. It suggests to us the possibility of a new kind of thinking.

4. Arnold Mindell facilitates us to enter into the multi-dimensional world through his "process-oriented psychology." He developped C.G. Jung's concept of individuation - a three-dimensional understanding of our whole self - by adding the dimension of time. Mindell proposes that we release ourselves from the bind of the Consensus Reality, take up the challenge of living in the fluid, multi-dimensional world, and become a modern shaman.

5. A.L. Rossi guides us into the psycho-somatic, interactive world through his "Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing" and his method of Ideodynamic healing in hypnosis. He found the missing links between our mind and body, composed of our traumas, complexes, and dissociations. This work is called "State-dependent Memory, Learning, and Behaviour". By using his method, we can enter into the subconscious world more safely.

6. The Japanese anthropologist Shinichi Nakazawa revealed that the human has the capacity to think in different ways - that of ancient liquid intelligence and that of modern intelligence. Modern people have lost liquid intelligence. Nakazawa proposed that we can recover this. He established a research centre of the Art Anthropology in Japan.

These are the most important works for a paradigm shift in human thinking and living in the past fifty years.


Subbody butoh Opens an Art of Tree-Rhizome

I can show the perspective of total vision of this revolution.

The modern intelligence is bound by the consensus reality of a three-dimensional world or four dimensional time-space.
It is trapped by the Tree thinking and Judgment that was limited within the dualistic logic; good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, in/out and so on.

The multi-dimensional liquid intelligence, like the Strings above that are vibrating in the eleven dimensions of Calabi-Yau space. (Illustrations by Colona.) It is free from the Tree hierarchical thinking, no center, no top.

We can choose to stay in the classical mono-dimensional consensus reality, or to enter the world that we can go and come flexibly between the Tree system and Rhizome. Which is more interesting for you?

Subbody Butoh was born fifty years after Hijikata's work. It is a method of entering into both of the world of Tree and Rhizome, modern intelligence and the multi-dimensional fluid world, by using the maps that have been found in the last fifty years.

The Subbody Butoh method opens the way to become a creator of one's own Butoh by resonating between the inner darkness of the body and all the unhappiness of the outer world.


All the schools and mass communications hide the most important truth

No school in the world teaches the possibility of the Tree-Rhizome thinking and the Art of a creative life, which are the most important findings in the past fifty years.


The reason is that there is a dangerous possibility that these new findings might change the framework of modern society. The classical framework of intelligence, taught in one's education and training, supports the social system of modern capitalism. Foucault already illuminated this system by which people are transformed into spontaneous supporters of the order of society.
Schools, hospitals, factories, offices, prisons, and other forms of mass communication are the plants for producing spontaneous supporters. This is why we are never taught the possibilities of new ways of thinking and living.
The school is the printing factory for printing the old way of thinking into people's minds.

Get out of the modern society.
Throw off the old style intelligence.
Throw out the Nation-state.
Become Nomad, and dive into Butoh with your whole Life.
Become a Rhizome!
Become a Secret!

The biggest secret was hidden by the education system and mass communication. We can become a new creative being that streams in the no-dual and multi-dimensional world.


The Butoh  Part 3

Sick Dancing Princess

 Added this article as the last chapter of "The Butoh"
Now you can buy it on Amazon

318 Michiko Ishimure and Tatsumi Hijikata

Ishimure Michiko born in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture on March 11, 1927
Hijikata Tatsumi born in Akita prefecture on March 9, 1928

Two persons who are different only one year old are descendants of the oldest Japanese people of Jomon's Animism, who were both driven to the south Kumamoto, and north Akita by Yayoi people who came in Japan after AD.
While I was writing the final chapter of 'The Butoh' dedicated to Tatsumi Hijikata, I touched Mitsuko Ishimura's dead news. At that moment, a flash of light shined up the deep conecction between the both.
It is a miracle of Life Resonance of Ishimure who experienced that her Life affected by Minamata disease as <It is mine in all>. And Hijikata who is merged into the Sick Dancing Princess. It was <a miracle of resonance>.
But why the both had experienced the same?

"Pure Land of Suffering Sea - My Minamata Disease"

In 1956, Minamata disease was discovered for the first time in Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture. It was pollution caused by methylmercury contained in waste liquid flowing from the chemical plant "Nippon Nitrogen" to the sea. However, Nippon Nitrogen continued to deny the causal relationship for many years.
Michiko Ishimure was an anonymous housewife who loved poetry, a shy person.
In 1958, participated in "Circle village" sponsored by poet Gan Tanigawa of Kumamoto origin.
Ishimure, who was deeply inspired by Tanigawa who advocated descending to the base where the modern Japan was going to transit. She began listening to the people of Minamata desease who writhe in the shadow of modernization.
In 1960, She presented "Strange disease" in "Circle Village", then became the first piece of "Pure Land of Suffering Sea" later.
In 1968, She made a "Minamata disease countermeasure civic conference" with colleagues as if she were extruded and started to support patients.(She was a longing person for me at that time.)
In the same year, Tatsumi Hijikata performed legendary solo "Rebellion of the Body" in Tokyo while the Japanese student rebellion peaked. After then he entered a silence for several years.
(I was 20 years old. Anti-Vietnum war movement and University barricade strike. I was arrested twice a year. After then 50 years passed so quickly.)
In 1969, "Pure Land of Suffering Sea - My Minamata Disease" was published.
She wrote;

"In some houses, a handsome boy's whole body was twisted like a rope, and fell down into the garden, could not raise up by himself. People who can not control urine or menstruation have started frequently."

