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School Journal
 Carrying the Secret/ Inga, Julie, Pamela, Pilar, Yoko, Janik, and Sati Gio
Secret meets Secret/ Nao and Sati Gio 
Sinking into darkness of the body
1 May, 2016

Become the multiple Sexualities


To become Transparent Sexuality means that you are not being bound by birth and growth.

Both of womanhood and manhood are treasure Qualia of Life, including asexuality.

But, we are bound by both of biological sexuality and
social gender , too much.


We have grown up as heterosexuality or homosexuality or other minor sexuality depend on individual history.


We can release from all of those restraint.


At first, I introduce diverse traps of Sexualities one by one, because those are multiple resonance and so complicated entangling.


Sexuality and Gender


Biological sexuality

Opposite sexuality

Mono sexuality as Life

Social Gender


Variations of Sexuality




Minor sexuality

Mother complex

Father complex

Lolita complex

Shota complex

Abnormal sexuality




Animal sexuality

Dead sexuality

Mono sexuality


Violent sexuality





Sexual abuse

Sexual harassment

and so on....


When we are bound by a specific sexual tendency, our body becomes a specific hormomes mode.

This is very strong trap of sexual mode.

See transparently it, and invent own conditioning how to release from the specific mode.


Our human are bound by not only somatic Qualia, but also bound by so complicated imaginary and emotional Qualia
as the following;


Twin sexual entanglement (=Family role)










- Girl friend

- Boy friend

and so on


We are bound by Archetype and Prototype Qualia in the darkness of body


Archetypes of Sexuality




-Great mother

- Imago






- Queen


- Sage (Wise man), wise woman











Prototype Qualia as Life


Safety tendency---Fear, shivering, block, paralysis

Comfort tendency---Addiction, habit

Connection tendency---Touching, contacting

Individuation tendency---Realizing true oneself 100%

Resonance tendency---Finding best resonance pattern



Resonance Patterns in Human relationship


- Transference


-Dreaming up



-Persecution delusion

-Triangle relationship



See Transparently that all of those are just diversity of Qualia Resonance patterns.


How to release from those entanglements


"Become nth sex!" Gilles Deleuze

Become Rhizome of multiple sexuality


Become Transparent Rhizome with dancing every kind of sexuality, and see every phenomena transparently as the Qualia Resonance of Life in non-dual and multi-
dimensional realm.


We do not need to be bound by any specific narrow Sexuality of human at all.

Let's take off all restraints of human.

Let's become man, woman, child, old, near death, various disability, insanity, animal, plant, incect, bacteria, water, wind, stone and infinite transformable Rhizome!

We can live the multiple sexualities beyond the contemporary human boundaries.

Butoh of Life is able to expand infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.

This is the deep freedom of future as Life.


Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 Himalaya Resonance Diary


Ozerk send us some new pictures.
Thank you!
He seems to continue the reverse twist the own qualia that entangled at each dancing places of body.
Keep deepening!

Sonat Pamir

Dear Lee;

I started this project with the intention of bringing the lost memories feelings movements back to awareness.
A season for all those things buried under skin to relive through dance and be a part of my life again.
I work alone in my apartment, shoot the pictures myself; very private process and i feel this is the only way
to realize this project.

I will keep on sharing images and info
I really appreciate your interest


School Journal
Secret meets Secret/ Nao and Sati Gio 
Carrying the Secret 
30 April, 2016

Carrying the Secret

In the co-creation of the end of April theater,
every students integrated for two months research
in the darkness of body, and carried each own Secret.
The total duration became over 3 hours, with 1 solo, 3 duo, 1 quartet, 1 all cobody piece.
Sometimes, a Secret met another Secret, and entangling through.
Now, each student got many Secret and Mysterious Qualia.
They could have collected the sources of the own creation
during March-April.
In May course, we will polish them to the unique Beauty with gathering, reducing, amplifying and invent various Flowers.
Flower has deepest Life Resonance beyond human aspect.
We will learn Hijikata Butoh of Life method and struggle with it.
The most important thing is to find own necessity to be weakened body that has the deepest Resonativity of Life.
And to grow up to the Transparent Resonant body (subbody=cobody) as One Life.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
Beyond the Ego Traps
30 April, 2016

Beyond the Ego Traps

How does ego appear?


Ego has so many appearance. It has multiple ways of appearance.

At first you have to know all of them, and when you notice their signal to appear, say hello to ego and say good-by immediately. I know you well you are important for my daily life, but not know.

Now is the time for creation. Good-by and see you later.

Repeat this greeting in each time to meet ego.


