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18th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
Summer intensive 2019

Mix Dreaming Theater  

  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

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 Summer Intensive

Mix Dreaming
Summer intensive
International Butoh
Festival Himalaya

PhD in Butoh
Adam Koan

State Us
Naireet & cobody
Net Abyss of Certainties
Aleks & cobody
Spring, Summer,
Autumn, Winter
, Spring Yi
Behind The
Alex & cobod

Ariel and cobody
My Mother Said No |
Tejus and cobody
Opening Performance
Watchman's Duty by
Ripley & cobody

Opening Performance
Watchman's Duty
Ripley & cobody

Expanding Butoh
Festival Himalaya

Gio and cobody
Yamazaki, Reborn!
at the Subbody
Rhizome Lee
Video Archive
Before 2010

with Lee

The Edge
Subbody Butoh
School Trailer
Satsang with
Rhizome Lee
Rhizome Lee in the
Spanish Himalaya
Interveiw by Jonathan

Video Lecture

Video Lecture List
Red God Quiet House 1

A Girl Tatsumi Hijikata
Quiet House 0

Reduction by X

Flower of Kan

Qualia and String theory 

Researching method
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 Highlights of Himalaya Butoh Festival #1- 14
 This is the Resonant Rhizome
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 What's New?

 We are accepting you

throughout the whole year!

Summer Intensive course (Half day)

June 10 - August 23, 2019
Summer and Winter Intensive is half day & half fee!

Autumn Course (Remained only 3 spaces)

September 3 - December 8, 2019

The 19th International Butoh Festival Himalaya

November 29 - December 8, 2019

Winter Intensive (Half day)

December 9 - February 21, 2020

Japan Life Resonance Butoh tour

December 9 - February 21, 2020

India Life Resonance Butoh tour

December 9 - February 21, 2020


School Journal

Summer Intensive

 We continue every weekend Subbody Butoh Theater
and Sunday Butoh Jam as well during the whole Summer.

Performance : Friday 3:00pm -

Butoh Jam Sunday 7:00 pm -
On Donation
Please enjoy it!
 World Life Resonance Art
Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


Sesalac 2 Week Butoh Retreat

Europe Life Resonance Butoh tour


Website: http://retreat.shadowbody.com/

Crowdfunding and registration payment website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sesalac-butoh-retreat/x/14496920#/

Sesalac Butoh Retreat 2019 is a financially accessible butoh dance cultural exchange camp situated in south Serbia and goes on from August 19th thru September 1st in Sesalac, Serbia. Registration is 50 Euros for 2 weeks. (However donations are strongly encouraged to help the community, guides and organizers) 

The Retreat targets international butoh performers and butoh enthusiasts, but anyone is welcome. The space is LGBTQA-friendly, Creative Commons.

The Retreat is being organized in collaboration with eco-center Voice of nature (Glas Prirode). The center guidelines makes this butoh event a retreat in a stricter sense. Within the grounds, there is a smoke-free, alcohol-free, and 100% vegetarian philosophy, helping facilitate an environment of discipline and encouragement to enter deep into the butoh body from a clean slate.


The first half of the day will be dedicated to butoh workshops and occasional wellness program such as Qi gong. Each workshop is anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. The second half of the day will be for scheduled butoh performance, butoh jam, live music performance or DJ (of which Butoh jam will naturally coalesce), and maybe the occasional conference. Performances take place in various locations in nature.

Workshop schedule
10 am - 12 pm

2 pm - 4 pm

Lunch hour
12 to 2 pm

Activity schedule
after 4 pm

Workshop Schedule

August 19 - Monday
10 AM - 12 PM - Alexandra Jane Wynn (Australia)
2 PM - 4 PM - Alexandra Jane Wynn (Australia)

August 20 - Tuesday
10 AM - 12 PM - Cilla Vee (USA)
2 PM - 4 PM - Cilla Vee (USA)

August 21 - Wednesday
10 AM - 12 PM - Ken Mai (Japan/Finland)
2 PM - 4 PM - Ken Mai (Japan/Finland)

August 22 - Thursday
10 AM - 12 PM - Julie Becton Gillum (USA)
2 PM - 4 PM - Julie Becton GIllum (USA)

August 23 - Friday
10 AM - 12 PM - Ozerk Sonat Pamir (Turkey)
2 PM - 4 PM - Ozerk Sonat Pamir (Turkey)

August 24 - Saturday
10 AM - 12 PM - Anna Nela Styra (Germany)
2 PM - 4 PM - Anna Nela Styra (Germany)

Guided by various.

