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Life Resonance Journal
Newsletter 2020 January 

Hello all creative living beings,

Here is a news that Subbody Butoh School officially changed to Life Resonance Art Center (LRAC). Life resonance is a worldly endless course, and it is without boundaries. LRAC will be used as an alternative meeting spot. It keeps the spirit of Butoh dance research, at the same time being open for all kind of arts like dance, theater, visual art, music, literature, bodywork, as well as any kind of body-mind work, healing, local projects, and so on.


Life Resonance Art Center (LRAC)
The Life Resonance Art Center (LRAC) is a space for various activities, a place to meet, research, and collaborate on Life Resonance.

LRAC is an open space located in a peaceful environment of Himalayan valley, where arts of different genres, such as dance, theater, visual art, music, literature, bodywork, and healing can meet, interact, create and open up opportunities like a kaleidoscope - for the Life Resonance. There are two dance studios, a large open-air theater overlooking the magnificent Himalayan Dhauladhar Range, an open spa and a swimming pool, variety of areas to meet diverse needs.

The activities at the centre will be organized with a flexible and regular schedule. Throughout the year, the center regularly offers Butoh dance workshops by various Butoh dancers from all over the world. And flexible plans that are open to all kinds of arts and body-mind work. Experiments, collaboration, performances and exhibitions are welcome to be held by international creators.

The Life Resonance Art Center (LRAC) welcomes researchers and creators from all around the world to share and exchange. Let's grow together and may all living being can fully open their creativity beyond boundaries!
Coming Events

Butoh dance workshop with Butoh Master Mushimaru Fujieda

LRAC is honored to present a two weeks intensive workshop with one of greatest living masters of Butoh - Mushimaru Fujieda! 
Mushimaru is a internationally acclaimed Butoh dancer from Japan, his butoh methods open the channels of creativity and encourages potential in movement improvisation, allowing you to interpret in your own form. In the workshops he will share his embodied knowledge and personal interpretation of Butoh, which he calls ‘Tennen Nikutai Shi’ (Natural Physical Poetry). 

9th- 20th of March

Documentary About Mushimaru Fujieda
Documentary About Mushimaru’s workshop

To get more info, or register, please email to

Send Email

Ashutanga and Kriya yoga with Ikuyo Kobayashi (yogi name Ishita)

Ishita Born in Japan Aichi, started yoga practice when she was 12 years old, as yoga practitioner for 30 years. Learning deeply into Kriya Yoga under the Himalaya’s Saint Maha Avata Babaji. Her yogi name gave as Ishita by Guruji Nityananda 2016. Yoga achieve awaking, and put you under the highest self. She love the combination of yoga and Butoh, yoga generates strength, clear mind and light discipline, to explore and express the inner self through Butoh. However there is no boundary.

●Daily Yoga Class 8:30-9:30 
●New Moon Meditation 19:00-21:00 (10th of March)
●Two hours Intensive Yoga Class 10:00-12:00 (21st of March)

※On the process of Kundalini awaking or any mental issues please ask more guidance before your join the class.

9th-21st of March

To get more info, or register, please email to

Send Email

Open Butoh workshop with Honza Svasek

A workshop that research various ways to stop the daily mind and get into Butoh Trance. A journey into the subconsciousness. In the workshop Honza will initiate different ways to discover the Blood of Dance, that is needed to make a spirited performance. Using Instant Composition techniques find new ways to build performances.

23rd of March-29th of May
10:00 - 17:00

To get more info, or register, please email to

Send Email

Pictures credit: Raúl Bartolome

Bodhi-Body workshop with Yi Chen  

Unique workshops joining Butoh dance, Buddhist approach to mindfulness meditation and shamanic technic in the nature. Awaking the awareness of non-duality and impermanence through our body, to look inside, to search the truth from shadow and light, to purify and go beyond. 

※It included one week camping in the nature, no dance background requires.

6th of April-1st of May
10:00 - 17:00

To get more info, or register, please email to

Send Email

Dance/Theater performances (drop in)

13th of March - 29th of May
Every Friday
15:00 - 17:00

Ecstatic dance jam (drop in)

15th of March - 31st of May
Every Sunday
19:00 - 21:00

Open Call 

As a new open space for creativities, LRAC is inviting creators, visionaries, artists, activists, and all people being filled with inspiration, who would like to experiment, create, and share their passion and experience in frames of workshops, performances, exhibitions and so on.

