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10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya 2015
"Daughters of Dandelion"
Dolker, Gio and Local Artists 
 "Decomposition" Katrine
"Self Reflected" Jeanne 
"Exodus" Laurence and cobody
"The Dakinis"
Jeanne and Cobody
"Between and Behind" Lee and cobody
 ' Tejen Cuerpos'
Cris and Cobody
"You and Me" Sara
'When the Rabbit Screams'
Sara and Cobody
Lili and cobody
Gadu Doushin
'Milking Widows'
Pamela and cobody
 "Between Life and Death"
Marcus and Katrine
Oneness in Kolkata

Gio and cobody
""Yamazaki, Reborn!"
Aga and Lee

A Girl
Hijikata Tatsumi
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of the month
10th Butoh Festival
"My Sooty Princess"
Dust Gio
"Daughters of Dandelion"
Dolker, Gio and Local Artists 
 "Decomposition" Katrine
"Self Reflected" Jeanne 
"Exodus" Laurence and cobody
"The Dakinis"
Jeanne and Cobody
Grand Finale
"Between and Behind"
Lee and Cobody
 ' Tejen Cuerpos'
Cris and Cobody
'Who are You'
Jaimng and Cobody
"You and Me" Sara 
'When the Rabbit Screams'
Sara and Cobody
Lili and cobody
 Festival Starting
on Friday
Snow Line Moon Dance
"Between Life and Death"
Marcus and Katrine
"Butoh Rhizome!"
in Pune
Kan Flower
Tatsumi Hijikata
Sleep in Peace!
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 10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya 2015

A Trailer of "My Sooty Princess" Dust Gio  

You can see in full HD
  10th International Butoh Festival Himalay

You can see in full HD
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 Let's join in Subbody Resonance School!
Monday, 7th Sep. Second semester 2015 starts!

Accepting Second Semester students
7 September - 16 Dec 2015 (7 spaces remained)

1 year to 3 years students
7 September 2015 - 17 June 2016 (9 spaces remained)
7 March 2016 - 9 December 2016 (
10 spaces remained)
Application: subbody [at]
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Sinking into darkness of the body
June 30, 2015

A Letter from Santiago

A letter returns from Santiago, soon with some pictures.

"Oh very funny! i like that story without the thinking you were maybe disapointed or sad for my death!
Another close friend of me had a similar story in 2000th another wrong message from another person.
who is that person who wants me to be dead, traveling around the world with such a strange purpose? an enemy or an angel ?
anyway if this an occasion for you to create a new dance i am really happy.
It makes me laugh my dear lee!
I am dancing still and giving yoga classes. my body and mind work rather good. Rolf became a yoga teacher too and we are living in the same place together with love.
very often i remember you as one of the best persons and true dancers i met in my life authentic human being even if you seem like a strange wild animal from the pre-historical age! I love your beauty like this , sincerely!
pictures you sent to me are very strong AND FULL OF ENERGY.
So i don't have the project to die. i do meditation for my students and it's changing me inside but..... outside.... i am the same, even worse: loving life and people, nature, music and dance and men asses of course.
i am 60, long hair became white. feel very often happy, sometimes bowred before i have to take the metro---little lazy- but when i start is very very nice.
And you, my friend?
i have the intention to go to india for someday but i don't know when , in a year maybe? i´ll go to visit you of course.
So i am very glad you are alive also . I wasn´t completely sure either, because no one knows!
my friend a big abrazo ----ha ha ha ha!"

The deepest resonance between Santiogo and me is to be Transparent.

Read "the Transparency"

See a video "Become Transparent"

Visit Santiago's website: Crick here

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Sinking into darkness of the body
June 29, 2015

Santiago has been alive!!

5 years ago, a dancer who was a dancer of Santiago's company, visited me and told that Santiago Sempere has died by aids. I surprized and visited his website immediately, then the site did not work, seemed to be abandoned for some time. Then I believed it. When I talked students about him, I introduced him as my dead friend, we live together in Japan and Paris some years, we worked together, I learned a lot of thing from him. Especially, he gave me deep influence about Transparency.

But, in this March, Santiago mailed me, "Hello, Lee san, I'm fine. And you? Hope so"
I was so surprized that a dead Santiago mailed me!
I visited his website, then it was renewed and working!
But, it was so hard to shift his name from the dead friend's list to alive list. It took so long time. At last, before yesterday I could mail him as the following;

Dear Santiago

Thank you very much for your mail.
I am so happy!