"The cats' strange deaths have begun. When they have started crazy dance on the road and all must die surely."

"And you, listen to any fishermen! Everybody knows that from the drains of Nippon Nitrogen factory, primary colors, black, red, blue, something oils are coming to flow into the sea."

"I don't want any money! Instead of it, let them drink mercury mother liquor in turn, from the top of the company to let 42 people die. Let their wives drink too in order to make babies of fetal Minamata disease. Let as many as 69 people become Minamata disease. Another 100 people will be a potential patient. That's enough for me!"

"My three daughters are not able to see, not able to hear, not able to speak, not able to eat. They cry with not like a human voices and jumping wildly. Oh no more dead, now all three are in hell? ... When are you dead? Here must be surely the Hell."

The words of Ishimure who became "a medium" of the living and dying patients who became unspeakable spirits, are distorted and twisted by the suffering unable to endure.

"Until that time, I was the only poor house wife, sometimes write a poem with the creatures of sea. I feel a little depressed, but according to the female age in this country, I could finish the lifetime of seventy and eighty years, I thought so."

"The word "Sleep peacefully" is often used for deceit of the living.
At this time the gaze of this man who was dying, however his spirit consists to stay in this world. The gaze could never be sleeped like a peaceful one.

On this day I was intolerable to the disgusting feeling that I am a human being in particular.
From this day all thier spirits which cannot die moved to live in me. Like the sort of goat of this person, like a fish-like eyes and driftwood figure, never being able to die peacefully.
My dead will grow older and faster towards an endless death. And it falls with the leaves. The whole of them is me. "

The souls of the patients also eroded the life of Ishimure, a medium, are becoming <the whole is me>.

However, as the long-standing fight of patient of Minamata disease continued, the tones of the patients' voices began to change from a certain time.

"We decided to forgive them all.
Nippon Netrogen, discriminated persons are also allowed.
If I do not forgive, I cannot endure with pain.
We became sick in place of everyone. I forgive."

It would have been the inevitable purification found by the Life wandering for many years in the hell of the hatred, "if I do not forgive, am not ablt to endure the pain of hate".

Ishimure wrote.
"In the circumstances surrounding Minamata disease, every religion has died."
It was the oldest wisdom of Life to accept all, of the animism and preanimism that saved the people of Minamata and Ishimure.

"It was as thoughtfully majestic."

People understand all "Grace" and "Disaster" brought from heaven in the local language as "Nosari". The both of fishes caught from the sea, and the spread poisons as well as "Nosari".

Hijikata called it as "Red god" in the "Quiet House". In the "Sick Dancing Princess" he wrote it as "Huge creatures invisible living in the air".

The writing of Ishimure also began to put weight on finding the beauty of the Life of Minamata in the border of life and death, shifted from the spirit of grudge.

"Nakamura Chizuru, age 13, fetal Minamata disease, born with wiseness like a fire frame, by the Minamata disease, all of the attributes of human beings, the ability to move words and functions are melted away. And became a crystal of wiseness. The more beautiful, even seemed to survive, the more beautiful this girl is.

People who meet the fetal children of Minamata disease says, why do they have very beautiful appearance?. It is not just a question of beauty of common appearance.
Starting with Kumiko Matsunaga, why are they inversely proportional to deformed limbs and physical deformation of the body, how do they have the whole-human appeal, the expression of these children has a human-like appeal, and with its expression as it is, with the ultimate softness in the human mind, and does it move to us? "

In the depths of suffering, purification of Life begins.
Ishimure's words became the poetry of the novel Beauty of Minamata people.

Continuing to discover unprecedented Beauty in distorted limbs and inconvenient hearts that people in the world never recognize as beauty. Butoh dancer invents it by the body, and Ishimure crystalized it by a pen. It was a Butoh dance by a pen.

"I will somehow swallow the Japanese capitalism without digesting at all. I swallow the songs at the bottom of the heart of my underlying poor people, and swallow my hometown.
They are caught in the throat. Then ... , I will become the year and month itself."

"Sister, the fish is the gift of heaven, I will live to catch them as much as regarded as necessary for me, and live these days.
Where else is the richness above this? "

Hijikata is also deprived of his beloved sister by the secret state prostitution policy of the Japanese nation-state which carries out the war. He kept dead sister in the darkness of the body for many years, and finally it turned into an incredible novel beauty.
And he wrote down the miracles of Life Resonance that he was merged into the Sick Dancing Princess and became one with the people whose soul was torn apart and lost all human conditions.

The fact that Hijikata danced the Minamata disease body does not necessarily mean that he used it or imitated it. Just as Mrs. Ishimure became one with them, he became one by the strong Life Resonance.
It is the miracle of Life Resonance.

