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Accepting One year course 2015-16
9 March 2015 - 11 December 2015
3 spaces remained
7 September 2015 - 17 June 2016
7 spaces remained

Application: subbody [at]
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School Journal
India Rhizoming Tour
14 December, 2014

Beautiful Resonance in the morning of the desert

In this morning when finally all 15 core members has joined together, we did morning conditioning in the desert near our base camp.
Then beautiful resonance happened that local people came to see our exercise. I changed the program to copy one person's movement together.
People understand the easy rule and a boy started unique movement and we followed. Next a woman started Rajasthan dancing, and we followed with same resonance pattern.
Immediately it turn to Rajsthan dance party. We were invited to their house for chai party, and dance together. The husband is a guide of camel tour. We talked with him and we decided to start the camel caravan on Wednesday toward next place, Jodpur that is called Blue town.

Dance is spontaneous resonance. We can resonate through body so naturally with local tribe people. We got good start of the desert tour.

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India Rhizoming Tour
15 December, 2014

Honza, Donna and cobody on the tree and woods, Pushkar 2, Rajasthan

Honza and Wodico found a huge wood, Doona found a huge tree near our base camp in the desert and performed.
Tommorow we leave to Jodpur by ten days Camel caravan. See you after ten days.

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14 December, 2014

'Yamazaki, Hit my body by stone!' Rhizome Lee

This is the fifth time to dance this piece, following Poland 3 times, and Himalaya.
I found another Yamazaki Stone the Pushkar lake side.
I was caught cold, but my subbody startrd dancing before thinking.
I will continue to grow up this butoh piece for three years, till October 8 2017 when the monument of the 50 years death aniversary of Yamazaki.
I plan three months Japan Rhizoming tour in Autumn (Sep-Nov), 2017. Please join us.

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December 12, 2014

'Banstoh, Wodico, Honza and cobody' Puskar 1, Rajasthan

At the Puskar, the 1st place in Rajasthan, everyday we found the dancing place and performing, at the temple rowd, lake side, local people's house, forest, desert and so on.
Already 13 core member of the tour; Alon, Devanjalee, Donna, Honza, Laurence, Lee, Lilly, Maki(Wodico), Olivier, Raissa, Ramesh, Tala and Udit have joined, we wait for Pamela and Emanuel and move to next place on 13 or 14th Dec. toward Jaismer with total 15 members.

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India Rhizoming Tour
December 10, 2014

"The Red God" 2nd Delhi Butoh Festival

The 2nd Delhi Butoh Festival is over.
We are starting The India Rhizoming Tour to rajasthan.
Now we are camping at Puskar.

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 To more deeply into the land of aboriginal

On 7th Dec、we finished Delhi Butoh Festival and move to Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal...three months India Rhizoming tour.
We added to Orissa one of the land of richest varieties of aboriginal tribe people.
It may be difficult to update the site often, because most of days we camp in the desert, forest, seaside and so on. But, don't worry.
Please click on the left column, on this occasion
I hope you 'll read each article.
The application mail, we can accept during winter,
Gio opens winter workshop in the school during winter.
Crick Here
See you!

Orissa is one of the most versatile land of aboriginal tribe people in India.
The first imigrator from Africa 90,000 years ago also live there as hill tribe in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andaman islands and deep forest in Orissa.
They keep their own sophisticated beautiful culture for many years. They live far from normal Indian people, then opportunity to meet quite a small.
But they are my most favorite people.
Friend of Alon who is a member of the tour lives in Orissa, and organizes the Orissa tour.

India Rhizoming Tour
Himalaya - Delhi - Rajasthan - Gujarat -
KolKata - Kenduli -Sunderban - Orissa - Pune - Munbai
Workshop and Collaboration performance
Dec. 2014- Feb. 2015 You can join in!
Click here


9th International Himalaya Butoh Festival 2014

 'Desperate, Ripple' Gio and cobody
Winter workshop Himalaya
by Dust Gio

 Crick here to enlarge

Dust Gio

Winter workshop by Gio
in Himalaya

In this Winter there are double program to join in.
One is India Rhizoming tour, another is Intensive workshop by Gio at Subbody School.
The temparature of day time is around 20℃、
confotable condition for practice.
If you want to deepen your subbody Butoh method at Subbody School Himalaya , Please join in it.

