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Sinking into darkness of the body
29 March, 2017

Co-creation of Another World

The core of what we have discovered through investigation in Hijikata Butoh in the past twenty years has come to light.

The first is that Life resonates with the invisible "Behind world", which is different from the everyday world.
In the background behind it, the Prototype body movement and emotion, which is imprinted deep in the darkness of the body, or the Archetype images are resonating with the Qualia of individual Proto experiences in the non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance world.
It is a different dimension world that is moving by a logic different from this everyday world which is a fundamentally consensual reality.
Hijikata called it a "
Sunken Logic", also called "Abyss".
Nietzsche called it, "
I use the word "
Non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance world" for explanation.
Whatever its name, it is the source of the creativity of Life.
What Hijikata tried to open, is the inifinite source of creativity of Life that everyone has a secret in the darkness of the body.
Probably it did not even intend or predict even Hijikata himself.
The unexplored Butoh world of "
Sick Dancing Princess" was about to open a box of Pandora, an unknown treasure trove of such tremendous creativity.

And, in the 20th year, at last, we could find how to open it safely.
Let me introduce some of them.

Conditioning No. 8 <Subtle> Share of subtle Qualia of Life Resonance

When we stop our daily consciousness, we can feel that Life always resonates with subtle Qualia of "Behind world",
These are also resonant Qualia with invisible another world.
The Weakened body Butoh of Hiijikata was what danced these Resonance Qualia with other worlds.
Today we spent a day and shared the subtle Life Resonance Qualia of each channel.

They appear only when stopping the "Gross body" that is normal healthy and gross movements of everyday life.

Body sensation channel <Rotten body> Qualia

Movement channel <Rotten action> Qualia

Visual channel <Rotten eye> Qualia

Audio channel <Rotten voice> Qualia

Emotional channel <Rotten emotion>

Human relations channel <Rotten relationship> Qualia
Saying "I love you." in a strange way, and involves people in a double bound manner.

In the morning we shared the subtle Qualia of each channel and carried out a free resonance theater for 20 minutes. It has become an interesting development that has never existed before.

World channel <Rotten world, rotten self> Qualia

From the afternoon through self-hypnosis, we shared each person's world change Qualia with the new method of
<Dreaming Share>. Already several times we did it in this month.

Each own world Qualia that co-created and shared is as follows.

Enpty body, full body
Stepped by the world
The earth
Orchestra of Life
Tickle monster
Moving chair
The third eye
Resonant language
To drop the moon

We co-create these fragments of world images little by little every week, and continue to accumulate while sharing.
After accumulating experiments of this <Dreaming Share>, I feel a response that has become a way to go through the depths of the darkness of the body that we did not know little by little.
It is the first experience, so we do not know yet what will happen in the future.
However, there is no doubt that it will come to experience the co-creation of unprecedented complex and versatile world.
The real pleasure of the experiment lies in where we do not know what will happen.
However, at the same time, unexpected changes that are surely aimed are taking place in the darkness of our own body. It is exciting.

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Subbody Journal
 HOR / Dara
 Butter Knife / Andrew
Himalaya Resonance Diary


BUTOH in Wheelchair 2017

17 July - 21 July

Leányfalu, Cityhall, Theatre room

Szekeres Tamas
Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017


 Schedule of Summer tour 2017

1. Netherlands (Rotterdam): Jun 19-July 7
2. 2nd Subbody Gathering (Sapin): July 5- 16
3. Hungary (Budapest, and more): July 17 - 26
4. Poland (Michalowice): July 28- Aug 8
5. Switzerland (Geneva) : August 10 - 13
6. Russia (Vlagivostock) : August 20-25

Let's enjoy it!

Subbody Journal
 Garden Rhizome / Naireet, Alex, Vishal, Pilar and Cobody
 Ma Dara
28 March, 2017

Moving line as if the "Kamaitachi"

Dara often surprises me.
It's on her unique moving line.
When we went to the riverside near here, she began dancing from the steep cliffs of Himalayas,
It surprised me at dancing while sliding down there.

