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Specimen / Suman and Laura 
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 Smoke Bug's Rhizome in the Garden / Lee and cobody
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Subbody Journal
Subbody Winter Course 
Specimen / Suman and Laura 
 Smoke Bug Affair / Rhizome Lee
 14 January, 2018

Remission from long prisoning

Liberated from love and hatred to my mother which was bound by for many years, what I could not see until now has become transparently visible to me.
It was able to become my present state because I have experienced all kinds of events including disaster and predicament. Especially when I was able to spend my infant time with my grandmother who was a shaman of the local place, away from my mother, it is the foundation of my brain, mind and body. I also learned from my grandmother all aspects of the Animistic world. It is thanks to that I can deeply resonate with the Hijikata's Animistic experience of his childhood in Akita. Without the experience my parents let me alone, there was no subbody-cobody method, and I must have never tried to become a Butoh dancer. Nowaday I am deeply appreciate to my parents and grandparents.
It took more than 60 years to get out of captivity, but I will be fortunate to be able to reach here even though it was so late.
The next challenge is the mystery of an infantile degeneration of Anima and sexuality which are still trapped. I do not know how long it will take, but as long as the mystery is deep, there would be much richer harvest as well. I have no clue as to what will happen when I solve it but enjoyment has been increasing.

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 Organs Alive / Suman and Cobody
 Snake Lizard Iguana / Pamela
Sinking into darkness of the body
Infant of Smoke Bug Rhizome Lee
 6 January, 2018

A Sudden Change

I was trapped by an entanglement of anger, sadness, hatred and unexpressed love to my mother for long years, because my mother suddenly had disappeared when I was 3 years old. But, last Friday a sudden change happened.
In the researching with the blindfold guided by Pamela in the Subbody Winter course, I remembered a tale that my mother told me. It is a story that Lion pushs the baby down under the cliff to train the baby stronger. Strangely, I could accept all experiences in my childhood as this tale. I appreciate to my parents to give me the hard challenge, and it made me tough. Last Friday I danced it in the Garden. Falling down the stairs and climbing up it to build myself. I tried to dance my unknown Anima with a small bicycle.
Slowly it seems that I could be released from my infantile trauma.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

The Butoh  Part 2
Abyss of "Quiet House"



206 Secret Control technique of Weakened body


How Hijikata controlled the random sway of weakened body

By the outlook, Hijikata's body was seems various parts of body swaying at random in different directions at the same time.
But, he had a secret technique which could not tell to the students, because it was pure experiment that was not sure success or not.
He wrote to himself in the 1st chapter.

"A fine spider’s thread that runs on the forehead


Cat Waist

Behind World"

What do these sentences mean?
It was a mystery for long time. But, through the bodily reading for long years, finally I found the secret.
These sentences were the hidden symbol of his secret technique to control the weakened body.

Hijikata controlled his body dividing into three levels;
"Three" is the entrance tunnel to release from dualistic binds.

"Three" is the necessary way to the multi-dimensional world.

Hijikata knew well about the importance of "three", he used "three" often.

There is an important "three" at the first chapter of Quiet House ;"Red god".

 This "three" is the secret method how to control subtle body.


A fine Spider’s thread that runs on the forehead---Subtle qualia at the detail of body

Beggar                                                        --- Total body image

Cat Waist                                                    ---Partial body movement


Hijikata controlled this three level with the best balance for focusing on the subtle qualia at each detail of body. To show the subtle qualia is the main thing, the whole body shape, and partial movement are supporter for the subtle qualia. Then the subtle qualia; sway, shiver, collapse and so on can be focused as a picture. 
We need to arrange the best timing to focus a subtle qualia at tiny detail.
In Japanese we call it "Tame" and "Ma" which is a time of stilness preparing the best timing a flower coming out. Also we need proper technique of controlling three level of body how to arrange the three; a subtle detail, a part of body, and total image of body to focus on the subtle qualia transformation.

Then audience saw as if he could control all of infinite subtle transformation.

