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Sinking into the darkness of the body
Medimotion | Life Resonance Butoh | Rhizome Lee 
 Dear Reaers

Subbody method is always changing and deepening.
Especially, the medimotion and various conditioning methods are found recently. We will edit and upload new video lecture series of it with articles.
Please enjoy it!

16 September, 2020

Meditation and Medimotion

 Thinking mode of brain


One more recent discovery in brain science is “Default mode”. Brain scientist found when our consciousness has a rest, the brain activity doesn’t rest, on the contrary, the bloodstream in the brain is more than the thinking mode. The brain is active in “Mind Wandering”. They called this “Default mode”


Default Mind Wandering mode (Medimotion mode)


The traditional meditation technique is sometimes to keep this “Mind Wandering” mode to be aware of various things. Because in this mode various parts of the brain become active and various Qualia can encounter each other and generate new Qualia automatically. Recent “Mindfulness method” maybe in this mode. In the traditional meditation technique, sometimes they focus on one image, for example, “Buddha”, “God”, Gull” and so on. In this case, brain mode becomes closer to thinking mode.

Observe the above figure carefully, it is activated except for the movement field. In the movement field, there is no activity. Because they block body movement at all. The Qualia stream can’t meet movement Qualia at all.

Medimotion mode


What happens in the Medimotion?

Medimotion is moving meditation. Then including the movement field, all parts of the brain become active and all kinds of Qualia can encounter freely beyond any borders.

This state happens only in the Medimotion mode, the reason why the creativity of Life becomes maximum in the Medimotion.


By losing what, do Qualia become information?


The difference between Qualia and Information

The relationship between Qualia and Information has been a mystery

that cannot be solved well for a long time. But, it began to be solved out little by little. When Qualia are converted to information, what do they lose? When this question came up, a transparent brightness was seen for the first time. By losing what, do Qualia become information? It's Life Resonance! Qualia are generated as long as Life resonates with something. When Qualia are converted to information, they leave from the field of Life Resonance which Qualia are generated. They are converted to things that are information. Information of the image, of the sound and of the language, they can be translated into binary machine language consisting of 0 and 1. At that time, by losing the Life Resonance, Qualia is converted into Information. Only Life can resonate with Qualia. The machine never resonates with Qualia. The machine can treat only things like information. From here, it is possible to go confront the deep mystery between Qualia and Information. I was able to find with difficulty such a point finally. Although I cannot drink liquor anymore, Let the imaginary glass empty tonight. I could come to this place by researching "Sick Dancing Princess" of Tatsumi Hijikata which is full of Life Resonance. Not by any information, but by Qualia and Life Resonance, the Butoh of Life will be created



Read more "Sinking into the darkness"


Sinking into the darkness of the body

Dear all friends

Thank you for your warm support.
The surgery of colorectal cancer was succesfull, but I have to continue chemotherapy, because cancer had metastasized to the lymph nodes already.
I need still your support to continue the chemotherapy against it.
Now I am fine and writing the next book "Life Resonance Philosophy" which integrates all my researchs and findings as Qualia revolution, Rhizome revolution, Resonance revolution, Life revolution and so on.
I can die peacefully after writnig this book at any time. I just need for two more years to complete it.

Thank you!
Warm resonance!

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Rhizome Lee

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13 September, 2020

Conditioning No. 5  

Five hidden Qualia

Opening five hidden Qualia 

Try to open the following five Qualia that daily body has forgotten.
Hidden cavities
Hidden joints
Hidden muscles
Hidden fluid
Hidden skins



Hidden cavities


Rhizoming in hidden cavities
We have so many hidden cavities in our body. The deeper level of bodily sensations and forgotten memories are connected to these hidden cavities.
The daily body has forgotten them at all. But through the medimotion cells can remember them. When we use them flexibly, we get so wide possibility to transform various kinds of creature and beings including Hidden personalities.
After the practice of 'Upstream Life medimotion', 'Three-dimensional body cavity' and 'Three-dimensional oral cavities', proceed to follow the transforming method.

1. Transform from various body cavities
With following the subtle signal of body image from your life, change the shape of the body cavity in various dimensions.
Ask to your life 'What creature' body image do you remember today?' 
If you get a subtle melting tendency of your life, follow it and transform your own ameba or another creature.
If your subbody wants to flow, follow the sub-signal, you can transform jellyfish or sea anemone and so on.
Our life had spent time in the water for so long time, then our subbody can remember the Qualia of inner water life.
With using various kinds of breathing, change the shape of your body cavity, in various rhythm, speed, and directions.