Even at the Polish workshop I met her for the first time, it was a succession of surprise.
She found the habitat of water moss in the deep forest and danced there.
It was a deep wetland where my feet sunk.
Another day, climbing a tree in the dark, on the final day, sh started rolling on the road in the rain, and climbing the wall of a huge old building.
Invaded from the window, danced at hall and disappeared from another window.
It was a unexpected moving line like a "Kamaitachi".
(Kamaitachi is, also became the title of photo book of Hijikata Tatsumi, an imaginary creature beleived that lives in the blizzard of the Tohoku region, and sometimes attack people cutting the skin sharply.
It was a moving line that I had never anticipated, so I was amazed at.

All collaborators!
Please surprise me, not only follow my suggestions or instrutions, but sometimes break it dynamically, and find novel invention.
I'm always waiting you surprise me unexpectiedly.
When only one beauty in the world would be born, it is your own flower.

Read more "Practice Guide"

Sinking into darkness of the body
28 March, 2017

"Bugs Walk" and "Sick Dancing Princess"

20 years I've been walking "Bugs Walk" with people in the workshop at various countries and Subbody Butoh Himalaya.
In the twentieth year, suddenly I noteced that the "Bug" is a symbol of Qualia Life resonate with another demension.
Life communicates with other worlds such as the behind world or Dead world.
I noticed that Bug is a symbol or metaphor of Life Resonance Qualia with other world, like a wisper of ancestor, hint from old wise, seduce from Anima/ Animus and so on.
Hijikata wrote the varieties of Life Resonance in his "Sick dancing Princess".
He described in the precision close to becoming almost fool in that book about that Life is threatened, eroded, attacked from various invisible behind world.
As reading two decades, It came to understand that Hijikata has symbolized those Life Resonance Qualia of "Sick Dancing Princess" as one word of "Bug".

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Subbody Journal
 Waiting Butterfly / Edward
Sinking into darkness of the body
27 March, 2017

Custom to build self conditioning

First thing to do in every morning is to calm down.
Calm down your body and mind.
See transpaently what Qualia are you resonate with or bound with?
Calm down your emotion, feeling, thinking, and judgment.
Listen to your body and mind, and try to communicate
with every part of your body.
If you find at some part, pain, stiffness, blockage and so on, send your breath to that part, hold it for a while, and drop down with recovering flexibility.

It is called "Sotai Breathing", the meaning is cleaning up the body and mind.

Continue it till all issues are solved by your own conditioning.

To build this custom in every morning, and bring your body and mind here with best condition.

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Subbody Journal
 I love my Doll / Anna Lena
Sinking into darkness of the body
 Delusions of Hierarchy (=Tree)
26 March, 2017

All hierarchical order is a delusion which human made

I always continue questioning to Life "What do you really want to do?"
Every single day, I can see what is interrupting it in myself.
It is usually the bind by my
Tree (=Hierarchical order) thinking.
I wipe it away one by one.
The degree of my own being deepened day by day.
That is also the deepening of the degree to be

When writing about
<Resonance Yoga>, I noticed that the both of classical yoga and contemporary commercial yoga, are trapped by the Tree-system delusion of "Chakra".
No, I knew that for a long time ago.
Also in classical Tao, such as Upper Tanden, Middle Tanden, Lower Tanden and Bottom Tanden, and so on.
There is a delusion -of Tree-like hierarchical order.
I noticed that we canbot open the door to the future if we did not release from that delusion.

All hierarchical order is a delusion which human made.

We need to emphasize this much infinitely.
There is no hierarchical order in nature or the universe.
It is just Rhizome of non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance without Tree order.
The reason why it is believed as if it existed by some people,
it is only because we projected human "hierarchical order paranoid" in nature and the universe and produced images of nature and space along the projection.
We are possessed by the unconscious tendency that we become clear up if we understand that there is clear hierarchical order in it.
Daily consciousness is unable to accept the existence of things unclear or unobservable by consciousness.
So, human put the God, Buddha or a Great Universe Spirit, etc. on the top of the order.
We are bound by the unconscious inclination of wanting to understand clearly even it would be delusion.
This is the darkness that has dominated all religions.
Let's take off those delusion transparently.

