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Become chimeric manifold

Meditation and Medimotion

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Life Resonance Journal

Subbody Resonance Butoh is back!

Fortunately, the coronavirus is calming down India and the Himalayas.
we are going to resume the Butoh course
slowly and carefully with a small group

If you like to join in, mail us Please


Life Resonance art Canter
 What's New
Sinking into the darkness of the body

Meditation and Medimotion


Thinking mode of brain


One more recent discovery in brain science is “Default mode”. Brain scientist found when our consciousness has a rest, the brain activity doesn’t rest, on the contrary, the bloodstream in the brain is more than the thinking mode. The brain is active in “Mind Wandering”. They called this “Default mode”


Default Mind Wandering mode (Medimotion mode)


The traditional meditation technique is sometimes to keep this “Mind Wandering” mode to be aware of various things. Because in this mode various parts of the brain become active and various Qualia can encounter each other and generate new Qualia automatically. Recent “Mindfulness method” maybe in this mode. In the traditional meditation technique, sometimes they focus on one image, for example, “Buddha”, “God”, Gull” and so on. In this case, brain mode becomes closer to thinking mode.

Observe the above figure carefully, it is activated except for the movement field. In the movement field, there is no activity. Because they block body movement at all. The Qualia stream can’t meet movement Qualia at all.

Medimotion mode


What happens in the Medimotion?

Medimotion is moving meditation. Then including the movement field, all parts of the brain become active and all kinds of Qualia can encounter freely beyond any borders.

This state happens only in the Medimotion mode, the reason why the creativity of Life becomes maximum in the Medimotion.


By losing what, do Qualia become information?


The difference between Qualia and Information

The relationship between Qualia and Information has been a mystery

that cannot be solved well for a long time. But, it began to be solved out little by little. When Qualia are converted to information, what do they lose? When this question came up, a transparent brightness was seen for the first time. By losing what, do Qualia become information? It's Life Resonance! Qualia are generated as long as Life resonates with something. When Qualia are converted to information, they leave from the field of Life Resonance which Qualia are generated. They are converted to things that are information. Information of the image, of the sound and of the language, they can be translated into binary machine language consisting of 0 and 1. At that time, by losing the Life Resonance, Qualia is converted into Information. Only Life can resonate with Qualia. The machine never resonates with Qualia. The machine can treat only things like information. From here, it is possible to go confront the deep mystery between Qualia and Information. I was able to find with difficulty such a point finally. Although I cannot drink liquor anymore, Let the imaginary glass empty tonight. I could come to this place by researching "Sick Dancing Princess" of Tatsumi Hijikata which is full of Life Resonance. Not by any information, but by Qualia and Life Resonance, the Butoh of Life will be created




Sinking into the darkness of the body

Technique to stop thinking

To stop thinking is the alpha and omega of the Subbody process


The first thing to do in the Himalayas is to have enough rest and relax completely. It is to rest the mind and body that was excited during the long journey. To solve the tension of mind and body, to stop thinking, and do nothing but sleep.

Gradually shift to the mode of listening to the darkness of the body from daily thinking mode. That's the most important thing to do from the beginning till the end.

Shift to the listening mode in the deep brain from thinking mode in the surface brain. During thinking by using language, the brain is excited by electrical signals which fire connections in the neuron cells at the surface layer in the cerebral cortex.


Why do we need to stop thinking?


The cerebral cortex has a 6 layered column structure. The surface layer: · are used in thinking mode and the communication between the left and right cortex. The deep layer: layer is for the sensory systems, · layers are involved in the expression of motion.

Figure: by Sengodai, 1978, from Nishinomiya Hiroshi "multi-space-time theory" 1997

Fig1. Cerebral Cortex Structure


When we think of using language, the neurons of the left and right brain communicate by electric signals through the · layer of the cerebral cortex. However, the glia-neuron cells are resonating with subtle Qualia in the deeper layers -- . The Glia-neuron Qualia is not an electric signal, but an extremely weak chemical signal. When we think, these subtle sensory and movement Qualia of the in -- layers of the brain are masked by the strong electric signals of thinking in the · layer. Hence, we need to stop thinking to open movement completely.


