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 Summer Intensive
Sangeeta Forever
Rhizome Lee

Subbody=Cobody Rhizome 

Mix Dreaming
Summer intensive
International Butoh
Festival Himalaya
 Chiteijin Aki

Aghori Reborn | Gora &
 Departmental Space
| Sonja

PhD in Butoh
Adam Koan

State Us
Naireet & cobody
Net Abyss of Certainties
Aleks & cobody
Spring, Summer,
Autumn, Winter
, Spring Yi
Behind The
Alex & cobod

Ariel and cobody
My Mother Said No |
Tejus and cobody
Opening Performance
Watchman's Duty by
Ripley & cobody

Opening Performance
Watchman's Duty
Ripley & cobody

Expanding Butoh
Festival Himalaya

Gio and cobody
Yamazaki, Reborn!
at the Subbody
Rhizome Lee
Video Archive
Before 2010

with Lee

The Edge
Subbody Butoh
School Trailer
Satsang with
Rhizome Lee
Rhizome Lee in the
Spanish Himalaya
Interveiw by Jonathan

Video Lecture

Video Lecture List
Red God Quiet House 1

A Girl Tatsumi Hijikata
Quiet House 0

Reduction by X

Flower of Kan

Qualia and String theory 

Researching method
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 Highlights of Himalaya Butoh Festival #1- 14
 This is the Resonant Rhizome
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18the IIInternational Butoh Festival Himalaya
Europe Life Resonance Butoh tour
Summer intensive 2019

Chiteijin | Aki
Crick the place mark to see the detail info. 

  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

You can see in full HD
Arabic Chinese Dutch French German Greek Italian Japanese Korean Portguese Russian Spanish by Google translate

 What's New?

 We are accepting you

throughout the whole year!

Summer Intensive course (Half day)

June 10 - August 23, 2019
Summer and Winter Intensive is half day & half fee!

Autumn Course (Remained only 3 spaces)

September 3 - December 8, 2019

The 19th International Butoh Festival Himalaya

November 29 - December 8, 2019

<<This Winter, you have 3 options!>>

Winter Intensive(Half day) at Himalaya

December 9 - February 21, 2020

Lee will initiate a co-quest for the novel co-creation method
and Life Resonance Art beyond the genres.

Japan Life Resonance Butoh tour

December 9 - February 21, 2020

Adam and Julie initiate it, and Japanese Subbody=Cobody
collaborate with them!

India Life Resonance Butoh tour

December 9 - February 21, 2020

Many Subbody=Cobody Midwives spread to all over the India!
Let' co-create Artist network of all genres!


International Butoh Festival Himalaya

 Chiteijin | Aki
 World Life Resonance Art
 Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


Part of the Helsinki crew

with Rita Soma, Alexandra Jane Wynne, Jaakko Kuikka,
Julie Becton Gillum, Välke Ruusunen and Santeri Vikström.


School Journal
Summer Intensive
Meeting the Space | Vidisha and Cobody 
 World Life Resonance Art


Gadu is performing solo Butoh work

at Form+Content Gallery
on Saturday August 17th at 7:00pm


 World Life Resonance Art
 Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


Carry Mystery!
Moving to Europe from India.

Nomad life, carrying our life mystery. Can we meet at some point and dance together? My heart beats to the unknown. The heart opens to you and life. See you soon beautiful friends!

This is my direction..

** 24 ~ 28 July : " Mystery in Between you & me"
(Switzerland subbody butoh Workshop, at INANNA Community/
27 July Performance and Experimental dance night)
** 30 July ~ 2 Aug : OZORA festival(31 July, 1 Aug Performance)
**5 ~ 11 Aug : Hungary Butoh In Wheelchair
(Workshop & Kan Body Co research, performance)
**12 ~ 18 Aug : Butoh & Resonance Touch workshop (Budapest)
** 24 Aug ~ 1 Sep : Subbody Butoh In nature.
(Near Milan, Italy Workshop at Pied in Terra)
** 5 ~ 9 Sep : Subbody Resonance Butoh workshop in Greece
** Fly to Korea, for family and Jeju experimental Arts Festival.

With love, Gio (

 World Life Resonance Art
 Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour
Europe Tour is Updated 


Adam & Julie Workshop
in Madrid

July 18 – 23 – Madrid, Spain – 5 day intensive

Shadowbody. Butoh Workshop by Adam Koan and Julie Becton

Contact Adam


Adam & Julie Workshop

September  5 8 - Leipzig 4 Days Butoh Workshop with Adam Koan,  Julie Becton Gillum and Anna Lena.

The early bird price is still available until 1.8.2019.
Grab as long as there are still places!

Adam & Julie Workshop
in Prague

September 13 – 15 - Prague 3 DAYS Butoh WORKSHOP with Adam Koan and Julie Czech Republic.