Suddenly, today I noticed that the passage to the future was blocked by this hierarchical delusion.

Some of the old Subbody students are getting into religion.
all religions are bound by the delusion of hierarchy, except of Animism.
People are losing the transparency that not bound by anything.
It might be graduate students of an era when I was unable to tell them something clearly about Transparency.
I'm sorry. Only today I could tell this.
This is a letter of an apology that the message to you was delayed.

Read more "Darkness of body"

Sinking into darkness of the body
26 March, 2017

Resonance Yoga

Listen to your body.
Do you find stiffness or pain at some part?
Can you feel all part of body?
If you find stiffness, pain, or you cannot feel some part, send breath to that part.
And try to find how to solve the issue, invent a movement.
If you got it, share your best movement or pose, to solve the issue. it is your own conditioning for today.
To share each one's best conditioning, is <Resonance Yoga>.
Any poses, any movement is OK.
Not following the traditional yoga or any other body technique, but listen to your body sensitively and invent your own conditioning, and share your best.
This is Resonance Yoga.

Double Operation

When you share the other's conditioning,
You follow it 50%, and add another Qualia at a part of your body with listening in your darkness of body.
Your body resonates with double Qualia at the same time.
This is also good training to be Transparent that is opens outside 50%, and inside 50%.
Then you will be never boring with sharing the Resonance Yoga.

Become oneness with other's body

When you share your friend's conditioning, enter into your friend's body, and taste what Qualia your friend resonates with, which issue does your friend trys to solve.
Research it from the insidee of your friend's body. This is the training to be co-midwife each other.

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Himalaya Resonance Diary


Doushin Butoh Experience
- One Day Butoh Workshop with Gadu

Saturday, April 8th, 2017
10:00am - 1:00pm
Heart of Tao Resonance Art
2322 Garfield St. NE,
Minneapolis 55418
Fee: $25
Subbody Journal
 Black Ondina / Edward and Pilar
Sinking into darkness of the body
""A Girl" Tatsumi Hijikata 1973 
25 March, 2017

Subtle Control technique

We started learning "Quiet House" of Tatsumi Hijikata.
In the first chapter, he wrote his secret techinque how to control the subtle sway and vibration of body.

"A fine spider’s thread that runs on the forehead
Cat Waist
Behind World"
-"Quiet House"

His weakened body looks like that various parts of body are randomly swaying or vibrating. But, for him, it was transparently controlled with this secret techiniue.
He invent a technique to devide body into three levels:

dance, Part movement, Whole body image, and each of them resonates with the invisible Behind world.
We name and share it
<Subtle Control technique> (formerly we called it DPWB technique).
This technique is a shared property of mankind that Hijikata has tried to approach the truth of Life which resonates in non-dual and multi-dimensional realm. I hope that it will be widely shared.

March 25 self-note

In the first paper I finished this article as follows.
"Probably this technique was written only in the Butoh Score for his last solo, nor was it taught to disciples other than Ashikawa yoko.
This secret technique was never discovered by old dancers, and a long time passed.
Now we can share this technique and deepen it. "

But it seems my dogma.
O Facebook, the Senior Brother Koichi Tamano kindly adviced me.
Koichi Tamano
"Butoh dancer: Mr. Seisaku seems to be doing quite close to this, but what about?"
For 20 years after I left Japan, I did not know about Botoh Dancer Seisaku. On Youtube, I saw his video, and corrected it as above and reply to brother Tamano.
"Dear Mr. Tamano Thank you for your valuable advice, I will study, I have never seen Mr. Seisaku properly, as I saw on video this time, I thought it was exactly what you said. I have written away rude things. I corrected it carefully as above. Please continue to guide me in the future. Lee"
Koichi Tamano
"Mr. Seisaku is the disciple of later yearsof Hijikata, he is in the middle of energetic working as a young man, so I think it would be great if you communicate with."
Brother Tamano, thank you again!

