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Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop
Rhizome Lee 
Poland 2014 August 
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 What's New?

Accepting One year course 2015-16
9 March 2015 - 11 December 2015
7 spaces remained
7 September 2015 - 17 June 2016
9 spaces remained

Application: subbody [at]
Read more


9th International Himalaya Butoh Festival
Nov 16-25 at Subbody School, Dharamsala
2nd International Delhi Butoh Festival
Dec 3-7 at Zorba the Buddha, Delhi
India Rhizoming Tour
Nov 16, 2014 - February, 2015

You can join in it.
Application: subbody [at]

 World Life Resonance 2014

India Rhizoming Tour
Himalaya - Delhi - Varanasi-KolKata - Auroville - Pune - Munbai
Workshop and Collaboration performance
Dec. 2014- Feb. 2015 You can join in!
Click here


Core members and organizers

Aga, Agu, Alon,
Arka, Ashiesh, Devanjalee, Donna,
Emanuel, Gabriela,Honza,
Lee, Maki, Pamela,
Snehal, Udit, Varun and more

Theme and Porpose of the tour

The theme; "Resonance" ; to resonate with the place,  people, history,
architecture, issues, incident etc, beyond all kind of borders, nation,
culture, religion, knowledge, sexuality, identity, age, various disability, power, money and so on.

The purpose of the 'India Rhizoming tour" is...

1. The first purpose is to build a flexible connection among various 
artists in India.
 And promote to exchange or interchange works beyond the localities.

2. The second purpose is to cultivate young people who want to learn 
how to open their potential creativity.

3. The third purpose is to train young participants and students of the 
school to grow international artist and organizer beyond every border.


Workshop and Collaborative Performance

1. Transform from daily thinking mode to subbody (=Subconscious
body) mode and cobody (Resonant subbody) mode by original conditioning
method (Breathing, Vibrating, Swaying, Opening various channels of
the body and so on.)
2. Listen to the darkness of the body, catch and follow the subtle
tendencies of Life in it.
3. Research in the Abyss (=Necessity of Creation) for each Life and
share it together as own issue.
4. Co-create a subbody=cobody butoh dance piece together with Life Resonance.

Tour Schedule and Plan


1.Dharamsala  Nov 16-25

9th International Himalaya Butoh festival; 


2.Delhi  Dec 3-7

2nd Delhi Butoh Festival; at Zorba the Buddha. Organized by Agu and
 Quiet House members 1,500RS/day/person


3. Varanasi Dec 9-15

Open workshop and Performance or Flash mob

4. Kolkata Dec 16-Jan 15

4-1, Sunderban Dec 16-23 ※Negotiating

A sanctuary in the hill trive village 


4-2 Shantinike Dec 24-Jan 4 ※Negotiating

Arka and Devanjalee is organizing


4-3 Kalkutta Jan 5-11

Arka organized it 


4-4 Kenduli Jan 12-14

Kenduri music festival

Devanjalle guides us


5.Chennai Jan 15-23 ※Negotiating

6.Auroville Jan 24-Feb 1


7. Pune Feb 3-7

Pune Viennalle

organized by Snehal and Varun


8. Mumbai end of February ※Negotiating

Guarang is preparing with friends.

This is the first experiment of India Rhizoming tour.
It is also for a reseach in how to organize the world Rhizoming tour.
We will connect freely, and separate flexibly.
Let's enjoy any unexpected resonance together!

School Journal
October 30, 2014

'Ancient Mother' Raissa

Raissa danced a subbody piece which she met in the Kharotta mountain. In the process of creation, an archtype of 'Great Mother' seemed to visit her body. It might be an unavoidable process for woman to become mature, thoug it has unknown bottomless depth which before an old student Odile atempted. She had to face unknown deep darkness of 'Feminine'. It also connected to the mystery of 'What is the sexuality?' So, it is unavoidable issue not only for female, but also for male.