August 26 - Monday
10 AM - 12 PM - Ken Mai (Japan/Finland)
2 PM - 4 PM: Julie Becton Gillum (USA)

August 27 - Tuesday
10 AM - 12 PM: Cilla Vee (USA)
2 PM - 4 PM - Ken Mai (Japan/Finland)

August 28 - Wednesday
10 AM - 12 PM - Ken Mai (Japan/Finland)
2 PM - 4 PM - Alexandra Jane Wynn (Australia) 

August 29 - Thursday
10 AM - 12 PM - Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE (South Africa)
2 PM - 4 PM - Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE (South Africa)

August 30 - Friday
10 AM - 12 PM: Cilla Vee (USA)
2 PM - 4 PM - Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE (South Africa)

August 31 - Saturday
10 AM - 2 PM - Alexandra Jane Wynn (USA)
12 PM - 2 PM - Julie Becton Gillum (USA)

September 1st - Sunday
10 AM - 12 PM - Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE (South Africa)
2 PM - 4 PM - Adam Koan (USA)


Food is served three times a day. The price ranges from 2 to 3 euro per plate. Food from outside the facility is allowed although the nearest grocery store is 15 km. For this, there will have to be a planned outing. We also want to remain green, so bring your own plate and silverware.


Both cottage lodging and camping (bring your own tent) is donation-based. There are other lodging options (limited number) for those who are willing to pay for it, but it will still be very reasonable.

Have a suggestion or want to see something happen at Sesalac Butoh Retreat 2019? Tell us



Sesalac Butoh Retreat 2019 je internacionalni finansijski pristupačan butoh kamp koji ce se održati na jugu Srbije od 19. avgusta do 1. septembra u Seselcu, u blizini Soko Banje I planine Rtanj.

Prijava za festival je 50 evra za dve nedelje, mada su donacije dobrodošle kako bi pomogle vodičima radionica, eko centru Glas Prirode I organizatorima.

Festival je otvoren za internacionalne buto izvođace i buto entuzijaste, mada je svako zainteresovan dobrodošao. LGBTQA friendly! 

Kamp je organizovan u saradnji sa eko centrom Glas Prirode. Tokom trajanja kampa u svim prostorima Glasa Prirode od učesnika I posetilaca se očekuje da poštuju pravila kućnog reda u koja spadaju: bez alkohola, pušenja, droge, psovki I iskljucivo vegetarijanska hrana u centru. Pravila ce takođe pomoći I produbiti proces zaranjanja u čisto buto stanje. 


Prvi deo dana ce biti posvećen radionicama. Svaka radionica će biti vođena I trajati dva do četiri sata. Drugi deo dana ce biti posvećen performansima, DJ nastupima I konferencijama na raznim lokacijama u okolinoj prirodi. 

Raspored radionica
10 - 12h
2 - 4

Rucak i odmor
13 - 14

Večernje aktivnosti 
17.30 - 23h

Raspored performansa jos uvek nije definisan, ali spisak izvođača I vodiča možete videti ovde http://retreat.shadowbody.com/ 


Moguće je poručiti sva tri obroka i cena je 2-3 evra po obroku (zavisiće od broja ljudi u tom momentu). Takođe je moguće doneti svoju hranu, ali obratiti pažnju da bude sto je više moguce eko friendly, jer zelimo da priroda u okruženju barem ostane ista kao sto je bila, ako ne I bujnija. Bez plastičnih pakovanja, posuđa, escajga, slamcica za jednokratnu upotrebu I slično ☺ Takođe, najbliži supermarket je udaljen 15km! 