2. Transform from oral and nose cavity
Also transform from the oral cavity, nose cavity, with various breathing way, you can get so fresh body sensation and emotion, world image stream and so on.

3. Transform from eye cavity
Change your eye with following your life memories, what have you seen in the deep sea, underground, and complete darkness without eyes.



4. Transform with breathing and audio channel
When you follow the spontaneous body sounds with various breathing ways, open resonance with the hidden cavities above.

We have many sinuses--cavities within the skull bones surrounding the nasal passage--warm and moisten the air prior to it entering the delicate lung tissue. When the body sound resonates with these cavities, it becomes Hoomee sound of Mongolian and Tuvin people. They taste the sounds like a voice of Heaven. You can open another dimension through the audio channel.

5. Emotional rhizoming
When you follow the spontaneous body sound stream, also your emotion associates and gives sub-signal, follow the subtle emotional stream. Unfold the hidden emotions which are folded in your darkness of body for a long time.

6. Relational rhizoming
our subbodies are always streaming with changing channels, when you get a subtle signal of the human relational channel, follow them and enter another relationship. Not an only human relationship, but also open relational ship with some strange imaginary creatures. Enjoy

 playing with them. 


7. World image=self-image rhizoming
Final channel is the world=self-image channel.
When you catch a subtle signal of a shift in the world image, follow it and open another world image.
Our life has experienced so many circumstances and environmental changes: ice ages, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and so on. 

Enjoy travel in your proto creature's world. Through travel, you became familiar with your various life memories. Develop them until it grows up to your own proto-body which is one of your ten bodies of subbody Butoh.

Hidden joints


Metamorphose from a hidden joint
our daily bodies have forgotten so many functions.
The tail is no longer used for the devolution, but we have still the nerve around the tail.
When we imagine the image of the tail in a movement it helps us so much.
sternoclavicular joints (the joint between chest bone and color bone), and sacroiliac joints (sacrum and pelvis) are also forgotten joints.
Try to move these hidden joints very slowly into three-dimensional directions and taste the Qualia. 
If you feel deep resonance at a movement, it is an entrance to your hidden bodies.


Chest Joint (Sternoclavicular joint)


Move both collarbones forward. The heart fades just a little. Move them even forward, the heart is closed and has been excruciating.
The constellation of the skeleton is changing, introverted self comes out.
Close the chest in addition. We can meet the stony-self who closed to the outside world.
Move both color bones backward. The extroverted character is coming out.
Move them upward. We can remember when we fail something, we shrug one's shoulder.
Move more and our neck disappear like a tortoise shrunken his head.
Move both collarbones down to the bottom. You become a long neck. Move neck with becoming birds and horses.
Move both color bones breading out to the clavicle. 
The sternoclavicular joint is spreading like a free bird chest.
Move both collarbones in a narrow. The sternoclavicular joint is fixed.
Move more, and then chest closed like a fish and snake which doesn't have a chest.
Swim just like a fish with only spine work.



Sacrum joint (Sacroiliac joint)

Move both pelvises forward. Close to the pelvis and chest. The basic constellation of skeleton changes.
You may metamorphose as a prudent character like an armadillo.
Move both pelvises backward. The sternoclavicular joint also spread to a diplomatic, an arrogant personality comes out.
Move the top of both pelvises closer. The knee becomes X leg, Chest also closed, Twist the arm to the limit. You meet a strange character who was folded in the darkness of the body.
Move the bottom of pelvis closer. At the top of the pelvis is spread to a pregnant mother's position, you can experience the body feeling of pregnancy. Walk with taking care of the baby. You can know what the mother is a little something. Separate both pelvises away from the sacrum. When the distance between the pelvises become maximum, your pelvis becomes the delivery position.
Remember the experience which everybody has been experienced at once.
Move both pelvises close to the sacrum. The pelvis is fixed. 
And even closer to the pelvis, your body becomes a snake or fish.
Swim with using the only spine just like a snake and fish swimming.