Read more "School Journal"

 World Life Resonance 2014


Nenkin Butoh Dan

Saturday, November 15 at 9:00pm in CST
The Cowles Center for Dance & The Performing Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Netherlands - Germany


Spontaneous workshop on the dia de los muertos in Berlin!
Bienvenido, may the spirits dance through us...

Enter/Exit Spirit
a butoh inspired workshop in Berlin

Saturday, November 1 at 10:00am
Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin, Germany



Syv organizes a Festival after three years activities in Singapore!

Zentai Art Festival 2014

Friday, November 14at 8:00pm - 8:30pm
The Substation
45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936
Zentai Butoh dance performance

with Syv Bruzeau and her Zentai Butoh dancers

Part of Zentai Art Festival 2014

more info at
Event page :



SATAPANA (Chapter 2 -- ICEBERG) :
A Solo movement-based performance by
Ka-ge Mulvilai
"Thinking is dangerous. Can you move without thinking?"
Starts today!!!! 7.30pm
Sodsai Pantoomkomol Center of Dramatic Arts, Chulalongkorn University

B-Floor, Bangkok

School Journal
October 29, 2014

'10,000BC' Guarang, Maki and Udit

Guarang, Maki and Udit danced in the forest with going back to ancient people. Guarang gave her a worm as a love gift. Maki has grown up in the city, but gradually involved into wild world of Indian subbody-cobodies. The changing process is so intersting.

Read more "School Journal"

October 28, 2014

'The Kiss of The Spider' Emanuel and cobody

A new student Emanuel created a dream body oiece, and the other students co-created his dream world, immidiately. All students of this semester could take off 'Human' and grew up to the Rhizome so flexibly. To share this ultra flexiblity, we can co-create each one's invisible world which Life is resonating mystriously in the Abyss of Life.
In the last semester I could not guide all students to this condition. A few student encounter the hard edge to take off the "human Illusion, including ego and self". We could not find the solution. But I learned from this falure as a midwife. Maybe my guide of conditioning to be cobody is not enough. Then I change the class to share any problem which a student meets with together, and share the process to overcome it as one's self problem.

Read more "School Journal"

 World Life Resonance 2014


Naked Memories

Becoming empty.
Empty Body.
White canvas of a skin. no beginning. no end to the skin.
Se briser. Trouver cette infime felure en soi et y nicher le monde. Balancing, leaning over a crack. the crack of your body. Et trouver la force de restituer the vastness of the world.
Remember the touch. a hand dissolving in mid-air. a shadow melting in yours. Spine to spine.
Skin intimacy. a Blurry landscape. Your skin has become too vast and I got lost.
Listen. In the silence of your body, i hear the suffering of your soul, i touch memories. Shapeless body whispering your fragility and hidden scars, your softness.
Tu te drapes dans la nudite de ton corps sans forme. dont la purete eclate. Ame envolee ou enfouie. Buried soul.
Shadow of a body. Shadow of a skin.
White canvas. Dancing
 World Life Resonance 2014


Behind Mirror:
Subbody Butoh Intensive
with Gadu

March 6, 2015 - March 8, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 at 9:00am to Mar 8, 2015 at 5:00pm

Save the date! Electric Fish: Center for Improvisation and Somatic Research proudly presents this weekend long Subbody Butoh workshop.
Gadu, the Minneapolis-based teacher will lead this 3-day immersion in Subbody Butoh Method.
Subbody Method was created by Rhizome Lee, a Japanese Butoh practitioner who opened a school in Dharmsala, India ( “Subbody” means subconscious body. In the subconscious realm, away from the boundary of ego and daily consciousness, our mind and body melt into oneness and create world that is completely different from the daily world. Through various conditioning techniques, a Subbody Butoh practitioner creates movements through exploring the subconscious realm.

This Intensive workshop will focus on experiencing the hidden potential of a body through exploring Hidden Body (Hidden Joint, Hidden Muscle, Hidden Skin, Hidden Cavity and Hidden Fluid) and resonating with one another.