In the present age, which is suffering from the flood of informationization which accelerates in the century, the most lost is the Resonativity as Life.
Information never resonates.
The ego affected by the information does not resonate.
However, subbody Butoh listens to life resonance qualia which is the root of life regardless of how much informationization progresses, and dances from there.
Life resonance makes one by resonance from things that separated.
In the Resonance, there is neither subject nor object. It occure from the both sides naturaly. It is the principle of Life Resonance that the Qualia in the darkness of body belong.
We will acquire the <Tree-Rhizome technique> to travel flexiblly back and forth both realms of non-dual Rhizome and dualistic Tree-like hierarchical order of language and information. And we will open the future of human.
Ishimure was a pioneer of future of Life Resonance Heart as well as Hijikata.

Read more "The Butoh

 Subbody Butoh Books
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The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle e-book : 7$
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"What is Butoh?"
"Why do we need to dance?"
"What is the Abyss of Quiet House?"
"What is the Numinosum of Sick Dancing Princess?"

I traveled around these questions for two decedes in the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya, and wrote this book.
This book is a small gift to you to share the quest.

Kindle e-book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079GYY8VW
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Himalaya Resonance Diary


Pilar guides one month workshop
in Brasil

Dear Lee,

Here i am sending you the information about the Dance Residence inBrasil " Dancing Resonance".

Resonance from colombia...



The english text:

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Recomended Books
for studying subbody method
Gilles Deleuze/ Felix Guattari

Thousand Plateaus
(Mille Plateaux in original French)

In 1968, French philosopher Gille Deleuze and German psychiatrist Felix Guattali, presented a new concept of
<Rhizome> that is able to separate flexiblly and connect freely and become multidimensional transformable being, instead of <Tree> that is bound by hierarchical order of recognition and behaviors that supported long human history so far.

Deleuze-Guattari's "Thousand Plateau" is one of the most important Butoh texts.
The complete form of the book was published in 1980.
However, Chapter 1 "Rhizome" was written and published around 1968 and was immediately translated into Japanese and other language. I read it in the 1970's. Why does a book that was written far from Japan becomes Butoh textbook? I will tell the secret behind the Butoh and "Thousand Plateaus".

Life Resonance in 1968

The year that they wrote this book, 1968 is the year of the world revolution with student power in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan, and around the world, tens of millions of young students have stood up to change the old hierarchical society.
It was a miracle of Life Resonance that happened across the Earth's borders. Also a miraculous synchronicity occurred between Tatsumi Hijikata and Deleuze=Guattari, based on that global universal Life Resonance. They wrote or performed the same thing at the same time.
Deleuze=Guatari found a completely new behaviour pattern in the student's movement against hierarchical
<Tree> system, and crystalized as <Rhizome> as a sprouting form of Human being of the future.
Only a few generations at that time experienced this miraculous Life Resonance. And it was forgotten.

<Becoming> in "Thausand Plateaus" and Hijikata Butoh

When I emigrated from Japan to Himalaya in 2000, I disposed of a million books and bundled only five books in Himalayas. One of them was this book. I have read carefully over the past 20 years for "Thousand Plateau".
It is recommended for young readers mainly to read chapters 1, 2, and 10.
Deleuze=Guattari wrote this book together, but the other chapters r than the above 3 chapters are probably written by one of them, and the other one checked it.
But, these three chapters were written with them by being ONE LIFE through very deep exchanges.
Density is overwhelmingly deeper than other chapters, and full of pleasure and brightness that Life finds novel movement patterns.
The keyword of the book is <Becoming>. It is exactly the same as <Becoming> which is the root of Butoh.

Become Rhizome!
Become a Secret

Chapter 1
<Rhizome> is the essence of this book which predicted the transfiguration of humans in the near future.
Chapter 2
< Becoming Wolf> has deepened it specifically.
Chapter 10
<Become Intensity, become animal, become a thing which can not be perceived>, develops it all the way further.

There are written various pathways to become a rhizome, becoming manifold, becoming a woman, becoming a child, becoming an animal, becoming a molecular state, becoming a thing that can not be perceived.
What we can not perceive is called as <chimera> in Greek.
Hijikata became Shisha that is able to transform infinitely and nonsharansly in his last solo performance "Quiet House".
<Becoming> in these chapters is the same as <Becoming> in Butoh which Hijikata performed at the same time.
If you compare the "Quiet House" of Tatsumi Hijikata with the "Thousand Plateaus" of Dleuze=Guattari, you will be able to see miraculous world simultaneous Life Resonance beyond the boundary there.

In Himalaya, I have been exploring Subbody Resonance Butoh and its practical development <Resonant Rhizome>.
Now I can say that someday in the near future we will await a miracle moment that Life Resonance occurs worldwide at the same time in the global scale, through the radically free co-creation of Life called <Resonant Rhizome>.

Read more "Subbody Books"

New Subbody Butoh Book
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 Qualia as Life Resonance

Rhizome Lee

4.99 $

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 Highlights of Himalaya Butoh Festival #1- 14
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15th Butoh Festival Himalaya
Subbody Butoh Workshop in Spain 2016

Rhizome Lee video by Sergio and Jonathan
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  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

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