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  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

You can see in full HD
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of the month
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International Butoh
Festival Himalaya


Stones Memory | Laurence
 Steps to non-step | Santeri and cobody
 Togetherness | Gagan and cobody
 Reincaration Z.L | Lisa and Cobody
Within | Gagan 
 3 Solos in April | Maria, Santeri and Sudeep
Trash Queen | Yoshi
Something | Alex 
Research | Lisa
 Friday Afternoon Fever | Yoshi and Cobody
Ajib Grey | Akash
Reflection of
Alex and Santeri
 What does it mean to stand up
Gio and cobody
 Cravings of Damned Soul
Rita and Cobody
Dead Mother
 Blocked Process Ozerk
Gagan and cobody
Lisa and Leire
Sonja and Santeri
Exchanging Costume Leire and cobody
Strange World Share
 3 Solos in April Saga, Sonja and Rita
 Lethe Remembers Ozerk
 A.5 No Fish
Lisa and cobody
Black Black Fever Rhizome Lee
Budapest 2000

Dead Fever
Rhizome lee
 Kyoto 1998
Infectious Fever Rhizome Lee
Osaka, 1998

A Girl
Hijikata Tatsumi
Video Archive

Before 2010

Video Lecture

Researching method from .

of the month

 Highlights of Himalaya Butoh Festival #1- 14
 This is the Resonant Rhizome
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Accepting Long term co-reseachers!

September Starting 1 Year Course
September 3, 2018- June 12, 2018 ( 2 spaces Remained)

March Starting 1 Year Course
March 4, 2019- December 7, 2019 ( 9 spaces Remained)

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Accepting Summer Intensive course
June-August, 2018
It's half price! Let's get important Butoh techniques

Every Moday you can start!

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International Butoh Festival Himalaya

May 25 (Fri)
Festival Today!

Crick Picture b el can see their Videos.
"Breath Body"
Butoh Workshop

by Ozerk (Turkey)


Opening Performance
"Wheel of Life"

Performance  by
Ozerk and Cobody

All performances and workshops
are Free Donation!!

at Subbody Resonance Butoh,
Jogiwara, Dharamsala, India

 Butoh Performance  Workshop





Dancer and Instructor





Subbody Hall



"Breath Body"Butoh Workshop by Ozerk (Turkey)



Subbody Hall



Opening Performance
"Wheel of Life"
Performance  by
Ozerk and Cobody





Subbody Hall



"Integrative Movement" 
Butoh Workshop by
Santeri (Finland)

  18:00 Subbody Hall    "Un-Titles"
Performance  by
  19:00 Subbody Hall  
 "Dreamer's Net"
Performance  by
Santeri and Cobody





Subbody Hall



"Between Gravity and Lightness" 
Workshop by Laurence (France)

  18:00 Sky Cafe    "Just AT"
Performance  by
  19:00 Subbody Hall    "Sick Rose"
Performance  by
(Spain) and cobody
  20:00 Subbody Hall    "Low Frequency Dance Therapy (Jam)"
Skip, Pause, Fast Forward vs. Dinner's Ready
Performance  by

(Including Audince)





Subbody Hall



"Butoh for Beginners" 
Workshop by
Zalina (India)



Subbody Hall



Performance  by

and Cobody



Subbody Hall


"With this All"
Performance  by





Subbody Hall



"Butoh and Physical Theatre"
Butoh Workshp

Rita (Spain)



Subbody Hall


"A Season for Oblivion"
Performance  and Photography Project by



Subbody Hall


"Crack in the Mask"
Performance  by



Subbody Hall


"Dos, Dos"
Performance  by
Paz (Chile) and Ruth





Subbody Hall



"Resonance"Butoh Workshop by Alex (Australia)



Subbody Hall


"Walk Now"
Performance  by
Paaravati (India)



Subbody Hall


Performance  by
Rita (Spain)





Subbody Hall



"Entering the Subbody"Butoh Workshop by Cobody



Garden Pool


Performance  by
Laurence (France)



Subbody Hall


"Between the Bones"
Performance  by
Alex and Santeri





Subbody Hall



"Shadow Puppet"
Butoh Workshop

by Paz



Subbody Hall


Performance  by



Subbody Hall


"Javanese dancer"
Performance  by
Juqi (Indnesia)



