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Sinking into darkness of the body
Happy Four Billion Years Old Life 
October 23, 2017

Let's become Life!

Let's become Life
Let's live as Life

All the living things are Life of 4 billion years old.
All 100 trillion cells that make up our body are living for 4 billion years.
Compared to the wisdom of Life of 4 billion years, you can see what stick to me or not, is how to dwarf themselves.
Let's live as a Life of 4 billion years old including infinite death and rebirth.

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Subbody Journal
 Don't want to meet any Humans / Bobby (Pamela)
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 Slept Longfoot / Alex, Margarita, Sonja and Santeri
Sinking into darkness of the body
October 21, 2017

Dance the Resonance!

Finally reached to this place that I can say straightly what is the Butoh of Life.

Life is resonance.
Life is resonating with all Qualia beyond the borders.
Life is resonating among persons, among objects, among invisible Behind Worlds.

It is so subtle, but when you stop dualistic thinking, you can catch it.

In the resonance, there is neither subject, nor object. It happen from both side similtaneously.

Through dancing the Resonance, we can take off our ego so easily.

Just be awaer them, and resonate as your detail dance or part movement.

Sometimes resonate with same resonance pattern, sometimes resonate with different resonance patterns.

Everything is resonance.
Do not worry, there is no mistake.
Life is resonating in non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance.
In the non-dual realm, there is neither right, nor wrong.

Dance all of them nonchalancely. Just enjoy it!

We can open novel beauty through it.

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Subbody Journal
 Slept Longfoot / Alex, Margarita, Sonja and Santeri
Moon Tide / Margarita and Yi 
 After Womb Blues / Sonja
Sinking into darkness of the body
October 20, 2017

<Dismal Air> ---Subtle Resonant Rhizome in "Sick Dancing Princess"

In "Sick Dancing Princess" there are so many subtle world transformation through Life Resonance.
We can co-create it through cobody transformation through subtle Life Resonance.
This is also World Rhizoming Transformation process of Resonant Cobody in <Dismal Air>.

The following Cobody Butoh Score named <Dismal Air> is to practice it.
Essential point is to be aware of Subtle Life Resonance among dancers, objects and invisivle behind world.

<Dismal Air>

1. Smoke Bug Walk
2. Random Rhizoming
3. Resonance in stillness
4. Body Huddling
5. Randome Rhizoming
6. Becoming Wall
7. Random Rhizoming
8. Deep Kneeling to Resonate with Prototype
9. Sooty Princess who struggles with Illusions of Archetype
10. Rolling Stone
11. Random Rhizoming
12. Human Walk
13, Humanoid
14, System Error
15. Melting down to Slime Mold
16. Starfish Roll
17. Raising up Slime Mold -one by one
18. Smoke Bug Walk
19. Boxed Cobody
20. Big Tree
21. Moving Forest
22. Animal Swarm
23. Resonance in Stillness
24. Smoke Bug walk
25. Disappearing

We can develope the variations infinitely through Life Resonance in the real co-creation.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
October 19, 2017

<Dreaming Share> meets "Sick Dancing Princess"

This week, we started co-reseach in "Sick Dancing Princess".
At first, we did Language reading that understand the meaning of the text, and proceed to Body reading that graspe it by bodily movement.
And this year we add one more step that we tried to remember the forgotten dismal memories by the new method of the year <Dreaming Share>.
We became subconsciuo mode by self-hypnosis technique and tried to remember the most strange, creepy, mysterious forgotten memory in each life.
Then, same Qualia as "Sick dancing Princess" came out from each dancers darkness of body one after another.

So, The investigation in "Sick Dancing Princess" and <Dreamong Share> were indipendently proceeded, but that day suddenly they became oneness.
The method of <Dreaming Share> was the very same way of Hijikata's writing of "Sick Dancing Princess".

Hijikata lived in a room by alone and meditated by his secret way and one day he called his wife Akiko Motofuji and a few students to write down his speaking of the proto-text of "Sick Dancing Princess". The proto-text was so chaotic, because he spoke just following his inner Qualia stream. It didn't follow the gramar of Japanese, without clear subject and object.
Then he asked a famous poet Takano Kikuo who loves Hijikata's Butoh to arrange the proto-text by minimum correction. Then the final text was born. He did auther review and corrected it two times. One is when he post it to the theater magazine in each month of 1977. And last change when he published it as a book (1983).
Then the final book text that we can read now was born.