This is the secret method of Hijikata magic


One more element; ‘Behind World’ to become Multi-resonance body

All of three levels of body resonate with the Behind world in each way.
Totally, he could control his body precisely in the multi-dimensional resonance of Life. But it was seen just a random sway by the outlook.

Not only in this 1st chapter, but in other chapter, it is described with dividing into four levels as the following;

Whole image of body
Girl, Beggar, Christ, Witch, Mad king, Bear, Tiger, Ship, Shisha,
Soul and spirit, Participation in the skin

Part movement of body
Floor face,
Salmon face,
Nest of eyes,
Cat weist,
Horse face

Detail of body
Fine spider's thread that runs on the forehead,
Dance of a hair,
Waltzing mustache,
Bug's fear and bird's fear,
Hands of mad king--bug, bird, stick
A bird with long nose hair,
Dismantled ship

Behind world
Stuffed spring,
Garbage disposal place,
Behind the mirror,
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed,
Water, A far away forest,

He could integrated this technique into the final weakened body Butoh in the “Quiet House”.
Till then He needed to take off all of his gross aggressive butoh dances which he had done in his young ages.
The weakened body was completed by this technique as the absolutely necessity to resonate with his dead sister and dance the Butoh of Life.




The Butoh  Part 2
Abyss of "Quiet House"


 Now I am reeditting and rewriting "The Butoh"
Today I found this article that was forgotten it many years.
I want to share this with you with the fresh excitement at that moment.

215 Shadow of mind

What is "Shadow of mind" ?
I could not get it exactly until this year (2010).

"5. Something that was grasped as a shadow of mind

A girl who moves with subtle speed
The Christ who has gone slack
The Christ who was released with the slacked body
Mad King’s hand – Bug, Bird , Stick
A sitting crane fly
These are almost danced by the waltz
Thus, the reduction by X and regeneration are flying off from the far away forest and the nest of eyes,
And “Shisha” participate with all of these
Someone, who appears in order to dance these things (or a Butoh dancer), has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear.
And the girl becomes the horse face and stops there.
Also, another girl stands up and becomes a doll through a dragon fly.
All sways stop there."

When I was half asleep mode and saw this subtitles and keywords of Quiet House, the common charasteristic as Subbody came to light.

"The Red God
Being moved Qualia by unknown thing
Soul and Spirit
Something that was grasped as a shadow of mind
Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear
Can Factory
Dream of Horse Meat
Behind the mirror a wall of light
The dizziness, shivering and swaying shadow of flower

All of these are various entrances for subbody ( Subconscious body) mode!

I have reminded that Hijikata wrote in his notebook;

"It is better to sleep than arbitrary destruction,
You should be in a state of being swaying between asleep and awake.
In other words, the wandering in foggy conscious state is important. "

(Unpublished draft)

That's right.
This is the body of subconscious mode, the Subbody itself.
Toward becoming that state, he tried to change various methods and approached to that subconscious body mode little by little.
Until this moment I have beleived that I've been digging foward the Subbody method by alone separately from Hijikata.
And finally I understood that Hijikata was also digging the exactly same tunnel.

"What can be caught as a shadow of mind" was exactly the Subbody itself.
If the mind represents a clear daytime consciousness, the shadow of mind means foggy, degenerative consciousness state, subconscious itself.
There time flows with a unique subbody speed, and infinite transformation is occurring.
It is the most familiar scene in the darkness of the body.
From the slow motion, to the waltz of the insect, very slow movement is the fundamental speed of the subconscious body.
It is sometimes changed variously, by the rhythm of insects and birds and bars.
By the reduction by X and regeneration which is jumping from the distant forest and nest of eyes.
The constant transformation continues.
The ancestral emotions, fear of the birds, scars of bugs.
The images of archetype which Jung discovered as collective unconscious contents.
Qualia flow that is further deeply rooted.
In a journey of the darkness of the body, I felt empathy that he was digging up the unexplored tunnels by alone.
Only the dying experiences surrounding Jung's "confrontation with unconsciousness", and Mindell's "Shamans Body" was reliance on the journey of the dark for me, before. I have felt so solitude.
However, Hijikata has traveled ahead of us, to what extent, and he has left footprints.