We are also looking for applicator who is interested in initiating Butoh dance workshop in the summer (15th June - 28th August) - you are welcome to contact us if you are passionate about it!

※Register one month earlier of every workshops in LRAC, to enjoy early bird discount.

Our email address is:

Send Email

Life Resonance Art Center (LRAC)

Jogibara, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Open in Google Map
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"Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution Digest" (134 Pages)

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"Qualia as Life Resonance" (72 Pages)

Those are Crystals of 20 years investigation in Himalayas
with all co-researchers. Thank you very much!

Please enjoy them, and hope you to deepen it!

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School Journal
Sinking into the darkness of the body
A Girl / Tatsumi Hijikata 
09,January, 2020

The last Butoh of Hijikata

       Tatsumi Hijikata left a long Butoh-fu for his last solo, “Quiet House”, 1973. We can learn the essence of the last stage of the weakened body method and so much rich advice for creation. It has multi-dimensional Qualia at different levels, categories, channels. Because the world of life has no levels, no categories, no channels. He called it the “Hidden logic world”. We need to enter the hidden world by stopping ego, self, thinking and all kinds of human binds if we want to learn from Hijikata Butoh really. It is the only one narrow way to be subbody to enter the hidden world which Hijikata used to sink down.

              That is the reason why many people could not understand his essence of butoh, and so many independent interpretations made confusion about butoh.

              Butoh-fu for “Quiet House” 

The Butoh-fu is made of 250 lines. Each sentence has a different dimension, category, level, and channel.

  “The red god”

  A girl who plans evil deeds in the rain
  Keep the face of the floor throughout the whole time

  Stick to a face of salmon as a monomaniac
  A stuffed Spring

  A nest of the forest, a nest of eyes, a moth which is put on a wood plate

  A vaporized caramel artisan or the Christ which is drawn as a picture of samurai in combat

  A fine spider’s thread which runs on the forehead

  A beggar
  The lower back of the cat

  Other worlds

  A garbage disposal place

  When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of the flower

  A fragile sound collapsed in a storage barn

  A canning factory

  Regenerate a reduction by X

  Behind the mirror

This is the first paragraph of the score which has 27 paragraphs.

Slowly we enter the world of the score.

  “The red god”

The god is a kind of archetype which we share in the collective unconsciousness. But the appearances are various types of god archetypes in different cultures and ages in human history.

The concept of God in Japan and in Western culture is different, in Japanese tradition, there are eight millions of god. It is influenced by animism.  Hijikata transformed it in an original way as the red god. We need to change the archetype in an original way. Otherwise, we are bound by the archetype. What does the red god mean?  Nobody knows. It is a secret of Hijikata. We can only guess the mystic Qualia.  Hijikata did not dance by his daily conscious mind, but he danced with listening to the Qualia which something moved him. He just named the mystic unknown something which moved him as “Red god”. He was always resonating with different dimensions.

  A girl who plans evil deeds in the rain

A girl lived in the darkness of his body, sometimes the girl moved then also Hijikata had to move in the different dimensional way as if the girl stands up, Hijikata has to fall down. When the planning of the girl developed, also something influenced Hijikata’s movement. 

  Keep the face of the floor throughout the whole time

The face of the floor is a flat empty face like an ash body; Hijikata keeps it from the beginning to the end as the basic face, with listening to the subtle change of it. When the floor was stepped, it becomes dirty; a water drop may affect it.   

  Stick to a face of salmon monomaniacal

Into the floor face, sometimes some strange tendencies come up from the darkness. One of them is this. A monomaniac hidden tendency which sticks to a face of salmon face comes up. Salmon has terrible strong eyes and mouths like a hawk. Find your own hidden tendencies which are folded in the darkness of the body. Dance with resonating all of them.
  A stuffed spring

A stuffed thing is one of the main characters in his weakened butoh. A stuffed bird keeps its shape for a long time after death; it has another slow time which is a different tempo of the living bird.  After fifty years of being put away in the closet, the stuffed bird becomes fragile with eaten by bugs. If we touch it, it will be collapsed down as dust in a moment. The stuffed Spring means a kind of stuffed world condition. The characteristics of Spring as warmth become a limit of fragility. Hijikata Butoh is performed between the hidden world and the visible world.