1.   The subject

Ego always tries to be the subject. I’m independent of will. I decide everything about me. When you notice this tendency, just throw out your judgment and opinion. Just move with following other’s movement. When you release from the pressure to be the subject and change your behavior pattern, you must encounter a brilliant timing to invent novel thing. You are too much bound by the pressure to be independent, and you have lost the real creativity.    


2.   Territory keeper

Ego keeps one’s territory, “This is my space, Don’t enter!”

When you notice the appearance of territory keeper, just give your space others, and try to share your space. You must find a fresh way of being resonant. 

3.   Property owner
Ego always persist one’s property. “This is mine!”

When you notice the moment your will have a tension of possession, just open your hand. You can release from the bind of your property. You must be aware of how the property binds you so deeply.  


4.   Self-justification

Ego always justify oneself. Ego cannot live without self confidence ; “I’m not wrong.”


5.   Story maker

Ego always makes a story that “I am not wrong.” “If I did not proper thing, it has reason because of another person’s behavior or speaking. It is not my fault”, and so on. And ego believe one’s own story, even it is just excuse for justification. Ego is not aware of it. Because these are unconscious processes.


6.   Pretender

Ego always pretend oneself better than it is. Ego have to forget what it is, and ego can believe another story which ego framed up by oneself.


7.   Negative critic

Ego always watch others by critical eyes, and try to find the break point of others story. Because ego need to be aware of a failure of one’s story.


8.   Tempered by unconscious emotion

Ego is always under conditioning by emotional tendencies. But they are unconscious, ego does not notice about it. Only watching carefully of the subtle signal from body and emotion, help you to be aware of these emotional conditioning.


How to stop ego


Ego always appear unconsciously, it is hard to notice before ego’s appearance.

When you notice it, immediately say hello and good-by. This is the only able attitude. Just continue it. Repeat the same greeting. At first ego regist against your greeting, but slowly ego understand and calm down not to disturb the creation someday.

But you can prevent ego to activate, because ego appear through communication with others ego. Then the best way is to stop communicate with others. The second best way is to stop talking with others. Because ego is bound by language thinking, and language is bound by dualistic judgment.

I mean to find the best distance from others.

When you stop talking and thinking by words, you can calm down your brain and become quiet to be able to listen to the subtle signal from the darkness of body.

Through these training to calm down ego, finally you have to be the transparent body/mind which is able to see the subtle signal of appearance of ego and super ego, emotion, and subtle tendencies from the darkness of  body transparently.



Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Europe Resonant Butoh Tour 2016
Italy, Hungary, Spain (Almeria and Madrid), Germany

Italy: June 23-30 organized by Chiara
at PiedinTerra near Mirano

: July 4-18 organized by Andrea,
Judit and Tamas
at Budapest

Spain (Almeria) July 21- 22
organized by Jaime and Aia at Almeria

Spain (Madrid): July 24- August 7
organized by Jonathan at El cielo de la Vera, Cáceres, Spain. (Two hours away from Madrid

: August 12 - 25 organized by Kaska
at Berlin

The details will be informed in some weeks!

 Summer Extension Course Guide
India Dharamsala
6 Weeks Workshop June-July 2016

Resonant Creation with Subbody Butoh
by Pilar and Kaska

<June course>
13th June - 1st July, 2016
Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 5:00

<July course>
4th - 22th July, 2016
Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 5:00

Subbody Butoh School Himalaya, India

After class, Free improvisation and Collaborative Experiment
_exploring new artistic relationship through subbody butoh with different form of art. (Liquid dance, Butoh Contact Improvisation, Sculpture, Painting, Picture, Music, Poem etc according to the background of participant.)

< Tuition>
June course (3 weeks): 300 USD
July course (3 weeks): 300 USD
June=July (6 weeks): 500 USD

* Accommodation and food is not included.
* Indian and South Asian are discounded 40%.
We share any situation as one life for honest co_creation. If you have any issue with class fee, schedule and more, Let us know.

Pilar Deluzyoscuridad <>

 Himalaya Resonance Diary


özerk rehearsal pictures

An old student Ozerk are deepening his dance.
To know it is the happiest thing for me.
Thank you Ozerk!

dear Lee,
here are some of the pictures from my rehearsals.
when i make new ones i will send them to you too.
thank you for your support!
i have been working on this project for almost a year now.
it will be an improvised performance as always.
I will share more about it soon
lots of love to all the friends there!

School Journal
 Octopus Tomato/ Shai and cobody
22 April, 2016

Resonance supporting each other

This year's Subbody Resonance School is focusing on sharing everybody's hopes and problems as own hopes and problems each other.
We have been promoting the mutual co-creation that co-create a specific world that most want to dance in for each one.
As ever, not a person directing all as a choreographer, we threw away that kind of Tree system.
Yes, one of us initiates to share a specific Qualia to co-create a world that is necessary to deepen the research in own Mystery.
And the others share the specific Qualia and co-create the world to support it.
But, it is not taking a role like as in the theater play, we always keep the Transparent condition which supporting others 50%, and researching own Secret and Mystery 50%.
Transparency means listening to inside half and outside half, not being bound by anything.
It is the richest environment to research in each one's forgotten Qualia or Unremindable Memory.