Hidden joints of the hands and feet


similarly, move the hidden joints of the hands and feet slowly with a three-dimensional direction.
Center/edge change: Move from the center of the body (Sternoclavicular, sacroiliac), and from the edge of the body; from the tip of a finger, toe. Switch from center to edge, and reverse.
Bottom/top change: Wave coming up from the bottom of the body like a plant, and move from the top of the head like an animal. Switch from bottom wave to top wave, top wave to bottom wave.

Jaw joint and hidden eye movement
Move jaw joint three-dimensional directions, and move eyes in an oblique direction.

You can meet various hidden characters depending on the degree

of twisting. Jocular self, full of ideas, cunning personality, curious character, and so on. When you meet a stranger, slowly become

a friend.



Hidden muscles


To open anatomical transparent eyes for the darkness of the body help us to transform the weakened body.
Our daily bodies are bound by rough and large movement by using

big surface muscles. Also, normal dance, sports are bound by the same rough and large movements.
But we have deep layer muscles under these surface large muscles.
They are not straight but spiral and connect bones beyond plural joints. They are forgotten by the daily body and dissociated into the unconscious realm. I call it "Hidden muscle".
We need to inhibit the gross daily body which is bound by only large surface muscles at first.
Then we can listen to the subtle signal by transparent eye for subbody which is connected to hidden muscle and hidden Qualia. To open other dimensions which do not exist in the daily world with using hidden muscles and hidden Qualia is one of the essences of Butoh technique.  

Hidden muscles in spine and body
When we remove large surface muscles like a large back muscle, chest muscles, and stomach muscles, the longest straight spine muscle appears (fig.1).


Fig. 1  Middle layer muscle of the back

This muscle is used to keep the body straight with using bottom muscles together.
When we change the degree of contraction of then, we can control the flexibility of the body. 
For the meditation and Zen sitting, we control them in a medium degree of contraction. 
For transforming stone or puppet, we contract them in maximum degree.
When we release them in each degree, we can transform from solid body to liquid body and vaporized body according to the degree.
When we remove the longest spine muscle, we can find tiny muscles which connect each spine in different dimensions (fig2).

Fig. 2  deep layer muscle of the back

We use these hidden muscles to transform the weakened body.
The skull and each neck spine bones, collar bones, shoulder blades are connected by many tiny hidden muscles in different directions; straight, diagonal and spiral (fig3).

Fig. 3  between skull and neck

The spine and pelvis and leg bones are connected by psoas major which is the biggest hidden muscle. (Fig 4)

Fig. 4  Psoas major

normally we use poses to bend the body and to raise leg forward.
We inhabit these big movements of poses; we just contract poses a little for shortening the leg and subtle swaying.

Hidden muscles of legs and arms 

Most of the hidden muscles run trans plural joints and connects bones apart spirally.

When we stop surface muscles and use the hidden muscles, a strange movement which does not exist in the daily human world appears.

Not made by the head, but following subbodies which live in the darkness of body.

Subbodies have their own Qualia, image, timing, rhythm, we just follow them, and we can sink down another dimension.



Fig. 5  lower leg

Fig. 6  forearm

The daily body can control only large and rough muscle; big hip muscle, long thigh muscle, hamstrings, and so on.
We need them for daily movement and sports, all kinds of dance, but for weakened Butoh, we start to inhibit the rough and large movements, then we can meet subtly hidden Qualia which are folded in the hidden muscles.
When we control them in contraction and release independently, we can transform any kinds of hidden bodies; not-me body, proto bodies, puppet body, humanoid body and weakened body which is swaying between death and Life.

Long process to become Butoh body
To transform the weakened body, we need both of long training to listen to the subtle Qualia of the darkness of body, and to be able to control subtle swaying of each part of the body in different dimensions by using hidden muscles.
It takes a long time.
Tatsumi Hijikata also needed for five years after the legendary aggressive performance of "Nikutai no hanran" (The rebellion of the body, 1968, Japan), to transform the weakened body which dies down all gross movement of dance he learned and completed the weakened body Butoh.
Start from training for controlling each hidden muscle independently.

Next stage is the trans joints movements with becoming another being in different dimensions.
Always aware of subtly hidden Qualia which are folded in hidden muscles, hidden joints, hidden cavities, and hidden skins by opening a transparent mind, then you can transform another being which lives in different dimensions.