Now we got the same method that Hijikata spoke the proto-text. Each subbody also spoke just Qualia language without gramer and logic.
But, we share the almost same Qualia in the darkness body and subconscius body has full of resonativity beyond the self and others. In the <Dreaming Share>, subbody become cobody, cobody become subbody in non-dual and multi-resonance Abyss.

This year we will co-create each piece with deepening this method toward the 15th Himalaya Butoh Festival.
It must full of novel experiments and creations to dance the unexplore butoh of "Sick Dancing Princess".

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Sinking into darkness of the body
October 15, 2017

Toward The Non-Dual, beyond all Dualistic Illusions

Hijikata wrote, "We have to sink down into the non-dual realm beyond the differentiation of self and others. Butoh is the task to open new meeting of human."

Zeami investigated in deep beauty, " (Feel)ー心 (Heart = (Kan, Life Resonance)

Zeami who was a founder of Japanese Noh dance, had investigated in what is the Beauty of Noh dance.

In his "Kadensho (What is Flower)" written in his age 40's, he defined it by three elements: Flower, Interesting, and Rarity.

But, in the later years, he said that in the previous difinition, it was still bound by the work of human heart, when we recognize it as "Oh, flower blooms!   Interesting! or Rare!".

But, There are moments that we are unexpectedly moved by something spontaneously without the work of heart such as "Flower!", "Interesting!" or "Rare!".

"What is it that Life is moved without the work of the heart? "

Normaly we use the word "( Kan)" to express to feel. But, it is work of human heart, he had to invent a new word (Kan) to express it, He delete a Heart (心)form the character of that means to feel.

He had to invent a new word <>.

It is just Life Resonance that is transmitted from Life to Life beyond the function of the human heart.

He had met the secret of the Beauty It is Life Resonance itself.

(Feel)ー心 (Heart = (Kan, Life Resonance)

Philosopher Nietzsche also sunk into the Non-Dual realm beyond Good and Evil. He knew well that those dualistic judgements were just human illusion that christianity and nation-state built.

"When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."
Today is the 173rd anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Nietzsche.
Before people noticed the Life Resonance, they grasped it in such a way as to look and to be looled like this. This awareness was the first step to notice the Life Resonance.
In rephrasing this by our words right now,
"Life is resonating with the invisible Abyss in non-dual and multi-dimensional realm".

Now we are going to the Non-Dual realm to dance the unexplored Butoh world that Hijilata wrote as "Sick Dancing Princess".

After twenty years struggle with it, slowly we get how to dance it.

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Himalaya Resonance Diary


Gio will perform at Jeju, Korea
"The Closest,
The Farthest"

Listening, Embracing as it is, as you are
Looking for the space "The Closest, The Farthest"
Life performance in nature and street.
Live street performance at 20 Nov, at Jeju city.

2017 Artscenic street art project
Poster, photo by Jeonghwan Heo
Performance with Aska Yamada
Organized by Bomi Kim (Art scenic)


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 Dance God / Adam and cobody
Only This / Alex 
Sinking into darkness of the body
50 Years Anniversary of My Dead Friend, Yamazaki

October 8, 2017

How to Open the Future
- 50 years with the dead friend, Yamazaki

My friend Hiroaki Yamazaki died today 50 years ago, in the Anti-Vietnam War movement, on October 8, 1967.
Every October 8, I have danced with Yamazaki by J.S.Bach, Cello Suite No. 2, BWV 1008. That dance changed into a number of varietions, and became the the lists on bottom.
Today, on 50 years Anniversary day of him, I looked back on my whole life.