In the next column, introduce the video of Butoh dancer Seisaku.
It is a valuable dance that inherits the subtle control technique of Hijikata Weakened body, debilitating and deepening. Readers, co-researchers! I would like to study a lot together!

Read more "Sink int othe Darkness of body"

Dance Medium Butoh Performance vol.1
The Invisible Forest -part1
 "Eclipse 3" Yuri Nagaoka Seisaku Butoh duo
Sinking into darkness of the body
25 March, 2017

24 Hours Midwife

This year, I'm best condition to be midwife, though I don't know why.
I can continue to listen to others darkness of body so well compared to other years.
I could enjoy to remind the all of co-researcher's subbody=cobody, and keep the Dreaming mode for 24 hours questing for "what is next?", then so remarkable ideas of new experiment come out everyday.
I hope to share this condition with all co-researchers. Because, this year we start to the revolution of the Tree system of "teacher-student", hope to grow up to Rhizome which every co-researcher becomes midwife for the birth of each subbody=cobody.

Read more "Practice Guide"

<Prototype Dreaming Share> 
24 March, 2017

<Prototype Dreaming Share>

We meditated the experiences of the ancestors of mankind that migrated from Africa 200 thousand years ago, and spread to the world We shared each proto Qualia with movement.
This trip was very difficult, it would have been full of danger and disaster. These hardship Qualia are engraved in the darkness of the body as Archetype and Prototype.
The Prototype is bodily sensation that is imprinted in a deeper area than the Archetype.
The Archetype has images like ghosts, monsters, hell, and gods.
However, the Prototype is stamped as a primitive bodily sensation without images such as fear, shivering, blockage and so on.
Today we did <Prototype Dreaming Share> at the nearby river and co-created each world with movement.
The shared Qualia are as follows.

- Getting lost in the desert
- Entering inside
- Monkey Battle
- Finding the Island of Hawaii
- Octopus to find music
- Body melts down
- Ten fetuses on the rock as womb
- Small animals climbimg Himalayas
- Snake's tongues touch me
- Becoming a rock listening to the sound of the river

We will continue to share and accumulate these Proto and Original images in different ways. These experiences will be integrated as co-creative pieces at the end of the semester and end of the year.
I'm looking forward to what kind of Personal Myths and non-dual and multi-dimensional Abyss of Life will be danced.

Read more "Practice Guide"

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bengaluru -
- Goa - Auroville - Sri Lanka - Delhi - Dharamsala

 India Resonant Buto Tour #3 2017
Sinking into darkness of the body
Follow, Promote and Initiate  
21 March, 2017

Follow, Promote and Initiate

In the free resonance theater, there are three important role.
To initiate original movement is easy for the creator.
Most important is to follow and to promote.
Through following the others, you can promote a world change.
Second and third follower can be promotor of a specific resonance pattern; for example, wall, line, circle, swarm, forest, stone garden, monster, box, rolling stone, and so on.

At first, we start to learn to be follower, and find that it shifts to the promotor, in a specific timing.


5 dancers separate into two group of 2 persons and 3 persons which resonate with same resonance pattern, and both group co-create contrast each other. Dancer ca nshift from a group to other group at any time. That's all. The rule is simple, but taste is fun and deep.
This is my one of the favourite practice that 20 years ago we did it a lot with Katsura Kan's butoh group.
"2:3" is good exercise to learn to be Transparency that open inside 50%, outside 50%, and not bound by anything.
Also good to learn the
<Follow, Promote and Initiate>.

Beyond the "Choreographer"

2:3 can be grow up to 3:4, m:n and 1:m:n, and finally to the <Rhizonant Rhizome> that is <half Infect, half Invent>, or <50% follow, 50% Initiate>. Dancer can be any number, any resonance pattern. Just through resonance we co-create the beautiful developement of Jo-Ha-Kyu as if it looks a choreograph by an excellent choreographer, without them.
This is the aim of
<Resonant Rhizome>. I believe that we don't need the role of the choreographer who sits on the top position of Hierarchy system. We can vanish it through the Life Resonance.
This is my hidden dream that could not tell others clearly for long years.