Subbody Hall


"Sound Killing Ceremony"
Performance  by
DoublenatureRachnika (India)





Subbody Hall



"Resonant Rhizome"
Butoh Workshop
by Lee (Japan)



Subbody Hall


"Malformed Fever"
Performance  by
Gorka (Argentina),

and Cobody


Subbody Hall & Cobody Theater



"Grand Finale"
All Dancers and Audience

World Subbody Resonance


Let's connect Worldwide Subbody Resonance!
This year, Lee's knee condition is not good,
We have to give up this year's world tour that continued for several years.
I will stay in Himalaya, and hold the Summer Intensive Course
with other midwifes.
It will be deep Midwife Training Course, too.

But, instead of me, Dara takes over the Wheelchair Butoh workshop 
in Hungary as the following;

All Subody=cobody in the world!

Please hold various activities, and connect them!
Maybe, each of you are going to do some activities in the summer.
Now it is the time to connect Worldwide Life Resonance.
Let's spread Subbody=Cobody activities in this chance!
We are not alone.
When our activities resonate beyond the borders,
it can become Thousand Plateaus of Rhizome.
We believe that only Life Resonance can change the world.

Please try various activities, and inform us!

Rhizome Lee



Outdoor Butoh Performance
in Exihbition of Teppei Kato

When 29 May 14:30
Where: Senmaya-cho,Ichiniseki-City, Iwate, Japan

I will dance. Waiting for you!

Contact Igu (Ikuko Iwabuchi)



CaminhanDanças na Natureza -
Uma Experiência Butoh

Hiking in Nature - A Butoh Experience

When: 25-31 May, 2018
Where: Terra Viva - Vale do Capão/ Chapada Damantina, Brazil

Contact Pilar



Congratulation for the Beautiful Circle!

Pilar was a Midwife of the last year
in Himalaya,
Now spread to Brazil and becomes big Resonance Rhizome!

Yes! our Life is resonating!

Ressonâncias da Dança

Resonance Dance 

When: May, 2018
Where: Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brazil

Contact Pilar


Dara and Thamas

Butoh in Wheelchair

When: June 25 - 29
Where: Near Budapast, Hungary

Contact Dara

Summer Intensive Course

Subbody Butoh
Summer Intensive


           June 4 to August 24, 2018


Let's study Important Butoh Techniques intensively
at cool Himalaya, in this Summer!

Here is 2000m hight from sea level.
Temperature is very confortable about 20℃.

We selected most important Butoh Techniques whih collected for the two decades, and study one technique in each day.

For one month you can get 20 important Butoh techniques with Rhizome Lee and Pamela.



June course: June 4 – 29

July course: July 2 – 27

August course: July 30 – August 24


Monday to Friday
:00 to 12:30
Afternoon, you can enjoy free practice at the studio, garden
and Himalayan nature

Every Monday you can start, any duration


 Midwife: Lee, Pamela, Vishal and Adam



Every day we study an important Butoh Technique.

                  For one month you can get 20 Butoh Techniques.
Throughout the tree months, you can contact almost of Butoh techniques from beginners to profesional level as the follows;

Becoming a body of subconscious mode
Listen to the voice of Life
Traveling the darkness of the body
Breath of Life
Opening the various dancing place of the body
(Hands, feet, spine, breathing, voice, face, eyes etc.)
How to use deep-layer-muscle
Hidden joints
Hidden skins
Twelve Conditioning methods
Becomeing transparent
Dreaming share
Proto body
Hidden body
Weakened body
Transform hurt of Life into creation
A size walk
Bugs walk
Resonance technique
Quiet House
Behind the world
Opening human relationship channels
Vaporized body
Carrying Density
Reduction by X and its regeneration
Sick Dancing Princess
Clouding body
Subtle listening technique
Rhizoming share
Becoming a body of a herd
Resonant Rhizome
Quest for the Abyss of Life
Flower, Secret and Mystery
Dancng the World = Self channel
Riken (Distant eyes)
Ten bodies
Flower of KAN (Disability)
Jumping wild
Jo-ha-Kyu Completion
How to make your own Butoh score
Free travel among Tree-Rhzome
World Co-creation method

Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya
Dharamsala, India






Sinking into darkness of the body
  24 May, 2018

Butoh transmitted from Life to Life

What is "Butoh called by the name of Life" that Tsutsumi Hijikata left behind like a will?
I've been exploring it for over 20 years as my life work.
This year, I fought and struggled to overturn the subbody method because it was still bound by the dualistic constraints so far.
At last, something like a subtle light came into sight.
Butoh of Life is nothing but butoh that is directly transmitted from the Life to the Life.
And for that, dancer should take off "Belief as the human" and try to become Life.
There is nothing other than to dance the inevitable things.
If we can dance the most important thing for Life, at that time the Butoh that is transmitted directly from Life to Life would emerge.
What do we need to meet for it?