Eyes from the Future

Butoh lives in the country of the dead, and sees this real world from the other world.
"Things that disappear only from the point of rotting, opening really life is rather similar to becoming a dead man" (Hijikata Tatsumi)
Zeami always keeps watching himself from a distance eyes. It is called as
"Distant eyes".
Hijikata called this
"Nest of forests, nest of eyes"
In addition to these, I have seen myself with
"Eyes from the Future".
We look at the present from the future which the present problems were solved. Then we can see what problems are left unresolved at this time and what signs of resolution are born.

I learned this "Eyes from the future" from a thinker Yutaka Haniya. Koya. Haniya is the man who called "Embryo meditation" in Hijikata Butoh. No, not only Haniya, but many Japanese thinkers and activists of the 1960s shared this eyes.
The poet Gan Tanigawa muttered.
"Oh, that's just the Nation-State of the Future"
Takaaki Yoshimoto also kept this eyes constantly. Finally, in the
"African stage of mind", he arrived at the animistic primitive mindset of humankind which is resonating in non-dual and multidimensionally transforming. The african stage mind is sleeping in the abyss of all our mental phenomena, and restoring exchange with it is a hope leading to the future. he thought so.
Tatsumi Hijikata who lived in that period also shared it in his bodily experiences of Butoh.
"Humans still do not know even one millionth of the mythical order, historical order, and the coming unknown order in the Future."
"Let's go down to the place of relationship of encounter of non-differentiated state of self and others."
"Butoh is the task of getting down to the root of that relationship."

"non-differentiated state of self and others" is equivalent to the world of resonance qualia resonating in the non-dual and multidimensionally transforming and flowing of "African stage of mind" reached by Yoshimoto.

Sprouts of Rhizome

I have always asked the question to Life.
"What do you want to do most?"
"In what kind of world do you want to live?"

Life responds, not by words, but through faint indications and dreams.
"I want to live in an unexpectedly interesting world.
In a world where all Life can be played as much as they wish. "
"Rhizome is good without hierarchical force of Tree."

This world is full of too many constraints to suppress Life.
My philosophical teacher Gilles Deleuze grasped our human history as a struggle between hierarchical
Tree and coming Rhizome.
Rhizome is the embryonic form of the future society discovered by philosopher Gelles Deleuze. Every Life is not bound by anything, it freely connects across all boundaries and freely separates. There is no center and there is no hierarchical relation.

Indeed, the Tree exists only in this human world. it is a long illusion of human.
All the worlds other than human society are Rhizome.
There is neither the center nor the upper and lower in the macro Universe. The Universe is Rhizome.
The micro cosmos of the String Resonance that is grapsed by the novel String theory is also perfect Rhizome.
According to the String theory, everything that exists in the Universe is caused by a change in the resonance pattern of a vibrating String in a very small size of eleven dimensions.
All vibrating strings are free to connect with other strings, 2 becomes 1, and immediately it is separated into 3. Because it is constantly transforming and flowing, String have not countable number. Deleuze probably did not know the String theory, but the micro world of String Resonance is exactly the Rhizome itself.
And also Qualia that resonates inbetween Life and world are consisted by the String infinitely changing and resonating.

The nation, politics, religion, law, economy, morality, information management system, value judgment that mankind has produced in the past several thousand years are all captured in this dualistic Tree illusion.
I see our presence from the Future where these Nations and other Trees will die.

Resolving every moment

Subbody Resonance Butoh has been exploring in Himalaya for the past 20 years. We investigated in how is it possible to realize such the Future of Rhizome.
In the process of the past twenty years, we found the practical methods of
"Resonant Rhizome" and "Dreaming Share" that transform and flow beyond boundaries between self and other, inside and outside, me and the world and so on. They are the practical way to enter the non-dual and multi-dimensional Resonance world.

And at the moment instantly co-creating the dance, when a tendency of Tree that destroy the free rezonance of Rhizome of Life like a mad King or General come out, we immediately catch it and try to vanish it at each moment by the "De-self conditioning", we try to find the sprout way of the Rhizome possibility, and it has been supported and amplified.
We call this series of task as
<Rhizoming> (to become Rhizome).

