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Become chimeric manifold

 What's New?
Sinking into the darkness of the body



Become Midwife Rhizome


An ideal form of future human

Midwife Rhizome is an ideal form of future human for me. I want to share it with you in the last part of the book.

We all try to grow up to Midwife Rhizome.

What is Midwife Rhizome?

Why do we need to become Midwife Rhizome?

How can we become it?


What is Midwife?

Listen to not only own darkness of the body but also to all of your friend's darkness of the body quietly 24-hour. It may connect to all human being and Life on the planet.

Always listen to how can we open the potential creativity of Life fully.

When we stop daily thinking and become subbody=cobody mode, the border between self and others disappears.

The midwife does not belong in Tree hierarchical system like the school teacher.

A midwife is a Rhizome that does not give knowledge from the top of the hierarchy but continues to learn from Life and shares the best with others.

There are neither teachers nor students in the Subbody Resonance Butoh. Everybody is co-researcher and co-midwife.

We listen to each other’s darkness of body and research in how it is possible to open the hidden creativity, originality, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life.

Subbody=Cobody is the entranceway to become Life. Subbody=Cobody and Life itself are fundamentally Rhizome.


From “Care for self” to <Care for Life>

My philosophy teacher, Michel Foucault explored by up streaming the Western thought history to “Care for self” in the Greek era, the birthplace of the Western mind.

However, what we need now is Care not only for the self but also for others, and not only for human beings but Care for Life.

What is decisively lacking in modern thought is <Care for Life>.


From <Care for Life> to <Being Life>

It is important not to consider Life on earth from human heights, but to take off all human illusions and become Life itself.

Life lives in resonance with all Life. Life is resonating with each other through the infinite meshes of invisible Life Resonance.

Becoming Midwife Rhizome

Life is Rhizome itself without any hierarchy.  Anybody can become an initiator and organizer when meets novel Qualia through resonance emergence and take the initiative to share it in the world. That is the Midwife Rhizome.


 Like an Orchid Rhizome

Midwife Rhizome has both of super independence and super resonance. Even alone it can Initiate and organize everything. Like the Rhizome of Orchid. The roots of Orchid is like-potato shape, but when it is cut into a very small piece, it can grow up to complete the form. When you spread to the world as a Midwife, you have to take all responsibility at that place; how to communicate with the local people, how to advertise, how to collect participants and so on.


How to guide the Subbody=Cobody process

De-self own intention

At first, Midwife has to de-self one’s own intention and binds, then it becomes able to listen to participant’s darkness of the body to open infinite creativity of Life. Every day start from the de-self conditioning by yourself to release from stiffness, pain, blockage, unconscious emotional bind. Release personal tension at the throat by the biggest breathing and try the lowest voice without any tension.

Forget all planning or program of teaching and listen to the darkness of the body of participants, how it is possible to open their potential creativity of Life. Just focus on it.

The midwife is the opposite of the teacher. The teacher is based on the hierarchical Tree order of the difference of knowledge in daily human society. But it is a common illusion of modern human because all of us are totally ignorant about Life. There is no boundary between the midwife and the participants. All of us are co-learners, co-researchers of Life and Co-Midwife that supports each other.



Beyond Socrates's midwife method


According to his disciple Plato, Socrates argued with many Athenian citizens and led them to realize how ignorant they were about themselves. He lived as a midwife on <ignorance to self>.

What we are aiming for now is decisively not enough to <consideration for self>. To realize what we don't know about Life at all and to share the long step to become Life that is able to <Consideration of Life>.

Also, we don’t use the argument at all. The argument just activates the conscious ego.

If you notice a problem with a collaborator or participant, you should not point it directly in words. On the contrary, the ego resists and amplifies the guard. Rather, you take all responsibility of what your guide of conditioning and researching was somehow inadequate. Then you ask your subbody who works 24-hour a night before going to bed. And in the morning, subbody will let you notice the solution based on the deeper truth, mostly Non-dual=dual sway or Rhizome=Tree sway and so on. It should be. You can just guide the next day's conditioning and researching will solve it.



Sinking into the darkness of the body

Smoke Bug's Walk 

It begins from the smoke bugs in the "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata Tatsumi. 

"Hey look at them! 
Insects are alive without breathing.
Look! The thinned down smoke bugs have come walking this way.
Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating into something.”
I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body, participating in such as observations I overheard. 
All because shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.”

These few lines were not in the original magazine article, it's what Hijikata himself have made written when it was published as a book. 
It was added at the beginning after he wrote the full text as if to symbolize all of its essences. 
But, what can we dance the smoke bug on earth? 
It was a mystery for many years. 
It is also similar to the vaporized body in the "Quiet House", but somewhere different. 
During the workshop in Europe this summer, 
I grasped a slight hint, and in Japanese temple of accommodation in Delhi on the way home, something happened. 
In the middle of the night, I did conditioning No.1 'Trembling of the body" in the bed. 
The muscles of the whole body parts began to tremble at random more finely. 
My body was stiff in the long journey of the airplane probably, it was a spontaneous movement that came out from the body itself. 
My body came to a comfortable condition gradually while continued for a long time. 
Suddenly my body got up and started walking with trembling finely. 
I began walking with the details of the body continued throughout trembling little by little. 
The smoke bug, it is a so-called swarm of mosquitoes. 
Thousands of mosquitoes are flying around randomly in the smoke bug. 
All cells of my body throughout walked trembling finely randomly as the mosquito. 
Thus, it has become a comfortable state never tasted so far while walking. 
I turn off the light and walked in the darkness because so dazzling. 
During continuing a long time, the body became the pleasant sustained subconscious mode (=subbody mode), I found it. 
I noticed that this is the smoke bug's walk which I quested for long years. 
I was researched how can we become the special body which is able to enter the "Sick Dancing Princess".
The world required us to stop the 'Gross body' at all, to stop rough daily thinking and gross movement.
Until we become the 'Subtle body' it must be impossible, because the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" is all about so subtle Resonance of Life with 'the invisible behind world'. 
"Sick Dancing Princess" is the book to explore it by the whole volume. 
If we do not become Life itself trembling finely, it is not able to enter the world.
How can I lead to students to become such a body? It was a deadlock that I was faced in the past few years. 
However, the entrance is found at last. 
This <Smoke bug's walk> just keep trembling finely is the wellhead to the "Sick Dancing Princess". 
In this year, we will start from here at the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya. 
I will show the outline below. 

"Smoke Bug's walk" 
Preparation by enough of Medimotion.

1. First, do the previous conditioning No.1 in the laydown position. Vibrates your vertebral spine up and down the front, rear, right and left in three-dimension enough. 
2. After that, continue to tremble finely all part of muscles and joints of the body.
3. Find the most comfortable size and speed. 
If you continue to this, a comfortable condition that you never experienced so far come to spread body. 
So to speak, it is possible to become a sustained self-hypnosis state. 
4. Do it enough time in the supine position, prone position, lateral decubitus position and continue to do plenty of changing the postures. 
5. If you can feel the comfort, while maintaining a fine tremor of the whole body parts, you go to a standing position slowly and start walking in the subbody speed of very slow motion with keeping the fine vibrations. 

This is the entrance of the <Smoke bug's walk> to explore the world of "Sick Dancing Princess". 
Although this is very similar to the <Ash walk> that we continued ever long years, only slightly different at the point that we continue random trembling slightly a little bit larger than that. 
It took over ten years to take the slightest step from the <Ash walk> to <Smoke bug's walk>.
But it is like this to find something new about the body, it takes time. 

6. To be 'Transparent body' 
Once your body becomes the pleasant sustained subconscious mode (subbody mode), next, open the 'Riken eye" (=watch yourself from outside). 
Look away from your body with views from outside, and listen to a very fine Qualia flow which is flowing and transforming in and out of the body. 
If you catch a fine Qualia around your body in and out, you can follow it bodily, it is ever the same. 
But, this Smoke bug's walk has so stronger self-hypnosis effect, than the Ash walk or the Human walk which has been found as the walking meditation. 
It brings your body to the state of the subconscious mode which is able to be pleasant much more powerful. 
Continue it until the state of "Transparent body" that is open to the in and out half-and-half. 
This is the wellhead to enter the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" that has been sought for many years. 
It is also the wellhead to the "Transparent body" that I dreamt for 20 years at the same time. 
This will be the basic practice in the second semester of the Subbody Resonance Butoh School 2014. 
We will become Life that is trembling finely in between the invisible 'behind world'. 
We are going to the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" and explore the various novel aspects of subtle Life resonance. 
I recommend all of you to continue this every day even older students who learned in subbody resonance butoh. 
You can do it in a safe room turned off the light at night if possible, it must be possible to enter the subconscious mode deeper. 
In daily time, it's will be done by blindfolded sometimes.

