"Wheelchair Butoh 2015-2019 

This is the Origin of the Life Resonance Revolution

  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

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Lee has retreat to listen to Life

in more depth during this season.

But, we are already Rhizome that

intiate, resonate, connect, organize, and separate freely!

There are so many diverse activities, in India and the world.

You can join in some of them.

It will continue to change the world better

that any Life can live with infinite creativity of Life.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
Wheelchair Butoh 2015-2019 
20 October, 2019
This is the Origin of the

Life Resonance Revolution!

We want to vanish all boundaries one the planet.
Between able and disable, knowlege and no knowlege, poor and rich, power and powerless, byoond all borders in the world.

We have continued the Wheelchair Butoh workshop and performance since 2015 to this year.
We will continue it with expanding to diverse boundaries until all of the boundaries will disappear.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

15 October, 2019
Yamazaki, Reborn!

Rhizome Lee and cobody

50 years ago I was an activist of the Anti-Vietnam War. In that movement, my intimate friend Yamazaki died.
While these two decades I continued to dance Yamazaki. Exactlysaying, not I, but Yamazaki danced with using my body.
This dance has been danced around the world dozens of times so far, but in the middle of the dance, touch a certain rock as a Yamazaki grave monument and tweet in my heart (Yamazaki, Revive!). However, while hitting the rocks by hand, there is a part where something suddenly drives my body violent and hits the rocks with stones and shout in my mind,
"Wake up Yamazaki!"
Yamazaki reborn! "

And gradually a turn over happened from I hit the rock to he hits me.
Not me but Yamazaki hits to wake up my frozen body , "Wake up Lee!"
I continued this dance for several years, but gradually my mind=body condition became strange and I had to stop this dance.
However, this April a filmmaker Daishima who is making Yamazaki's movie visited me from Tokyo, and asked me to dance the Yamazaki piece.
I decided that this is the last performance, and danced it twice. The first one was solo at Subbbody hall.
The second one is Lee and cobody at Tatapani riverside.
After that my mind=body was finally broken. I noticed that my immune system has stopped and many body-mind syndromes attacked my body.
Now I have to calm down my self by a retreat to listen to Life, counseling to treat and writing. It may continue for some times.
Now gradually recovering, wait for a while.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
 Yamazaki, Reborn! at the Subbody Theater Rhizome Lee
6 October, 2019
Yamazaki, Reborn! Rhizome Lee

This year's 52nd Anniversary of Hiroaki Yamazaki who died in the anti-Vietnam war movement has come around.

20 years ago, Yamazaki had possessed my body and created my virgin Butoh "Infectious Fever". He was the true author.

After that, while recent several years I continue to try to make a new piece for his 50 years Anniversary at various places in the world.
When I found a rock that looked like a gravestone of Yamazaki, I hit it, with praying "Yamazaki, Reborn!"
I have been dancing to revive Yamazaki's soul to the present.

I have given up to perform it in Japan by various cercomectances.
But, a film maker Mr. Daishima came from Tokyo and asked to me to dance it.
I decided that this was the last dance and danced at this spring semester at the Subbody Resonance school.
Mr. Daijima, and cameraman Mr. Kato shot and edited it.
(The above video was shot by Pitar and edited by Shiv in the school)

I heard that there will be a screening event in Japan.
Thank you very much!

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Sinking into darkness of the body
'What is Creativity of Life' Life Resonance Series 1 | Rhizome Lee 
6 October 2019