But, in fact, at first I was so surprized at knowing that you are alive. Because five years ago a French guy who was a dancer of your company visited my school in Himalaya and told me that you died by aids.
Immediately I visited your website. But your site was broken and seemed to be abandoned. Then I had to believe that you has gone.
I shifted your name from alive friend's list to dead list. as I have moved many names already.
But, the opposite process was completely unnatural thing. It took long time unexpectedly to accept your aliveness and move your name from the dead list to alive list.

Because, I have danced with my dead friends in 1967-70s for long years. When I find a rock, I hit it by stone as my friend's grave with shouting "Wake up! Revive! My friend!" and after that year, always your memorial shape of "Old Tree" came out from the rock, I entered into your shape and shout "Santiago! where are you now?!" So, you were
added into my dead friend's list.

For these years, I continued to dance the same piece in various place on the planet, Poland, Himalaya, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and so on. I have danced with dead Santiago so many times.

When I received your recent mail, I was afraid that someone doing a very bad joke, and after I confirmed your aliveness, I tried to shift your name from dead list to alive list, but it was so hard unexpectedly! Because as if I moved your name from dead to alive list, it seemed to influence all order between life and death in my darkness of body, it was so scared for me that I have never experienced.

It needed time for these several weeks to have done it. Now, I can accept you as alive Santiago. Hello!
Next time I will create a new dance about your reborn.

Anyway, this is the reason to be so late to reply you.
Understand and allow me. Now I can say congratulation from the bottom!

I attach some pics of recent dance with 'the dead Santiago' (Ha, ha, ha).

Hope to see you someday again!


The deepest resonance between Santiogo and me is to be Transparent.

Read "the Transparency"

See a video "Become Transparent"

Visit Santiago's website: Crick here

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya 2015
"My Sooty Princess" Dust Gio 
"Daughters of Dandelion"
Dolker, Gio and Local Artists 
 "Decomposition" Katrine
 World Life Resonance


Butoh in Bangkok

Bangkok Friends, I am coming to your city of angels July 4~18!
I will perform July 12 & 17th and give butoh workshops July 10 &
See you very soon



Liquid Dance Laboratry
Sep 8-13th
Ibiza, Spain




Come to see Queertopia at Intermedia Arts tonight until
Sat. Shows start at 7:30pm.
Photography by Alice Gebura.



Trainingslab Kristien Sonnevijlle
Monday, June 22 -26
AREA 59 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Subbody Butoh Revisited

Exactly 2 years ago I was in a dance festival in Dharamsala, Indian Himalayas, where Rhizome Lee created his ‘Subbody Butoh School’. I went there with a longing to embracing everything in (life &) dance, not only the so called beautiful.

I spent three seasons of dancing in garbage, the hot spring bath of a Hindu temple, a festival for Tibetan refugee children. ‘Resonance’ was the magic word, with everyone and everything. Covered in ashes, mud, rainbow colours and rags I melted into the environment until there was just ONE...

Since coming back in Holland july 2013 I have been integrating this dance into a more holistic movement vocabulary, as even what is intended to accept everything becomes a specific style when danced intensively by a small group of people in a dance studio in the mountains.

This week I revisit the work we did at The Subbody Butoh School, Himalaya

- ‘conditioning’

- different butoh ‘walks’

- work with texts (scores) written by Tatsumi Hijikata, the founder of butoh

- Group movement, contaminating each other with movement qualities.

- Discovering ‘Subbodies’, the different beings hiding in our body and memory until they are allowed out.

Even if it is a short time, let’s taste our ‘blood of dance’, that which needs to be danced to survive...





Charity Healing forChildren in Fukushima

We have raised $3289! I cannot thank enough for everyone who has contributed to this fundraiser!

The last Charity Healing is this Saturday June 27th
from Noon - 4:00pm. We can go above and beyond and help children in Fukushima!!!

 World Life Resonance


Dance Movement Therapy
Where: Subbody School
When: 26-29 June

Dear friends the first bEHRUPIYA event of this year is here! A four
days intensive workshop in Dance Movement Therapy in our beloved Jogiwada village, Dharamsala, Himachal smile emoticon

An experiential workshop offering participants an opportunity to
delve into their own movement world to explore major tenets of
mind/body integration, nonverbal communication and emotional

We will work with somatic practices, movement expression, art, dance to connect to our body. We will see how we can understand, express and channelize our emotions in a way that not only make oneself in sync within but also opens up the communication channel with everyone around us.

About the Facilitator: Manju Verma

One of the founding directors of Creative Movement Therapy
Association of India (CMTAI), Manju is a certified Creative Movement Therapist and has an M.A in Psychology. She has been conducting 60 hours intensive workshops on Body image, self image, self confidence, voice, fears and emotions extensively.

With over a decade and a half of relevant experience in public
health and development sectors, she has worked with acclaimed
international organisations such as American Red Cross, The Union and Norwegian Church Aid and imparted trainings in the South East Asia region.