Sinking into the darkness of the body

Creating Each Own Butoh-fu


Create your own Butoh-fu


We have investigated in Hijikata's Butoh-fu of "Quiet House" and "Sick Dancing Princess".

Next, we started to create each own Butoh-fu.

We did the bodily reading of Hijikata's Butoh-fu, and next, we translate it into Qualia language.

It is easy because yesterday we translated all Qualia of subbody=cobody into the visual channel and drew the subbody drawings.

Today, we put them into the language channel.

Especially, the <Kyu> part of 'Quiet House", section 25, 26 and 27

are the <Kyu of Momiyose> that we dance all Qualia in a short time with <Jumping Wildly>?


25. (Nightmare)

The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, the face of Michaux, the face of a girl and face of a horse, a woman with perm, the face of fool, the face of a person drawn by Bosch, hands that beg to be saved

2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug


26. Right in the middle of the strange development

1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull completely

2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.

3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view changed to eyes of the point. It was exposed to the reduction and regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of a mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a stake man.

6. In the picture of an abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.


27. The participation in the skin

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of the monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched-out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee.


This trial is the first time in the Subbody Butoh. Because of my limitation. I am not good at language channel, it was an inferior complex. I was bound by it for a long time. Then I could not guide people to create own Butoh score.

Only this year, something has changed, and I became open to the language channel flexibly, though slowly.

The result was amazing! Each dancer could create such a rich Butoh score and choreography.

Sorry, the old students till last semester! Always my limitation binds your creativity.

But this is a very slow process to de-self my own limitation and to open a new horizon.


How can we create our own unique Butoh-fu?

This is the first experiment in Subbody Resonance Butoh history. We will explore it all this week.
What is the most important thing to co-create a unique world of each person?
First, find out what is the most necessary Qualia we have to share.
Today on Monday of the third week of May, we concentrated on it and shared Qualia for 5 minutes each.
We gave each a short name to remember.

Lee: Saido collapse and raise
Dan: Wide open breathe
Ariel: Married with space compulsively
Adam: Parkinson's disease warrior
Ripley: Dust ball
Nabila: Could metal
Emilia: Eternal disconnection
Aleks: Black cells
Sonja: Pull of the Abyss
Aki: Sexy poisonous mushroom
Jaako: Expansion and contraction
Samar: Non-Hijikata
Yi: Unspeakable Qualia

Each began with sharing a unique Qualia.
Today we focused on only one of the most important Qualia.
Tomorrow, we developed to at least three or five lines of Butoh-fu, finding own Jo-ha-Kyu.
First of all, the main point will be confirmed.
That's all I can help.
After that, each person takes it for two weeks and completes it as a cobody piece of an hour. During the last two weeks of rehearsal, I will retire from the class. The details of creation are left to each own person. 
I will wait to be surprised to see it on the day of the Butoh festival.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Characteristics of Hijikata's Butoh-fu Language

Deviate extremely from normal language


While studying on "Quiet Houses" and "Sick Dancing Princess", it was able to grasp some of the features of Hijikata's Butoh-fu language as follows.
The language of Hijikata-style Butoh-fu is

1. Collect Kan Qualia that Life cannot resonate well, and being marginalized or dissociated Qualia.
2. Describe it by the unique language that rarely uses it.
3. All the dancers who try to resonate with it have to listen to the darkness of the body and quest for the forgotten Qualia

It has characteristics as above.
Nobody would know how to dance it at first glance.
The language of Hijikata's Butoh-fu itself demands us hard work to quest desperately in the darkness of the body.
We have no choice but to find it by oneself.
Dig into the mystery and secrets of the dark of the body, and finally dig the way to bloom the flower blossoms.
Whether you can do this also depends on whether you have literary talent. In addition, for most co-researchers, English is a second language. We mostly use simple basic international English that is currently distributed in the world. The number of vocabulary is also around 2500. So it is impossible to write a unique Butoh-fu like Hijikata full of unique Flower-Secret-Mysteries. 
This is an experiment that we don't know how far it can go.
However, I have not written the Butoh-fu in language, but I could overcome the weak point and can bring it to the place where this experiment can be done. Only this was a big step forward. Also, we don't know whether it comes out for good or bad for each one.
The evil powers of language might trap us with an evil effect in which the dance gets messed up. I have a bitter experience once.
The third day is an experiment to put music on the Butoh-fu.
If that works well, the set of Butoh-fu and music will remain for the future, increasing the possibility of reproduction. It will be a great asset for co-researchers.
While carefully we will proceed with this experiment.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

23. Compound Eyes

1. Flower Gaze and a face wrapped by flower petals

2. Small flower inside the eyeball

3. Breeding dust with eyelashes

4. A girl in the bush as a stuffed body

5. A girl and mad king in the bush and in the spider’s web

6. A girl and mad king in the bush inside eyes

[I am] waiting for an attack of the storm with the body that connects to these parts, like a puppy that felt the coming storm, or like a spoon or a firefly.

Thus, a Butoh Dancer must have a gaze that connects to those. This gaze is the eyeballs of the pink parakeet.

 24. (Shivering)

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of the flower

1. The extreme dirtiness of the enduring stuffed body

2. A waltz of cow and tree is shivering

3. When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower from behind

4. Shivering

5. Picking flower on the road – Walking Blind – Dog

6. Spoon – Old Woman

7. Shivering

8. Small flowers and small faces are hanging on the grid of a graph paper

9. Shivering

10. On the floor and in the sky, too


25. (Nightmare)

The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, the face of Michaux, face of a girl and face of a horse, a woman with perm, the face of fool, face the of a person drawn by Bosch, hands that beg to be saved

2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug


26. Right in the middle of the strange development

1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull completely

2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.

3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view changed to eyes of the point. It was exposed to the reduction and regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of a mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a stake man.

6. In the picture of the abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.


27. The participation in the skin 

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of a monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched-out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee. 


Sinking into the darkness of the body

16. The difficulty of changing place

The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and Qualia) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance.    


 17. (Rakan)

Bugs attach to Rakan with senile hand – Small Flower – String – Sea Shell – Scale


 18. (The Eyes)

Gaze deeply inside the head and eyes – Gaze deeply at the condition of the gazing deeply – If you observe from outside, it may seem to stop moving – to Gaze – to Fine Stick


19. (Small Box of Joints)

A small box of joints – Hans Bellmer – Samurai Commander – Princess – Tiger       


20. (The Flower of the Whole)

The flower of the whole and the participation into the skin (*26) are homogenous.

The nightmare, in which everything is performed with drooping hands, in particular to the naked body.

       (*26) The participation in the skin: cf. Ch. 22 and 27                       


21. (Ripples)

Attacked from behind and inside, I picked a flower on the road.

Shivering, the ripples spread to the floor and to the sky.


22. (Heliogabalus)

In the picture of the abyss, the focus must be on the participation into the skin rather than the compound eyes. There is only one moment of Heliogabalus (*27).

Things that endure – It was the other face of dazzling moderation

              (*27) Heliogabalus: A Roman emperor; a symbol of “Mad King.” He is known for his extreme eccentricity, decadence, and zealotry


Sinking into the darkness of the body

7. (Dream of Horse Meat)

I was sleeping naked and dreamt of horsemeat

        Where did the whereabouts go?

        Mad King was put in the box (*13)

        The whereabouts of the box are connected to a fine dismantling

        Dance of hair


        Reduction by X and regeneration

About the nest of eyes


        Rakan (*14)



        Dragon Fly

        Mustache that dances the waltz of bug, or Waltzing Mustache


        Gunya-gunya (*15) cat

        Gunya-gunya whereabouts

        All of these compose the parts of a ship


        A bird with long nose hair and a bird which became a box

        The ship has taken these forms

        Or it could be seen as a dismantled ship

        I see far away leaves and nearby greens and I fly

        This is what I smelt at the “Can Factory”


              (*13) Box: Fold the body into the smallest size. cf. Ch.19 and 27

              (*14) Rakan: Buddhism monk who is on the path of enlightenment. cf. Ch. 17

              (*15) Gunya-gunya: Slimy and amorphous


8. (The morning after the storm has passed)

The morning after the storm has passed, nobody visits me anymore. I stood up

A samurai commander becomes a nest with his body intact.


9. (Behind the mirror)

 Behind the mirror       a wall of light

        The dizziness, shivering and swaying shadow of the flower is hidden in the freedom to carry the density at will.


10. (Mescaline)

The love affair of hands (*16) and the copy inside the skull are connected through discontinuity. A mescaline injection is given at a fingertip. Small flowers and small faces are born there.

Knitting with very fine thread, an infinite mesh of stitches (*17), a fire-breathing bird and a funny bear follow Mad King while swaying (*18). In the middle of it, the head is chasing another whereabouts.