What is the Creativity of Life?
Life Resonance Series 1

1. Sharing three big Questions

Someone asked me, “What is Life Resonance?”
I want to share the essence of Life Resonance research.
I have three unsolved questions;
What is Life?
What is Resonance?
What is Qualia?
I have researched these Questions for a long year, but not found final answers, because everything is too complicated.
What is Life?
I believed that I have my Life if I die, my Life finished.
It is the individual aspect of Life. In Young age, I believed so, too.
But Life is not only like that.
Because we have a hundred trillion cells, and each cell has Life.
These hundred trillion of cell's Life resonate together. It is the Human body.
What is Resonance?
And Resonance is very difficult to explain by the word.
Resonance happens from both sides naturally, there is neither subject nor object.
In daily life, we believe that I am a subject and I see an object, we feel like this.
Resonance happens from both sides. And it is Multiple Resonance.
We can't explain this because the word is bound by dualistic subject and object.
What is Qualia?
Qualia is Life Resonance; each cell's Life is Resonating with Qualia.
Not only humans but all kinds of species cell’s Life can resonate with Qualia.
Qualia is regarded and researched as the human issue by philosophers and brain scientists.
Qualia Resonance is not only human.
Life of each cell of amoeba, bacteria, tree, animal, insect resonates with Qualia.
These three are the deepest questions that I want to share with you.

2. How is a new Qualia born?

Qualia are resonating very flexibly.
A Qualia meets another Qualia and immediately new Qualia is born.
In the morning Medimotion we are moved spines in various ways.
Some of the cells may remember that we were a fish or a snake.
Each cell has 4 billion years of Life history and profound Life memories.
In the first three billion years, we were the one-celled creature.
Qualia hat someone moves us is the most familiar Qualia for all cell's Life.
Always keep Medimotion. Don't be a stable position. It activates
your thinking channel.

3. Why daily mind can't open the Creativity of Life?

Why our Life and Subbody can open interesting creativity?
The reason why is because we stop the judgment.
Deleuze said, “We have a Big Tree in our brain.”
It is the “Ego”, “Identity” or “I”.
Every moment we collect positive Qualia to support it.
“I’m OK”, “I’m strong”, “I’m intelligent”, “I’m kind”, “I’m right” and so on.
Always "I", "I", "I", occupy the brain and then no space for creativity.
We are bound by the inner hierarchy that “I” is on the top.
“I control my body”, “I walk”, I see something”
This "I", "Identity" or "Ego" resonate with the external hierarchy; Nation-State, Religion, law, or Big Information system like the internet.

4. Internal Tree=Heierarchy are support each other

The Nation-State and “I” support each other and amplify each other;
"We are strong", "We are right", “We can fight against another Nation-state”.
Hierarchy collects Positive Qualia always, and marginalized the negative Qualia, and project it to the marginalized people; refugee, foreigner, disable people, crazy people, are cut and dissociated.
Our daily world is like this.

5. Listen to the Abyss of Life

But In the Subbody=cobody world, the borders disappear. It is a Non-dual=Multi dimensional resonance world of Life resonance Qualia.
Hijikata called it "Abyss". Abyss is bottomless depth.
Each one has the "Abyss" in the darkness of the body that is full of myriad negative Qualia.
Anger, fear, shivering, blockage, nightmare, Archetype and prototype, and so on.
They are the Qualia that Life couldn’t resonate well.
We don't regard that those Qualia don’t belong “I”. We cut them and dissociate to the subconscious or unconsciousness.
All we have marginalized them and forgotten.
But, very interesting Qualia are Hidden there. All of them are sources of creation.
They have never met together, isolated, and hidden for long years in the darkness of the body.

6. A new Qualia is born when a Qualia meets another Qualia

When a Qualia meets new Qualia, and new Qualia is born. They come out as Subbody=cobody.
Then we can change these new Qualia to our Creation.
It is the Creation world of Life.
The world of subbody=cobody world and creation world have different logic from the daily world.

7. We change the darkness to the Flower

We can change it the ugly, dark, unknown Qualia to the Flower=Novel Beauty.
A flower can't stand alone; the Mystery and Secret support the Flower.
Flower, Mystery, and Secret are connected and support each other.
After the creation of Subbody=cobody, when we go back to the darkness of the body, we can notice that the entanglement of negative Qualia has a little bit changed to transparent.