In the limited worlds such as Butoh co-creation, there are people who hold the existing authorities such as choreographers and directors. Sometimes our Egos are influenced by the old way, and the leadership that force others and control others. Sometimes one of us is trapped by the tendency like politicians or generals who kill all others that are contrary to themselves.
Since we always try to be Transparent that listen to inside 50% and 50% outside, we continue to be Transparent in dancing that is not caught and foeced by anything, so we noticed it at the moment when those tendencies came out and immediately calm down it.
And, instead of way of Tree like general, we find another method of Rhizome.
We erased the Tree that is born every moment, and trying to become Rhizome.
It is a pleasant path for Life, because it is a way to follow the essense of Life.
In Rhizome, we can open infinite creativity, originality and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life, inherent world transformations are born one after another, and continue to co-create through Life Resonance.

Toward the out of Himalaya

We have been honing creation in the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya that has kept safe distance from the daily world for 20 years, now we are going out of Himalaya to realize the Life Resonance with local comunity and society in various places.
In the real relationship with societies, we will try to diffuse the way of Life Resonance Rhizome to the world.
Already, we have continued experiments to explore the possibility of Life Resonance in the numbers of Europe tours and India tours.
It is about to be reborn as a co-creative tour of a new Life Resonant Art beyond the genre of activities.

Issues of new Life Resonance

There are still a lot of unresolved issues to go.
How can we realize the vivid Life Resonance among local people and the unknown, seemingly grotesque dances like Butoh. There are limitless issues for invention.
Sometimes the voice and song experiments that involves a butoh dance like "Utai" of the traditional Japanese Noh dance, and involves audience into different dimensions which Butoh opens from the depths of Life.
Sometimes a funny drama such as "Kyogen" may also be usefull.
By resonating with local musicians, artists, installations etc. In each region, we will expand the network of Rhizome of Life Resonance to India and the world.

<De-politics>,<De-Tree> at every moment

Everywhere, in every situation, <de-politicalism> and <de-self> are to be carried out.
In the dance, collaboration and the process of making it, we will realize <de-centered>, <de- hierarchy> at the moment when a center or a general and hierarchical relationships are about to be born, we will convert it to Rhizome.
In this way, we will show and share the way of <Rhizoming> that we can get out of the hierarchical order and politics that we are trapped and felt to escape impossible.
That is the second stage of worldwide Rhizoming tour.
We will materialize experiments of Rhizoming that we have been exploring for over 20 years in Himalaya within the contact point with the community.
This is a certain way to change the world slowly through the only subtle Life Resonance without Politics.

Now every political activity that uses information propagation and violence has been totally invalidated and stopped breathtaking by the mighty information management system completed in the last half century.
However, rather than politics, pure life resonance can pass through the eyes of any information system management network and expand that circle.
This seemingly to be the most roundabout, it is the way to change that real world certainly.
For the graduates of the resonance cram school, more than 1,000 people have spread from Himalaya to the rest of the world over the past two decades, and the pipples of unique Life Resonance is expanding in each place.
Eventually it will be handed down to the 2nd generation, 3rd generation.
The future is in Life Resonance.

Please, support the Life Resonance Art!

This is my present trip with Hiroaki Yamazaki, a friend who died in the anti-Vietnum war movement 50 years ago.
Here is my 20 year Butoh performances.
All the creators of them are the Dead friend in my darknesss of body; Hiroaki Yamazaki, Toshiaki Tsuji, Kenji Hashimoto and total eighty dead students.

Infectious Fever / Osaka 1998
Dead Fever / Kyoto 1998
Black Fever / Budapest 2000
Unfold Fever / India 2001
Yamazaki, Reborn! / Poland 2014
Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone! / India 2015
Oneness in Kalkota / Rhizome Lee/ India 2015
Beyond the boundaries Wheelchair Butoh / Hungary 2015
Banyan Tree-Rhizome / India 2016
Sleep Yamazaki, sleep Yamasawa! / Poland 2016
Whereaobout of Missing Guys / India 2017

I am now trying to open up a Future Life Resonance Art with Yamazaki and others.
If your Life resonates even a little, I would like to ask you for support, any amount.