  A nest of the forest, a nest of eyes, a moth which is put on a wood plate

Nest” is one of the important terms which were used often in the Hijikata method. It means a conglomerate of the Qualia group. Nest of eyes includes so many kinds of eyes as rotten eyes, glass ball eyes, dead eyes, salmon eyes, “Riken” eyes ( eyes which watch you from outside), and so on. Also, the forest is the conglomerate of unknown mystic Qualia. Therefore the nest of the forest means a conglomerate of the conglomerate. It is a metaphor of the complex and mystic multi-dimensional world of different unknown Qualia. Even a dead moth on a wood plate is resonating with subtle Qualia in the multi-dimensional realm.      

  A vaporized caramel artisan or the Christ which is drawn as a picture of samurai in combat

In the non-dual and multi-dimensional world, everything is swaying between presence and absence, between now and another time. Hijikata had worked at the caramel artisan factory in his young age. The Qualia of artisan were already vaporized and it transforms the Qualia of Christ which are drawn as samurai pictures. The caramel artisan, Christ, and samurai are swaying in the mixed Qualia at the hidden realm.

  A fine spider’s thread which runs on the forehead

  A beggar

  The lower back of the cat

Also, these Qualia are resonating in his various parts of the body as a nest; sometimes they come out and pass through.  

  Behind world

Always he is resonating with many kinds of other worlds behind this world. He called it “Behind World”. The resonance is happening without our intention. It is beyond our consciousness, but Hijikata noticed it transparently. What is another world behind you?  Is it the dead world by the war?  Your forgotten memories?  Fetus dreams? Hidden hopes?  Unhappiness in the world?  Be aware of all of them and dance with them.

  A garbage disposal place

Also, this is Qualia of the behind world. Contact the world through various perspectives. (10, 11, 12, 16 and the red god are the variations of behind world in different perspectives). 

  When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of the flower

We can contact subtle signals of the various behind world. Remember the moment when you have contacted them. The inner hidden memories and present behaviors are always resonating. It is so subtle. Then our daily mind ignores them. When we stop daily consciousness, we can feel them.

  A fragile sound has collapsed in a storage barn

When we notice a subtle unknown sound from the invisible place, our lives guess them “What is it?”  The resonance between inner Qualia and outer Qualia happens. Life is always shivering with the unknown signal from the invisible world. Continue to listen in them, and open your transparent resonativity. 

  A canning factory

This might be also one of the inner memories of Hijikata. You can replace it with your own hidden memory.  

  A reduction by X, and regeneration

A reduction is a decrease in something, in the size, shape, or amount and so on. To regenerate means to return something to the former condition. Hijikata extended the meaning of it to the maximum. X can be anything. We can reduce everything by any element. A reduction by size is to resize something into a small size. Regeneration is to return the former size. Hijikata used this method to expand our imagination to the maximum. He researched the sunken logic before the world of the separation between self and others.

To reduce a movement by time is to be slow or to be still.  To reduce a bird by time means a living bird becomes a stuffed bird. It is also to decrease the time dimension from the four dimensions which we are familiar with in the daily world. When we reduce one space dimension from a three-dimensional landscape, the landscape becomes a two-dimensional map. To regenerate it means to increase a space dimension, then the map returns three-dimensional landscapes.

To reduce an adult by time is to return him a baby or fetus. When we amplify it to the limit, a human returns an origin life as a cell. When we can expand our imagination to the maximum, we can transform anything beyond time and space. This is one of the main hidden techniques of Hijikata to see the world in different ways. 

To reduce a human by strength means that the human becomes a weakened body. To reduce a human by life strength means that the living human becomes dead. This is a universal magic method of Hijikata butoh.