I didn't know why there was no choice for me but to struggle with "Quiet House"?
Why I was so obsessed and working on it desperately till now, the mystery finally solved.
"Quiet House" was the home of the subbody method.
He was meeting with friends of the same town across the spacetime.
Until now, being distracted by rhetoric unique to Hijikata,
Everything in the Quiet House is a journey of the darkness of the body so far.
I did not notice that it was familiar scenery.
What, what was that?
Hijikata was a pioneer of Subbody method from 50 years ago.

However, there is one big difference.
Hijikata's era, Hijikata alone got off this secret tunnel,
Creating various dances by touching the creativity of Life.
And Hijikata gave the choreography to the disciple including Yoko Ashikawa.
His disciples was not allowed to touch on the creativity of Life.
It was an era when the choreographer and the dancer classified in a stark manner.
Probably in Hijikata he became an alternative consciousness by himself, and only he could touch on the infinite creativity of Life and did creation that springs countlessly. He could not share the subbody method with others. It was hidden as a secret of himseparated he and disciples.
"The conditioning of Subbody method" that is able to share to enter the subbody mode and open infinite creativity of Life, this is the novel finding of Subbody method.

Subbody method is open to all.
Everyone digging up the dunning tunnel of the body through which Hijikata passed.
Now, you can touch the infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life as same as Hijikata.

Read more "The Butoh"

Subbody Winter Course 
 Smoke Bug's Rhizome in the Garden / Lee and cobody
 Unspoken Tale / Margarita and Naresh
Sinking into darkness of the body
 1 January, 2018

A Happy Four Billionth New Year!

Today is the four billionth new year for Life. Actually, last year was the same, too; I was born near Ocian, miss Ocean a lot, living 20 years on the Himalayan Plateaux. Our Life is always living with the Proto Ocean. There are 100 triilion cells in our body, and each cell keeps fluid as same as the Proto Ocean like ameba or bacteria. Especially, important works for Life as the birth or brain needs to do in the amniotic fluid or brain fluid as same as the Proto Life.
Through the water, 100 trillion cells are resonating in their own secret way.
Please forget that we are human being driven by huge Information everyday, and listen to the quiet work of Life in the Proto Ocean in your body on the first day of new year?
Listen to the water in your body for a while, we could remind that we are Life.

A Happy New Year!

Rizome Lee

Subbody Winter Course 

Conditioning with Monkies!

Himalayan Winter on Sunny days are full of Sunshine.
Warm up in the sunny garden infront f 5000m Himalayas with monkies. They are good teachers.
It is the heaven of Life!

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The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
 "Quiet House" Last Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata 1974

 Over this winter, supplementing and correcting "The Butoh" written ten years ago.
This chapter is added after ten years 2017 to solve a question about Beauty. This will be a part of another book “The Beauty”
, too.
I am trying to publish electronically.
Would be pleased if you read this opportunity.

1-2 Beauty is in the Life Resonance


Why the surprise to Hijikata Butoh that I saw only once in my school days lasted for 25 years lomg and able to cause my life to change into a Butoh dancer at the turning point of my 40's?

Probably because the impression of the distorted Butoh's limb at the last moment of the performance was imprinted as the deep Life Resonance.
I felt that I wish to dance like that Butoh that will move some of audience after 25 years. 

It will require a little commentary on the era of that time.

Japan in the 1960s and 1970s where Hijikata Tatsumi was dancing in the Butoh, after the end of the postwar reconstruction of the Second World War, was entering a high economic growth period.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry in Japan abandoned all the waste to the river, and the sea on the coast of Japan was contaminated with garbage, heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium that caused mutations in human cells, causing a number of pollution diseases.

Among them, the sea of ​​Minamata in Kumamoto prefecture was affected by mercury sulfide dripped from the fertilizer company Nippon Nitrogen, the spine of the fish curls and can not be sold on the market, the local fisherman ate it without knowing were contaminated with mercury pollution. And, many people were victims of serious Minamata disease (Fig. 1).