1. Listen to the Life at each moment every day,
and ask to your Life.
"What do you want to do the most?"

I have kept asking the question everyday for the last twenty years.
This is the basic in the basic task for becoming the Life.
Without this, nothing happens.

Just keep listening to Life.
I do not know what is Life.
It is one of the biggest mysteries I've met.
Because Life is a huge complex mystery and secret.
Thinking ordinary, Life has three phases.

(1) Life of an individual

If I die, it's just the end of everything. I was caught by that in the past.
However, we can not catch the Life only by it.

(2) Life of cell

Our body consists of 100 trillion cells. Every single cell has Life. And each cell has been living for 4 billion years. Each one has Life memories of 4 billion years. Our beings are the resonance body of 100 trillion cell's Life.

(3) Life as a Life Tide

Not only our human cells but also all living cells contnued to live for 4 billion years. From the origin cell that was born 4 billion years ago to today, with differentiated into various species and changing shapes. It is a single huge Life that has to be called a big Life Tide. Life is ONE.

Life needs to be regarded as integrating all three phases.
Listen to the Life and keep listening.

2. Remember the Qualia that your Life could not resonate well.

Remember the Qualia that you could not resonate well in your life.
Most are dissociated and can not be remembered.
Among the things that you can not remember, there is the most important thing to dance lurks.
They may be lurking in forgotten dreams, imagination and delusions.
Remember them desperately.
And continue to dance it.

I have been focusing on it since this spring at the subbody Resonance Butoh.
However, it is not easy to encounter those Qualia that have been dissociated by Ego and Self-organization.
We still need to continue more.
This year it would be the first year of the attempt.

3. Why the Qualia that can not resonate well is important?

Because the secret of the birth of each subbody = cobody is hidden in that Qualia. Everyone is born and grows up as a "human", everything that can not fit into that Self-organization successfully is dissociated from self and submerged in the bottom of the darkness of the subconscious body.
If we explore the Qualia that could not resonate well with this world, we can inevitably encounter the secret of occurrence of subbody = cobody, and the secret of how consciousness, subconscious and unconsciousness had to be separated.

It is a treasure house where the mystery and secret of Ego, Self, Subbody=cobody and Life lurk.
The secret of why we must live by being captured by unknown something is hidden.
If we do not solve the mystery, we can not be freed from the prisoners of the Ego and Self.
Just dancing it and continuing to transform it into unique creation is the way to the release.
It is a narrow and steep road, but this road is worthy to try.

The Butoh of Life is to connect your Life trying to follow its path at the risk of Life, with other Life through Life resonance.

This year's Butoh festival's last performance "Malformed Fever " will be a monumental piece to tackle it for the first time.
How much can we deepen it? No one knows.
Just the Resonance of Life will decide it.
Anyway, it's the way we finally got after the struggles of the decades.
Let's walk slowly.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"



Tohoku Butoh Group 
Mugakusi 三角標 
The 2nd Perofrmance

When: June 2nd 14:00 / 18:00😆
Where: Space IGU
Kamibukuro 204, Akahagi, Ichinoseki city, Iwate, Japan

Contact Igu (Ikuko Iwabuchi)



Introducing Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop

Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop is designed as a pre-requisite for Doushin Butoh Workshop in order to learn the basic physical methods of Subbody Butoh Method and basic meditation techniques of Spring Forest Qigong. ​​​​​​​​​

This workshop will focus on the essential aspects of Doushin Butoh:
Quiet down the daily consciousness and listen to the subtle body signals
Go beyond our physical, psychological and social bounds in order to create movements that are novel and unique to the individual body
Resonate with other bodies
Go into meditative state using Spring Forest Qigong techniques
Doushin Butoh Workshop is a group process and this workshop requires no previous dance experience. Anyone who would like to explore his or her hidden creative potentials is welcome!