  Behind the mirror

What is there?  What could you see? Don’t think. Just feel it. Open the universal transparent mind and body toward the multidimensional life resonance between visible things and the invisible world.   


more "Sinking into the darkness"

Sinking into the darkness of the body
Flower of Kan (Disability) Rhizome Lee Video Lecture 
06,January, 2020

Flower of “Kan”

1. A subtle bodily sensation of the beginning of 'Kan'

When Life meets something unable to resonate well, a subtle bodily sensation visits us. It is the sign of the beginning of 'Kan'.
Hijikata caught the subtle sensation exactly as the following.
It is so subtle and strange that the daily body ignores or cannot notice, but when we stop daily gross consciousness, everybody can catch it. 

Squeaky air
Being gouged and melt
Plants crawl the temple
Birds fly away from the temple
Stain on the wall infinitely
Blurred flowers wander
The itch
I disappeared into the haze
Whereabouts of the body are placed into the body
Multi-Layering of nerve mescaline
Trapped in the mesh of the moment
Rain to diarrhea
A doll smolders Busubusu
Wire in the body
Locomotive passes through the inside of the body
Consisting of margin
Viewed by the bird's-eye
Attacked by light
Spider web of light
The ankle was bitten by a rabbit
The internal organs hanging out of the body
The neck of the crane extending from the internal organs
Follow on the waterways of the internal organs
The face which is put painted inside
Blurred face going forward
Breath is sucked up
Breeding of dust
Transformed into the face of the grave keeper
A draft that permeates the back teeth
Open pelvic tail grows
The old woman being kissed
Surrounding exactly what ambiguous
Touch of a fingertip to trace the grain
Being confined to the crystal
Passing of the myriad gaze
Gaze to split the space
Wander the inside of the ear
Burnt feathers
Locked in a small room in the chest
Pulling pus loose
A fool being chased
Girl approaching from a distant forest
Rising up with the darkness gradually
Leaves fall in the cranium one by one
(Butoh Score in Hijikata's words from

2. Condensed 'Kan' on a part of body and mind
When an unsolved problem stays on the body for a long time, it condenses and causes an abnormality of the body. These are the typical 'Kan'.


Rock cicada’s eye

Retracted scrap

Man of pock
A strange person who pinches
Firm with remaining blurred
Child drooling
Internal organ dried up completely
A person with a Gibbs
Goya face of pus
The face of the pomegranate tooth
The face of the dried flower
Face being put painted inside
Face blurred forward
Right eye and the left half of the face is melting
Eyes of the cicada of rock
Scabs twitched
Dark sooty face
The face of the forest
Origin of nail and teeth
A small shrine of the eyes and mouth cavity
Absolute save less face appears
Raisin eyes of an old woman
Man dividing meat

3. Being itself becomes 'Kan'
'Kan' developed to the whole body. Being itself transforms 'Kan'.
The final condition of 'Kan'

Flermem bedridden for 25 years
Stunted young grave keeper 
Sloppy girl
Looming horse 
Ghost playing the organ
Girl of cataract 
Stuffed Flermen
The collapse of the beggar
Smoldering doll 'Busubusu'
The face of a bear on the back of the mask
Pigeon-toed gecko
Stuffed spider's web 
Generation and dismantling of the doll by soil
People who are made ​​of dust
Who has been put paint on the wall

A ghost with a child's face in his mouth

A cow of Density

Madman of child paralysis

A dangerous person who seems to be collapsed

The pope with the coat of the steam pus

The dark bottle stands dangerous

Auschwitz overlaps to the insects dancing on paper

A girl wrapped in the behind the darkness

A ghost with a child’s face in his mouth

A cow of Density

Madman of child paralysis

A dangerous person who seems to be collapsed

The pope with the coat of the steam pus

The dark bottle stands dangerous

Auschwitz overlaps to the insects dancing on paper

A girl wrapped in the behind the darkness

 (Butoh-fu Picked up from Hijikata's student's notebook.)