Fig.1 Minamata Desease

Local residents and Minamata disease patients suffered a lawsuit and national scale pollution opposition campaign raised and got excited. However, Nippfon Nitrogen and Kumamoto Prefecture did not admit themselves for a long time, and many patients died in the midst of suffering.

I was a student at the time, while sympathizing with the anti-pollution movement, I was engaged in an anti-war movement to stop the intensified Vietnam War at that time, so I could not fight with them enough, in my mind, (Sorry! Once this political struggle is settled, I will get there soon!). 

While being frustrated by guilt like keeping apologizing on them, politics conditions went deepening from antiwar to revolutionary movement, I was caught in a whirlpool of it.

Since the end of the 1960s Tatsumi Hijikata, who continued to collect the weakened bodies, incorporated it into his own dance with the deepest resonance in distorted limbs of Minamata disease patients.

While the modern dance people were enjoying the creation of a beautiful dance, Tsutsumi Hijikata alone has resonated deeply in the shape of its deformed and disabled human life and had created a novel Beauty that has never been in human history.

Hijikata called it <Flower of Kan (Flower of Disability)>.


The revolutionary movement were failed and dropped out of University, I came across the Butoh dance of Hijikata in the University campus to see Butoh performances of Hijikata company and I was breathless.

(Wow! Was there a way to resonate with the people of Minamata disease in this way?!)

As soon as I was almost involved in it and want to rush to Hijikata's group, unfortunately at that time, my wife was already pregnant, and told me to work for the baby until he became an adult.  I had no choice but to work to carry the fed for my new family.

But the impression of life resonance was stamped in my deep part, and then I decided to become a Butoh in me in my forties in 25 years.

What exactly did happen?

One answer was found for me who kept asking to my Life.


Beauty is in the Life Resonance


What is the Beauty for dancing?

Not only dance, I kept asking to Life what is the Beauty for Art?

The deepest Qualia in the long history of humanity, quietly trembling in the impressions of Life Resonance of human beings has crystallized to the Beauty of art in all fields, I could see through.

The statue of Great Mother, the oldest sculpture of human beings, was impressed by the mysterious creativity of Life in people of prehistoric times, and crystallized that wonder as a statue of Great Mother (Fig. 2).

Fig.2 Oldest Figure of Great Mother

The Qualia of the darkness of the body of the prehistoric people that tremble in deep Life Resonance is merely chaotic Qualia that resonates in a non-dual and multidimensional realm as such, but eventually humans could find that it is able to target their Qualia in various channels, They learned what crystallize to Beauty and share with together.

Life Resonance Qualia that targeted for vidual channels was crystallized in ancient cave paintings and line drawing engraved on rocks (Fig. 3, 4).
Our Life resonate deeply with them inevitably, even after thousands of years!

Fig.3 Cave Painting in Altamira, France

Fig.4 Line Drawing on the Rock of Tassili N'Ajjer, Nigeria

Things that were targeted for sound image channels were shared as songs and music, those that were targeted for language channels were shared as poetry, celebration phrases and oral myths, and all that appeared as body movements channels crystallized on dancing.

This continues to the present age.

The Beauty of all genres Art is crystallization of Life Resonance Qualia which Life is moved deeply.

Tatsumi Hijikata also, like the ancient people, discovered an unprecedented Beauty that Life trembles deeply in the warped figure that Minamata disease and other inhuman beings are deformed by unknown things and suffering struggle with it.

Hijikata was able to resonate with people with disabilities because he was also exploring the way to resonate and dance with a dead sister who suffers in the darkness of his body, at the risk of Life. In that inner struggle his Life was deformed numerously and diversified, entangled, and become unable to move.

It is neither an exaggeration nor a metaphor that he wrote "I am infinitely jealous of the disabled body." An extremely strong Life Resonance occurred, so that he became one with the distorted body.

He tried to create the Weakened body Butoh with the discovery that it will be possible to dance in resonance with a dead sister only by transforming himself into a "Shisha (Dead)" by taking off the numerous dance techniques learned while young and the experiments of Aunkoku Butoh during 1950-60's. It was inevitable Life Resonance for Hijikata.

We encounter unprecedented "Beauty" of Life Resonance, and a miracle to crystallize in some form occurs only when we explore inevitable lives for ourselves.