8. Repeat the Dynamic Loop every day

We repeat this Dynamic Loop every day, every week, every month.
It is the basic Life Resonance Butoh Method.

Read more "Sink into the darkness of the body".

 A small gift to you
27 september 2019

Very rare encounter!

I found deep resonance friend. Because he uses my big two philosophy teachers as his facebook page cover! Michel Foucault and Gille Deleuze. Also, Jean-Paul Sartre!
I wrote some articles about them in my new book "Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution".

A small gift to you

Anybody who is interested in this book, please send me a mail. I will send the Essential Edition as a small gift because the total book is around 500 pages.


Read more "Sink into the darkness of the body".

 Subbody Butoh Books
 Now on Amazon!!
Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution

Rhizome Lee

470 pages

Rhizome Lee's 20 yearas


We need a change!

I wrote this book to change. We need to change both of ourselves and the world at the same time. Because our inner state and outer world states are resonating together and supporting each other.

The original articles of this book are written on the Subbody Resonance Butoh site for two decades for the practice guide for Subbody Butoh method. However, during the editing, it transformed to practice guide to change our ways of living.

Now our planet faces the crisis of nature, by sea pollution by the radiation leak, heavy metals, plastics, and forest destroy by too much cutting and burning. They are proceeding by the Tree-like hierarchical system of capitalism economy and Nation-State. We need to be aware that we support it. We have inner Tree system: Ego, Self, Identity. These outer Tree and inner Tree support each other. That’s why we need to change both at the same time.

Here are the methods to calm down the daily consciousness by Medimotion (Moving meditation) and become subconscious mode (Subbody=Cobody). It will develop to various ways of  Qualia Share, Resonant Rhizome and Rhizoming co-creation methods. This is the entrance of a radical way to change ourselves and the world together. This revolution is to take off our common illusion of "human" and to become Life which resonates together from the bottom of being.

Kindle e-book (9.76 USD---Now chance to get it by 6.25 USD)
Crick here

Paperback 464 page (31.99 USD) abled in a few days!

Crick here

The Butoh (Second edition)

Rhizome Lee

18 USD

 Big Thanks!

Surprisingly, my article got 50,000 likes on facebook!

I am so happy this book is accepted earnestly by worldwide Butoh friends.

Now the 2nd ver.is compacted and lower price, you can get now!

Kindle e-book: 6.26 USD

Paper back: 18 USD

Crick here :https://www.amazon.com/dp/1977053270

The Butoh - a dedication to Hijikata Tatsumi is a dense and rich summary of Rhizome Lee's dedicated research into the world of the Japanese master of butoh. This precious edition includes some unpublished translations of Hijikata's butoh-fu. Rhizome Lee invites us into an unknown labyrinth of creativity, and the life resonance world that arrives to us through dance.

Paperback 260 page

Crick here

 World Life Resonance Art

Jonathan, Lucia and cobody


Jonathan Butoh Team will perform at Jeju, Korea

Lucía Sombras — with Jonathan Martineau and 9 others at Jeju Island.

25 August at 23:24 ·
In October I will travel to #Korea to take the performance of #plasticafrodita to the festival of #artesexperimentales of #jeju 제주국제실험예술제 JIEAF a dance to make the goddess reborn from the plastic of our seas and transform female archetypes, an invocation to the Goddesses to know how to act in the death process of our mother earth. I can't be more grateful for being able to perform this performance. Thank you to all the people who have helped me in this process.


Gio and cobody


Europe tour succesfully finished at Italy

The time was so natural.
The space was vibrating with breath of life.
We were discovered by nature.
Becoming Nature as we are.
Dance and Body Installation residency workshop 2019
at Piedinterra.