Having facilitated at august institutes like Mayo College Ajmer and Modern School, Delhi, Manju has also to her credit experience of facilitating trainings, for corporations like HCL, Ericsson, Serco,
Kantaar and art institutions like Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and
Pearl Academy.

Fees is Rs 4000 for 4 days. Discounts available for students.
Please do spread the word and inBOX me for any questions

Summer Workshops Guide 2015
in Spain, Germany, Hungary

with Lee
in Greece
with Gio


Jonathan, Lee


Butoh in spanish Himalayan mountains with Rhizome Lee
in Madrid, Spain

organized by jonathan and Subbody Butoh Laboratry Madrid

EXIN dancing from the source
proudly presents:

Butoh in spanish Himalayan mountains with Rhizome Lee,
Japanese dancer, creator of subbody butoh and founder of subbody butoh foundation in the indian Himalaya

When: 19th to 29th of July of 2015.

Where: In El cielo de la Vera, Caceres, Spain. (Two hours away from Madrid).

Workshop and Collaborative Performance

1. Transform from daily thinking mode to subbody (=Subconscious body) mode and cobody (Resonant subbody) mode by original Conditioning method (Breathing, Vibrating, Swaying, Opening various channels of the body and so on.)

2. Listen to the darkness of the body, catch and follow the Subtle tendencies of Life in it.

3. Research in the Abyss of Life (=Necessity of Creation and reason of own dancing) for each and share them together as own issue with opening Empathic Imagination.

4. Enter and share each other's mystery, secret and flower of Life. Co-create subbody=cobody butoh dance pieces together with opening Transparent Life Resonance.

Workshop ・340 euros (290 before May 31st)
Lodging and vegetarian food (three meals per day) ・390 euros
Total ・730 euros (680 with discount)

Information and inscription: / / (34) 625 067 600


Yumiko, Lee! '15

6th international butoh dance eXchange
and performance festival

organized by Yumiko Yoshioka and delta RA'i

When: 3-16 August

Where: schloss Brollin, Germany

for more informations please visit the site:


Judit, Andrea, Lee

Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop

organized by Judit and Andrea

When: 18-29 August (18th-22nd and 24th-29th)

Where: 2016, Leanyfalu Faluhaz, Moricz Zsigmond street 124/a, Budapest

We’ll work together with handicapped people
during the second week of the workshop (24th to 29th)

Workshop Fee
One day ticket: 10.000 Ft
1 Week (18th ? 22nd of August)
Prebooked: 39.000FT (Before 31th of July)
Full price: 45.000Ft

Two Weeks
Prebooked: 65 000 Ft (Before 31th of July)
Full Price: 75 000 Ft

Assistant price: 17 500 Ft
Who assist the handicapped people during second week)

Everybody are welcome to come for the whole workshop, or even for just one day!

Cut-off time for prebook price: 31th of July, 2015
Deposit: 15 000 Ft

Deposit payment details:
Account owner: Bakonyvideke Takarekszovetkezet,
Account number: 62900184-16809619

The application becomes valid by transferring the deposit money
and filling the application form below!

Link to application form:

Contact: or +3630 4296405

Registration to : Udit.P.<>


Gio, Angeliki

Dance Fest Akropoditi
Subbody Resonance Butoh
Performance and Workshop
Jumping Wild
The spontaneous, subtle movement of soul and body

When: 13 - 17 June
4 hours / day, 10:00 - 14:00
Cost: 90 euro (for combinations with other workshops, look at the application)

Where:Akropoditi Dance Center, Syros

Registartion to: Angeliki <>

More information here.

10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya 2015

This is the future model of beings as the
Resonant Rhizome which grew up secretly under the name of Subbody=Cobody during the decade in Himalaya.

"Self Reflected" Jeanne  
"The Dakinis" Jeanne and Cobody
 Grand Finale
 "Between and Behind" Lee and Cobody
 Tejen Cuerpos Cris and Cobody
"You and Me" Sara 
'When the Rabbit Screams' Sara and Cobody
 'Metamorphosis' Lili and cobody
 World Life Resonance


Summer Dance & Art Retreat
with Kristien Sonnevijlle & Matt Jackson
Sunday, August 9 at 5:00pm
Createrre, La Pinalie, Dordogne, France



'Seminario de butosofia

Monday, July 6 at 7:00pm
Espacio en Blanco, Madrid

De lunes a jueves, de 19h -22h
Precio: 60 euros / semana o 100 / dos semanas

Mas info e inscripcion: / 625 067 600

World Subbody Course Guide

You can learn Subbody Resonance Butoh
in many places in the world!

See the left collumn and crick links!

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