If you and me still want to discover and crystallize novel Beauty other than weakened body of Hijikata and not able to do yet, it is no doubt that the degree of <Desperate> is still insufficient.

Follow the inevitability of your Life and dig in the darkness of the body infinitely and desperately.

This is a manifesto and a whip to my own Life that I do not know how many years I can continue to dance.

The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata

1-1 What is Butoh?

When I first saw Tatsumi Hijikata performed Butoh, my young soul was broken. I could just stand with shivering.

It was 1972. Hijikata's Butoh compant "HangiDaitohKan" performed at the Seibu Theatre of Kyoto University in Japan. I was twenty-three years old.

Throughout the performance, several dancers were hiding under old tatami mats on the stage. When they finally emerged, moving as if dying, like the collapsed bodies of people poisoned by mercury, someone started crying in the depths of my heart.

Twenty-five years later, I decided to become a Butoh dancer.

Hijikata was already dead, but the impact of his performance, which I saw in 1972, lingered for twenty-five years in my body and mind.

Sinking into the darkness of the body, I began the investigation in Butoh, why I needed to start Butoh dancing.

2000, I moved from Japan to the Himalayas in order to find a small space in which to practice Butoh. Modern society was too busy and too full of information; It was so hard to listen to the silence of my body in Japan.

I discovered that, when my consciousness becomes quiet enough and calms down to the same level as my subconscious, I can feel the whole flow of Qualia(*1) streaming in my body very delicately and precisely.

By searching within this Qualia flow in the darkness of the body, I finally found the Subbody Butoh method that Hijikata must have found and become forty years earlier, although he could not teach it to his students.

Subbody that I named means the subconscious body. In the realm of subconsciousness, the subconscious and body are not separated as the daily thinking world, but it becomes oneness in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm of Qualia as Life Resonance.

For the beginning of the decade in Himalayas, I have been creating a method of searching for the seeds of Butoh by sinking into the darkness of the body. The Subbody Resonance Butoh Method is for everyone to learn how to develop their own Butoh dance.

What is butoh?

I have found three essential components of Hijikata's Butoh:

1.  To abandon all conditions of human, and to transform into a Shisha (Dead) as the "Suijakutai (Weakened body or Collapsed body)" which resonates with spirits of the dead, insane, handicapped, and collapsed.

2.  To enter other dimensions than the human world, and to become various beings of another world.

3.  To look at the living world as a dead from another world.

1. The first step is to transform from a normal human body into the "Suijakutai" (Weakened body).

When we open ourselves enough and our capacity to resonate with the dead, insane, and people who are mentally or physically handicapped, we can transform into a creature of other dimensions, in which Butoh spirits are living, dancing, and dying.

Hijikata pursued the "Suijakutai" as an essence of the Butoh body.

He always said that Butoh is an attempt to expand the concept of a human.

Hijikata tried to expand the narrow concept of a human in modern western society, which excludes the dead, insane, and handicapped.

The essential work of Hijikata's Butoh is to find a new beauty that is not currently recognized by society.   

Throw out all conditions of human

2. The second essence of Butoh is to become beings of another dimension.

To open another dimension and become an inhabitant of this world.

By overcoming many challenges in daily practice, we learn how to survive in these unknown dimensions.

Hijijata often said to his sutdents,.

 “Never forget to abandon all conditions of human.”

This is the most important part of changing from a normal being to a Butoh being. If you hang onto the concept of a human, you will never transform into another being.

By throwing off the narrow concept of a modern human, we can enter into another world, in which multi-dimensional qualia streams are flowing and changing. Pre-modern people lived here. In this world, there is equality between humans and animals, and the living and dead communicate with each other as friends.

Hijikata invented a way to expand the concept of a human by opening one's abilities to enter into other dimensions and come back to this modern world freely.

3. The third essence is to look at the living world from another world, as one of the dead.

When we become an inhabitant of the dead world and look to the world of the living, we can see that this living world is full of resonance between qualia; light, sound, wind, and so on.

How brilliant they are! How special the living world is!

