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Accepting Long Term Students

March starting course
7 March - 11 December 2016
( 2 seats Remained)
September starting course
5 September, 2016 - 11 June 2017
( 9 seats Remained)

Application: subbody [at] gmail.com
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 Subbody Butoh Books
 Now on Amazon!!
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Rhizome Lee's ten years investigation in Himalaya
 Sinking into the Darkness of Body
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I sunk into the Darkness of the Body and investigated in the Darkness for twenty years at the Subbody Resonance Butoh School in Himalaya India.
What is the Darkness of Body?
Simply, it is subconscious world.
It is completely different from the daily world.
It is non-dual and multi dimensional resonance world of Life Qualia.
Qualia is everything which Life resonates.

When we stop daily conscious mind and listen to the subtle signs around body and inside body, the subconscios and body is not separated like conscious mind and body in the daily world. The subconscious and body is merged as oneness in that realm.
We call it "Subbody".
This book is a record which I sunk into the Subbody world with whole body=mind=brain for twenty years.
In the Subbody world, there are so many strange things; hidden chractor, shadow, not-me, dissociated personality, and various archetypes which all human are imprinted in the depth of Subbody world.
Jung called it "Collective unconsciosness".
In the deeper realm of Subbody world, the difference between self and others is disappeared.
We called it "Cobody" in the beginning of research. But we found that in the deeper realm of the darkness of body, Subbody and Cobody are also become oneness.
Subbody changes to Cobody ,and Cobody transforms Subbody easily by Life Resonance.
And if we enter much more deeper realm, Subbody=Cobody transform beyond all kind of borders; Present and Past, Life and Death, Here and Anywhere, Individual and Kind, and so on infinitely.
Now we call it "Resonant Rhizome" and are investigating with enjoying.
You can travel the history of investigation of the Dakness of Body together with us.
Please enjoy it.

Price 2.83 USD

Crick here to read the sample

You can download free Kindle reader for PC Crick here

11th International Himalaya Butoh Festival

 DiDiscussion between us ( i love persimmon) by Solange

2nd India Life Resonance Tour
Dharamsala - Auroville - Bangalore - Tumkur -
Kolkata - Pune-Dharamsala

India Pune, Kolkata and Delhi

Next steps in the tour
(Kolkata, Delhi)

Hello all, I hope you all are well at anywhere, anytime. We are learning the true Rhizome that separate, be together freely.
Now we are in a small separation with free resonance.
I came to Pune even though the workshop didn't organised.
Yesterday I arrived here and directly we began jam, with any music and dance. Starting to explore what qualia is for them.us.
We hope we could make one exploring qualia film in Pune. Some of these musician will go to school monthly course.
Right now I became to contact with Janhavii.
We are going to make Jam and small class.
Anyway nice exploring to make subboy butoh base at Pune.
I see here very young generation butoh like we saw village butoh at Tumkur.


This is the schedule for Kolkata. (the conversation with sudipta, organiser of Kolkata, delhi)

1) Tribal village near Jamshedpur in Jharkhand : 17~18 of Feb
Sending link about the place http://www.kala-mandir.org/web/art-culture.php
There are several forms of folk dance and rituals which we could explore here. Kalamandir has a space for living in the village. The cost of food and accommodation would be around Rs. 600 - 700 per day per head. Jamshedpur is around 4 hours by train from Calcutta.They will arrange to receive and drop us to the station.
We will go to their houses and engage with them. Yes, we could collaborate but with a particular form. Most of them are male only dances, but their are a few where women are also involved. Some of them are martial forms, some are daily rituals, or seasonal rituals. We need to decide our narrative and then decide on the collaboration.
These forms are eternal but also static in their world view and very reticent in inculcating new ideas. So you could use the space, energy, their rituals and create something from it. It's the conversation between very different system, and they of course can only come together spontaneously. We have to see how they react to your presence and acts, and then maybe the formless will be more translucent.

2) 20-21 Feb. workshop

3) 22,23,24 &25 Feb.
we work with Janardhan Ghosh on a new piece of story telling called - "otherness of being" . we will have a staging of this piece at Rabindra Bharati University. Along with jazz musicians from Canada.

4) 27-28 Feb.
We will have a staging of 'Sick Dancing Princess' on Feb 27& 28 . The venues are being decided. One will be Alliance Francaise du Bengale.

5) 3-6 Feb. in Delhi
I'll schedule the workshop in Delhi from March 3-5. The performance in Delhi can be on 6th. But the Delhi schedule has to be confirmed.


I added in this list two more, Ramm and Prasana. Ramm is one of old students from Kerala. Prasana is like butoh family from bangalore. Prasana booked ticket to reach around 25 or 26 of Feb. I will arrive 16th evening.

Any idea or question are very welcome.

Love to all

Sati Gio

India Bangalore and Tumkur
 Butoh Ressonance: Multi-art Exhibition & Performances
at Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practice, Bangalore

Subbodies spread Resonance from Himalaya to all over the India!