Igu and cobody


2nd Tohoku Resonance Butoh

「舞踏小屋投げ銭ライブ #2」


Kiyoko and cobody


Takasago Butoh Coop Autumn Performance

10月6日 日曜日
高砂市文化会館 展示室 高砂町朝日町1ー2ー1

高砂BUTOH協同組合 2019年 秋公演.
出演 きよこ 、マサト、 登紀 、ひろみ

楽座 月ゆめ 山本公成・ほしこ
連絡先 山本きよこ 09−496−2494

 World Life Resonance Art
 World Life Resonance Art
 Perfomance in the Bamboo Nest this year
Aymon meditating in the Nest 
Bamboo Nest 2017 
Cheese fondue night with Geneva cobody 

Sebastien, Aymon, Asuka and Cobody


 An Extreme Dreaming

in a Bamboo Rhizome Nest

at Geneva

Bamboo Rhizomes that appeared three years ago
at a park in Geneva seem to be still proliferating.
A Subbody = cobody group of Sebastian, Aymon and cobody
in Geneva is nurturing it.
The spaces are made up of countless bamboo and elastic hammocks becomes a creative playground for children during the day,
they can invent a novel way to enjoy using it.
Adults spend a dreamy night on the hummocks.
So I spent a super night at the end of the Swiss
Cobody Gathering 2017.
That dreamy time is deeply imprinted in my Life.
I have dreamt that this Bamboo Rhizome are spreading
beyond the borders to the world.
It suggested me enlightenment of the Life Resonance Art
that we can expand to all Art genre.

Life Resonance Art is not only Butoh dance but also spreading to all genre of Art; installation, performance, fine art, music, literature and so on.
Let's nurture together!
It is recommended that people who come to nearby Geneva will experience it once.

Contact Asuka: tobutorri@gmail.com

Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour


 Nomadic Rhizome

at Novi Sad, Serbia

The Huge Creature, Cobody Rhizome that gathered in Hungary
were divided into several groups,
moved to Germany, Italy, Greece and Serbia.

Serbian group performed at Novi Sad.

Aroused a great response.

According to Aleksander from Serbia, the local newspaper also wrote a great article.

Great article in "Dnevnik" about our Subbody Butoh tour and the performance in Novi Sad last week.
Title "Beauty also hides in the darkness of our bodies" ? ? with Alexandra Jane Wynne, Emilia Liimatainen, Rita Soma, Ripley Cornelison, Sofia K, Gora Pindi, Adam Koan, Tejus Menon, Rhizome Lee and Santeri Vikstrom.


Contact Aleks: aleksandar669@gmail.com

Sinking into darkness of the body
19 August 2019

Teacher of <Resonant Rhizome>!

I've been watching bird flocks for decades, but I've never seen Birds Ohm with such an amazing illusion. Here are all the elements of the “resonance rhythm” without our choreographer. Subbody=Cobody around the world! Please watch and learn from this. I hope you to grow up into a Rhizome that can take initiative and promote unexpected transformations in the best timing and spacing.

Read more "Sink into the darkness of the body".

 World Life Resonance Art


Gadu will perform with his photo gallery

Gallery exhibit at Form + Content Gallery

When: Saturday, 17 August 2019 from 18:00-20:00
Where: 210 N 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401-1423, United States

Form + Content is pleased to announce an upcoming collaboration
between photographer Ellie Kingsbury and Gadu, a butoh performer
and Qigong master.
Ellie had taken 1500 photos of Gadu
during a special Doushin Butoh practice. On the gallery wall
she will feature a portion of these images,
while the full number will be projected onto Gadu
during a special performance at the reception.
The shot runs from August 8 - September 14,
with a reception on August 17th. D
onations for Gadu's performance will be accepted,
with proceeds going the Children of Fukushima. T
he show runs from Aug 8 - Sept 14.
The reception is August 17, 6-8pm

Contact gadu:gadu@doushinresonance.com



Jonathan will perform at Madrid

Una Comunidad de solitarios
Hosted by Butosofia

When: 30 Sep at 17:00 – 5 Oct at 13:00
Where: Amasfera, Bímenes, Asturias, Madrid

Contact Jonathan:kodo82@hotmail.com


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