All matieres (Qualia of material or sense of material) are supported by the behind the world. The compound eyes (*19) and multi-layering are muddled and become unified.

             (*16) Mescaline hands: cf. Ch 14, the hands Ch. 26

              (*17) Infinite mesh of stitches: cf. the picture of the abyss at Ch. 22 and 26

              (*18) A sample of Chimera Body

              (*19) The compound eyes: cf. Ch. 11, 22 and 23


11 (Chimera)

Bellmer (*20) – to Funny Bear – to Horse Face

From Gaze of Deer – to Stick – to Beggar –Tiger

Bird with nose hair – Flower – to Mad King – Compound Eyes – Whereabouts

Bug – to Dog – Orangutan – to Ears of Fukusuke (*21)

Ears being pricked – Dizziness – to Front and Back of Mirror

Things that are dying in the compound eyes

Doll – Mask – Papaya – Firefly – Development of a wooden board (*22)

There are small flowers and so on

Horse Face – Girl Face – Dog – Spoon

Unification of Bug and Tree – to Behind World – A being who tries sudden development, following the path of a plant

             (*20) Hans Bellmer: German artist who made dolls with spherical joints. cf. Ch. 19

              (*21) Fukusuke: A special character who has big ears which connect to prosperity and happiness

              (*22) Development of a wooden board: Changing the number of dimensions; one-dimensional space as a stick; two-dimensional space as a board, plate, paper; three-dimensional space as a box; four-dimensional time/space as a movement; multi-dimensional time/space as Qualia stream


12. Collapsing

 A shout and a girl – shivering before collapsing 

13. Shivering

The forms are independent (*23)

             (*23) cf. “Shivering” Ch. 24


14. Mescaline Hands

The issue that the hands possess will gradually become clear (*24)

              (*24) cf. Ch. 26


15. Slow diffusion

Keep in mind not to vaporize all at once.

        Development should be attempted in the vaporized condition.

        This issue will also become clear before long. (*25)

              (*25) cf. Ch. 26 and 27

Sinking into the darkness of the body

Quiet House


1. “The Red God”

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Stuffed spring

Nest of Forest (*1), Nest of Eyes (*2), a moth placed on a wooden board (*3)

A vaporized candy maker or the Christ drawn as a Samurai warrior

A fine spider’s thread that runs on the forehead


Cat Waist

Behind World

Garbage disposal place

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of the flower

A fragile sound collapsed in a shed

Can Factory (*5)

Regenerate a reduction by X (*6)

Behind the mirror

             (*1) Nest of Forest: cf. Ch. 4 and Ch.5 “the faraway forest”, Ch. 26 “forest”

              (*2) Nest of Eyes: cf. Ch. 5 and Ch. 7

              (*3) A moth: cf. Ch. 27

              (*4) A swaying shadow of flower: cf. Ch. 24

              (*5) Can Factory: cf. Ch. 6, Ch. 7 and Ch. 16

              (*6) A regenerate a reduction by X: cf. Ch. 7 and 26


 2. Important

“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance.”


3. “Ash girl”

Soul and Spirit



Nobody visits any more

Nobody can sleep anymore

Flower of density

An extreme fulfillment came to her and she became an incredibly beautiful being.

She learned the various customs of Shisha

A dream of horsemeat (*7)

A man who was dragged out of the behind room

A mad man-child sitting on a chair = a beast

Dance the beginning of Kanchen (*8) naked

Use the floor technique of Flermen

The morning when a storm has come


        (*7) A dream of horsemeat: cf. Ch. 4 and Ch. 7

        (*8) Kanchuin: cf. Ch. 5


4. (Vaporizing)

1.     Flower, Rain, Girl, Use all of them

        Mask or Bug

        Doll – Ash Girl – Washing Clothes – Nobody visits any more

2.     Running from Bird to Girl, Girl vaporized and sitting technique

3.     Witch [A] is vaporizing

4.     Witch, who is connected to the red salmon head, is vaporizing

5.     The Great Witch, who dreams of horsemeat, is vaporizing

6.     Various Whereabouts are vaporizing

        Water – Obon (*9) – A faraway forest – Shisha

 (*9) Obon: Special days in August when ancestral spirits return home


5. Something that was grasped as a shadow of the mind

        A girl who moves with subtle speed

        The Christ who has gone slack

        The Christ who was released with the slacked body


        Mad King’s hand (*10) – Bug, Bird (*11), Stick (*12)

        A sitting crane fly

        These are almost danced by the waltz

        Thus, the reduction by X and regeneration are flying off from the faraway forest and the nest of eyes,

        And “Shisha” participate with all of these

        Someone, who appears in order to dance these things (or a Butoh dancer), has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear.

        And the girl becomes the horse face and stops there.

        Also, another girl stands up and becomes a doll through a dragonfly.

        All sways stop there.

             (*10) Mad King: cf. Ch. 10 and Ch. 11, and Heliogabalus at Ch. 22

              (*11) Bug, Bird: cf. Bird's Fear and Bug's Fear at Ch. 5

              (*12) Stick: cf. Ch.18 and 27


6. "Can Factory"

 "Can Factory" that hides in front and behind the mirror


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Kan Walk

We study Kan Qualia that Hijikata collected for his whole life.
Kan means Life couldn't resonate well. The most Butohtic Qualia. We studied them in the 212 Chapter of "The Butoh", and I selected as a Kan Walk butoh-fu as the following.

Kan Walk
1. Start from Ash walk or own weakened body
2. Squeaky air
3. A plant grows up from inner organ to temple
4. A bird flying away from the temple
5. Place the whereabouts into your body
6. A locomotive passes in your body
7. Gauged and melt
8. Wire in the body
9. Stain into the wall
10 Crack
11. Rock cicada's eye
12 Torn God

Sinking into the darkness of the body

Flower of “Kan”

1. A subtle bodily sensation of the beginning of 'Kan'

When Life meets something unable to resonate well, a subtle bodily sensation visits us. It is the sign of the beginning of 'Kan'.
Hijikata caught the subtle sensation exactly as the following.
It is so subtle and strange that the daily body ignores or cannot notice, but when we stop daily gross consciousness, everybody can catch it. 

Squeaky air
Being gouged and melt
Plants crawl the temple
Birds fly away from the temple
Stain on the wall infinitely
Blurred flowers wander
The itch
I disappeared into the haze
Whereabouts of the body are placed into the body
Multi-Layering of nerve mescaline
Trapped in the mesh of the moment
Rain to diarrhea
A doll smolders Busubusu
Wire in the body
Locomotive passes through the inside of the body
Consisting of margin
Viewed by the bird's-eye
Attacked by light
Spider web of light
The ankle was bitten by a rabbit
The internal organs hanging out of the body
The neck of the crane extending from the internal organs
Follow on the waterways of the internal organs
The face which is put painted inside
Blurred face going forward
Breath is sucked up
Breeding of dust
Transformed into the face of the grave keeper
A draft that permeates the back teeth
Open pelvic tail grows
The old woman being kissed
Surrounding exactly what ambiguous
Touch of a fingertip to trace the grain
Being confined to the crystal
Passing of the myriad gaze
Gaze to split the space
Wander the inside of the ear
Burnt feathers
Locked in a small room in the chest
Pulling pus loose
A fool being chased
Girl approaching from a distant forest
Rising up with the darkness gradually
Leaves fall in the cranium one by one
(Butoh Score in Hijikata's words from


2. Condensed 'Kan' on a part of body and mind
When an unsolved problem stays on the body for a long time, it condenses and causes an abnormality of the body. These are the typical 'Kan'.


Rock cicada’s eye

Retracted scrap

Man of pock
A strange person who pinches
Firm with remaining blurred
Child drooling
Internal organ dried up completely

A person with a Gibbs
Goya face of pus
The face of the pomegranate tooth

The face of the dried flower
Face being put painted inside
Face blurred forward
Right eye and the left half of the face is melting

Eyes of the cicada of rock
Scabs twitched
Dark sooty face
The face of the forest
Origin of nail and teeth

A small shrine of the eyes and mouth cavity
Absolute save less face appears
Raisin eyes of an old woman
Man dividing meat


3. Being itself becomes 'Kan'
'Kan' developed to the whole body. Being itself transforms 'Kan'.
The final condition of 'Kan'

Flermem bedridden for 25 years
Stunted young grave keeper 
Sloppy girl
Looming horse 
Ghost playing the organ
Girl of cataract 
Stuffed Flermen
The collapse of the beggar

Smoldering doll 'Busubusu'
The face of a bear on the back of the mask
Pigeon-toed gecko
Stuffed spider's web 
Generation and dismantling of the doll by soil
People who are made ​​of dust
Who has been put paint on the wall

A ghost with a child's face in his mouth

A cow of Density

Madman of child paralysis

A dangerous person who seems to be collapsed

The pope with the coat of the steam pus

The dark bottle stands dangerous

Auschwitz overlaps to the insects dancing on paper

A girl wrapped in the behind the darkness

A ghost with a child’s face in his mouth

A cow of Density

Madman of child paralysis

A dangerous person who seems to be collapsed

The pope with the coat of the steam pus

The dark bottle stands dangerous

Auschwitz overlaps to the insects dancing on paper

A girl wrapped in the behind the darkness


 (Butoh-fu Picked up from Hijikata's student's notebook.)