Mix of Bugs walk and Flower of Kan

Replace the world change Qualia of the Bugs walk by world=self change Qualia of Flower of Kan as the following;

Squeaky air
Stain on the wall infinitely

Blurred flowers wander

I disappeared into the haze

Whereabouts of the body are placed into the body

Trapped in the mesh of the moment

Rain to diarrhea

Consisting of margin

The internal organs hanging out of the body


Surrounding exactly what ambiguous

Being confined to the crystal

Wander the inside of the ear

Burnt feathers

Locked in a small room in the chest

Rising up with the darkness gradually

Leaves fall in the cranium one by one

Rock Cicada’s eye

The face of the forest

Absolute save less face appears

Man dividing meat

Flermem bedridden for 25 years

Stunted young grave keeper


Stuffed Flermem

The collapse of the beggar

Stuffed spider’s web

Generation and dismantling of the doll by soil

People who are made of dust

Who has been put paint on the wall

A ghost with a child’s face in his mouth

A dangerous person who seems to be collapsed

Auschwitz overlaps to the insects dancing on paper

Kan Walk

We study Kan Qualia that Hijikata collected for his whole life.
Kan means Life couldn't resonate well. The most Butohtic Qualia. We studied them in the 212 Chapter of "The Butoh", and I selected as a Kan Walk butoh-fu as the following.

Kan Walk
1. Start from Ash walk or own weakened body
2. Squeaky air
3. A plant grows up from inner organ to temple
4. A bird flying away from the temple
5. Place the whereabouts into your body
6. A locomotive passes in your body
7. Gauged and melt
8. Wire in the body
9. Stain into the wall
10 Crack
11. Rock cicada's eye
12 Torn God
13. Flermen or your own Kan body



more "Sinking into the darkness"

Sinking into the darkness of the body
The Encounter with Hijikata Butoh | Rhizome Lee 
02 January, 2020
The Encounter with Hijikata Butoh

Description: H1-300



Encounter with Hijikata Butoh

              When I first saw Tatsumi Hijikata performed butoh, my young soul was broken. Shivering, I could barely stand.
It was 1972. Hijikata's Butoh Company, HangiDaitohKan, performed at the Seibu Theatre of Kyoto University in Japan. I was twenty-three years old. Throughout the performance, several dancers were hiding under old tatami mats on the stage. When they finally emerged, moving as if dying, like the collapsed bodies of people poisoned by mercury, someone started crying in the depths of my heart.
              Twenty-five years later, I decided to become a butoh dancer. Hijikata was already dead, but the impact of his performance, which I saw in 1972, lingered for twenty-five years in my body and mind. Sinking into the darkness of my body, I began my investigation into butoh, exploring why I needed to do butoh.
              In the year 2000, I moved from Japan to the Indian Himalayas to find a small space in which to practice butoh. Modern society was too busy and too full of information; it was hard to listen to the silence of my body in Japan.
              The first thing I discovered was that when my consciousness becomes quiet enough and calms down to the same level as my subconscious, I can feel the whole flow of Qualia(*1) streaming in my body, very delicately and precisely.
By searching within this Qualia flow in the darkness of the body, I finally found the Subbody Butoh Method that Hijikata must have found and entered forty years earlier, although he could not teach it to his students. 
           I coined the term ‘subbody’ to denote the subconscious body. In the realm of the subconscious, the subconscious and the body are not separate as they are in the normal thinking world. In the non-dual, multi-dimensional realm of Qualia and life resonance, they become one.

         For the last two decades in the Himalayas, I have been creating a method for searching for the seeds of butoh by sinking into the darkness of the body. The Subbody Resonance Butoh Method is for everyone to learn how to develop their own butoh dance.

What is Butoh?

I have found three essential components to Hijikatas butoh:

1. To abandon all conditions of being human, and to transform into Shisha (a dead channel or receiver) and the suijakutai (weakened or collapsed body) which resonates with spirits of the dead, insane, and handicapped.

2.  To enter dimensions other than the human world, and to become beings of these other worlds.

3.  To look at the living world as dead, from a world beyond. 

Hijikata often said to his students,

 “Never forget to abandon all conditions of ‘human’.”

This is the most important part of changing from a normal being to a butoh being. If you hang on to the concept of ‘human’, you will never transform into another being.

By throwing off the narrow concept of a modern human, we can enter into another world, in which multi-dimensional Qualia streams are flowing and changing. Pre-modern people lived here. In this world, there is equality between humans and animals, and the living and the dead communicate with each other as friends.

Hijikata invented a way to expand the concept of ‘human’ by opening one's abilities to enter into other dimensions and come back to this modern world freely.