Its raw, organic, supple, changing, evolving, breathing!
And today's the final day: DON'T miss these amazing artists while they're here 

Resonance at antZ farm, Tumkur, India 

Researching with local sources, infinity possibility of real creation. At antZ farm, Tumkur

Indian Children are a teacher of Pure Life Resonance

They have not lost the most important Life Resonance which modern country people have lost and forgotten.
Tatsumi Hijikata wrote so deverse pattern of Life Resonance in his "Sick Dancing Princess" as the follwoing;

Attacked by the invisible huge creature lives in the air
Eaten by the world
Scared by the dismal air
Shrink and attentive of old man
Brightness just alive
Secret talking only by the body
Gloom of kneeling position
Brightness and darkness of short breath
Threatened by the demeanor of things
Sick Dancing Princess
Being merged with Sick Dancing Princess
God torn to sread

These are not able to get by word, we can get it only through bodily Resonance. That's why we need to begin the India tour.
We don't travel Not to teach, But to learn.
Indian people are our teacher of pure Life Resonance.
The six old students are meeting so many new experiences and research in it for new creation.
Now they are moving to next place, Kolkata.
The deep darkness of the biggest city of India is waiting for them.

Read more the India tour

Subbodies spread Resonance from Himalaya to all over the India!

Its raw, organic, supple, changing, evolving, breathing!
And today's the final day: DON'T miss these amazing artists while they're here 


Devanjalee, Gorka, Honza
Iza, Kaska, Pamela, Sati

Butoh Resonance

Multi Art Exhbision and performance

Jan 30 - Jan 31
Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices · Bangalore, India

Tickets Available

 Workshop at AntZ farm
  Performance at AntZ farm
India Tumkur

Workshop with children

on the Flower Carpet

Resonant Subbody Butoh Residency at antZ farm, Tumkur
Bhutha(Sprit) of dancing. We see the beauty of village butoh.

With Devanjali Sarkar, Kasia ?ejmo, Honza Svasek, Pamela
Garcia, Gorka Ferrero, Iza Waszak and Sati Dust Gio

India Tumkur
 Workshop at AntZ farm, Tumkur, India
26 January, 2015 

 Workshop at AntZ farm
2nd India Resonant Butoh Tour

This video is at AntZ farm for Butoh residency and workshop.

First day of the workshop was guided by Honza to very comfortable
state through body, no thinking no concept just toward subconscious
world. I was taking video with observing each participant's condition.
They looked like in the womb without knowing how to move, breathe..

Many sounds landscapes vibrated the space. One of new participant was
in deep sub mode and the sounds got louder, like coming back to
childhood. Another participant told me later, she was in completely
different mode from her actual age, feeling like 80 year old losing
the function of legs. Some of them was in the state that the body was
not able to move.. Like Kan body.

After taking this video, I suggested to have some talk for sharing
about own experiences with this video, learning transparent eyes.
The talk was so beautiful. We learned how midwife has to keep
aware tosupport subboies. Or how to support each other in the
With the curiosity about subbody, the role of midwife and more…
We, midwife learned from participant's honest feedback and rich

Right now I'm at city to check this weekend performance.
It would be great!

Warm resonance
Sati Gio

Read Indian tour more

 Himalaya Resonance Diary


Performance with Matilde and Workshop

Ecos del Alma Negra. Festival de Butoh Ibérico...
Gracias a Raul Bartolomé por las fotos tomadas durante el taller...
Echoes of the black soul. Iberian Butoh Festival...
Thanks to Raul Bartholomew for the photos taken during the workshop...

 Subbody Butoh Books
 Now on Amazon!!

Abyss of Quiet House
Rhizome Lee

 The 1st and 2nd part of "The Butoh" which I have continued to write on the site, was published on Amazon. Please read it!

Price 2.99 USD

Crick Here
 Why Butoh is so Dark?
So Weak, so Ugly, so Deformed?
What is the Necessity of Weakened Body?

This book is a histry of struggling around these questions
for fifty years.
Because there were other tendencies against weakened
body in my darkness of body. I continued to listen to my
"What do you want to do most?" and also to Hijikata's
Necessity of the Weakened body in his Life every day,
every night. And finally it became oneness.
The essence of Beauty is Life Resonance.
When we become the weakest being, it is able to
resonate with every Life including deformed, warped,
injured, disabled, near death Life, on the planet.

Rhizome Lee

 Now on Amazon!!

Behind the Mirror
A Butoh manual for Students

Rhizome Lee

Subbody Butoh Method by Rhizome Lee was published as
a guide book for students.
It contains all of article on Subbody Butoh Website during
Practice Guide, School Journal, The Butoh (Part 1 and 2),
The Life, The Qualia, The Resonance and so on. 232 Page

Price: 1 Book
2.99 USD
please crick next link on Amazon.


 To read Kindel book, it is convinient by downloadable Kindel Preveiwer.
To download it crick here
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  Thanks! Million Views on Youtube
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11th International Himalaya Butoh Festival
 Unspoken Iza and Sati
11th International Himalaya Butoh Festival
 On the Razor Ratoh No ZR /Solange and Mago

Summer Workshops Guide 2016
in Italy, Hungary, Spain, Poland

The schedule is going to be fixed as the following:
Please plan to join it!

Italy: second half of June, at Piedinterra (Pavia, Italy)
organized by Chiara

: 4th July - 18th July
Beyond the Baundaries and
Resonant Butoh Workshop

organized by Andrea, Judit and Tamas

Spain: 24th July to 7th August
at El Cielo de la Vera, near Madrid
organized by Jonathan
(after this, 1st Ibelian Butoh Festival will be held for one week in Madrid.)

: second half of August. organized by Kaska

The details will be informed in some weeks!

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Banyan Tree=Rhizome
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Discussion between us ( I love persimmon) by Solange
11th International Himalaya Butoh Festival 

  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

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