Through this experience, we can see the daily world in a new light.

It opens another art of human living. (I will write about this more precisely later.)

These three transformations are the essentials of Hijikata's Butoh.

The other characteristics are not important. The white painted face, the "ganimata" (O-shaped legs), the slow motion, etc. are just surface appearances of Butoh.

Butoh was a big invention in human history, because it expanded the concept of the human by opening the ability for resonance with other dimensions; it opened a new art of human living.

It must be very clear that this did not come from the surface appearances of Butoh.

Michel Foucault predicted that,
"When a new art of thinking and living is invented, the concept of the human will vanish like letters written in the sand, washed away by the Ocean waves."

Yes, Butoh is the Ocean waves, which will wash away the old, narrow concept of a human.

*1 Qualia : Qualia is everything that Life resonates including of feeling, sense, imagination, dream, illusion and so on. Life means not only human, but also all creatures including one celld creature. Our human body is made of 100 trirrion of cells. Each cell resonates with various Qualia. For example Qualia of Gravity, temparature, light, sound, etc. and not only physical Qualia like that, but also inner Qualia that were resraved in the cell as the Life memory, imagination, dream, illusion and so on. See my another book "Qualia as Life Resnance" 2016, Kindel Publishing.

Read more "The Butoh"

Subbody Journal
 Thank you for
9 million views
of Subbody Videos!
 Views 9,001,730_____ Subscribers 9,813
Winter Course 
Smoke Bug's Rhizome / Lee and cobody 
16 December, 2017 

Resonant Rhizome of Smoke Bug

This winter, we postpone the annual India tour to 2019,
Instead of it, we continue the work in Himalaya during the winter at the newly established Resonance Studio.
I planed to write "Transparency", "The Butoh" and other books of pending issues for lonf years.
I want to continue the listening to Life "What Life really wants to do".
In December, Silas, guides the Winter Subbody Course as a midwife, and Pamela will do it in January and February.
I began to join in it as a comfortable one participant.
Suddenly my dancing spirit awakens and the brain-mind-body returns to the dancer.
I had a feeling of extremely liberating freedom of creativity rising from one to the next after a long absence. I noticed that I usually gave such a happiness to the students.

Anyway, unexpected emergence may occur besides the plan of writing for this winter.
"Rhizome of Smoke Bug" are a sentense at the biggining of "Sick Dancing Princess" by Tatsumi Hijikata.
The several lines were added by him when it was publisshed as a book.
Well, here was condensed the essence of "Sick Dancing Princess".
"That will be an insect on the way of Life reincarnation", an old man of his local land talked about, is the crystarized essence of the world view of Animism that was the background of this book.
It was the same as "Shisha" written in the butoh scores of Hijikata's last solo "Quiet House".
"The Shisha (dead) transform quietly yet infinitely."
Hijikata has noticed that the infinite resonativity and transformablity of Qualia which was the greatest discovery in the history of mankind discovered in the Animism Age.
"Smoke bug"and "Shisha" are similar symbol of Animistic veiw of the world.

Infinite transforming Qualia in Animism =Shisha (Dead)=Smoke Bug

I will follow the essence of the butoh revolution that Hijikata was grapsing.
"Rhizome of Smoke Bug" is to dance the infinite transformation as a Cobody of <Resonant Rhizome>, not only solo Butoh performance.
First of all, on the first day there were few audience, but we received full acclaim.
In this winter, we try to vary this "Smoke Bug's Rhizome", with changing various arrangement.
Let's invent devising psychosomatic techniques that will be necessary from next year.
Sinking into darkness of the body
 Gille Deleuze and Felix Guattari
 Tatsumi Hijikata
November 22, 2017

<Becoming> and <Reduction by X and regeneration>

<Becoming> in Hijikata Butoh

<Becoming> is a fundamental of Butoh.
<Reducrion by X and regeneration> is the most universal method for <Becoming>. Tatsumi Hijikata wrote it a lot in his last solo Butoh score "Quiet House".

Becoming a girl.
Becoming a stuffed spring.
Becoming a behind world.
Becoming a Shisha(Dead) that is able to transform to everything infinitely.
Becoming a mad man=child=beast.
Becoming a vaporized body.
Becoming a chimera.