Smeštaj (ograničen broj koliba I neograničen broj kamp mesta) je na bazi donacije. Poneti svoj šator, vreće za spavanje I ostalu potrebnu opremu.

Ako imate neke ideje za učešće na kampu javite nam se :)

Contact Adam

Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


Adam started Tour at Germany to Ukraine

Europe Life Resonance Butoh tour

Still from the performance day in Leipzig, Germany.
On my way to Ukraine now.

Contact Adam

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

13 June 2019

The Harvest of 18th Himalaya Butoh Festival

An amazing explosion of creativity of Life arose in the 18th Himalaya Butoh festival, so many novel cobodies came out and every dancer deepened on their own subbody solo. Surprisingly almost every day they joined in others’ cobody piece and co-created it like a kid who doesn't know fatigue.
It seemed a miracle for me. What happened in it on earth?
It was a tiny change but a huge jump in the 20 years history of Subbody and Cobody process.
It is the first time in the Subbody Butoh history to realize the <Subbody=Cobody> co-creation.
Until this year we are bounded by the dualistic illusion which individual and group are different. Before we divided the research to Subbody solo and Cobody group creation. But this year we found two new methods. One is <Medimotion> and another is <Qualia share>.

<Medimotion> = <24-hour listening>

<Medimotion> is moving meditation. For long years we did it. But this year, we named it as <Medimotion> and focused on <24-hour listening> which our body is moved by someone when we found the most comfortable size and the speed we can enter into subbody mode easily. We stop daily thinking and judgment, and our brain becomes infinite silence.
Only when reaching to this infinite silence we can listen to very subtle non-dual Qualia stream. We can continue this condition for 24 hours. Even when we sleep the subconscious is activated and keep listening.
We tried to share this infinite silence and 24 hours listening during the semester.
Based on this <Medimotion=24-hour listening>, we could invent new co-creation method <Qualia share>.
We experimented so many kinds of <Qualia share> during this semester; <Dreaming share>, <Behind world share>, <Rhizoming share>, <Kan Qualia share> and so on. Now we can integrate all of them as <Qualia share>.

What is the <Qualia share>?

Through the <Medimotion> all of us become Subbody=Cobody mode. In the subconscious mode, the border between mind and body disappears and we can be the Subbody mode. At the same time, the border between self and others or individual and group disappears. We call it <Subbody=Cobody> mode. In this <Subbody=Cobody> mode we can share other’s Qualia as our own Qualia.
When one person initiates a Qualia with the body movement and simple word, the others can follow it by body movement easily, sometimes copy or follow with the same resonance pattern or different resonance patterns. We can co-create one person’s dreaming world together.
This is the very final method which we can leave from the existing Tree ( Hierarchical) system which a director or choreographer create and direct everything, the dancers just follow it. We researched how we can overcome it by new Rhizoming way for long years.
Finally, we can find the way by this <Qualia share> with <Subbody=Cobody> mode. In <Subbody=Cobody> mode the border between self and others disappears when we co-create a piece we can be transparent which is bounded by neither self nor others. A half we can co-create the cobody piece together and at the same time, another half we can research each own secret and mystery. Throughout the whole time, we can be a creative mode, not following the choreography which the choreographer directs you.

Read more'' Sink into Darkness''.
Highlights of 18th Himalaya Butoh Festival 
School Journal

Let's study Subbody Butoh at Cool Himalaya.
Any day you can start with any duration
. contact:subbody@gmail.com
 World Life Resonance Art


Madrid Shadowbody Butoh Workshop

Europe Life Resonance Butoh tour

When: 18 Jul at 10:00 – 23 Jul at 17:00
Where: Escuela Internacional del Gesto, Madrid, Spain


The workshop "Shadowbody" (The shadow of the body) proposed by Adam Koan and Julie Becton is based on a multitude of exercises and experiments with the body-mind through improvisation, group dynamics and imagination that help to bring out the " sub-body "that dwells in darkness, the shadow of the daily body. Through movement we find ways to explore space, time, place, the body as a multidimensional relationship. Playing with different techniques that help to release and better understand the psycho-physical ability of the body, we challenge the daily logic to jump to the living that inhabits the moment, enhancing the capacity of our body to resonate. The curious who enter the butoh harvest unexpected and rich discoveries, it is available for practitioners familiar with body work as well as for beginners.