Read more "Practice Guide"

Sinking into darkness of the body
Chimera body 
20 March, 2017

Double Operation

This is new resonance technique, toward the non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance body.

When you receive another person's conditioning, half you follow it exactly, and half you add something, as your own Qualia to it.
Then it becomes a more complicated Qualia.

As a result of it, your movement becomes a Chimera or mosaic, when some part of the body is a specific creature and other part of it is another being.

When one Qualia meets another Qualia, immediately a new Qualia is generated. This is the secret of the infinite creativity of Qualia.

Enjoy it, and slowly transform to the non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance body.
This is the necessary preparation to learn the "Sick Dancing Princess" and "Quiet House" of Tatsumi Hijikata.
Because the world is full of unimaginable non-dual and multi-dimensional transformations.

Read more "Practice Guide"

Himalaya Resonance Diary
 Suboody Gathering 2017 PROMO

Jaime, Lee

2nd Subbody Gathering

5 July at 19:00 to 16 July at 22:00

Tickets Available

Welcome Subbody Family

We would like to invite you to the second Subbody Gathering. It will be happening again in South Spain for 10 days beginning on the 5th of July 2017.

The goal of last years gathering was to collapse and rebuild the seeds established from Lee´s subbody butoh method through a communal transformational process. This year we are grateful to welcome Rhizome Lee back.

We are calling this gathering once again to expand the concept from singularly Butoh to including the disciplines of physical theatre and the art of performance. We welcome practitioners who are interested in holding a workshop space complimentary of these three themes we aim to investigate. This year we offer co-responsibility for all participants in bringing this gathering to life.

The collaboration involves teaching, learning and sharing of duties. It is an amazing opportunity to have so many inspirational artistic heads cooking their own ideas through a subconscious mode. We aim to co-create an intimate environment free of judgement so all can feel safe to express limitlessly.

All those wishing to hold a workshop please submit your bio and outline of the space you hope to create and share. If you need an example of past practitioners bios and workshop outlines please follow the link.

Together we build our skills and repertoire to work towards creating a final group and/or solo performance that will be shared and recorded on the final day.

We will sponsor one attendant offering a discount of 50%, which will be reimbursed at the end of the festival. Everyone wanting to be involved in this gathering will need to submit a email explaining why you interested in attending. We would also like to be more familiar with your passions so we can understand your motives and get to know you. If you are interested in sponsorship or to be apart of the volunteering program please mention in your application form.

All meals are included on prices. Vegetarian will be the main diet. Seasonal and organic products will also be in daily meals. Please let us know if you are Vegan or have any special dietary requirements.

The arrival will be the 5th of July of 2017 and the departure the 16th of July of 2017.

For more details please visit our website.

Read more

Web: www.subbodygathering.com

Mail: info@subbodygathering.com

Application form: https://www.subbodygathering.com/contact

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1133308480113330/


Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017


 Schedule of Summer tour 2017

1. Netherlands (Rotterdam): Jun 19 - July 7
2. 2nd Subbody Gathering (Sapin): July 5 - 16
3. Hungary (Budapest): July 17 - 26
4. Poland (Michalowice): July 28 - Aug 8
5. Switzerland (Geneva) : August 10 - 13
6. Russia (Vlagivostock) : August 20 - 25

Let's enjoy it!
Himalaya Resonance Diary

Anna Lena

Dance Theater for Kids

Every Sunday 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Subbody Hall

Practice Guide
Conditioning No. 6 Six Realms(Rokudo)
We become a body to communicate with various different worlds through six kinds of movement Qualia 
18 March, 2017

Subbody Conditioning No.6
Six Realms (Rokudo)