Fig2 Masking the Subtle Qualia by Thinking


What is the meditation and listening mode?


fig3. Medimotion and Listening mode


When we stop using language thinking, electrical signals that come and go in the · layer are weakened, and we can listen to the subtle signals resonating between glia and neuron in the deep brain: . layers. The communication between glia and neuron are using faint chemical signals of neuro-transmitter, and then the cellular Life of glia and neuron can resonate with each other’s Qualia. According to recent brain science, our memories and learnings are reserved in the glia cells of the brain.

To enter the listening mode or meditation mode means to be in the condition where we stop the language thinking and dualistic judgment and just follow the tendency of the Qualia which we can catch by listening to the darkness of body.


Fig4 Keep Alpha Wave Mode


When we are not thinking, the brain waves shift from busy beta wave to calm alpha waves. This is the sign of meditating or listening. Keep this condition as long as possible and you can follow the subtle signal by using the whole body. It is your subbody.

"Conditioning" of subbody method is to become this condition of mind/body.

Important novel findings of recent brain science


Glia-neuron network

Our memories and learnings are reserved in the glia cells of the brain, and it works through the glia-neuron network. Glia takes an important role to control the glia-neuron network.

Consciousness may concern mainly the neuron-network of surface layers: 2nd and 3rd layers of the brain, left the brain and right brain communicate and translate from Qualia to language information through 2nd and 3rd layers. Neurons communicate through electric signals.

Subconscious may concern mainly glia-neuron network in the deep layers: 4th-6th layers. The glia and glia and glia-neuron network communicate by sending subtle chemical signals to neurotransmitters.

The energy level of electric signals among neurons is a trillion times stronger than the chemical signals among the glia-neuron network.

The meditation mode and listening mode means to stop thinking and avoid the disturbance of strong signals of thinking, and we can listen to the very subtle signals of Qualia which are resonating in the darkness of the body.

It takes many years to stop thinking properly. It is the alpha and omega of the subbody-cobody process. I will guide you to it, at first.






Sinking into the darkness of the body

Rhizome Revolution of Subbody method

We undertook fundamental reform of the subbody technique.
I realized the necessity as I read the practical guide again and tried to re-edit.
It is necessary to have a fundamental revolution.
Let’s become the free traveler between Rhizome=Qualia and Tree=Language realm.
For the travel in the darkness of the body, 
we need to know the fundamental difference between the daily body world and Qualia stream in the subconscious body (subbody=cobody) realm. 

The difference between Qualia and words

Let's give some big differences.
Qualia is the resonance of life. Resonance has no subject or object, it happens from either.
But when we try to put it into words, the words cannot leave from its own grammar of subject predicates.
It transforms fundamentally to another thing.
There are no numbers and no order in the Qualia. However, by the reasons of easy to understand, if we order the numbers, we cannot avoid the fundamental alteration.
Since ten years ago, I have written down the new technique born every day in the sentence.
And while we ran these careless mistakes, I could not notice it well.
Under consciousness, there was no fear of being (somewhere different?).
However, the word was a big stretch and it proceeded across it.
Let's confirm the difference between Qualia and words more.
Language goes straight. The description goes forward and it is arranged under a hierarchical order.
However, Qualia resonate in a non-dual multidimensional world, so there is neither before nor back.
There is neither above nor below. There is no hierarchical order or anything.
The part of Qualia is always away from the whole, flowing everywhere, It can resonate with anything else and become one. Parts will always be the whole, One whole can become a part of something else at any time. There are no differences between whole and part, kind and individual in Qualia. Based on sorting them none of the usually known logic can be used. Qualia jump wildly over those constraints with confidence, Qualia transform freely.