Mix Bugs walk and Flower of Kan


Replace the world change Qualia of the Bugs walk by world=self change Qualia of Flower of Kan as the following;

Squeaky air
Stain on the wall infinitely

Blurred flowers wander

I disappeared into the haze

Whereabouts of the body are placed into the body

Trapped in the mesh of the moment

Rain to diarrhea

Consisting of margin

The internal organs hanging out of the body


Surrounding exactly what ambiguous

Being confined to the crystal

Wander the inside of the ear

Burnt feathers

Locked in a small room in the chest

Rising up with the darkness gradually

Leaves fall in the cranium one by one

Rock Cicada’s eye

The face of the forest

Absolute save less face appears

Man dividing meat

Flermem bedridden for 25 years

Stunted young grave keeper


Stuffed Flermem

The collapse of the beggar

Stuffed spider’s web

Generation and dismantling of the doll by soil

People who are made of dust

Who has been put paint on the wall

A ghost with a child’s face in his mouth

A dangerous person who seems to be collapsed

Auschwitz overlaps to the insects dancing on paper

Sinking into the darkness of the body

Resonance body


The deepest beauty appears in the resonance of Life.

Sometimes, we experience that an unexpected, beautiful resonance happens in our Life. We don't know what happens, but we notice that our Life is deeply moved by it.

I could not explain very well what the resonance body is, for a long year.

The subbody is the subconscious body, and cobody is resonating subbody, this was the normal explanation about subbody and cobody. I have researched the subbody and cobody for many long years, the relationship between subbody and cobody is a deep mystery and unsolved secret for me.

Just recently, 2019 we could find that Subbody=Cobody because the border disappears in the Non-dual subconscious realm. And all co-researchers transformed into a big creature named Subbody=Cobody, they moved from Himalaya to Europe with growing to Nomadic Rhizome, performed at various places.

What is this phenomenon?  I surprised at their sudden transformation. It was a moment that my long dream came true.


A miracle of Life resonance


There is no subject and no object in the resonance.

It happens transparently as one resonance among subbody and cobody. It happens when dancers can stop the ego and self on the stage. This is the miracle that I wanted to see for many years.

To become one is the most important thing for the theater. If each dancer could show an excellent technique, but the stage cannot become one, then the theater is just cold.

Before, yes, sometimes the theater crystallized into oneness, such as during Hijikata's Butoh theater. But it was dependent on an excellent choreographer's direction and managing ability. It is the first time that I saw Life resonance amongst dancers happen without a special choreographer. Even though they are in an embryo state, I love to meet it for long years.




World Co-creations


This is the Rhizome

Rhizome is an image of a future human after we are released from the modern human state which is bound by Ego, Self and the Power of the nation-state.

Rhizome is able to connect flexibly and separate freely in any kind of resonance pattern.

We need to take off the binds of Ego, Self, and Power and become Life which has infinite resonativity (resonance ability) beyond borders.

This is a novel experiment in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya.

Students invent many kinds of behind world as subbody=cobody with unique shape and process.

Especially, boxed cobody or bottom cobody, chimera cobody, various swarm, forest, stone garden, dismal air, and so on. This is the richest condition for opening the infinite creativity of Life. If there is a tendency to not resonate well with any cobody, we can research by ourselves in the abyss of subbody.

The Flower, Mystery, Secret of Life and the necessary subbody=cobody for survival bloomed in this process.

This was necessary to enter the unexplored Butoh realm of "Sick Dancing Princess" of Tatsumi Hijikata. We will continue to investigate and deepen it all over the world.



Nomad Rhizome


Nomad Rhizome is a unique style of Subbody=Cobody Resonance Butoh that transforms the pattern of resonance between members in different ways. While separating and linking freely, they can go dancing in changing locations.

As we experience this dynamic Life Resonance process by the whole body, we can take off the daily patterns of 'modern human' trapped in Ego, Self and Power system inevitably.

This was developed during 1995-2013, at Japan, Thailand, Hungary, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, USA, Venezuela, and at various landscapes in Himalayan mountains and Delhi. It's a novel way of Life for us in the future.


Dancers can co-create a world by resonance

In the second week of August intensive course, we learned Hijikata's Bugs walk.

Dancers can create a world together flexibly with resonance.

It is an incredibly wonderful thing. No another genre of art can do this.

Subbody Butoh dancers are pioneers of how to create a Utopia by life resonance. Our experiments of co-creating a world will be a resource for the future system of human society.

My work is to bring students up to become the same level of super-creators as Hijikata.


Resocracy: a method for co-creating a world

Now, we have a method to co-create a world through life resonance, without any force, control, argument, and direction, though it is only the beginning.

We call it "Resocracy" instead of the fake system of Democracy, we need to invent it for the future.

In the summer intensive workshop, we concentrate on Life resonance.

Every day we start with the breath of Life and feel our lives are resonating with multi-dimensional Qualia, gravity, levity, temperature, moisture, air pressure, sound, light, and so on.

Not only these physical Qualia, But Life also resonates with inner Qualia; memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, and so on at the same time.

We need to stop the rough daily mind and body because these inner Qualia are much subtler than physical Qualia.

When we enter the subbody mode, we can feel the subtle resonance. We continue listening to the darkness of the body, catching subtle signals, and following it, amplifying it to each Subbody’s movement. And free resonance between each other's creation.

We have almost found the method, as the following;





1. Medimotion conditioning

Medimotion conditioning is the essence of the subbody=cobody method. We continue it every day in different ways so that all co-researchers can get it as own pleasure.


2. Becoming

The second stage is to open resonativity (resonance ability) to various Qualia; gravity, levity, warmth, coldness, fluidity, solidity, vaporing and so on. They are to become everything; the gas, stone, liquid, creature, hidden characters, archetypes, and so on.


3. Finding own Qualia

Each student meets various Qualia in the darkness of the body. When one follows it, one can become something. Through this self-research, each student gets own unique Qualia.


4. Sharing each own Qualia together

Through the <Qualia Share> everybody is able to share each unique Qualia.

Each one initiates own Qualia and the others follow and promote it. In this way, we can co-create interesting Jo-H-Kyu without a choreographer or director.  Releasing form the old hierarchical system, Life can open full creativity.


5. Find the best Jo-H-Kyu of total creation

We keep transparency during the co-creation that half focus on co-creation and half carry your secret. When you find the best timing of subbody solo, at any time you can separate from cobody to dance it and connect flexible again.

Each of our lives has a unique experience with or against the world. Such as that of some pressure, bind, strict, struggles, trauma, and so on. If we find own dance with or against a world, it must be a necessary dance for Life. Each one tries to listen to the total Jo-Ha-Kyu of timing and spacing for the novel co-creation.

These experiments become a very rich treasure for resocracy, in which we create a world together through Life resonance.

This is a novel exciting experience as Life released from the existing way of choreography. You can experience how your Life starts shining for the first time in your life.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Transparent body


What is a transparent body?


Long years I have investigated in the transparent body. In the beginning, I could feel it, but I could not explain it by word at all. It was just the most ideal condition of body and mind.

Now I can say a few characteristics of the transparent body.


No boundary

When we are in the daily body condition, there are hard boundaries between consciousness, subconscious and body. In the conscious mode, there are hard boundaries between the main channel and other channels. Consciousness can feel only one channel Qualia at the same time. Also, there are hard boundaries in the consciousness between intending thing and other Qualia.

The other side of the boundary is opaque for daily body/mind, when we are in the conscious mode, we cannot feel any Qualia beyond the boundaries, because it is in the dark opaqueness.

On the contrary, there are no boundaries in Life resonance and subconscious.

Life is always resonating with everything beyond borders. All Qualia are resonating beyond time and space in the subconscious and subbody. This world is the non-dual and multi-dimensional world; it has completely different logic from the daily world.

Our consciousness is bond by dualism logic, then we cannot contact to the non-dual and multi-dimensional world by keeping a conscious mind.

The transparent condition is to remove these boundaries to become subconscious body mode, which we call "subbody" released from the daily condition.

Especially, the important point is to be "subbody" which opens the body and movement channel.


No intention and no tension

The transparent body is a deeper level of subbody, which can feel outer Qualia and inner Qualia equally. We open to inside 50 percent and to outside 50 percent. Outer Qualia are present physical Qualia, and inner Qualia are including memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, emotions, feelings, bodily sensations and so on.