Life resonate with really different things.
It is easy to see that it is resonating with various Qualia of the world such as gravity, air, light, sound and wind, but not only them.
Life resonantes wit halso dreams that can not be remembered, distant Life memories, Qualia of dead people, subtle tendencies of unconscious body, etc.
It resonates with Qualia of many invisible different worlds.
That is the actual condition of Life.
In the Subbody Conditioning No. 6 "Six Realms", through six kinds of movements, we interact with various different worlds,
and transform into a body opened to the multi-dimensional world.
First, we pass through all the parts of the body byn the following movements; Vibration, Sway, Wave, Shock, Collapse, and Death, one after the other or randomly.
The Qualia of the physical movement resonates strongly with the Qualia of some memory and waits for the moment when it becomes one. As a discovery of that day, name it, save it in the darkness of the body. The accumulation of those Qualia eventually leads to the
<Clouding body technique> in future.
Always accumulate a large variety of unique Qualia in each layer of the Hidden Skin around the body and put the Qualia on them. Especially when you dance with improvisation, when you create a choreography, the unique Qualia that you can cling from them will help your creations.

1. Vibration

Life of cell resonates with the environment by fine vibrations.
Life resonantes with subtle vibration of the earth, air, light, sound, and so on.
The outer Qualia that resonates with those physical Qualia, and the inner Qualia that are memory, dream, imagination, illusion, etc. are resonating at the same time together every moment.
The subtle vibrations are a manifestation of variegated Life Resonance. There are various vibrations such as trembling of the cold, shivering of scared to invisible things, quivering of will and expectation. While feeling its fineness, find and accumulate unique vibration of that day somewhere in the body.
we will organize our bodies that can dance the difference of various kinds of vibrations of Life. We have to build up this on my own.
During this, you try to be Transparency that is not bound by inside and not bound by outside, too.
We become a Transparent body that opens equally by half inside and half outside.

2. Sway

When vibration becomes longer, it will grow to the sway.
Life resonates with everything by pleasant sways.
Taste and enjoy the
<Sway of Life>.
Sway of solid matter, sway of body fluid, sway of respiration,
sway of memories, dreams that disappear and remembered.
And the sway which evaporates from this world to another world.
Sway is also a passage to another world that is invisible.
The Vaporized body begins with learning a variety of sways.
We will pass a large variety of sway through each part of the body. Everyday, continue until a new Qualia of sway is found.

3. Wave

Every creature has its own unique rhythm of wave.
Undulation of caterpillar, wave of snake, wave of beast,
wave of growing plants, undulation of the proto ocean, etc.
Hold off the moment when unexpected appearance of undulation of protozoic creature in the body or the proto world.
Various kinds of waves are hidden in the darkness of body.
Follow the various kinds of unduration and find the best resonance pattern of the Life of that day and stamp it on your body.

4. Shock

Cell's Life memorizes various shocks that Life has received during the 4 billion years.
Originally the Life was very fine, so we received it as a huge shock with just a small stimulus.
From small stimuli such as raindrops, dust, insects, to waves, winds, stones, earthquakes, thunder, fire, battles, and so on. Life has been moved by those.
Many of the signals from different worlds surrounding Life come as shocks.
Life has experienced all of those shocks and has invented a technique to survive with overcoming them.
The Qualia of shock leads to Qualia of world transformation for Life. Exploring Qualia of world change and self-transformation such as contraction of uterus at birth, sudden disappearance of guardian, natural disaster etc. become one.

5. Collapse

If a strong shock or stimulation / pressure continues, part of the body breaks and loses resilience.
Even if you become a crippled distressed body, life will still survive.
In restricted movement, invent the way to survive.
Life has this infinite inventive power.
Becoming a body crushed to the extreme of inconvenience,
From there, we will see what kind of movement is invented.
And it also resonates with the suffering of the deceased brothers who are still alive.
Weakened body or the disabled body is the foundation of
<Flower of Kan (=Disability)> which is deep Llife Resonance beauty.

6. Death

Death is the most familiar Qualia for Life.
We are always swaying betweeen the death and Life, constantly comes back from the edge of death.
And, one day, I got to go.
Look at this world from the world of death!
It is the position of Butoh dancers that is the shisha or dead body standing desperately.