<Support Destination>
Account name : ordinary account Ryuji Oka
Bank name : Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Sannomiya Branch
Store number - account number : 462 - 33383192

<Usage of support money>
● Create a new life resonance art network in India
India resonance art tour
● Co-create life resonance art beyond the boundary with people with disabilities
Wheelchair Butoh Project
● Support poor youth in India and the third world to learn Life Resonance Art
Youth support project
● Expand the network of Life Resonance Art throughout the world
World Life Resonance Butoh tour
● Support Himariya Resonance Butoh's Butoh Festival
Subbody Resonance Butoh Festival

We are working on building a donation website that will introduce these activities and ask for donation.
We will inform you when it is completed.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 Whereabouts of Missing Guys / Rhizome Lee and Cobody / India 2017
 Yamazaki, Sleep! Yamasawa, Sleep! / Rhizome Lee Poland 2016
Beyond the Boundaries 1 / Wheelchair Butoh in Hungary 2015 
Banyan Rhizome in Pune India 2015 
"Oneness in Kolkata" Rhizome Lee and cobody 
"Yamazaki! Hit My Body by Stone! 6" Rhizome Lee India 2015 
Yamazaki, Reboren! / Rhizome Lee / Poland 2014
Black Black Fever / Rhizome Lee / Budapest 2000 
Unfolded Fever / Rhizome Lee / India 2000
Dead Fever / Rhizome Lee / Japan 1998  
Infectious Fever / Rhizome Lee / Osaka, Japan 1998 
Subbody Journal
The Good Hand / Adam 
Fashion Butoh Excercise Guided by Adam 
4 October, 2017


 This week, 6 old researchers guided the class instead of Lee as the co-midwife tp listen to each other and support each other for the birth of novel subbody=cobody.
In the Subbody Butoh, there is no teacher, no students, but midwife to listen to the subtle breath of subbody=cobody and support the safe birth, to open infinite creativity of Life.
It is the process to transform to Rhizome which can connect freely and separate flexiblly beyond all kinds of borders.
Rhizome is a sprout form of future of human without any Hierarchical Tree order that was found by a philosopher, Gilles Deleuze (1967).
This pics (Total 18) are in the Adam's guide of his "Fashion Butoh Exercise".
Please crick the picture above to see all pictures.

Read more "Subbody Journal"

Himalaya Resonance Diary

Takasago BUTOH Kyodokumiai
Butoh performance
Yume no naka he
Into the Dream


When 15 Oct. 2017
Where Takasago bunka kaikann, Hyogo


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Tohoku Butoh MIGAKUSHI
Butoh performance

When : October 15 1st performance 11: 00
2nd performance 14: 00
Where : Senju City Honachi "Kumagaya Art Museum"
Free of charge


India Munbai

Butoh Class in Munbai
by Naireet

This is a training focused to train the core muscles of the body and parts that we neglect in our bodies. Practices from traditional art forms along with animal movements would guide the journey with an awareness to subtle movements in the body. Breath, its movement and control would be the core of all things being moved.

The Location is Mumbai


Subbody Journal
Blood of Dance in 4 Solos / Mohit, Rita, Vishal and Silas 
Smashed Snails Eaten Butterflies / Santeri and cobody 
Mother/ Pamela and Naresh 
Webbed Widdow Alex, Yi and Gorka 
What is Butoh? Rich Definition of Butoh 

"What is Butoh?"
---A narrow definition to be poor, and deep definition to enrich

Students ask me often, "What is Butoh?"

I reply, "There are two kinds of definition. One is a narrow definition to be poor, another is deep definition to enrich.

Narrow definition limits the butoh, another definition is to open butoh into infinite potentiality of creativity of Life.

Before, also I was bound by the narrow definition as "Butoh is the corpse(=dead body) that tries to stand desperately."

Also I have tried as the following ten years before;


"What is butoh?

I have found three essential components of Hijikata's Butoh:

1.  To abandon all conditions as a human, and to transform into a "Suijakutai (Weakened body or Collapsed body)" which resonates with spirits of the dead, insane, handicapped, and collapsed.

2.  To enter dimensions other than that of the human world, and to become a survivor of another world.

3.  To look at the living world as a dead spirit from another world. (We call this the "Near life" body, which has the opposite position as that of "Near Death."(The Butoh 1st chapter)

You can see the struggle in the article of "The Butoh 1st chapter".


