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Resonant Rhizome Beyond Barriers

in Hungary
  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

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Hungary 2015
31 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome beyond Barriers in Hungary

Workshop of second week in Hungary with various handicapped people was amaizingly successful.
On the last day we danced at the squaer of museum in Szentendre beyond barries.
Look at each face of participant, it is full of brightness to dance together without barriers. For them this was the first experience to dance handcapped people and normal people. They will develope it in Hungary.
Also I will continue to deepen this way.

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  Resonant Rhizome workshop by Lee!15 Butoh Festival in Germany
15 August, 2015

Chaos in the potato brewing factory

Second week of eX ... it!, 80 participants were divided in four groups, and co-created 4 butoh pieces of 20 minutes each.
The other three groups, Takenouchi Atsushi, Nakajima Natsu and Yukio Waguri has created the choreography pieces.
17 dancers of Lee and Umiumare Yumi group co-created a chaos in the ex-potatoes brewing factory.
Because I am a midwife of the subbody rather than a choreographer, I guided a just conditioning of the body and researching the darkness of body, and just lisetened to what movements would come out from their body.
Umiumare Yumi who was my partner wanted to attempt the transformation between the everyday and the extraordinary, dancers were devided into three roles; paranoid cleaners, pretenders and Yami (darkness).
It's a theatrical way which was true contrary to me, but I tryed to listen to the process, what chaos would come out from the resonance between her way and subbodies, it must become a chaos.

I just added an idea that three dead appeared from the underground, and occured a unknown resonance with the human world people. It became a nothing but ridiculous chaos.
People in this group enjoyed suffering of the unknown chaos, dreaming, crying, shouting, calming, and so on.

Decades of experience of ferment about this chaos will lead to new awareness or novel creation in the darkness of the body.
That's fine.

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15 August, 2015

A Resonance Experiment of Voice, Sound and Subbody at!15 Butoh Festival in Germany

The second week of the exchange Butoh workshop Festival in Germany,
Gorka, an old student of Subbody Butoh School who participated as a musician made an Experiment of Resonance among my voice, musicians sound and subbody=cobodies.
Several old students Syv, Honza, Jonathan, Santeri, Pamela, and participants of festival; Nadin, Elisa, Hendrik,Hugo Andreac, Mayson, Hendriette, and so on.
Though it was only 10 minutes experiment, an novel experience to open the future possibilities.
In addition to in the Butoh Festival,
many experiments were exchanged and shared.
Honza invented a resonance device between body sound and movement. It was so interesting experience. He will bring it to 2nd semester of Subbody School, we will deepen it.
Robert made several experimental videos about the paintings of Bellmer and Bacon paintings. The other students danced it in various ways.
The festival became rich field of encounter among old Subbody students sharing each original research and inventions.
In a few year, we will realize the 1st World Gathering of Subbody=Cobodies.

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 "Yamazaki, Hit My Body by Stone! 8 in Germany"
Rhizome Lee and cobody
15 August, 2015

Yamazaki, Reborn as Resonant Rhizome! ver.8 in Germany

On the first day of eX ... it! Butoh Festival, we performed 8th "Yamazaki..." with eight old student of Subbody School, Syv, Honza, Pia, Jonathan, Santeri, Robert, Pamela, Jaime. Roberto and Jordi took a video.
After next year on 8th October, 2017, the 50th anniversary memorial of Hiroaki Yamazaki who died in the anti-Vietnum War will be established at Haneda, Tokyo.
While the last two years, I have been nurtured this dance piece at various places, and it grew up to this form, when I hit the atone as Grave of Yamazaki, then the dead Yamazaki begins to dance with borrowing the international young dancer's bodies.
During the two years, this butoh grew up from "Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone!" to "Yamazaki, Reborn as Resonant Rhizome!".
Next coming two years, this dance will still continue to generate and change, till Japan Rhizoming tour 2017..

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Resonant Rhizome in Spain
12 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in the Spanish River

Gonzaro started dancing on the tree, and moved to river.
Lee spontaniously resonated with it. threw a stone in the river and umped into the water. Most interesting moment is subbody starting resonance without thinking.