Timeless and space less

Exactly saying, we cannot divide both of inner Qualia and outer Qualia, because they are in the non-dual world. There is no border between outside and inside, now and past or future.

When we become the transparent body, we can feel all Qualia beyond time and space, beyond all channels from the body and movement channel to the relationship and world-self channel.


Momentary and spontaneously

When we are thinking, it takes time. But the transparent body does not delay. It can respond immediately with the real-time life resonance. Momentary and spontaneous is the characteristic of the transparent body. 

Non-dual and multi-dimension

Life is always resonating with every quale beyond time and space in the non-dual and multi-dimensional world. It has a completely different logic from daily consensus reality.

Daily logic is bond by assumptions of dualism; up/down, in/out, self/others, good/bad, right/wrong, and so on. But in Life, there are any judgments like them.

Life is just resonating without subject and object. Qualia themselves are also resonance.

The transparent body just follows Life resonance without any tension and intention in the no-boundary world.


Extreme creativity

In the transparent condition, we can contact all hidden memories, dreams, fantasies, imaginations beyond time and space. All of them are just streaming and changing flexibly. This is the secret why the transparent body can open infinite creativity of subconscious and life.


Opening all channels and sway between Non-dual and dual

The transparent body is a condition which opens all channels and swaying between Non-dual and dual.

Exactly saying, there is no channel in the Life resonance. It Non-dual and multiple dimensions resonances. Sometimes a clear Tree-like shape appears from the Non-dual chaos. (See chapter 8 Rhizome)

This is the biggest different point between traditional meditation and subbody method. Because traditional meditation is not an open movement channel. Without the movement channel, we cannot contact the non-dual Qualia resonance, because they are streaming with all channel Qualia.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Clouding body


Clouding body and "Behind world"

Clouding (Obscuring) body technique is introduced at the beginning of "Sick Dancing Princess".

"Shrink and attentiveness of the old man who knew the uselessness body. I have learned the method of clouding the body through them."

The old man spreads the hidden skins and shrinks it when it meets strange Qualia like the slime.
We dance it not only by solo but also with cobody.
When the cobody is moved by invisible behind world like the swarm, the audience also has to move the watching place one after another.
It is the sharing the Medimotion effect with the audience, and they are involving into the invisible Life Resonance world.
By resonating with the invisible world, the audience is caught up in the wonder of Life Resonance with the behind a world that the audience cannot see.
The <Nomad Rhizome> and <Resonant Rhizome> is the technique to involve the audience into the invisible Life Resonance.



Sinking into the darkness of the body

Archetype body


When we sink deeper into the darkness of the body, we meet various Archetypes.

The archetype is similar to instinct.

Both are specific resonance patterns of Qualia which all the human race has an as common pattern imprinted on the genome.

Instinct leads to an automatic response of behavior, Archetype leads to automatic resonance pattern of imagination and emotion.

When we see red of fire or black of darkness, all of the humans recognize it red or black. It is an instinct which we share.

And various imaginations and emotions which visit us through the experiences of red of fire, or black of darkness is the function of Archetype.

Instincts were imprinted in our life during the four-billion-year history of Life.

Archetypes were imprinted in our brain during several million years’ histories of a Homo kind after we separated from champagne kind.

Especially, experiences of deep awe and fear had imprinted in our common resonance pattern of Qualia.

All mankind shares the common Archetypes of heaven, hell, god, monster, ghost, spirit, and so on, beyond the difference of nation, religion, and culture.

C. G. Jung found the collective unconsciousness which is deeper than individual unconsciousness. Archetypes are the main contents of it.

The most basic Archetypes are "Great mother", "Anima", "Animus", "and Shadow". "Spirit", "Wisdoms", "Trickster", "Girl", "Monsters", and so on.

So many resonance patterns are floating and transforming in the deeper realm of our darkness of body.

Sometimes they appear as a shape of animals or natural phenomena.

They are not fixed forms but transforming flexible, changing shapes easily and infinitely. They are the treasure house of rich imagination and creation, though it is extremely hard and dangerous to experience them.

When we continue the travel in the darkness of the body in the deeper realm, there is a stage in which we must meet them unavoidable.

We cannot plan or expect it consciously, because it is the function by unconsciousness

The encounter to Archetype happens suddenly without any warning.

We may feel that we are attacked by unknown something.

We feel the strange fear of being possessed and step back instinctively.

It is the natural response of edge experience of encounter Archetype.

We need to be aware of it, and accept it and become it to sublimate it to creation.

The power of the Archetype is extremely strong.

They are infinitely rich and dreadfully strong to control us at the same time.

To be possessed or to sublimate it to a creation, it is an inevitable struggle.

It is a turning point of staying the condition of the human which is bound by Ego and unconsciousness or to become free for communicating them flexible.

It is the struggle to be a future human to take off all unconscious binds including the "Ego" which is the strongest archetype of the modern age. (About the Ego which is the biggest Archetype of today will be described in another article.) See chapter 2 Transparency)

When we accept Archetype and become them, we become "Archetype-body".

There is no border between subbody and cobody, between me and you, between individual and group.

We become a sub=cobody which is the condition before separating the self and others. It is a non-dual body.

It brings us so strange feeling and somatic sense.

Because we become another being out of self. It is full of numinous mysteries.

At that condition, we can open the transparent eyes which we can see what is happening transparently.

The Archetype body is the necessary entries for the "Transparent body".



Life Resonance Journal
 What's New
 We wait for the Calm down of Coronavirus
to resume the School
Sinking into the darkness of the body

Possessed body


Who was dancing?

Who was dancing with using my physical body?

It was not me, but someone else who lives in the darkness of my body. I didn't understand it for a long year.

After ten years, now I can say that my dead friends were dancing with possessing my body.

Forty years ago, when we were young, we fought to stop the Vietnam War. The war happened between US Government which pursued to control Vietnam as their colony and Vietnam people who wished to be independent. US army used the biggest violence, bombs, and chemicals. They were based on US army camp in Japan, and the Japan government supported the war as a puppet of the US government. We resisted against the Japanese and US government with a demonstration at first, but Government oppressed it by the violence of the police, then we had to fight against violence. In these fighting, eighty students were dies.

Three of my intimate friends were included. I was a leader of the activities. I organized many friends as resistant’s, but I could not die, because at first, I was arrested by the police, and instead of me my friends died. I had deep guilty for them after the period.

For many years, my dead friends visited me in the nightmare often. One day, I said to them, "Please use my body freely and dance it freely!”

It became my solos, "Infectious Fever", "Dead Fever" and so on. I performed these pieces in various countries as another person during these world tours.

This was a secret in my depth because if I speak about this, I could not explain what happened well, and nobody must not understand.

Now I can say that these phenomena of possession are just Life resonance.

Our Life is resonating with everything beyond death and Life.

The possessed body is not so much a special thing for Life. Though we

need deep training and experience to control it transparently.



Sinking into the darkness of the body

Chimera body



Igu found an interesting method of practice for becoming a Chimera body. She chose two or three different Qualia. And our bodies share the two or three different Qualia at the same time or changing one after another>, for example, a part becomes a tree, and the other part becomes a cow, and exchange, and transform to next chimera, as the following;


Tree/ cow

Head of salmon/ body of a girl

Chair/ animal

Mad king/ girl

Mirror/ cat

Dragonfly/ doll

Samurai commander/ queen

A face of horse/ beggar

Spoon/ old woman

Small flower/ bug

Stick/ mask

Firefly/ bear

Hands of mescaline/ Rakan/ stuffed body

Board/ paper/ dead


These different Qualia are mixed, exchanged, and make interaction in the body and transform by the various resonance patterns. We can taste so rich unexpected body Qualia streaming through the practice.

At first, we do it alone.

At the next stage, we do it by coupled bodies which move together in the close relationship as one chimera body.

One body becomes a tree and the other becomes a cow, and exchanges, mixes, interacts with each other. Also, this opens a new paradigm of the duet.

Chimera is an imaginary creature in the Greece myth, which is mixed by lion, goat, and snake, and blows fire from the mouse.

Almost archetype beings are made by mixing various different elements as the slideshow above.

The creation happens by the resonance with different Qualia for life. Then the condition of the chimera is just general phenomena for life.

Remember "an encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on the operation table" by Dadaism. Butoh is unifying the Dadaism, surrealism and all kinds of experiments of creation, and deepen them as Life.

I recommend this practice to the readers. It will open your imagination of the body to the maximum level.



Sinking into the darkness of the body

Vaporized body


To become the impossible wish of Life


Tatsumi Hijikata had to invent a novel body to become Oneness with his dead sister. One is Weakened body which reduces all strength of daily body, another one is Vaporized body that reduced all physicality of the human body.