These might be true for a specific period of butoh, but narrow truth that binds butoh in the limited activity that Hijikata and Ohno tried in a specific time. If you research the history of butoh, you can notice that it was infinite experiments to try diverse possibilities of beauty.

From the resistance against modern dance and ballet, Avant-garde, the rebellion against the values of the modern society(1960'),

As the peak of it, the agressive butoh in the "Revolt of body" (1968),

Invention of the weakened body (1970'),

Infinite investigation in the unexplored 'Butoh of Life' in the "Sick Dancing Princess"( 1976-86).


When we research the whole life of them, we can find that butoh is the continuation of infinite quest of novel beauty. So, in one word he just tried to create novel beauty in what people does not regard as the beauty.This is the deeper definition of butoh. It can open butoh into bottomless creativity of Life. It makes butoh richer and deeper by opening unknown possibility of Life.


When I was young, was bound by only the narrow definitions of weakened butoh and denied the other styles of butoh. Young Lee had to be an arrogant boy that thought to know well about Life and Universe, but in fact it is just an illusion of Ego. We don't know about the infinite Abyss of Life and Universe at all. Ego has to learn the humility to the Life. It takes time. It need long long journey into the Abyss of Life to get the humility and notice the necessity to take off the Ego.


So, now we can follow the richer and deeper definition of butoh as the following;


Butoh is an infinite activity to invent a novel beauty in what nobody notices as the beauty.


It is to bring us an infinite freedom, a bottomless freedom with vague fears, isn't it?



Himalaya Resonance Diary
 Memories in Korea / Sati Gio


Gio will be back Himalaya
as a Midwife

Dear Lee and Friends

How's the class going?
Hope all is well in resonance.
I have been performing a lot since came to korea with domestic, international artists.
It is very deep experience also not easy.
Last performance, i was seeking for freedom and followed the freedom. After it, i felt very light and as like i did 'Gud' this is korean word, means like shaman ritual happening.

After this performance i talked with a guy from USA, it was surprised. What he got impressed with my performance, he put in some words about it, and it was very connected with subbody method. He doesn't know the word of 'subbody' but his way to see performance, art, life is very connected with subbody. I realized again my way is deeply connected with it too.

Anyway i feel i have many things to share with you when we meet again.

I have to be in Jeju till middle of Nov with Jeju international experimental arts festival, and i will head toward India. Probably in Dec, get in india!

For next year, i would like to be in school as a midwife.
I had lots of performance now i feel to have time for research with doing midwife.

If the time is coming, before march i hope to join the winter festival!

A big hug

Sinking into darkness of the body
Butoh Images of Quiet House 
Subbody Journal
Agohori/ Naresh  
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Subbody Journal
 What is Hidden under the Frozen Lake Santeri and cobody
Crushing Bobbie (pamela) and cobody
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 Don't want to meet any Humans / Bobby (Pamela)

 Slept Longfoot / Alex, Margarita, Sonja and Santeri
Moon Tide
Margarita and Yi 
 After Womb Blues Sonja
In the Jogiwara Valley / Margarita, Mohit and Naresh
Earth Creature / Naresh 
 + -1 / Alex, Harshad, Vishal and Santeri
Brutal Steve Adam Koan 
 Qualia / Bobby, Naresh, Ruusu and Yi
50 Years
Anniversary of Memorial of My Dead Friend

Yamazaki, Sleep!
 Yamasawa, Sleep!
Banyan Tree-Rhizome
"Oneness in Kolkata"
Black Black Fever Rhizome Lee
Budapest 2000

Dead Fever
Rhizome lee
 Kyoto 1998
Infectious Fever Rhizome Lee
Osaka, 1998

A Girl
Hijikata Tatsumi
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Video Lecture

 Butoh Images of Quiet House 
What is Butoh?
Rich Definition of Butoh
What is the Flower?

Read "Sick Dancing Princess” 2 

Read "SickDancing Princess"
Tatsumi Hijikata 1 
'Who is Hijikata?"
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 Memories in Korea
Sati Gio
Skies of Jogibara
Forgotten souls
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