To be Subbody=cobody and to become Life

We try to take off all human conditions; Ego, Self, Identity, Sexuality nationality and so on, and we try to become Life.
It is not so easy, very hard process to meet many hardships in the process.
We need to one Life to overcome all the issues that we will encounter.
For it, we need to share 3 important maxims.

1. No talking
2. No absent
3. No late

This is the tradition of the Subbody School for these 15 years.
When everybody respect and shares these 3 rules as own maxim, we can be the co-being as the co-midwife, co-researcher and co-creator.
To share everything that happens in the class and try to find the best resonance pattern, it is the necessary process to become Life.
Let's enjoy it with becoming subbody-cobody and share each one's finding. This is only one place that we become co-researcher, co-midwife, and co-creator as Life.
There is no other way to quest the mystery and secret of Life.


One Tree in your head

"A lot of people are growing a tree in their heads" ("Rhizome" Delude = Guattari)

A long story called "Ego" or "Identity grows from this tree. The inner language which supports the self-identity is repeated infinite times.
The tree grows up to an adult, parent, teacher or a General.

No matter how conscientious it is, the Tree will kill the Rhizome of Life.
I was careless. I did not notice it. I overlooked what the tree was killing the explosion of subbody = cobody for 20 years.
The common illusion of the education theory of step-by-step method that I was bound has limited the free explosion of them.
I wonder how far I was missing respect to Life.
In the past 20 years, I listened to the darkness of the body of the students and participants as a midwife.
Listen to the breath of subbody = cobody lurking there, I have devoted myself to their birth.
However, in the process, I regard the unborn subbody = cobody as if it were a baby.
I was noticed that I was getting into a misunderstanding.
Certainly, many subbodies= cobodies have hidden in the darkness of the body by the parents' selective carelessness in childhood.
They might not have acquired good resonance patterns with this world.
However, at the same time, subbody=cobody is also a crystal of wisdom of Life that has been living for 4 billion years.
I had overlooked it and forgot the awe of the wisdom of Life.
It reminded me that on the second day after this autumn class started.
when we did the <Cobody Dreaming Share>.
There are thirteen fresh cobodies appearing one after another in one day.
They sprang out as if they had been waiting to come out for a long time. And everyone was lively dancing among other people 's cobody world. When the tree in my head was turned off and the teacher in me ceased to lead, I was surprised at how much interesting sight would spread. When I withered the Tree in me, it seems that the Rhizome which was suppressed by it gets spread freely.

Sinking into the darkness of the body

Rhizome Revolution of the Subbody method




Harvest of Subbody=Cobody Co-Creation


An amazing explosion of creativity of Life arose in the 18th Himalaya Butoh festival 2019, so many novel cobodies came out and every dancer deepened on their own subbody solo. Surprisingly almost every day they joined in others’ cobody piece and co-created it like a kid who doesn't know fatigue.

It seemed a miracle for me.

What is happening on earth?

Why the sudden explosion of creativity occurred?

It is the first time in the Subbody Butoh history to realize the <Subbody=Cobody> co-creation.

Until this year we are bounded by the dualistic illusion which individual and group are different. But, we realized that the dualism does not exist at all except for human illusion. Before we divided the research to Subbody solo and Cobody group creation. That is the biggest bind of the dualism.



Revolutions of the subbody method


I realized that two revolutions of the subbody method occurred in this year.

One is <Medimotion and 24-hour Listening>

Another is <Qualia share>.

I guess that these revolutions grew up during the festival and brought the amazing Harvest of creativity.


<24-hour Medimotion and Listening>

We stop language thinking and judgment by 24-hour Medimotion. Medimotion is a moving meditation.

We let our body as being moved by someone and become most comfortable subconscious body mode. We continue to listen to the very subtle Qualia of the darkness of the body.

Especially, forgotten memories, forbidden illusions or dreams and very short term memories preserved in cells. They didn’t focus on only each own creation, but they joined in other cobody pieces almost every day and co-created them together. It was amazing energy as if an infinite fountain or volcano of creativity of Life was born.


What is the <Qualia share>?