Contact Adam

 Photo at Tiruvannamalai, nature explore, photo by Saran Dashnamoorthy


Aug 24 – 31 – Piedinterra, Italy – Nature Residency Workshop with Atsa Gudmudsdottir –

"Embraced by Sunset"

Come to dance nature & subbody Butoh, If you can. 
24 Aug ~ 21 Aug, In Italy. You can join partially.
(near Milan, at Piedi InTerra) 
If you are interested, contact me.
Mysterious body nature installation goes together. 
Any questions are very welcome! 
Warm resonance with love
Gio (

School Journal
Summer Intensive
30 18 | Ujjawal 
School Journal
Summer Intensive
Trailer of Subbody Butoh by Raul
 Photographies by Raul
16 July 2019

We invite Raul again as the Exchange Artist in the 2nd semester of Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya

Thank you for many applications for the exchange artwork. We decided to accept Raul in the Autumn semester continuing from the Spring semester. He will be discounted the school fee of 100% for the exchange work. He did a lot of excellent works of videos and photographies as the below.
Especially Trailer video of Subbody Butoh. We need these videos to let know our activity to the world absolutely.

The other applicants, please wait for the next chance of 2020. We are still accepting your unique proposal. mail to, please.

Read more "School Juornal"

 Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


 Subbody=Cobody spread and

start dancing at various places

in Europe!

More than dozens of Subbody=Cobody

Spread in Europe, and start dancing!

They are Rhizome which connect freely

Separate flexible!

Nobody knows what will happen.

This is the beginning of the World Rhizoming!

Please join in it at any places!

[Subbody=Cobody Rhizome]

July 11 – 16 – Helsinki, Finland – 5 day intensive

July 26-28  Kosmos Festival Finland

29 July-04 August  Ozora Festival, Hungary

August 3-11 Samsara Festival, Hungry



Serbia Retreat

Germany Repci

Street performance, Berlin

Armenia with Jaime, Spain

Autumn-Winter Australia 


June  "Invisible Cities" performance,
flipt 2019, Theatre Theatre, fara in Sabina, Italy

Performance in Belgrad,Selvia

Moving to Finland

[Margarita and Yi]

July 2-20 Imre Thormann Workshop, France

August 4-17 Exit 2019, Germany

August    Workshop in Netherlands

[Tejus,  Sofia and Allesia]

August  Italy

Artist Residence, Italy

[Adam & Julie's Tour]

June 13 thru 16 – Leipzig, Germany - Butoh workshop – 4 day intensive

June 21 thru 28 – Lviv, Ukraine – 1 week nature intensive

June 30, July 1, July 3 – Turin, Italy – Moving Bodies Festival – workshop & performance - two workshops + performance

Above is over

**Julie Becton Gillum joines the tour here**

July 11 – 16 – Helsinki, Finland – 5 day intensive

July 18 – 23 – Madrid, Spain – 5 day intensive

July 25 – 29 – Bilbao, Spain – 3 day intensive

July 31 - Aug 4 - Hungary - O.Z.O.R.A festival - performance/helping guide

Aug 5 - 11 - Hungary - Samsara Music Festival (Tentative) - performing/helping guide

August 19 – Sep 1 – Sesalac Butoh Retreat – Register at

August or September (TBA) – Bucharest, Romania – 5 day intensive

August or September (TBA) – Leipzig, butoh 5 day workshop

Contact Adam

[Gio's Tour]

July 24 - 28 – Zurich, Switzerland – INANNA Community Butoh Workshop – Marius Soluna –

July 29 – Aug 3 – Hungary – O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

Aug 5 – 10 – Budapest, Hungary –Butoh in Wheelchair

Aug 24 – 31 – Piedinterra, Italy – Nature Residency Workshop with Atsa Gudmudsdottir –

Sep 1 – 7 – Greece – Performance with Ioanna Myrka

Sep – Spain


School Journal
Summer Intensive
 Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


Adam performed in the Moving
Bodies Festival, Italy

Attempts to defeat the conventions
in the first evening of the Moving Bodies Festival

Disorientation and alienation are the feelings transmitted by the performer through gestures that are often broken and feverish, suggesting a desire to get out of one's body that is literally perceived trapped in a conventional dimension and, precisely, "domesticated".
At the end of the performance,
Adam Koan removes his little dress to reveal a full lace petticoat: an attempt to escape, probably vain and, then, the irony becomes almost desperation.
As in the works that had preceded it in the evening, a will to break coercive models of behavior and to explore new possibilities of being.(Google Translate)

Disorientamento e alienazione sono i sentimenti trasmessi dal performer per mezzo di gesti spesso scomposti e febbrili, a suggerire un desiderio di uscire dal proprio corpo che si avverte letteralmente intrappolato in una dimensione convenzionale e, appunto,  “addomesticata”.
Al termine della performance, Adam Koan si toglie l’abitino per rivelare una sottoveste tutta merletti: un tentativo di evasione, probabilmente vano e, allora, l’ironia diviene quasi disperazione.
Come nei lavori che l’avevano preceduto nella serata, una volontà di infrangere coercitivi modelli di comportamento e di esplorare nuove possibilità di essere.