3. The third essence is to look at the living world from another world, as one of the dead.
When we become an inhabitant of the dead world and look to the world of the living, we can see that this living world is full of resonance between Qualia - light, the sound, wind, and so on.

              How brilliant they are! How special the living world is!
Through this experience, we can see the daily world in a new light. It opens another art of human living. (I will write about this more precisely later.)

These three transformations are the essentials of Hijikata's Butoh.

              The other characteristics are not important. The white painted face, the ganimata (O-shaped legs), the slow-motion, etc. are just surface appearances of butoh.
Butoh was a big invention in human history because it expanded the concept of the ‘human’ by opening the ability for resonance with other dimensions. It opened a new art of human living. It must be very clear that this did not come from the surface appearances of butoh.
              Michel Foucault predicted that "When a new art of thinking and living is invented, the concept of the human will vanish like letters written in the sand, washed away by the ocean waves."

Yes, butoh is the ocean waves, which will wash away the old, narrow concept of ‘human’.

more "Sinking into the darkness"

School Journal
Mushimaru Fujieda & Kobayashi Ikuyo - Ishin-denshin. 

Let's Learn Mushimaru Butoh

World wide Butoh master Mushimaru Fujieda will visit

as a guest facilitator

9th- 21st March as the same as this year.

10:00 to 17:00


Sinking into darkness of the body
 Why we need to stop talking
 The finding of default mode of brain
18 December, 2019

To stop thinking is the alpha and omega of the Subbody process


The first thing to do in the Himalayas is to have enough rest and relax completely. It is to rest the mind and body that was excited during the long journey. To solve the tension of mind and body, to stop thinking, and do nothing but sleep.

Gradually shift to the mode of listening to the darkness of the body from daily thinking mode. That's the most important thing to do from the beginning till the end.

Shift to the listening mode to the whole brain from thinking mode in a part of brain. During thinking by using language, the brain is excited by electrical signals which fire connections in the neuron cells at the surface layer in the cerebral cortex.

 Why do we need to stop thinking?

Please see the next figure. 


Thnking, Meditation and Medimotion


Thinking mode of brain

A recent discovery in brain science is “Default mode”. Brain scientist found when our consciousness has a rest, the brain activity doesn’t rest, on the contrary, the bloodstream in the brain is more than the thinking mode. The brain is active in “Mind Wandering”. They called this “Default mode”  as the following;


Default Mind Wandering mode (Meditation mode)

 Brain scientists found the “Default mode” above. Brain is not rest, on the contrary various parts of brain are activated and communicates.

They call it “Mind Wandering”.

The traditional meditation technique is sometimes to keep this “Mind Wandering” mode to be aware of various things. Because in this mode various parts of the brain become active and various Qualia can encounter each other and generate new Qualia automatically.  The “Enlightment” is the fruit of the “Resonant Emergence” of new Qualia that Qualia and Qualia encounter and new Qualia is born.

Recent “Mindfulness method” might be entering in this mode. In the traditional meditation technique, sometimes they focus on one image, for example, “Buddha”, “God”, “Gull” and so on. In this case, brain mode becomes closer to thinking mode (see the first figure).

Observe the above figure carefully, it is activated except for the movement field. In the movement field, there is no activity. Because traditional meditation blocks body movement at all. The Qualia stream can’t meet movement Qualia at all.


Medimotion mode

 What happens in the Medimotion?

Medimotion is moving meditation. Then including the movement field, all parts of the brain become active and all kinds of Qualia can encounter freely beyond any borders.

This state happens only in the Medimotion mode, the reason why the creativity of Life becomes maximum in the Medimotion. This finding is one of most important one during 20 years investigation.


Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 World Life Resonance

What is Butoh?

This video will explain you. (from MNOriginal)



Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop

Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop is designed as a pre-requisite for Doushin Butoh Workshop in order to learn the basic physical methods of Subbody Butoh Method and basic meditation techniques of Spring Forest Qigong. ​​​​​​​​​

This workshop will focus on the essential aspects of Doushin Butoh:

  • Quiet down the daily consciousness and listen to the subtle body signals
  • Go beyond our physical, psychological and social bounds in order to create movements that are novel and unique to the individual body
  • Resonate with other bodies
  • Go into meditative state using Spring Forest Qigong techniques 

Doushin Butoh Workshop is a group process and this workshop requires no previous dance experience.  Anyone who would like to explore his or her hidden creative potentials is welcome! 