Chapter 3 of “Quiet House” is started from “Soul and Spirit” and ended at “Materializing”.

It means that he transformed into the Vaporized body (Soul and Spirit) and danced the variation of it with Carrying the Density (Flower of density). He danced the most impressive memory,  a family carnival with her. At that carnival, all family gathers together including bed-ridden person (A man who was dragged out of the behind room). This person’s memory was a proto image of “Flermen”.

After dancing together beyond the border of sick/healthy, old/young, dead/living, The morning when a storm has come

And everybody Materializing.


3. “Ash girl”

Soul and Spirit



Nobody visits any more

Nobody can sleep anymore

Flower of density

An extreme fulfillment came to her and she became an incredibly beautiful being.

She learned the various customs of Shisha

A dream of horsemeat 

A man who was dragged out of the behind room

A mad man-child sitting on a chair = a beast

Dance the beginning of Kanchen naked

Use the floor technique of Flermen

The morning when a storm has come



He made exact choreography to transform into Vaporizing body gradually. There are many stages to vaporize completely.


4. (Vaporizing)

1.     Flower, Rain, Girl, Use all of them

        Mask or Bug

        Doll – Ash Girl – Washing Clothes – Nobody visits any more

2.     Running from Bird to Girl, Girl vaporized and sitting technique

3.     Witch [A] is vaporizing

4.     Witch, who is connected to the red salmon head, is vaporizing

5.     The Great Witch, who dreams of horsemeat, is vaporizing

6.     Various Whereabouts are vaporizing

        Water – Obon – A faraway forest – Shisha


 Also, he left a note to remind himself,


Keep in mind not to vaporize all at once.

Development should be attempted in the vaporized condition.


This suggests that he built this new technique of the Vaporized body very carefully.


15. Slow diffusion

        Keep in mind not to vaporize all at once.

        Development should be attempted in the vaporized condition.

        This issue will also become clear before long. 





The cloud in the monsoon, as a teacher of vaporized body   


When lunching on the veranda, a group of clouds climbed up from the lower valley. I took up the camera, with expecting the white dragon show which crawls up the valley. It's my favorite movement of clouds, such as the white dragon climbs the valley. But, soon the cloud of today started changing the odd shapes one after another into infinite unknown beings. After showing the transformation of infinite arts, it has begun to disappear into the forest on the opposite side of the valley. It was happening within about ten minutes.



Warm air because the content of the water is deep, the water droplets of clouds came down from the cold high sky, had vaporized in the air.

The movement of the clouds is a teacher of an infinite body of the vaporized body. This unexpected disappearance of the cloud has become my teacher today. Until the disappearance from the bizarre transformation of infinite, I danced with the teacher for a while. These two weeks, my body was stunted by wrestling with a computer screen for a long time, I feel like I come back to Life after a long time has passed. Clouds were old dance body for me from a young age. Transformation of early clouds in the sky of Hawaii Island,

Deformation of plastic bags fluttering in the wind of Tokyo, Infinite transformation of each season of the Himalayan sky...Many Qualia of the clouds are about to inhabit the body. When I was young, I often resonated with the rapid transformation, maybe my darkness of body preferred to resonate with it. But, now the tendency of my subbody is resonating with its disappearance, though it is much harder. The vaporized body has invented by Tatsumi Hijikata as a body dancing impossible wish of Life.

It was absolutely necessary for him to dance with his dead sister.

By the density of impossible desire not been fulfilled, Life transforms from a physical state to take off it and becomes vaporized state.

It is not the wish of self as a human, but just to follow the tendency of Life. It is not a mere movement, sometimes it disappears immediately.


How can we dance this disappearance?

We need to become a transparent body which is the most flexible resonator.

We do de-self conditioning enough and just follow the whereabouts of the clouds are going to disappear.

Carrying the density in a reverse way until Life spread to the world that the body is not visible.

We turn off the signs of Life. Be calm to infinitely and be the Shisha (dead).

The vaporization and materialization are both sides of the coin. They are both poles of the techniques of Shisha in Hijikata's last solo of "Quiet House". He danced while becoming infinite variations of the transformation of materializing and vaporizing.

The teacher of the cloud of today disappeared among the woods of the valley beyond. I wonder it transformed into a spirit of the forest. And it is waiting for the next timing to transform another being with listening in the faint invisible Qualia of the behind world.

From there, a new transformation will be born. My role as a midwife is to guide people until this condition.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Kugutsu body


The essence of the Kugutsu body


1. Being controlled by someone

Research the Qualia not moving by your will but your body is moved or controlled by someone.

Not being moved various parts at once, but only one part is moved by someone. Sometimes the unexpected part is moved to an unexpected direction.


2. The medium of the other world

Kugutsu is a medium to carry a specific message of the other world. Kugutsu body stands on the edge between this world and the other world and carries the hidden message quietly.


3. Zanshin (Reverberation or Remaining echo)

After a part of the body is moved, when it stops, subtle vibration has remained like a reverberation or echo. The size of it depends on the rigidity of the material of the Kugutsu body; metal, wood, plastic, elastic, stone and so on. The scale and time of the reverberation are different according to the rigidity of the material.

It occurs from your deep layer muscle of the spine. To control it is the hidden technique of Kugutsu body.



Kugutsu--medium of another world


Kugutsu is a human-shaped like a doll or puppet, but not only the doll or puppet.

Kugutsu is a transformed body of the Shisha (the dead); it is a medium to carry a deep message of the other world. The message of nature, or super nature; sadness against the destroying the resonance of nature, anger against the foolishness of human, and so on. Kugutsu body carries the hidden message quietly.


Stone walk


The stone body is the basis of the Kugutsu body.

1. Contract your bottom, and carry the solid body quietly.

2. Tightrope walk--Step the tightrope by using only the first toe, first tow ball, and heel, Step down the rope tightly without side swaying.


Mountain walk


Imagine that your Gravity center is below five-meter underground. Carry the very heavy gravity center as a Himalayan mountain, with the message from the mountain to the human.


Kugutsu--carrying the deep message of behind world


You become a medium of the behind the world. Various deep messages will visit your body, a secret smile, a hidden crying of nature, and so on. Just carry them quietly without intention. Why Kugutsu? Listen to the necessary why do you need to be Kugutsu in the big circulation between nature and human activities.


Qualia of being forced, being controlled


Not you, but someone moves you. Remember the Qualia of unable to move, hard to move, forced to move, and controlled to move. The move your deep layers muscles (=Hidden muscles), Hidden joints. Try to move without using surface muscles and human feeling.

The movement was called 'Belmer' in Hijikata's Butoh score.




Kugutsu has another aspect. The humanoid body can show the real shape of contemporary human.

Humanoid is the same movement as human, without the human mind, emotion. You can show it in extreme slow-motion. In this case, the Humanoid body is not medium, but itself a symbol of the deep sadness. Exactly, the medium and itself is not distinctive, they muddled and become oneness.



Cracked faces, eating roots


Letter from Cambodia

I visited Angkor Vat, Angkor Tom, and some temples around. I met many cracked faces of stone statues, but they still continue the smiles of compassion beyond the time. May our dancing keep a moment which was crystallized beyond time like this?

I found that Buddhism as the thought was an origin of the thought of life resonance.

And surprisingly so many roots of trees spread into stone structures of the temple. It seems moving trees eating human structures. They are teachers of opening another dimension.



Sinking into the darkness of the body

Bottom body


The secret of the Bottom body


The bottom body was a deep question for me for a long time. I have become it so often for many years, but I couldn't understand what it is. It was just an opaque question.

But, slowly the secret of the bottom body is going to be unfolded.

During the second week of 2011 for five days we continued to research the bottom body in different aspects.

Almost students found their own unique bottom bodies. Some of them met the first bottom and second bottom body.  Transformation among them was so rich and deep taste.

Then I found that until this year we did only one or two days for researching bottom body.  This was my biggest mistake. It was too short. It needs for one week or more to meet the bottom.  I realized so.


I did not recognize the real importance of the bottom body until last year.

I felt that the bottom body is a special thing only for me than I could not guide students so much strongly toward the bottom body.

But, during last year we research Hijikata's last Butoh score "Quiet House", and could create various practice methods. This experience gave me strong confidence in what I am not alone. I found the boxed body for Hijikata is the same as the bottom body. And also, Ohno Kazuo had various bottom bodies. The bottom is one of the importance of transformation. In the Greece and Roman myth, the Mercury who is a symbol of transformation is put into a bottle. Also, this is a kind of bottom body. In the Aladdin’s magic lamp of Arabian night, also a giant is folded in the lamp or vase.

These smallest spaces were base camps of transformers in various cultures.

Now finally, I understand that the bottom body is a universal necessity for transformation.       

At first, the subbody method was born independently from Hijikata. But, through these processes, the subbody method and Hijikata's method resonated and are going to become oneness.