Read more! 2015
9 August, 2015

Exchange workshops in! 2015

The! is one of the biggest festival of Butoh.
80 participants join in it, including 13 old students of Subbody School; Syv, Honza, Pia, Vanessa, Jonathan, Santeri, Pamela, Jaime, Robert, Fabricio, and Roberto, Jordi as cameramen, Gorka as Musician.
In the first day, we performed together to introduce what is the resonant subbody=cobody.
In the first week of! , we all participants joined exchange workshops by 8 choreographers; Natsu Nakajima, Yukio Waguri, Yuki Umiumare, Rhizome Lee ( though i am a midwife, not choreographer) and so on.
We enjoyed the diversity of Butoh practices.
I shared the new method of "Resonant Rhizome", most of them seemes enjoying it.
2nd week, we separate into 4 group and co-create the final performance on 14th and 15th August.

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10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya 2015
'Light Erases Gravity' Katarine and Cobody/ 10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya 
Sinking into darkness of the body
August 3, 2015

The Shining of Resonant Rhizome

In the Life to dance Resonant Rhizome, deep joy and beauty that has been released from the restraint of the Tree system which our human has been bound 5000 years, is oozing.
How the hierarchical order, such as nation-state, religion, company and ego has been continued to inhibit the resonativity, originality and creativity of Life. And how the Life which is released from it is shining with full of joy and novel beauty.
I would like you to taste the Resonant Rhizome in the Pictures at Spanish Himalayan mountains above.

Resonance Rhizome is realized by stopping the daily thinking and judgment by simple conditioning with swaying or vibrating body, and become transparent subconscious mode that opens inside 50%, outside 50%. We can connect freely and separate flexibly with inventing half and infecting half.
It just opens the proto-resonativity of Life, with same resonance patterns or different resonance patterns, then so rich diversity of Life Resonance is opened.

The free and flexible movements of Spanish participants are shining so briliantly.
Do you think you still want to continue daily life that has been bound to a tree, even looking at them?
Please be listened to Life.
Ask your Life, "What is the thing you want most to do?"
"Do you want to live how and where?"
Listen to the Life at any moment and follow the voice of the innermost Life.

Opening the way to the future of human beings

Resonance Rhizome is, not merely in the way of dancing.
It releases our Life from the bondages of modern hierarchical tree order, and connects to the future of human being with full of Life Resonance.
In the Resonant Rhizome there is no center, no border of up and down, no in and out, self and you and me.
Rhizome is able to connect freely and separate flexubly through resonance.
The somatic experience of the Resonant Rhizome opens the creativity of Life with full of resonativity and originality that has been sealed in the long history of the tree system is fully flowering.
Don't you bloom your unique flower of Life?

Overcoming the ego

By Resonance Rhizome, the way to practically overcome the ego has been discovered.
In the long history, the Ego and the common illusions of Tree system such as Nation-State has been a support in a complementary manner.
We live in the long entanglement of archetype, prototype, and common illusion.
The ego is the biggest archtype still remained in the contemporary world.
Among the highly mature information society of the modern, any political movement are all disabled.
However, the information system can not controll the Life Resonance.
It seems the long way, but Life Resonance is the deepest and most cirtain way to change the world.

Let's calm down the ego and become Resonant rhizome! Through the practical experience, the road to the future that will be released from Ego and from common illusions is opened.
Why do not you step forward in its way?

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

School Journal
Workshop in Spain
3 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in the Cave

Carlos found a huge rock and danced there.
And Jonathan continued to dance in the cave under the huge rock. Some cobody resonated his qualia and transformed in the dark cave, many baterflies which had rest in the cave flied around them with surprising resonance.

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2 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in the Room

The participants enjoyed to dance "Resonant Rhizome at everywhere. Someone danced in the room of guest house.
They became very Rhizome which connect freely and separate flexiblly. Please enjoy it!

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30 July, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in Spanish Himalayan Stream

The first trial of "Resonant Rhizome workshop" was succesfuly finished with large harvest. The workshp place was on the foot of Spanish himalaya, very similar environment with Subbody School Himalaya, very quiet, diverse landscapes, rocky river, oak forest, and so on.
17 participants were enjoyed Resonant Rhisome, and created rich subbody=cobodies and share them together.
Slowly we will introduce it day by day.

At the first, Resonant Rhizome in the Spanish Himalayan Stream. Enjoy it!

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Sinking into darkness of the body
July 13, 2015

Let's become Resonant Rhizome

At the 10th Himalayan Butoh Festival of this year, I performed after ten years absent, and gave "Resonant Rhizome" workshop for people.
And I found the direction which my Life really want to proceed for the future.
That's what all of my history of the past has crystalized.
I call it as <Resonant Rhizome>.
Some of most important elements are unified there.