...and so on.

Each sentense of the score is the variation of becoming.
And he use the technique of <Reduction by X> in each becoming.
Reduction by X means to reduce an element from normal human body.
X can be anything, then it is the universal transformation method to become everything in the Universe.

For example...

Becoming a girl means to reduce sexuality and age from his human body.
Becoming a stuffed spring means to reduce Life from every living being.
Becoming a behind world means to reduce all visible physicality from the daily being.
Becoming a Shisha means to reduce Life from a living being.
Becoming mad man=child=east means to reduce sanity, age, humanity from your body.
Becoming a vaporized body means to reduce all physicality from human pysical body.
Becoming a chimera means to reduce your identity and totality of your body, and each part of body transform to various beings.

I can continue this till the last sentense, but the other parts, you can do it by yourself.

<Becoming> in "Thousand Plateaus"

Gille Deleuze and Felix Guattari wrote the book together.
Also in this book, there are full of Becoming.
Main thing is
Becoming Rhizome which is able to connect freely and separate flexiblly at any part of it.
Rhizome is also multiple transformation state of us.
We are bound by so many restrictions as modern human being. To release from all of them and become a completely free being is the Rhizome.
Rhizome is a sprouting form of future of human being.

Let's see the many becoming in the book.
For becoming Rhizome, it need so many examples.
Because Rhizome is a manifold, and manifold has so many entrances.

Becoming a Rhizome.
Becoming a wolf.
Becoming a herd.
Becoming an anomaly.
Becoming an animal.
Becoming a child.
Becoming a woman.
Becoming a manifold.
Becoming a molecule.
Becoming something that is not able to recognize.

You can see the surprising similality with Hijikata Butoh. And also we can understand that they use the same method as <Reduction by X> to become those being.

Becoming Rhizome
means to reduce Tree(=dulistic thinking and hierarchical order of human society) from daily human being which is bound by those restrictions.
Becoming a wolf means to reduce your humanic personality from you and remind your wildness. A wolf is a herd itself, they can be alone and a herd flexiblly.
Becoming a herd means to reduce the illusion of modern individulity from your being, and remind that we are a cobody as Life.

All of them are to
becoming the minority, not becoming majority.
It is a common charasteristic of both of Hijikata and Deleuze=Guattri.
We do not become a man, not becoming a General.
Because it is to back to the Tree based on the hierarchical order.
We do not become a teacher, not become a fixed leader.
Because it is support the Tree system that is out of date.

Becoming manifold is the same as <Becoming Chimera> in Hijikata.
Becoming something that is not able to recognize is also the same as <Becoming Behind world> and <Becoming Shisha> in Hijikata.

They had never contact, but the universal Life Resonance around 1968, brought them to the same horizont.
This was the miracle of Life Resonance.

A similar Life Resonance must occur again in the near future.
Because everyone living in modern times is influenced by the rapid inflation of highper information technology, and Life is eroded on the first scale in human history.

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Recomended Books
for studying subbody method
Gilles Deleuze/ Felix Guattari

Thousand Plateaus
(Mille Plateaux in original French)

In 1968, French philosopher Gille Deleuze and German psychiatrist Felix Guattali, presented a new concept of
<Rhizome> that is able to separate flexiblly and connect freely and become multidimensional transformable being, instead of <Tree> that is bound by hierarchical order of recognition and behaviors that supported long human history so far.

Deleuze-Guattari's "Thousand Plateau" is one of the most important Butoh texts.
The complete form of the book was published in 1980.
However, Chapter 1 "Rhizome" was written and published around 1968 and was immediately translated into Japanese and other language. I read it in the 1970's. Why does a book that was written far from Japan becomes Butoh textbook? I will tell the secret behind the Butoh and "Thousand Plateaus".