More Info and Apprication: Dust Gio

Sinking into darkness of the body
 What can we learn with these tribe people?
30 November, 2014

Become a Life that is resonating with everything

Resonance has no subject and no object.
It occurs from both side spontaneously.
The "subject" and "object" is nothing but self illusion of us.
What is happening really, is just resonance without subject and object.
It is non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance.
We need to take off the illusion of "Self as subject",
and try to feel everything as resonance without subject and object.

When I was writing this, I found that it is a tremendous revolution.
The moment when I use the word <Feel>, I would be trapped in the dualistic illusion (of the subject and object) that the word is constrained.
As long as we are using the words, or as long as we continue to thinking using words, it is not possible to escape from the dualistic illusion of subject and object.
"I feel it."= S+V+O (Subject + Verb + Object)
So, we must not use the word, if we investigate in the Resonance of Life.
There is no choice but to become Life Resonance itself silently without thinking and without talking.

Life is always involved in Resonance with something.
It was so from the moment when Life was born four billion years ago.
Consciousness in moden age forgets the fate of Resonance of Life, and is bound by the illusion as if it exists as itself.
But, no one even such as a dust can exist as itself in the Universe.
Everything in the Universe is in the multi-dimensional Resonance.

Consciousness need to molt from the illusion of the "subject", and become < Transparencious > that is resonating transparently from the both side of outer appearance and inner awareness.
All the problems in the present world occur by the illusion of modern consciousness.
This major change is not able to be realized in a short time.
This will be a long major challenge of this century later humanity.

We are going to enter into the world of the subtle resonance of Life among the tribal people who keep the prototypical resonativity with invisible behind world silently through the India Rhizoming tour.
It is the first experiment to enter into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata.
Without these real bodily experience, it is not possible to understand "Sick Dancing Princess" at all.
It was so hard to guide into the world for me.
Why do you escape to such a contemporary consciousness world?
Why do you go back to the old religion=common illusion world?
(... Road is not that either. It's a thin narrow tunnel to follow the dangerous edge....)
But I couldn't tell anything by word at all. It is not such a thing to be able to tell by words. Long time I continued to dig my darkness of body.
Finally I found a way through the long years failure and despair in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya.
This India tour is the novel experiment to approach the " Sick Dancing Princess" world of Hijikata by body.
It is the mine to the unexplored Butoh even for Hijikata.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Sinking into darkness of the body
29 November, 2014

India Rhizoming Tour to deepen the Resonativity (Life Resonance Ability)

The India Rhizoming tour now begins.
We will meet various people and unique culture, the unique nature of each local place in the journey.
Maybe most of them is special tribal people which has unique history developed in separated space and time from modern western culture.
To polish the Resonativity (=Resonance ability) between the diverse cultural customs will become a main thing to do in the tour.

Even far in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School, we have studied in the resonance method as
<Awase-Hanare> to resonate with same resonance pattern or defferent resonance pattern. And each student researched in own way to co-create a unique world with subbody=cobody, as the following;

Behind world,
Stuffed spring,
Bee's swarm,
Refugee tribe,
Lost in the desert,
Moving forest,
Missing forest,
Stone garden,
Lost in the desert,
Slipped through,
Rolling stone,
Human mountain,
Human ocean,
Boxed cobody,
Tower cobody,
Chimera cobody,
Spider web,
Behind spirits,
Dismal air,
...and so on.

These cobodies are the various forms of prototypical subtle Life Resonance; shivering, fear, dizzy, illusion, dream and so on.
The coming India tour would be a good opportunity to extend them indefinitely. Those are still not enough to resonante with the world deeply.

If we could not deepen resonativity tremendously, nothing will happen.
We need to listen in another unknown people, culture, history and special nature.
Especially, each local place has invisible barrier, unknown behind world which each local people have resonated in the long history.
We have to learn the best resonance pattern with them.

We will meet with nomad people in the desert, forest tribe people, marine tribe people who live in all over India.
They have wisdom how to resonate well with the severe nature, long hard history, customs, also thousands of years of complex inter-tribal and against modern culture, and so on.
They are wearing a unique body techniques of those.

The resonance method that is <Awase-Hanare> technique that we learned will help you.
At first, we start from learning the same resonance pattern with them, and after that if possible, we can invent different resonance pattern infinitely.
Through exploring these two, it will be possible to be richly growth.

Our modern city life has lost these old wisdom of deep and subtle Life resonance with invisible things.
Modern culture is a history that continued to lose the sensitivity of faint Life trembling among what is invisible.