Adam Koan
Adam is an educator, researcher, dancer and interpreter, writer and butoh dance guide from the United States. She studied at Hillsborough Community College & University of South Florida and was trained at the Subbody Butoh School in India, which she visits regularly since 2013 and is currently part of the school's guidance team. Among his teachers are Rhizome Lee, Ken Mai, Tadashi Endo, Diego Piñón, Sara Zalak, Theresa Carlos, Martha Sponzilli, Yumiko Yoshioka, etc. In particular, it is interested in increasing butoh's accessibility to the most marginalized or less visible sectors, especially in India where it has worked with people with special mental-physical needs and LGTBI communities.
More information about Adam Koan's Shadowbody workshops:
Adam's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/surrealpoet

Julie Becton
Julie is the artistic director of the Asheville Butoh Festival and teaches dance in the United States, Cuba, France and Mexico for more than 40 years. She is a professor of modern dance, musical theater and performance at Warren Wilson College. She has received numerous awards for her work in dance and obtained the 2008-2009 NC choreography scholarship to travel to Japan and deepen her studies of the butoh dance that she teaches since 1998. There she studied with Yoshito Ohno, Natsu Nakajima, Akaji Maru and Seisaku
More information about the Asheville Butoh Collective workshops, to which Julie Becton belongs:
Julie's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliebectongillum


From July 18 to 20:
Workshop by Adam Koan and Julie Becton from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
On July 21:
There is no workshop but performance of Julie and Adam at 7:00 pm. and Shadow Jam: from 8pm to 10pm
On July 22 and 23:
We continue with the workshop from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The workshop and the performance will take place at the International School of Gesture, Calle de María Teresa, 11, 28028 Madrid

Workshop, performance and jam: € 180 (€ 200 from June 20). 150eur for the students of the International Gesture School (€ 170 from June 20).

*** For the workshop, 15 participants maximum ***
For the non-participants of the workshop, the performance will be charged to the reverse ticket office and the Jam a 3eur.

622 310 792

Contact Adam

 World Life Resonance Art


Pilar, Workshop at Ishigaki-island

DANCING RESONANCE - Inward journey

When: June 25
Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan

A path of self-inquiry and expansion, to discover and remember the infinite quality of the essence of Being. Embodied meditations through movement on land and in/under Water, and guided journeys in Nature, will support us to reconnect with our inner and true wild nature, with our authentic dance, our body, other bodies and with nature.
Then, from this state of listening and connection with ourselves, we can cultivate the unique capacity of the Arts to heal, awaken and transform.

This is an invitation to expand your dance and dive deeper into the wisdom of your body, to create and express your wild and true dance, while exploring the unique magic and beauty of the Ishigaki Island!

There is movement unfolding in unknown and unexpected directions,
and with an intention of exploring and inhabiting a fluid state of presence,
Be an inhabitant of your own inner landscapes,
and dance from your cells, your organs, your heart, your skin, your bones, your tongue…

With the support of practices, frames and scores of exploration from different methods: Aquatic Bodywork (WaterDance, Fluid Presence and Aguahara), Subbody Butoh, Somatic Movement Arts, Continuum Movement, Breath and Sound practices and Contact Improvisation; we will explore how water can nurture, open and transform our authentic dance, while researching our intimate relation with breath and water, and the transitions between water and earth.

* Open to everybody, no previous experience is needed.