Through the <Medimotion> all of us become Subbody=Cobody mode. In the subconscious mode, the border between mind and body disappears and we can be the Subbody mode. At the same time, the border between self and others or individual and group disappears. We call it <Subbody=Cobody> mode. In this <Subbody=Cobody> mode we can share other’s Qualia as our own Qualia.

When one person initiates a Qualia with the body movement and simple word, the others can follow it by body movement easily, sometimes copy or follow with the same resonance pattern or different resonance patterns. We can co-create one person’s dreaming world together. This is the very final method which we can leave from the existing Tree ( Hierarchical) system which a director or choreographer create and direct everything, the dancers just follow it. We researched how we can overcome it by new Rhizoming way for long years.

There are so many variations;

<Dreaming share>,

<Behind world share>,

<Nightmare share>,

<Rhizoming share>,

<Deterritorializing share>,

<World change share>,

<Kan Qualia share> (Sharing the Qualia which each Life could not resonate well) and so on.

It seems that all of those experiences beyond self and others bloomed at once, and brought this energetic co-creation every day as the novel flowers. Finally, we can find the way by this <Qualia share> with <Subbody=Cobody> mode. A half we can co-create the cobody piece together and at the same time, another half we can research each own secret and mystery. Throughout the whole time, we can be a creative mode, not following the choreography which the choreographer directs you. Every day, I was surprised at the unexpected explosion of creativity of all dancers. Each dancer invented a unique stage and all dancers co-created the diverse world changes infinitely. Especially, so many novel cobody resonance patterns came out almost every day. I am a special researcher of cobody resonance patterns for over 20 years, but they surprised at me by so many unseen cobody resonance patterns and world changes scenes.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

From Individuation to Becoming Whole Life


I researched that Life has a Non-dual tendency that seeks better resonance patterns at its root and that human fundamental desires are derived from it. ( See Chapter 6, Researching Five Desires)

It is a desire for safety, a desire for comfort, a desire for connection, and a desire for self-realization (creativity). The tendency to seek better resonance at the base of Life cannot be called desire, but in the case of humans, if it is called resonance desire, it becomes a total of 5 desires.

I learned "Self-realization" from Jung. Jung called the "Self", including unconsciousness, in our whole Life, to distinguish to "Ego" that is the center of consciousness. He named it  "Individuation". My master of philosophy, Deleuze, has set "individualization" as one goal, too.

However, the concept of “Self” is easy to be confused with “Ego” as Jung himself fears, and has caused numerous misunderstandings. I am sure that “self-realization", “individuation”, and “individualization” are the most important things for human beings.

But, it is not enough. We need to become Life in addition to it. We can call it to become "Whole Life". The concept of “Whole Life” was learned from Haruchika Noguchi, the founder of the Noguchi body conditioning method.

In this ward, confusion with the ego is unlikely to occur. "Whole Life" includes the resonant attitude inevitably to face the current nature is devastated. 

To change the world, we need not only individuation but also becoming “Whole Life”.

In case I say “becoming Life” in this book, I would like you to think of it as meaning this “Whole Life”.

Sinking into the darkness of the body

What is the Life Resonance Art?


The Subbody method is developing to open the possibility that everyone can participate not only in Butoh dance but also for all genres Arts; visual art, music, installation, literature, bodywork, and so on.
We named it <Life Resonance Art>.
Let's join in it, and let you reborn as a unique artist who opens the creativity, originality, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life.


Let’s become Life as the Subbody=Cobody Rhizome

We researched the following question in the Himalayas: What is the next form after the modern human who is bound by the selfish mind?”
How can we develop the transparent mind-body which keeps consciousness and subconsciousness half and half equally? How can we be transparent between the body and mind?
We call this future form of the human as the “Subbody=Cobody Rhizome”. Subbody=Cobody is coming out of their unique shapes here slowly, even though they are still in the germination

Open multi-dimensional resonance

When you enter into the darkness of the body, you will find that it has no borders and that many dimensions are connected to each other in complicated ways. Your Subbody=Cobody lives there. Even sometimes they appear as very strange dark shapes or ugly forms. Do not worry. To judge them as the “dark”, “ugly” is only belong in the daily dualistic world.