Hijikata Tatsumi has tried to dig the Life Resonance in "Sick Dancing Princess' which is lost in modern urban life. He witnessed in childhood with those faint but surprisingly rich variations of Life Resonance that old man and sick people in his childhood in Tohoku (North East Japan) had.
It was more than seventy years ago, now Tohoku and other countryside of Japan is swallowed in large wave of information technology, most of them have rapidly lost.
But, among the minority tribe people of India still keep them.
15-25 years ago, I visited them and heal myself, every time the mind and body is broken.
I walked in the mountain and visited the hill tribe people in Southeast Asia and South India.

"Nature is our God."
A tribal man who was living as a guide of the sanctuary of wild animals in Kerala mountains, said to me cheerfully.

"It's hard for me the Western people who have agressive self-expresson, but your Asians in not the case. It's nice to me."
Also he said to me with empathy.
"Me too!"
I also felt deep empathic resonance with him.
Their hearts are keeping a non-dual Life Resonance before the differenciation of self and others.
They are so delicately in contact with nature and people.
They resonate with invisible things and spirits that is alive in there.

In our India tour, we meet nomad people in the of eastern edge desert of India, and forest or ocean tribe people of the western edge of India.
It is the place where we can meet the real "Sick Dancing Princess" world that is faintly remained.
Now I am reached to an awareness of what my subbody (subconscious body) drived me to contact them.

Actually I also learned a lot from my partner, Ramesh who supported me for the ten years in the School.
He was also moved from a tribe people as the out of the caste in central India.
He is a mass of Life Resonance from the bottom of the body.
His body has the <empathic imagination> which we are studying of the Tao shiatsu, richer than anyone.
The past ten years or more, I have been helped much to him both physically and mentally, is immeasurable. The wisdom of Life Resonance technique that I learned from from hill tribe people and Ramesh, it is my secret treasure.
I wanted to have the opportunity to share the secret with students for long years.
Finally the dream is becoming true.
When in contact with the new students and external people with Western modern strong ego and self,
my mind and body have torn and wounded so deeply.
The tendency toward the edge, toward the frontier, of the organizer team of old student Devanjali and Indian students oriented the India tour. I have accepted gratefully the proposal of planning team.
Now I noticed that it is the necessity for my Life also.
As I always continue to listen to Life,
"What do you want to do most?"
Body knew earlier than my brain the direction Life wants to go most.
Perhaps, the destination will frequently changed even while traveling.
It is Rhizome.
Because, Life resonance is Rhizome itself, not a Tree system.
Let's enjoy every thing as the realtime Life Resonance.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 World Life Resonance 2014

Honza, Donna and Alon

Bansutoh Join in the India Tour!

 World Life Resonance 2014

Gadu and Nenkin Butoh Dan

Nenkin Jam Vol.5
Blood of Dance

Nenkin Butohdan presents

Tuesday, December 16 at 8:00pm in CST
Heart of Tao Resonance Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristien, Kasia

Snow & Fire
Creative Dance Retreat

December 29 - January 3, 2015
Dec 29 at 5:00pm to Jan 3, 2015 at 1:00pm
Teatr Cinema, ul. Kolonijna 8, 58-573 Piechowice

Read more



Behind Mirror:
Subbody Butoh Intensive
with Gadu

March 6, 2015 - March 8, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 at 9:00am to Mar 8, 2015 at 5:00pm

Save the date! Electric Fish: Center for Improvisation and Somatic Research proudly presents this weekend long Subbody Butoh workshop.
Gadu, the Minneapolis-based teacher will lead this 3-day immersion in Subbody Butoh Method.
Subbody Method was created by Rhizome Lee, a Japanese Butoh practitioner who opened a school in Dharmsala, India ( “Subbody” means subconscious body. In the subconscious realm, away from the boundary of ego and daily consciousness, our mind and body melt into oneness and create world that is completely different from the daily world. Through various conditioning techniques, a Subbody Butoh practitioner creates movements through exploring the subconscious realm.

This Intensive workshop will focus on experiencing the hidden potential of a body through exploring Hidden Body (Hidden Joint, Hidden Muscle, Hidden Skin, Hidden Cavity and Hidden Fluid) and resonating with one another.

For more information on Gadu visit
Please stay tuned to our website for more details about this and upcoming workshops

World Subbody Course Guide

You can learn Subbody Resonance Butoh
in many places in the world!

See the left collumn and crick links!

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