It is felt that this world is full of Life Resonance and full of Qualia.
We were originally on the side of death.
It is an existence borrowing a Life for less than a hundred years from the eternal Life of 4 billion years.
Before we die, return the whole of your creation to Life.
I can laugh and die if I can do it.
That is the perfection of Jo-ha-Kyu of Life.

Read more "Practice Guide"

Himalaya Resonance Diary


Gio dancing at Jeju island, Korea

What Love is?

My dear friends
I had long silence to explore inward and came to Jeju island, korea. For working JEJU INTERNATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL ART. Danced "What love is", now new exploring new Asian soul art base. Anyone who wants to experiment with Asian soul of art, please contact me. We can make amazing experiments. LOVE YOU. let's continue our beautiful work!

 The Ten bodies
3 Hidden body

Hidden body

Hidden bodies whom we don't know are living in the darkness of body.
They were born in the various time in our life, but were not allowed to live in this world.
They are called as a shadow, not-me, inferior personality, sub-character, dissociated personality and so on.
They are living hidden in the depth of the darkness of body with shrinking into the minimum size for long years.
Some of them are forgotten at all by dissociated.
We call up them to dance together.
When the main character control us, they are not able to come out.
We need to stop the daily consciousness, and become subconscious mode, to let them come out.
At the slideshow above, we collect hidden bodies which old co-researchers digged out from their darkness of body. They are so unique and interesting people.
We need to create a world which all hidden bodies are allowed to live together.
How the world recover the Diversity and Rhizome.
Our subbody Resonance Butoh is the place to realize the Future ahead.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
Memorial photograph at the time of the Minister of Education Awards prize, Hosoe Eiko on the central chair,
Tatsumi Hijikata on the left side of Hosoe.
14 March, 2017

Legendary Hijikata Tatsumi Photo Album "Kamaitachi" Reprint!

The legendary photo collection "Kamaitachi" was reprinted.
The emergence of "Kamaitachi" was an incident for the world.
No, it should be said that it was the beginning of an incident.

"Eikou Hosoe made me famous
Because it was a picture
On the giant sphere of Tokyo Gas
On the luang material of the timber place
At the beach, at the beachfront, even at the ocean floor I was forced to rolling
I learned from this photographer what is just touching the impression of being there. "

"Hosoe Eikou and I" Hijikata Tatsumi

In 1969, when millions of the university students in Japan rised an indefinite barricades strike, had a wood sticks in the street, and repeating a demonstration shouting "Anti-Vietnam war, Overthrow the Japanese government",
Hosoe Eikou, Hijikata Tatsumi Photo Album "Kamaitachi" was published.
I was a high school student.
When I opened a photo album piled up at the storefront of the book store on the way back of the demonstration,
I can not forget the Qualia of burning of the body.

An odd man was running in a Tohoku rice field.
He was carried by farmers, laughing with old women,
He was flying in the sky in front of my child.
He was crouching on a wooden pile for hanging rice straw.
What a man is existing!
I took a breath.

By the Hijikata dancing, the land of his hometown Akita transformed into a theater in the moment.
Yes, we can turn it into a theater anywhere in the world!)
What I learned from the photo collection "Kamaitachi" was the method of instantaneously transforming the time space into a theater.

50 years later from then, we continue dancing
<Nomad Rhizome> and <Resonant Rhizome> on the streets, in the mountains and in the ocean around the world to share that transformation magic with the world.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
Subbody Conditioning Method  
India Dharamsala
Sinking into darkness of the body
13 March, 2017

Focus on the Life Resonance

Essense of Resonance Touch and Shiatsu is Life Resonance.
We take off the human illusion that "I" do something to you, and we focus on tthe resonance that is happening among us.
My shiatsu teacher Ryokyu Endo said "Open the
Empathic Imagination", Shizuto Masunaga who is Endo's teacher said "Recover the Primitive sense as Life".