The resonance brought it.



The archetype of the Bottom body


Subbody school 2010 is over. At the moment, my subbody starts to integrate all the experiences of this year through the whole night. He gave me so many new awareness’s.

Awareness comes up always to find a hidden connection between issues which I regarded two different things. One of them is finding a unification of the ten bodies and the archetypes. They are resonating in the collective unconscious realm.

I didn't know what the bottom body is. I have just continued to become my bottom body. It brought me a special somatic feeling like a mystery. I suggested finding own bottom to students. Some of them didn't meet it. But a few students met it and created unique subbody. Their dance has changed completely and deepened by finding own bottom. What did happen?

About this, I will continue to deepen it.



Boxed body of Hijikata


In Hijikata's Butoh body, there is a boxed body. But it was a mystery to me for a long time. Finally, the question was solved. Now we are studying Hijikata's last Butoh score for "The Quiet House".

At first, we tried to decipher it. The text is so difficult and strange Japanese. Even for me, it took for over ten years to read and understand. Now we translate it into basic English. Because most of the readers are not English speakers. It is so hard to translate the most mysterious Japanese text into one thousand vocabularies of Basic English. But now we have finished it, and proceed to the second stage to read it by the body. This body reading is the most important process. Every day we read and resonate by the body. Through this process, we could meet much new awareness. One of them is the connection between Hijikata's boxed body and bottom body. We can find many variations of the boxed body in the text. A mad king was put in the box


A bird which becomes a box

A small box of joints--Hans Bellmer--Samurai commander--Princess--tiger

The queen will be put in a box of joints


When I tasted these boxed bodies by my body, suddenly I noticed "Oh! This is totally the same as the bottom body!" During I read by the only head, I couldn't notice at all, but through the body reading, body felt the same Qualia of the both. That's why the body reading is so important.



Bottom of Kazuo Ohno


I collected bottom shapes of Kazuo Ohno.

The only dynamic standing pose is spread to the world as if Ohno's trademark. I worried about it. It guides people to a big misunderstanding about his Butoh. Ohno's Butoh was distorted by those great poses of his pictures. Photographers used to shoot the timing of his standing and spread his big hands to the sky.

In spite of that, it is merely the final pose of his Butoh, cameramen aimed to shoot the great final pose. Because it is felt like the beauty for their eyes. But their eyes are warped by a modern daily sense of beauty. Photographers, who shoot only his great pose, distort his life of Butoh completely. And the sad thing, many Western Butoh dancers are influenced by 'the fake of Ohno's Butoh style', and it spread to the world. For long years, I worried about it. It is one of the flowers of his Butoh, all right. He looked even being happy. But the flower is not made of by flower itself. The flower becomes the flower supported by the secret and the mystery. Ohno's real dance was wandering the dark world below the knee; he faced to the edge of death, listen to the other world, full of the secrets and mysteries of life there. And he found the timing to bloom the flower. Without facing the mystery, the Butoh turns to the fake dance. Most of the photographers seem not to see his secret and mystery.


Yoshito Ohno, his son said


"Kazuo had another world under the knee. It was another cosmos for him. ‘The world of under the knee was very important for him. In the case of modern dance, the tendency to orient the upper direction against the Gravity is strong. But, for Kazuo, in the opposite. When he felt something underworld, he just falls down. The speed is terrible. In a moment he was fallen."

(" Ohno Kazuo; daily food for Spirit", 1999, Japan)


I collected Ohno's photos of the opposite pose against the great pose of his Butoh. It was hard, because too rare to find. Fortunately, in the works of Naoya Ikegami, I could find a few photos. I deeply appreciate Naoya's important works. It may be useful to save the worldwide misunderstanding about Kazuo's Butoh. Please taste them by your life. with stopping your daily sense of the beauty. We need to take off all conditions of the human. And ask your life, please.


"What is the real Flower of his Butoh?"

"What is the Secret of his Butoh?"

"What is the Mystery for his Butoh?"


All of Secrets and Mysteries are invisible. Only when you stop your daily mind, it will be able to resonate with for your Life.

You must find the deepest rich Flowers of Kazuo's Butoh in his bottom bodies.



Dancing from the Bottom


Dance from the bottom of being, this is the bottom body.

What is the bottom body?

It is the most pressed subbody from the world into the minimum size. It was not allowed to live in the daily world. It was hidden at the bottom part of the darkness of the body for long years. When we become the bottom, it is so uncomfortable, but familiar at the same time.  It is the paradox of the bottom body. It is the bottom of the being for us.

We start an experiment to create the deepest Butoh dance in the world from here as the Life which subbody and cobody become oneness.

We will sink down into where nobody knows, what nobody has been experienced yet.


Searching the bottom and numinous


Letter from Cambodia ---Young dancers in Phnom Penh


I gave two days’ workshop for young dancers in Phnom Penh.

They are normally learning or teaching Traditional Cambodian dance; the role of Hiro, Heroin,

Hanuman (Monkey god's dance in Hinduism) and so on.

As it was only two days, I focused on only three points.


1. Butoh is to transform a dead body which mediates between the living world and the dead world.

2. Stop daily mind and listen in the subtle body feeling in the darkness of the body.

3. Find each own bottom and search numinous body feeling which you have never felt.


Searching the bottom and numinous

1 and 2 is a normal process of the subbody method, and 3 the bottom was a special experiment

at Cambodia. The bottom is a unique body posture for each subbody which is warped or shrunken into the limit. At the bottom we can meet novel, numinous Qualia easily comparing the daily postures. It is not only the physical shrunken shape but shape or movement in which the Qualia Become thickest.

As it is so difficult to explain by word, I showed some samples of the bottom of Hijikata and me, and let them search their own bottom which has never done, and never seen, through warping, twisting, shrinking, stretching each part of the body until the limit. If one meets numinous feeling in it, follow it, and create your own dance from there. I also used the cracked face, decayed body, warped roots in Angkor which is familiar for them.

Their self-research was so sincere and full of challenging spirit. Most of them were from poor families and they couldn't speak English. But through bodily communication, they got essential points perfectly like blotting paper.

The last dances which they found moved me deeply.

My conviction that the bottom has an unknown possibility for necessary creation was confirmed.

The bottom is not only shrunk posture; any posture can be the bottom which one can meet one's own necessary movement.

The reason why one feels a deep strange connection with the bottom posture is not understood by oneself. It is numinous, but there must be hidden the deepest secret for one's life in it. The movement which comes out from the bottom spontaneously has a thick possibility to be a necessary dance for each.

For example, the transformation from the shape of a girl to an animal was the key to flower, secret and mystery for Hijikata.

Research the bottom posture and numinous movement. It is the treasure house of essential creation.

The bottom, numinous, and edge are connected deeply. This year we will investigate in these Qualia deeper.




Encounter the necessary bottom body


The bottom body is the quietest body which you can be yourself.  It is the base for your exploration in the darkness of the body. It is like your home. Though there are so many subbodies in the darkness of the body, the bottom body is the most neutral one which is not bound by any tendencies.

1.    Searching the bottom body for the present

Release all tensions and intensions completely through drop-down breathing. By each breathing, release yourself and meltdown into the most comfortable body posture.  When you meet a posture which you can be the quietest body, and if you feel some unknown deep connection to your depth of yourself, it may be a possibility for your bottom body. Regard it a bottom body for the present.

Ask your bottom body, “What do you want to do most?”  If you feel some subtle tendencies in the darkness of body, follow it and amplify it until a subbody movement, and come back the bottom body. Try this several times. In each time open different channels, with different timing, scale, speed. Repeat it as much as possible.

If you can calm down as quiet as a stone, you will catch various sub-signal in different channels, and so many subbodies will come out.  If not, search for another posture of the body.

Try to find the bottom body which is able to open all channels from there; body, movement, visual, audio, emotion, relationship. world-self, and thinking-awareness channel.

2.    Finding the necessary bottom body

Ask your bottom body for the present, “Who are you?”, “Where are you from?”

If your bottom body presents the answer, “Don’t you know? This is the shape of true yourself”, it may be a necessary bottom body for you.

Cut and polish the shape of the bottom body toward unique posture which you have never seen, and never done. When you succeed to create a unique shape of the bottom body, you will feel the individuation which you are it yourself. From the necessary bottom body, so many subbodies come out one after another. It seems as if an infinite fountain of creation. Just enjoy it. The bottom body and subbodies which connect to the bottom body will become your intimate friends for a whole life long.





Sinking into the darkness of the body

Hidden body


Hidden bodies that we don't know are living in the darkness of the body. They were born at various times in our Life but were not allowed to live in this world. They are called a shadow, not-me, inferior personality, sub-character, dissociated personality and so on. They are living hidden in the depth of the darkness of the body with shrinking into the minimum size for long years. Some of them are forgotten at all by dissociated.  We call up to dance together.