🔸date & time:25.June , 9:00 - 13:00

🔸location :the beach and the sea @ Uganzaki, Ishigaki Island (location may be changed according to the weather )

🔸price :5,000 yen ( For locals : 3,500 yen )

🔸navigator:Pilar Echavarria
  ※ Interpreted by Maho Shimada

[ Contact ]
pranamotion[@]gmail.com (maho)

Please send the info of ;
1, Your Name
2, Your home address, mobile no & email address
3, Whether you need a lift to the beach
4, Whether you need a accommodation for 24 & 25.June *
* If you need a place to stay before/after the WS we will rent a house for 24&25 June. It's 4,000 yen each / night. Please let us know if you'd like to stay with us. (up to 7 people)
The venue - only in Japanese : https://www.thida.net/m/kunya/home/info.html#bekan

[ About Pilar ]

Pilar Echavarria, born in Colombia.
A somatic astronaut searching for the most authentic movement that unfolds from within. Nomad dancer, Subbody dance Midwife, Water healer, multidimensional Artist.

Dancing, studying and researching the body through different arts and techniques of Movement Improvisation, Somatic Arts, Aquatic and sound Healing, and psychosomatic disciplines like::: Waterdance, Contact Impro, Butoh, Body mind centering, Continuum movement...

Constantly co * creating spaces for exploration and integration between these movement, art and healing practices. Laboratories, workshops, meetings, residences, rituals and jams in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, India, Brazil and California.

My research takes place essentially in an experimental dimension based on listening, presence and trust in our body as antenna, an instrument, a temple ... This path has also been a subtle and deep research with myself; learning and guiding, creating, healing and performing, living and traveling through inner and outer landscapes, waters and natures...

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

18th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
Finished With A Rich Harvest!

Thank you very much
for your warm Support!

 Highlights Slideshow


Now we are editting Performance videos, will upload slowly,
Please enjoy it!
 World Life Resonance Art

Igu, Ikuyo, Pilar


Tohoku Butoh Migakushi
3rd Performance
Succesfully finished!

When: June 1 4:00-, and !8:00-
Where: space IGU, Tohoku Resonane Butoh, Ichinoseki,
Iwate, Japan

「東北舞踏 三角標」の第三回舞踏公演が、盛況のうちに、終えることが出来ました🙇


Contact Igu

Sinking into darkness of the body
Harvest of Subbody=Cobody Co-creation

A Half of 12 Days Himalaya Butoh Festival has finished.
Every day, I was surprised at the unexpected explosion of creativity of all dancers.
Each dancer invented a unique stage and all dancers co-created the diverse world changes infinitely. Especially, so many novel cobody resonance patterns came out almost every day. I am a special researcher of cobody resonance patterns for over 20 years, but they surprised at me by so many unseen cobody resonance patterns and world changes scenes.
It was the biggest surprise.
What is happening on earth?
Why the sudden explosion of creativity occurred?
Two revolutions of subbody method
I realized that two revolutions of subbody method occurred in this year.
One is <24-hour Medimotion and Listening>
Another is <Dreaming share> or <Qualia share>.
I guess that these revolutions grew up during the festival and brought the amazing Harvest of creativity.
<24-hour Medimotion and Listening>
We stop language thinking and judgment by 24-hour Medimotion. Medimotion is a moving meditation.
We let our body as being moved by someone and become most comfortable subconscious body mode. We continue to listen to the very subtle Qualia of the darkness of the body.
Especially, forgotten memories, forbidden illusions or dreams and very short term memories reserved in cells.
They didn’t focus on only each own creation, but they joined in other cobody pieces almost every day and co-created them together.
It was amazing energy as if an infinite fountain or volcano of creativity of Life was born.
<Qualia Share among subbody=cobody>
In the subbody mode, when we catch some tendencies of movement of a part of the body, we follow it, and it becomes our subbody movement.
When we become subbody mode, the boundaries between self and others disappear, and we transform into subbody=cobody.
In this condition, when one person initiates one’s own Qualia by movement or and simple words, others are able to share it easily with the same resonance pattern or different patterns.
This semester, we practice a lot of this <Qualia share>.
There are so many variations;
<Dreaming share>,
<Behind world share>,
<Nightmare share>,
<Rhizoming share>,
<Deterritorializing share>,
<World change share>,
<Kan Qualia share> (Sharing the Qualia which each Life could not resonate well) and so on.
It seems that all of those experiences beyond self and others bloomed at once, and brought these energetic co-creations every day as the novel flowers.
The Festival continues half more duration.
It’s big fun, what will happen in the latter half.