Today we co-created Shai's world who is second time short-term student followed in 2014.
The Qualia we shared are pretty complex hard to say by word, simply symbolizing as the encounter of Octopus and Tomato on the dinner table.
Students shared the Qualia and tried to be Transparent that is co-creating 50%, researching own Secret 50% during the performance.
Strange and interesting world was born in just a practice of about an hour.
Everyone could enjoyed it Transparently.
This Transparent work which we have continued every week should bring the most rich environment for everyone to encounter the forgotten or unremindable Qualia.

If one can not stop thinking, just strapped by ego trap resists to sharing "the others Qualia!". But the boundary of self/others is illusion in the darkness of body.
Because, It is non-dual and multi-dimensional world of Life Resonance.
How is it possible to enjoy this wonderland?
Maybe we need to get the technique of "De-self conditioning".
Immediately to stop thinking that denies others is essential.
Denying is characteristic of Ego-trap.
The biggest difference between Life and Human is this Ego-trap.
It will be a key to enter this nonchalant transformation of Butoh of Life.
We are going to focus on it for next step.

Read more School Journal

Sinking into darkness of the body
Grapse the Possession as Qualia Resonance 
 Himalaya Resonance Diary


News from Igu

The invitaton letter is very happy ❤. I'm fine.
I certainly want to participate in the Hokkaido Butoh festival, if the organizer accepts me.
In March Syv has visited my place❗
There are many chances of performance this year.
In March, I was dancing in Kyoto. I could have a new companion.
In May, in relation to the Earth Caravan, I will dance in Kyoto and Nagasaki.
At Nagasaki, it will be a collaboration with Fukuoka Butoh Seiryukai; Blue Dragon Butoh Association.
In August, in my house of Ichinoseki, a collaboration with an Indian sitar musician.
In November I will dance at the Blue Dragon Butoh of Fukuoka.
From April, I have reduced the work, for the resumption of Butoh classes and Shiatsu.
Although a little more time is necessary, I hope Subbody students to stay at my place, Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan.
We want to do workshops and performances together.
How is your knee? All faces in the site are so nostalgic!
I want to go back Himalaya, but not now.
Please give my best regards to return back certainly.

School Journal
Kangra Rhizome 

Chiara, Lee


Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop
at Piedinterra, Italy

with Rhizome Lee
organized by Chiara

When: 23-30 June

Where: Piedinterra, Italy

the workshops will take place at Piedinterra farm, located in the highlands of Santa Margherita di Staffora (PV) Italy

open to all levels

Partecipants will be picked up at Varzi bus station the day before and dropped down at the same station the day after the end of the workshop


Chiara de bona<>


Two weeks of Subbody Butoh
with Rhizome Lee

in El Cielo de la Vera, Spain.
Dance, liberation, movement enhancement, waters and natural pools, sun, fresh air, studio with huge windows and wooden floor, five stars food, tons of fun, stary nights and silence.

Jonathan, Lee


Butoh in spanish Himalayan
mountains II · 2016

With Rhizome Lee

When: July 24th to August 7th of 2016
Where: In El cielo de la Vera, Cáceres, Spain. (Two hours away from Madrid.)

Workshop and Collaborative Performance

1. Transform from daily thinking mode to subbody (=Subconscious body)
mode and cobody (Resonant subbody) mode by original Conditioning
method (Breathing, Vibrating, Swaying, Opening various channels of the
body and so on.)
2. Listen to the darkness of the body, catch and
follow the Subtle tendencies of Life in it.
3. Research in the Abyss of Life(=Necessity of Creation and reason of own dancing) for each and share them together as own issue with opening Empathic Imagination.
4. Enter and share each other's mystery, secret and flower of Life.
Co-create subbody=cobody butoh dance pieces together with opening Transparent Life Resonance.

Workshop – 360 euros (420 after June 15th)
Lodging and food (three meals per day, 14 days) – 550 euros
Total – 910 euros (970 after June 15th)

Information and inscription: / (34) 625 067 600

Jonathan: <>

 Subbody Butoh Books
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Rhizome Lee's ten years investigation in Himalaya
 Sinking into the Darkness of Body
Crick here to read the sample

Abyss of Quiet House
Rhizome Lee

Behind the Mirror
A Butoh manual for Students

Rhizome Lee

 To read Kindel book, it is convinient by downloadable Kindel Preveiwer.
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