Life Resonance in 1968

The year that they wrote this book, 1968 is the year of the world revolution with student power in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan, and around the world, tens of millions of young students have stood up to change the old hierarchical society.
It was a miracle of Life Resonance that happened across the Earth's borders. Also a miraculous synchronicity occurred between Tatsumi Hijikata and Deleuze=Guattari, based on that global universal Life Resonance. They wrote or performed the same thing at the same time.
Deleuze=Guatari found a completely new behaviour pattern in the student's movement against hierarchical
<Tree> system, and crystalized as <Rhizome> as a sprouting form of Human being of the future.
Only a few generations at that time experienced this miraculous Life Resonance. And it was forgotten.

<Becoming> in "Thausand Plateaus" and Hijikata Butoh

When I emigrated from Japan to Himalaya in 2000, I disposed of a million books and bundled only five books in Himalayas. One of them was this book. I have read carefully over the past 20 years for "Thousand Plateau".
It is recommended for young readers mainly to read chapters 1, 2, and 10.
Deleuze=Guattari wrote this book together, but the other chapters r than the above 3 chapters are probably written by one of them, and the other one checked it.
But, these three chapters were written with them by being ONE LIFE through very deep exchanges.
Density is overwhelmingly deeper than other chapters, and full of pleasure and brightness that Life finds novel movement patterns.
The keyword of the book is <Becoming>. It is exactly the same as <Becoming> which is the root of Butoh.

Become Rhizome!
Become a Secret

Chapter 1
<Rhizome> is the essence of this book which predicted the transfiguration of humans in the near future.
Chapter 2
< Becoming Wolf> has deepened it specifically.
Chapter 10
<Become Intensity, become animal, become a thing which can not be perceived>, develops it all the way further.

There are written various pathways to become a rhizome, becoming manifold, becoming a woman, becoming a child, becoming an animal, becoming a molecular state, becoming a thing that can not be perceived.
What we can not perceive is called as <chimera> in Greek.
Hijikata became Shisha that is able to transform infinitely and nonsharansly in his last solo performance "Quiet House".
<Becoming> in these chapters is the same as <Becoming> in Butoh which Hijikata performed at the same time.
If you compare the "Quiet House" of Tatsumi Hijikata with the "Thousand Plateaus" of Dleuze=Guattari, you will be able to see miraculous world simultaneous Life Resonance beyond the boundary there.

In Himalaya, I have been exploring Subbody Resonance Butoh and its practical development <Resonant Rhizome>.
Now I can say that someday in the near future we will await a miracle moment that Life Resonance occurs worldwide at the same time in the global scale, through the radically free co-creation of Life called <Resonant Rhizome>.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
Subbody Journal
Becoming Wolf / Adam and cobody 
November 11, 2017

Become Wolf!
Become Bee's swarm, Mole's tonnel!
Become Rhizome,
and a Secret!

Adam mailed me.

"I've been reading Deleuze's A Thousand Plataeus, and in his 2nd plataeu (one or several wolves) describing his "becoming-wolf" he describes something that immediately made me think of a free-resonance sort of creative cobody"

"I am on the edge of the crowd, at the periphery; but I belong to it. I am attached to it by one of my extremities, a hand or a foot. I know that the periphery is the only place I can be, that I would die if I let myself be drawn into the center of the fray, but just as certainly if I let go of the crowd. This is not an easy position to stay in. It is even very difficult to hold, for these beings are in constant motion and their movements are unpredictable and follow no rhythm. They swirl, go north, then suddenly east; none of the individuals in the crowd remains in teh same place in relation to the others. So I too am in perpertual motion; all this demands a high level of tension, but it gives me a feeling of violent, almost vertiginous happiness. (page 29)"

I replyed.

"What's a coincidence!
That part is what I just am going to recommend you.
There is the deepest secret and mystery of subbody and cobody.
I have continued to research it for 20 years.
Please try to guide to that cobody to the various participants.
So many rich hints, you must get.
'Mille Plateaux' is one of the most interesting Butoh text. I believe so."

At the last Friday theater, Adam and cobody danced the "Becoming Wolf", and it became a dynamic <Resonant Rhizome> that everybody expanded the space and passed through with dancing.

"Wow! The is the real <Resonant Rhizome>!
Finally you got it!"

My dream is coming true that the world starts dancing and changing to Rhizome!.

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