Read more "Sinking into"
School Journal


Second Semester of Subbody butoh 2019

 We are accepting the long term course and short term course, too.
The long term is one semester or one year Guided by Lee (Sep to Dec).
The short term is any duration, one day, one week, one month,
guided by Ozerk n September, and guided by Adam in October.

mail to subbody@gmail.com

 World Life Resonance Art

Adam, Alex and Ozerk

Sesalac Butoh Retreat

Europe Life Resonance Butoh tour

This 2 week retreat camp that happens at a vegetarian eco village in Serbia came about specifically to give financial accessibility in the butoh community for those that can't pay very high prices for festivals. This is a butoh intensive retreat by the butoh community for the butoh community. There is no outside help from any institutions, and so relies on donations to support the generous guides. Join. Donate (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sesalac-butoh-retreat). Or help promote in some way. Suggestions are welcome.

50 Euros gives access to 2 weeks of butoh workshops and events. http://retreat.shadowbody.com/

Contact Adam


Adam and Gio

4 new locations added!

Europe Life Resonance Butoh tour

FOUR new locations added: Novi Sad, Belgrade,
Nis (Serbia), and Budapest (Hungary)

Next month begins this tour engaged by me and Julie Becton Gillum (USA performer and festival organizer). Alongside this (beginning late July), Gio (South Korea) also of Himalaya Subbody Butoh goes her direction. See the complete dates below.

Also, for those going to the 2 week Serbia retreat camp, please complete instructions on completing your registration: http://retreat.shadowbody.com.

[Adam & Julie's Tour]

June 13 thru 16 – Leipzig, butoh workshop – 4 day intensive

June 21 thru 28 – Lviv, Ukraine – 1 week nature intensive

June 30, July 1, July 3 – Turin, Italy – Moving Bodies Festival – workshop & performance - two workshops + performance

**Julie Becton Gillum joines tour here**

July 11 – 16 – Helsinki, Finland – 5 day intensive

July 18 – 23 – Madrid, Spain – 5 day intensive

July 25 – 29 – Bilbao, Spain – 3 day intensive

July 31 - Aug 4 – Ozora, Hungary – O.Z.O.R.A festival - performance/helping guide

Aug 5 - 10 – Budapest, Hungary – "Butoh in Wheelchair" (Collaborating with Gio)

Aug 12 - 13 – Novi Sad, Serbia – 2 day workshop

Aug 14 - 15 – Belgrade, Serbia – 2 day workshop

Aug 16 - 17 – Nis, Serbia – 2 day workshop

Aug 19 – Sep 1 – Sesalac, Serbia Sesalac Butoh Retreat – Register at http://retreat.shadowbody.com

Sep (TBA) – Bucharest, Romania – 5 day intensive

Sep (TBA) – Leipzig, butoh 5 day workshop

[Gio's Tour]

July 24 - 28 – Zurich, Switzerland – INANNA Community – Marius Soluna – resonantart@gmx.ch

July 29 – Aug 3 – Ozora, Hungary – O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

Aug 5 – 10 – Budapest, Hungary – “Butoh in Wheelchair”

Aug 24 – 31 – Piedinterra, Italy – Nature Residency Workshop with Atsa Gudmudsdottir – piedinterra@gmail.com

Sep 1 – 7 – Greece – Performance with Ioanna Myrka

Sep – Spain

Contact Adam

Contact Gio

 Subbody Butoh Books
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 The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle 6.99 $
Paperback 20 $

Click Here
 You can read it by any devices. Download Kindle free APP. please download it on above link.
 Read more Subbody Books

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