When hidden Qualia which are folded in your hidden part of the body and subtle hidden movement become oneness, the weakened body Butoh begins from there.
Take off all conditions as a human.
Become an unknown being swaying between this world and another world.
Look at this living world by dead eyes from another world



Hidden fluid


Proto Ocean for Life

Our human body has sixty trillion cells. Each cell has each independent life.
How do trillions of cells resonate and become one human life?
They have so many kinds of resonance patterns which life has invented in four billion years after the birth of origin life.
But they need definitely water environment for resonance because the important ways of resonance were invented in the ocean. 
Still, now, our life needs the same environment as the proto ocean in our body for communication. 
The origin of life was born in the ocean. They need the same environment for reproduction.
Then for the cell fusion of sperm and ovum needs the environment of fluid as the vagina and womb same as the proto ocean.
Glia neuron network in the brain needs also proto ocean environment as the cerebrospinal fluid.
Six trillion cells need Proto Ocean for resonance, it is the body fluid. 
But the consciousness doesn't take care of it, and then we call it "Hidden fluid".

Listening in the hidden fluid
when we calm down the consciousness, we can listen to the subtle changes in the condition of body fluid. Around 60-70% of our body is made of water.
There are four basic ways of communication among cells; 1. Contact-dependent, 2. Paracrine, 3. Synaptic, 4. Endocrine. All of them need body fluid as a medium.
Body fluid is the medium for cells resonance with the various system of the body.
The endocrine system uses blood and lymph fluid for communication of various hormones. 
Also, the immune system needs the body fluid for the activity of macrophage, T-cell, B-cell, and NK (=Natural killer) cell. They are moving beyond the blood, lymph and body cells.
Neurons are connected by the synapse with other neurons. At the synapse, body fluid is necessary as a medium for the neurotransmitter. Glia cells and neuron cells communicate at the synapse with using various transmitters.
To listen to the hidden fluid is to listen to the life resonance among sixty trillions cells of the body.
When the conditions of body fluid change, we receive Qualia as emotion and desire.
If water decrease in the blood, we feel thirsty. If sugar decrease, we feel hungry.
If sexual hormone increases, we feel sexual desire. If blood pressure increases, we feel uncomfortable, and so on.

Become fluid body
Sway with the ocean. There is no border between inside and outside. Just resonate with everything. 

Transform from hidden fluid
when we can change the Qualia of body fluid, we can transform our bodies into various conditions, and various being; frozen, liquid, vaporized, stone, and various creatures. 
Invent your own ways of transformation from the hidden fluid. 

Keep on listening to the subtle change of hidden fluid. 
It means to listen in the conditions of life. 
Keep on listening in the subtle resonance of life all day long. 
It is the way to be with life.



Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 World Life Resonance
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Please collaborate on the campaign to support Lee’s Cancer Treatment.

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Rhizome Lee(Ryuji Oka), a 71 years old Japanese Butoh dancer, founder of Subbody Butoh Method, who has dedicated his life to research on the chaotic resonance patterns of Life through art, in order to free and connect Life beyond boundaries. Many souls and shadows all over the world healed and benefited from his research.

 Relate video:

 In May, he was diagnosed with stage3 (pT3N1b ) colonic cancer.

 Thanks to the warm support from old friends and students he was able to have urgent surgery on the 25th of May in Max hospital Chandigarh, India.

Surgery summary

Exploratory laprotomy + Enmass sigmoid colectomy + Jejunal loop excision + Right inguinal hernioplasty + Cholecystectomy

 But as the cancer report shows cancer has spread to blood and lymph, so even after surgery he needs to go under chemotherapy.

 Just like most freelance artists, he doesn't have any savings. Neither government medical support, as he moved to India from Japan to establish the Subbody Butoh institute 20 years ago. The state where he lives has very limited medical support for cancer treatment, under COIVD19 world condition, all travel cost is much more expensive and plus his body condition(Surgery wound has about 60cm long, the organs that were cut off has about two feet big), for a while he won’t be able to make any incomes to continue his treatment and living.

 Lee never yielded even once to pain or fear of death, his heart full of gratitude. After 8 hours of surgery, in ICU the first word he said was “Thank you”. Once he is able to move, the first thing he did was to write down his new book about Life Resonance Philosophy! Even if he couldn't write down a proper word yet, he said this is the only way he can give back to the world, for all the support and warmth. The most important thing keeping him alive is to give back in return.

 Small drops of water make the ocean, any amount of support, big or small, they all transform to the wind that brings the heart to heaven.

Thanks for all!

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