To become transparent

One thing is < To become transparent >.
If we try to dance in front of people, everyone including me is bound to <Self>.
It is inevitable not only for people who accept the modern western concept that dance is a way of self expression using the body, but also for Subbody Butoh that stops consciousness and become subconscious-body, too.
Each subbody which has been lurking in the depth of the darkness of body by inhibited to express in this society in infancy and early childhood, has a hidden immature small ego.
Subbody does not know how to resonate properly with this society, sometimes it comes out violently.
But, if we would have been dominated by the strong urge of the small ego, we are caught by the momentum of the outbursts of ego that was the suppressed long years, the creation become sloppy.
We need to be transparent which we are neither bound by inner various impulse, nor by a variety of pressure or influence from the outside.
Transparent means not to be caught in anything.
It is necessary to maintain the exact balance to listen to inner tendencies 50%, and listen to outer elements 50% constantly.

Dance the resonance of the self and the world

I have continued to investigate to be transparent for over 20 years, but it is not easy thing.
But, slowly in recent year, the way became clear finally.
It is to dance the self half and the other half to dance the world, to dance from self side 50%, and dance from world side 50%.
Though it is too difficult to dance so by alone, but it become able if we could take off the Ego and Self as modern human, and we become the <Resonant Rhizome> which transform between individual and group flexibly beyond the border of self and others, or the self and the world.
We can dance sometimes as a self which is threatened by the world, and dance sometimes as a world which attack the self.
In the <Resonant Rhizome> the both side of the self and the world is always exchanged frequently, the fixed role is disappeared.
The dualistic conflict between the self and the world is just illusion, because actually it is just the resonance among them.
We can approach to the reality of the resonance of everything.

Co-create the resonant world

The way to the real "Butoh of Life" will be open by becoming the <Resonant Rhizome> which we can transform everything in the Universe.
We become the invisible "Behind World" which
TatsumiHijikata have tried in his "Quiet House" , or "The huge creature which lives in the air" in his "Sick Dancing Princess".
It is the hidden main charactor in it. So human is not main charactor in Hijikata's world. He focused on the resonance among Life and the invisible world as the actual situation of Life.
We can open a novel horizon which it will not be important issue whether to be oneself or not to be oneself anymore as my philosophical teacher
Gilles Deleuze suggested 50 years ago.
Hijikata had oriented so, too as the <Butoh that is called the name of Life>.

I won't do anything else to the most important thing for my Life.
Ko Murobushi which is only one year elder then me died recently, also I might disappear whenever near the days.
Ko Murobushi read and loved Gilles Deleuze deeply, too.
We focused on the same horizon which we human must be released from the hierarchic "Tree" system which binds the modern society.
The modern world which is controlled by the strong informational system, is not able to change by the any existing way of the political movement.
I beleive that it is the only real way for changing the world to become the <Resonant Rhizome> which people take off the modern Ego and Self and transform to resonant Life.
Because the informational system cannot control the Life Resonance.
We will open up the future of the human being through becoming the <Resonant Rhizome>.
I will continue to deepen it through the coming summer workshops in Europe and the second semester of Subbody Resonant School Himalaya. It would be my last activity as midwife.
Hope to join in us!

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Summer Workshops 2015
in Hungary

with Lee


Judit, Andrea, Lee

Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop

organized by Judit and Andrea

When: 18-29 August (18th-22nd and 24th-29th)

Where: 2016, Leanyfalu Faluhaz, Moricz Zsigmond street 124/a, Budapest

We’ll work together with handicapped people
during the second week of the workshop (24th to 29th)

Workshop Fee
One day ticket: 10.000 Ft
1 Week (18th - 22nd of August)
Prebooked: 39.000FT (Before 31th of July)
Full price: 45.000Ft

Two Weeks
Prebooked: 65 000 Ft (Before 31th of July)
Full Price: 75 000 Ft

Assistant price: 17 500 Ft
Who assist the handicapped people during second week)

Everybody are welcome to come for the whole workshop, or even for just one day!

Cut-off time for prebook price: 31th of July, 2015
Deposit: 15 000 Ft

Deposit payment details:
Account owner: Bakonyvideke Takarekszovetkezet,
Account number: 62900184-16809619

The application becomes valid by transferring the deposit money
and filling the application form below!

Link to application form:

Contact: or +3630 4296405

Registration to : Udit.P.<>

 World Life Resonance


Liquid Dance Laboratry
Sep 8-13th
Ibiza, Spain

You can learn Subbody Resonance Butoh
in many places in the world!

See the left collumn and crick links!

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