For more information on Gadu visit
Please stay tuned to our website for more details about this and upcoming workshops

Sinking into darkness of the body
21 Ovtober, 2014

50 years dialogue with my dead friend, Yamazaki

To old friends, and new friends

I apologize for long time retreat in Himalayas.
A little bit before, I heard that there are plans to built a monument of Yamazaki after 3 years from Japanese friends, then The Dead Yamazaki who was sleeping in my darkness of body, began to wake up and started dancing.
I announced it to just a few old friend which I knew the e-mail address.
Here, I will inform you during this period of history.

October 8, 1967, on the Benten bridge in Haneda, Tokyo, Hiroaki Yamazaki who was my high school classmate was killed in the Anti-Vietnam War movement. Age at death was 18 years old.
He became the first Dead in the student protestant movement in 1970' of total more than 80 people.

It have passed 47 years from then.
In the 20s, and 30s, I have lived as a copywriter.
But, it does not seem far from what's my life.
After divorced 20 years ago, I became free away from all relationship, family, friendship, I decided to live as a Butoh dancer.
The deep shock which I received from the Butoh performance of Tatsumi Hijikata, when I saw in Kyoto University at the beginning of the 20s, it have continued as if my head had been hit with such a big bell.

Hiroaki Yamazaki and the other dead friends, Toshiaki Tsuji, Kenzo Hashimoto, Mochizuki, Okudaira, and Honda who appeared in my nightmare, suddenly began to dance with using my body, they brought out my body to the world.
I began to perform around the world from end of 20C.
I have performed and had workshops at about 20 countries on the planet.
Someone who was not me was driving my body and danced at the various place in the world, and resonated with the each local deads, Auschwitz, Budapest, Tibet, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Palestina, Amazon and so on.
I named it as "subbody".
The subbody means the subconscious body, and subtle body refered to in the traditional meditation.
Under conscious world, awareness and body are not separated as everyday world, they are merged in oneness and transforming beyond time-space, I noticed that.
Then, I started to share it with young people from ten years ago, in the poor village of Dharamsala in the Himalayas in the nothern India.
I built at the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalayal, the darkness of the body of the young people who come from around the world
To help the creativity and so live as <midwife> for these 15 years.

When it was informed of the plan to built the Yamazaki 50 anniversary monument from a friend of high school and University, my subbody that had been asleep the last 15 years awake again, and started dancing suddenly in the middle of Poland workshop in this summer.
To resemble a rock which stood in the pond "Yamazaki Rock", I hit the rock by stone.
While beating, the beating is not me, but I noticed that Yamazaki was hitting my frozen body.
After that, also In Himalaya my subbody danced with a rock on this October 8.
Dance will continue to grow little by little.
It will grow up during three years till the coming performance in Japan, October 8th, 2017.
The fifty years dialog with Yamazaki may calm down at that time..

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 World Life Resonance 2014

9th International Himalaya Butoh Festival 2014

Starting on Sunday 16th November , 2014
at Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya
Every morning workshops, and evening performances
Please enjoy it.

The Red God Festival
2nd International Butoh Festival in Delhi 2014



"The Red God"
2nd Butoh Festival in Delhi

Hello All, the 2nd International Butoh Festival in Delhi is right around
the corner! From 3rd Dec to 7th Dec 2014. Do keep a look out for
updates. Meanwhile, please write at agu.
for participation, registration & details. Cheers!

Visit Festival site

World Subbody Course Guide

You can learn Subbody Resonance Butoh
in many places in the world!

See the left collumn and crick links!

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'Ancient Mother' Raissa

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 World Life Resonance 2014
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50 years dialogue with my dead friend Yamazaki

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Yamazaki, Reborn!
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Kasuka by Kasia Zejmo from


Kristien Sonnevijlle solo from .

""Yamazaki, Reborn!"
Aga and Lee
Rebirth of Butoh baby' Honza, Jordi, Aga
'The Dead Palestinian Boy' Aleph Null

Uprooting the Aboriginals




"Surrender to Nature" Gio and Cobody
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