Life Resonance is so subtle, but it is foundamentals of all phenomena among us.
Not only shiatsu, but even in the dancing butoh, the Life Resonance is the most important. We focus on it, not focus on "I" and "You" that we are bound by daily dualistic illusion.
We are going to the future holizon that such an issue "To be I" or "Not to be I" is not important. We don't care about that.
Our daily mind are occupied only by the sense of self, "myself, myself, myself,,,,".
Let's take it off!
To live in a transparent state where self and others are balanced to half of half.
Transparent Life that is not bound by self and not bound by other.
How refreshing it is!

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Sinking into darkness of the body
11 March, 2017


Although I have been exploring for quite a long time,
I could hardly share it with others.
That is the "

While dancing, I realized that this is transparent long time ago.
I could feel everything so clearly, as if everyhting becomes perfect transparency.
However, I could not explain it with words.
As soon as I tried to say with words, it seems likely to be replaced by something else.
I have spent the last twenty years without success.
However, there was a basis for the hesitation of the past twenty years.
Transparency" was not something that is clarified by writing, by intelligently understanding.
I got the fact that the "
Transparency" and modern "Intelligence" is fundamentally different, little by little in the past twenty years.

I was too much trapped to the writing.
Transparency" is the opposite of writing and understanding with the head.
Modern discriminatory intelligence is trying to approach the overall grasp, through analyzing each part toward the understanding the whole structure.
On the contrary,
"Transparency" is to grasp everything instantaneously by the whole body, as the non-dual Life Resonance.

At the same time, its comprehensive grasp of 'Transparency" is not bound by anything
It is not being bound by something from the inside and something from the outside, too.

There is neither inner nor outer in Life Resonance.
Taking off the illusion of dualistic intelligence on the premise that subject and object are breaking up, it instantaneously learns that it is One as Life Resonance, it is the "Transparency".

As it was my first experience, it may be a state of visiting only while dancing.
Anyway, this year I will break the prohibition so far, we aim to share the "
Transparency" while dancing from the beginning of the semster.
Quite new challenges come up one after another, this year.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
 Life resonates with the Invisible Qualia always
3 March, 2017

The Secret and Mystery among Qualia and words

New semester starts on Monday, next week.
It seems a little to become transparent what was the experiments of
<Dreaming Share> on the Indian tour.
Among them, we listened to the chaotic Qualia which are streaming and transforming in the darkness of body, and following to them with the body movement and words.
We could find a novel way to co-create each one's original Mythical world.
The words in the <Dreaming Share> were very special one that came up directly from the raw Qualia stream which Life resonates.
We have met with the most primitive site where Qualia of subconscious transform into the proto words.

This year, we will explore
<Tree Rhizome method> that will allow you to wander freely between this qualia and the body (bodily sensation and movement) and words.
Until last year I was trying to keep a safe distance as far as possible from words and information to focus on listening to the subtle Qualia. I kept silent every day. also guided people to be silent.

But I noticed that there could be more free behavior.
There is another language diffrent from the daily talking.
In the
<Dreaming Share> which continued the experiments in the Indian tour of this year;

1) We stopped daily consciousness and in the subconscious world that Qualia of all channels resonated in non-dual and multidimensional realm.
2) Open the full imagination of the subbody.
Simultaneously with the movements of the body and words, we describe in words while the subtle Qualia of bodily sensation and movement are streaming and transforming.
3) That word is a "Qualia language" that comes up from the Qualia. It is a "living subbody language" one step before Qualia become informationized.

We explore the non-dual darkness before the differentiation between Qualia, body, movement, and words.

That is the darkness in the "
Signifie (fr)=Signified (en)" (what is meant by that word) that Linguist, Ferdinand de Saussure named. Linguists do not explore in the darkness descending by their bodies.
But we will get a long journey that goes down into the darkness, to the site where Qualia transform to word, and the resonance among the words and Qualia. How the language is born from the Qualia, and how the resonance happens among them including us.

It is a pleasure to explore that area that I could not touch until now with the co-researchers.

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