Butoh is a special art to shift everything of Life to a novel beauty beyond the poor dualistic judgment. Nobody judges and denies them in Life, contrary to the dualistic judgment of daily human society.

Enjoy them. Taste the diversity. And become a friend! Then you can get a free passport to travel in the subconscious world. You can open your potential infinite creativity, originality, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life fully.



Subbody Drawing to Life Resonance Art


We have experimented Subbody Drawing for 20 years. It is we medimote enough and draw inner Qualia stream on a paper, and <Drawing share> that we resonated with friend’s drawing through the eight channels. It is slowly fruiting old subbody’s Fine Art.

Above left is Devanjalee’s recent drawing. She is every year continue to deepen. Subbody drawing is able to develop to an Art therapy work. I hope some hearty person can develop painting and dance classes for children or adult.



To the Installation


In Geneva, old students Sebastian, Aymon and cobody created an Installation, “Bamboo Nest” 2017, and it is developing every year, now the Bamboo Nest grow up to a famous spot to play, recreate, and place for the various event, performance and so on. Geneva city continued to support it. This is the first experiment that subbody method expands to another Art genre.


To the Literature genre, too


Dan sent us a Novel, "Recovery/Trauma".

Dan was a co-research in the first semester of 2019, he has struggled

with his Trauma and performed deeply. Now he could shift it into Language channel, and succeed. I'm so happy this is the first

achievement to expand literature genre. He is going to publish it, will be informed soon. Please read it!


These samples are proofing us that all kinds of Art genre are crystallized from non-dual Qualia to each channel. We can proceed with the Life Resonance Art project with confidence.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Butoh transmitted from Life to Life

What is "Butoh called by the name of Life" that Tatsumi Hijikata left behind like a will?
I've been exploring it for over 20 years as my life work.
This year, I fought and struggled to overturn the subbody method because it was still bound by the dualistic constraints so far. At last, something like a subtle light came into sight.
Butoh of Life is nothing but
Butoh that is directly transmitted from Life to the Life.
And for that, a dancer should take off "
the common belief of human" and try to become Life. There is nothing other than to dance the inevitable things. If we can dance the most important thing for Life, at that time the Butoh that is transmitted directly from Life to Life would emerge.


There is a special important Qualia to focus to listen to

It is Qualia that your Life could not resonate well.

Remember the Qualia that is hard to resonate well in your life.

Most are dissociated and cannot be remembered.

Among the things that you cannot remember, there is the most important thing to dance.

They may be lurking in forgotten dreams, imagination, and delusions.

Remember them desperately.

And continue to dance it.

I have been focusing on it for decades. It was so hard to encounter those Qualia that have been dissociated by Ego and Self-organization.


Why the Qualia that cannot resonate well is important?

Because the secret of the birth of each subbody=cobody is hidden in that Qualia. Everyone is born and grows up as a "human", everything that could not fit into that Self-organization successfully was dissociated from self and submerged in the bottom of the darkness of the subconscious body.

If we explore the Qualia that could not resonate well with this world, we can inevitably encounter the secret of occurrence of subbody=cobody, and the secret of how consciousness, subconscious and unconsciousness had to be separated.

It is a treasure house where the mystery and secret of Ego, Self, Subbody=cobody, and Life lurk.

The secret of why we must live by being captured by unknown something is hidden. If we do not solve the mystery, we cannot be freed from the prisoners of the Ego and Self. Just dancing it and continuing to transform it into unique creation is the way to release from it. It is a narrow and steep road, but this road is worthy to try.

The Butoh of Life is to connect your Life trying to follow its path at the risk of Life, with other Life through Life resonance.

About “the Qualia that cannot resonate well”, Tatsumi Hijikata called “Kan”. We learn it in chapter 9 Butoh-fu.

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