When:  Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00pm          

2020 Schedule (Dates are subject to change)

First Term: 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 3/5, 312, 3/19

Where:  Heart of Tao Resonance Art, 2322 Garfield St. NE, Minneapolis 55418

Tuition:  $135 (for each term)

To Register, please go to: 

To register, please complete 
Online Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to
 Contact Us or call 612-703-7501


Contact Gadu



Rural Butoh Research Camp

When: Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2020

Where: IruWay Farm Durgadahalli, Karnataka, India

The Rural Butoh Research Camp is a place where performers, dancers and other body work oriented creators can experiment with new ways of creating a new kind of beauty.

Away from the city, the traffic and the tourists we discover the simple quiet peace of a small village next to a national forest.

The daily mind gets quiet...

Relaxing, the body reconnects with the subtle rhythms of the natural environment.

The hills, the forest, the caves, the sky, and the weather become our teachers.

There is enough time and space for individual and collective research, play and performance.

This winter the camp is guided by Honza Svasek, a visual artist and butoh performer from the Netherlands and Ivana Indjin, a performer, theater director and expressive technique therapist from Serbia.

There is a limited amount of places and the minimum participation time is one week.

Visit Website

 Subbody Butoh Books
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Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution

Rhizome Lee

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We need a change!

I wrote this book to change. We need to change both of ourselves and the world at the same time. Because our inner state and outer world states are resonating together and supporting each other.

The original articles of this book are written on the Subbody Resonance Butoh site for two decades for the practice guide for Subbody Butoh method. However, during the editing, it transformed to practice guide to change our ways of living.

Now our planet faces the crisis of nature, by sea pollution by the radiation leak, heavy metals, plastics, and forest destroy by too much cutting and burning. They are proceeding by the Tree-like hierarchical system of capitalism economy and Nation-State. We need to be aware that we support it. We have inner Tree system: Ego, Self, Identity. These outer Tree and inner Tree support each other. That’s why we need to change both at the same time.

Here are the methods to calm down the daily consciousness by Medimotion (Moving meditation) and become subconscious mode (Subbody=Cobody). It will develop to various ways of  Qualia Share, Resonant Rhizome and Rhizoming co-creation methods. This is the entrance of a radical way to change ourselves and the world together. This revolution is to take off our common illusion of "human" and to become Life which resonates together from the bottom of being. 

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The Butoh Revolution
Third Edition

Rhizome Lee

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Butoh is a revolution

Butoh discovers a new beauty even in the unsightly form of Life that people do not normally regard as beauty. Any ugly and distorted bodies can be transformed into beauty by finding the optimal Jo-Ha-Kyu.

Butoh has continued to invent a new “Beauty” that seems to be out of the ordinary for people, breaking the narrow aesthetics of the past.

This is possible by taking off the1“human” concept and becoming a “Life” that is not trapped by “humans” and exploring the darkness of the body.

Hijikata always said to the dancers,

"Don't forget to take off all the human conditions."

Butoh is a revolution that takes away all the conditions in which modern human beings are trapped and becomes pure Life.

When we become to Life, we can recover the essence of Life Resonance that "other people's suffering and problems are my own" that we have forgotten.

In the present age of natural destruction and the devastation of Life, the biggest problem for us is that we have forgotten the <Connection of Life> or <Oneness of Life>.

 As human beings become Life again, the way to fundamentally solve the problems of the modern earth becomes transparent.

Butoh was the beginning of the coming <Life Resonance Revolution>.

In the future, it will spread to various fields of art and social activities as a “Life Resonance Art”. It will deepen and develop to a “Life Resonance Revolution” on a global scale by people who can make the whole problem of Life all over the world as own.

This book is the first step in my quest for 20 years of the path from the Butoh Revolution to the global Life Revolution.

I hope you proceed to read the next step of “The Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution” and the “Life Resonance Revolution” for the future of Life.

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