When: Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00pm

First Term: 5/3, 5/17, 5/24, 6/7, 6/14, 7/12, 8/2, 8/9

Where: Heart of Tao Resonance Art, 2322 Garfield St. NE, Minneapolis 55418

Tuition: $120

To Register, please complete Online Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
5 Becoming a rhizome

Become a rhizome.
Become a secret!

What is Rhizome?
It is a new way of being.
Take off the illusion of being a human and you will find the possibilities of just being a life very flexible.

Rhizoming technique is a technique in order to become a rhizome.
<Rhizome> is the oppisite concept of <Tree> that has hierarchy.
All hierarchy that has top/bottom, center/edge is common illusion that human made. In the Universe, there is no center, no top. Universe and nature is the rhizome acctually. Rhizome can connect freely and separate flexiblly at any point.
To become rhizome means we become nature with taking off all human illusions.

1. Control the body at a subtle level

Rhizoming is a technique of transformation that begins at one part of the body, then infects a neighbouring part, and spreads to the whole body/mind.

In the darkness of the body, non-dualistic multiple dimensions are streaming and changing. If we watch this directly, we cannot understand what is happening, because there is too much chaos.
By slowing down, we can differentiate within the chaos. We can choose a subtle qualia, follow it, and amplify it to the maximum. By cutting the whole process into thousands of moments and stopping time, we can see more clearly what is happening within the process.

2. Various Rhizomings

There are seven ways of rhizoming:
1) Bottom rhizoming; a transformation that starts from the bottom.
2) Top rhizoming; starts from the head.
3) Centre rhizoming; starts from the centre of the body.
4) Edge rhizoming; starts from an edge, like a finger or toe.
5) Charm rhizoming; in the middle of a bottom or centre rhizoming process, another power influences the movement, and the movement changes to another stream.
6) Strange rhizoming; in the process of top or edge rhizoming, another power disturbs the process, changing the movement in a strange way.
7) Random rhizoming; starts at random points of body.

3. Eight channels Rhizoming

When subbody is streaming in the darkness of body, it has multi channels Qualia, it does not separated into any channels.
But when it comes out with noticing by the consciusness, it has to come out through a channel, because or consciousness can recognize a signal through only one channel at the same time.
Then our multi channels qualia have to change into a channel stream with shrinking.
That's why a stream comes out through fifferent channels, for example, dream , syndorome of body, subbody movement and so on.
We need to control these process between multi channels qualia streams to passing through single channel to another channel in the time process to show whole Qualia.

4. Tree/Rhizome change

Subbody stream seems to change shape and qualia from a channel to another channel. But it is a illusion only for our consciousness, because the consciousness can recognize qualia through only a channel at the same time.
Then we need to show our subbody movement with changing from a channel to another channel for informing the whole channels qualia to others.
We have to be a transrators from multi dimensional rhizome to lower dimensional tree movement.
To become a subbody means to become rhizome and transrator between rhizome world and tree world.

5. Opening another dimension

Subbody method has a specific changing technique as a 'opening another dimension'.
Like a dream change the scene from a scene to another scene without noticing by consciousness, our qualia stream are always changing and streaming in our darkness of body.

A subtle signal of onther dimension which was folded in a dimension is unfolded, and comes out gradually until to open whole of another dimension.

6 Transparent mind and body

When you get the whole techniques above, you can see the whole process transparently which is happening in the darkness of body between the body, subconsciousness and consciousness.
It happens not in stillness body, but in moving body.
When you dance your subbody butoh movement with changing from a dimension to another dimension dynamicly, you can see everything so transparently.
It is the transparent mind.

And when it is possible to show everythng to the audience with resonance riken.
Resonance riken means to watch the whole process in performing from outside, including the resonance with audience.
Everything is resonating between dancers and audience in a short moment.
Then with using resonance riken, you can controll the Jo-Ha-Kyu timing with subtle control.
When you get this resonance riken, you can becoem a transparent body which it is able to show everything transparently.
I do not know how long time we will need, because also I am middle on the way to be a transparent body.

New Subbody Butoh Book
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 The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle 6.99 $
Paperback 20 $

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