When the main character controls us, they are not able to come out. We need to stop the daily consciousness, and become subconscious mode, to let them come out.

We need to create a world in which all hidden bodies are allowed to live together.

How the world recovers Diversity and Rhizome.

Our subbody Resonance Butoh is the place to realize the Future ahead.


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Proto body


"Proto body" has the most primitive tendency of living in the darkness of the body.

Listen in the darkness of body, and research the slowest, hard to move tendency of Life.

In modern human society, these tendencies are regarded as lazy, inferior, and looked down, but for life, they are the most proto tendencies as a creature.

Our life has been a long time with unable or hard to move the body. It is an important necessary Qualia for Life.

Take off the human conditions, and become the proto creature.

There is unique beauty in the lizard movement, sea slug, and handicapped people's movement.

If you cannot feel them as beauty, it means your beauty sense is bound by the narrow contemporary human concept.

Many students created so unique proto bodies in different forms.

We have to create a future world which any slow movement; any handicapped body must not be looked down and be respected as uniqueness.




Open the proto sense as the Life


When we were an embryo or fetus, we did not know that we are human.

We didn't have thought, we didn't have seen, because we didn't have eyes and brain.

We had only body fluid and skin of the cell. Through the skin, we felt everything; we did resonate with the world. This is the proto sense. We need to open this for sinking into the deeper realm of the darkness of the body.

We can enter this world through cobody (=group) process. Cobody is connected with the collective unconscious body. It is deeper than the individual subconscious body (=subbody).

Today, we started with resonance touch, shiatsu, and group contact with rotten eyes. We become an embryo and fetus in the womb together. In these conditions, the body feeling was the main channel without visual, audio, smell, taste channels. All senses were oneness as an integrated proto sense. With opening this proto sense, we did group research by contacting together with rotten eyes. We become the Human Mountain, Human Ocean, and human couch. We did creation and sharing together as a cobody=subbody. This cobody process is closer to the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm of life than the subbody process. I noticed that this is the very entrance of "the Butoh of life" which Hijikiata has researched in his last stage. We may reach the entrance of the tunnel of Butoh of life. It took ten years of investigation for me in Himalaya.



Open the hidden nerves


One of the most important hidden senses is the imaginary tale.

Now we don't have a tale, but we have the nerve for tale still. The nerve is forgotten for the daily body. But we can open the hidden nerve of the tale. It is connected with other hidden worlds; underground, heaven, behind, past, dead world, archetypes world, proto dream, forgotten memories.

The "Shijun of the hip" which is one of the important choreographs for women group of Hijikata Butoh is also connected with the hidden nerve of the tale. The old ladies in the ancient community are moved by the resonance with another world where the ancestors are living. To talk with them is "Hip shijun" It is hard to understand if you keep modern thinking way. We need to learn to throw away our thinking habit through words.

To move by following the invisible tale is one of the ways to release from the daily human body.



Animal body and Plant body


There are so many teachers in Nature.

The animal body, Plant body is included in the Proto body.

Of course, also Insect, Bird, and Ameba. Bacteria, Starfish, Jellyfish, and so on, all creature's bodies are 'Proto body'.

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Sinking into the darkness of the body


Weakened body


"Weakened body" - a prototype meter of Butoh


"I was trying to make a prototype meter of Butoh of the "Weakened body".

It is necessary to my Butoh such as extremely weakened body against the modern and traditional human body." (Lecture in Kobe, 1983)

Three years before his death, Hijikata told.

He continued to explore it in his important work, "Sick Dancing Princess", started writing from 1976 till his death.

"Though there is 'the health illusion' in our contemporary society, I needed to explore an opposite direction against that."

Modern people are held trapped by that 'healthy human image' as a prototype meter; He tried to crush it and to create a completely reversed sense of values.

Why is such a thing needed?

A volume of "Sick Dancing Princess" is the answer.

Tatsumi Hijikata explored it in the work after he was banned to create his Butoh pieces based on his studio Asbest-Kan by the opposition of resident people, 1976.

It is the treasured source of unexplored Butoh of him based on the method of the weakened body.

We are about to enter into the opposite world against the modern human world slowly.

Now I am trying to convert from the book to some novel Butoh scores for the weakened body.

Wait for a while.


Weakened body


The depth of the shivering


When we see the video clips of Hijikata's weakened body Butoh, "A girl" and "Hosotan", we can catch only random sways which are shivering into various directions. It was the same for me for long years, too.

But I was attracted to it deeply, though I did not know the reason why.

It was a deep mystery for me for a long time.

The mystery guided me to study his Butoh with his Butoh score.

Through the researching of his Butoh score by the body, slowly we can find so rich and delicate contents of it.

Today, a long-term student Ikuko picked up the related parts to shivering from the score as the following.


A fine spider’s thread which runs on the forehead

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of the flower

A fragile sound collapsed in a strange barn

Bird's fear and bug's fear

The dizziness, shivering and swaying of flowers

A mescaline injection is given at a fingertip

A shout and a girl--shivering before collapsing

Bugs attach to the hand of senile Rakan

 I pick a flower on the road by attacked from behind and inside.

Shivering, the ripples are spreading on the floor and in the sky.


24 (Shivering)

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of a flower.

1. The extreme dirtiness of the stuff enduring

2. A waltz of cow and tree is shivering

3. When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of a flower from behind.

4. Shivering

5. Picking flowers on the road--walking blind--dog

6. Spoon--an old lady

7. Shivering

8. Flowers and small faces are hung on the lattice of the squared paper

9. Shivering

10 On the floor and in the sky, too


We repeated reading of these texts by bodies, and then slowly our bodies could feel the differences of the shivering. And it became clear what he said at No. 13 paragraph.

Sinking into the darkness of the body

Quiet body


The quiet body is the most necessary condition before the beginning of everything. In the beginning, we need to become the quietest body as silent as the stone, tree, bacteria, and everything in the Universe.

Become quiet before your birth as an individual human body.

Become quiet before the Big Ban of this Universe.

In the deep silence, all origin of Qualia in the Universe is hidden.

Listen to the silence.

Sinking into the darkness of the body



<Swarm cobody>


On the Edge of Life and Death


Life has countless of resonance patterns with everything.

It is the wealth of life, which has been accumulated in the history of 4 billion years of life.

How would've it have been developing on earth?

What would have been the first resonance pattern of life that was born in 4 billion years ago?

I have been exploring it becoming the origin of life by upstream life meditation for long years.

My friends try to imagine that all is the dead world around you which was born four billion years ago.

Only a group of cells of life was born by chance and is alive.

You can resonate well with those of only a few things; water, warmth, Calcium and Sodium ions, Amino acids, and so on.

There are only a handful of things that can resonate well.

You do not know if you should resonate with other things.

When you encounter such a new thing, if you can find a proper resonance pattern in a moment you can survive, otherwise, you must die.

Life had been forced to stand on the edge of life and death in the event of borderline.

For origin Life, the edge Qualia between death and life was the most fundamental Qualia.

Can you resonate well, or not?

Success or failure?

Life or death?

Only cells that found a good resonance pattern instantaneously have survived.

Numerous fellows were dying.

None of the original cells could help them.

It was the original world where Life was born.

Harsh conditions which Life encountered in four billion years;

asteroid impacts, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and ice ages...

Under extreme conditions, the many lives will be extinct, only handful cells were able to survive.

Life had met these hard trials again and again, which is called a bottleneck event and were selected, differentiated, creating a new resonance pattern.

A species shears a particular resonance pattern which is best under the particular circumstances of each environment.

It is the first resonance pattern as <Swarm cobody>.

It had been developed to survive as a species.

Every species shares a unique resonance pattern of each own <Swarm cobody>.

It's was the most unavoidable way to survive for Life.

<Swarm cobody> and the edge Qualia of life and death is one.

Life invented the resonance pattern of swarm or herd in order to live, but the herd of mankind is full of terrible paradox.

There is a swarm to kill, such as military,

also, a swarm to be killed, such as Auschwitz.

They have stripped away of even personality, a personal face on it.

What is swarm? What is the individual? What is kind?

There is a deep mystery which is not able to understand without becoming a swarm.

To be a swarm means to undertake all the mysteries of these, and investigate those questions through bodily experiences.




This is the Swarm


We can learn various resonance patterns of cobody from creatures.




Stone Garden

Chimera cobody

Stuffed Spring

Dismal Air


and so, on


This bird's group dance, fish’s school, plant’s forest are the teachers of the Swarm or the Forest.

The difference of them is that the Swarm shares the same Qualia and the Forest shares diverse Qualia like a primitive Amazon Forest.

The Stone Garden has a unique diverse distance among each other.

Chimera cobody is combined with different Qualia in a huge cobody.



Sinking into the darkness of the body
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