Link to Festival site

Contact Adam

School Journal
Summer Intensive
Tendency of Nature | Giulia and Naresh 
 World Life Resonance Art
 Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour
 Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


 Aleks performed

in Belgrade, Servia

“Even your own arms, deep inside your body feel foriegn to you,
feel that they do not belong to you.
Here lies an important secret.”

– Tatsumi Hijikata

Contact Aleks:

Sinking into darkness of the body
6 July 2019

Sangeeta Forever!

Dearest Sangeeta,
Half a year after your death, I was finally able to dance you!
Until today, most of your memories, who spent the almost whole life in Subbody school, were stuck at each place in the school, and I was attacked by a sudden sadness, it was not able to dance at all. I have to wait for the time matured.
Your sister Shiv shot and edited this Butoh.
Thank you for enduring the deep pain.

What is to dance the dead

What does it mean to dance the dead?
In retrospect, I have been dancing the dead for the last 20 years.
In my first work, "Infectious Fever" (1998), my revolutionary friend, Hiroaki Yamazaki came out and dance it with using my body. In the second work "Dark Black Fever", Yamazaki and Kenji Hashimoto, and Toshiaki Tsuji in "The Nightmare Fever". They are all dead in the anti-war and anti-government struggles since 1967, they fought with me together and only them died, I couldn't die and have survived.
Twenty years ago, I continued to perform those Butoh dances around the world for three years.
Then, the deads and the survivors of each place resonated and gathered along with the Butoh performances. It was mysterious and lively days.
The deads of the Tibetan riots of 1959 in India 'Dharamsala and its surviving monks, the deads of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 in Budapest, the deads of the Yugoslav war in Serbia, the deads of Auschwitz in Poland and Romania, the dead of 2nd World War at Strasbourg in France. Countless deads had come together and resonated with like as a dead's carnivals were happened around the Butoh dances. I transcended the boundaries of the dead and living and lived in resonance with their lives. Such things can only be experienced while dancing.
In recent years, I danced my friend Ramesh, who have supported me for 15 years and lost three years ago. And this year I finally danced his daughter Sangeeta who supported me as my assistant for these years and has passed away a half year ago by malaria.

What does it mean to dance the dead?

It is to become oneness.
The ambition impossible in the consensus reality of wanting to become oneness with the dead, it is only able to be realized in the Butoh of non-dual and multidimensional Life Resonance Qualia.
When dancing, not only the deaths but also countless deads appear due to the multi-layered resonance of qualia. The memories that I forgot have suddenly come back.
Oh, I notice an invisible resonance of how this was connected like that. I am amazed at the depth of the darkness of the body.
It is a dance to travel through a non-dual and multidimensional resonance world of Qualia that cannot be remembered as a rigid ego or self, closed daily human being.
It is able to understand only by real dancers. Because only the Butoh dancers exceed the limits of human consciousness divided into each channel, and can live with the non-dual and multidimensional resonance of the Life Resonance Qualia connected in the subconscious and collective unconsciousness.
To dance Butoh means to live in the non-dual and multi-dimensional and multi-layered Life Resonance Qualia realm. Butoh dancer has to become a specialist of Qualia as the Life Resonance. Because there are no other people who live in the non-dual Qualia world for 24-hours.

Stop daily thinking and daily talking at all.
Sway between Qualia dreaming and Qualia thinking for 24-hours.
Reach to the infinite silence in each moment, and we can listen to so subtle Qualia for 24-hour.
To become Butoh dancer means to build this inner maxim strictly and become Life itself.
Life is Rhizome which is able to connect freely and separate flexible.
Communicate in this resonance way of Life instead of talking with using daily human language.
To become Life and to become Rhizome is oneness.
Let's open a novel future which all Life is able to open infinite creativity.

Since I have been dancing the dead for 20 years, and I finally realized what is happening.
It is unexpected happiness to be able to share this awareness with you.

Read more "Sink into the darkness of the body".

Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour
Europe - Hungary
Europe - Switzerland

Gio and Marius

Switzerland Worlshop

Workshop at Switzerland!
24 July ~ 28 July, INANNA Community 
(Aargau, Schweiz )

Contact to Marius Soluna :

School Journal


Second Semester of Subbody butoh 2019

 We are accepting the long term course and short term course, too.
The long term is one semester or one year Guided by Lee (Sep to Dec).
The short term is any duration, one day, one week, one month,
guided by Ozerk n September, and guided by Adam in October.

mail to

 World Life Resonance Art
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