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Read "SickDancing Princess"
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Accepting One Year Co-researchers

March Starting Course, 2017
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September 4, 2017- June 8, 2018
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School Journal
Lost in Tibet Aia, Silvia and Anais  
Beauty of Wildness Aia  
Silly Little Hearts/ Lara and cobody  
The Wall/ Johanna and cobody
 New Resonance Studio
23 October, 2016

New Class Starts on Monday,
1st Nov. with Pilar

On 1st Nov., Pilar will held new class
at new studio, Jogiwara, Dharamsala.

It is near the school for 5 minutes walk.
We name it "Resonance stuido.

Application: Pilar Deluzyoscuridad <>

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School Journal
 "Santa Claus' Dream" Silvia and cobody
Deep World/ Olga and cobody  
Sinking into darkness of the body
 Proto Experiences of Boy Hijikata
20 October, 2016

Proto Experiences of Boy Hijikata
Read "Sick Dancing Princess" 3

For opening each one's world channel, we learned Hijikata's proto experiences which he wrote in the "Sick Dancing Princess" He discribed pricisely ao many experiences that his body was eaten by the world, both of physically and mentally as the following;

Sick Dancing Princess

 [1 The method of clouding the body]

Hey look at them!

Insects are alive without breathing.

Look! The thinned down smoke bugs have come walking this way.

Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating into something.

I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body,

participating in such as observations I overheard.

All because, shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.


[Strange brightness and something shady]

Also the boy as me suddenly became stupid without any intention, and kept like a strange brightness but only just barely alive.

And yet, my eyes fell into something shady as if they were cursed, I had an excessive curiosity towards such nameless things as lead balls or string.

I was forced to work in the eyes like a spy, guessing that the lead ball and string must be pretending to rest.


[2. A body being eaten by the snow]

I have lived with passing through my finger in to the eye of the fish, or flirting with a girl who had a dove of rubber, in fact always I have been growing in the mood such as I was taken for a pulse.

I was about to be eaten often by snow, if I in the fall, was also bitten by grasshopper. In the rainy season I was cut by catfish, and in early spring I was swallowed by the river by whole body. And probably the eyes went inclined naturally to such things.

[A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious]

I have hit a salted salmon with a plate or watching a bicycle-cart under  blazing sun, or felt nostalgic a medicine bottle with an uneven glass, or felt suspicious the people who would use an enema fig.

I explored the darkness of a rusty kitchen knife in the rainy season standing in such a place, and had been practicing how to wipe tears seriously. Because of monotonic and anxious things stormed into the body, I might be aiming faintly a chance to fabricate fake things with wearing a haze to the body.


[3. Worms and fever]

Always worms were generated in my belly, and they were wriggling slowly under the ass hole. Sometimes it came out of the ass hole. I wonder was it due to eating the greens of the backyard too much? Moreover, I always became fever and vomited red things and blue things.  I wonder the cause because I have run around under hot sun too much? Adult people said "This is a strange fever". When I heard such a thing, a sense of relief which I was guarded by something, made me closer to the faint breath further. I was swelling in such a way. My nature that would solve easily any misfortune, and a bud of weak heart and a thing close to no will, seemed to blow out from the body.


[7. Human that does huddle only by the body]

In case of being cornered, human, it becomes to huddle only by the body.


[8. A woman glared at me and I became a stick]

One day, a woman who was dressing a kimono in the house has a little stretch with chewing a piece of string from the tatami floor. After that, she turned the hands behind the band with a terrible face, and glared at me with tight eyes. I went out from the back door silently and was watching a mediocre stick that was leaning against the eaves quietly behind the house. Before I knew it, I became a stick and was playing.


[9. A hidden state]

 [A body without intermediary]

My body did not speak, but it seemed to sense something which lived at the place where was apart from infant things or things which has the shame certainly. The body had been like going out and retuning to body. My forehead was open always, but I had become as if eyes accepted nothing. It became a body with no intermediary procedures as if my body became a flower easily at a moment before stumbled and fell while walking. I also don't think to surgery such a body. But there would be not able to. When it is so much fun, I have decided not to dance.


[10. A vague figure]

A vague figure which I had inhaled with the smell of lunch which went bad, around the color of sour pickled eggplant which was blowing powders, would have been the precious thing.

 [Feeling which seems to have been already danced by someone]

I've always approached towards crying children who became dirty whitish. I also went to bark toward green onions unable to eat because grew up too much. I was caught in the feeling seems to have been already danced by someone. I was shrouded in steam, or became like an object lost life totally. The lack of the gravity which the body itself feels, would teach me a gesture that like I ate up quickly a form floating up by chance in a think.

[A body which was forgotten]

In my behavior, a room which something affectionate and thoughtful is able to get into would be gone. As if the body was not my property, I had forgotten my arms and leg, also the body itself was forgotten away. As the evidence that I could not grasp what came into my eyes, I was standing in a place like watching a wet paper during it turn yellowish and drying, and a butterfly stopped on it for an hour. Therefore or, I would probably be afraid of slipping of chopsticks during eating a bowl of eel and rice still. The whereabouts of my changeable feelings which I suddenly lose energy, and spirits rise up in the evening, gone melt into my body, it has become difficult to search, also to follow its whereabouts precisely.

[Practice of the gloom that oozes among the kneeling position]

However, even in such a state of the body that was forgotten, the weight of the stone on top of the pickle barrel that is blowing white powder is unforgettable. The kneeling position when I lifted the stone, and raise the stretched eggplant, and the gloom that oozed out from the kneeling position itself, probably it would be what provided in the body naturally, but on the other hand I had practiced it.


[12. Fear of silk thread]

I needed long years till to become not scared of silk thread, and I have experienced various refractions till I recognized a woman who was hanging two breasts while standing in a kitchen place with heavily breathing, as something beautiful.


[13. A body being removed the outlines from]

Various things enwind the body that was removed the outlines from, and if I peeled them off, I felt as if a new wind was printed on it, but also the side of wind had made a mistake, and maybe also I would merely have repeated a mistake.

[Eyeball for watching the invisible huge creature in the air]

If I had not an eyeball on the forehead, I would have been eaten by the fight against those which are hanging all over the place, and it was not able to see the invisible huge creature in the air. My body seemed to be sandwiched in that place. I often bought and ate foods. I was walking on the street with the dirty face of buying and eating. I rubbed the candy and dried squid to the dog passing each other on the way and was eating it again. I was, like that.....


[14. A body which was left alone too much]

Sound of boiling food was heard under the sky as if the Ishikawa Goemon(*) was likely to come out. Rather, I would have wished to be able to hear it. Or the strings of the thought might have been cut off, because I had lent my eyes too much to the pattern of tatami mat, though it might be able to be heard. My thought had been unconsciously led to the body which has been left alone too much.

* A legendary great thief

[Body which had been stolen by steam]

When I was blown by the steam from the boiling iron pot of rice in the dusk, I have lost appetite, my thought became like steam, my body had been growing up to such as a fictional body. Thus, my body was stolen even by the steam. Though it had been stolen and been danced by someone already, I had no idea how could I get back it and regenerate. I wonder that a blind and a lion like laughing me were hidden in the steam rising up faintly. What shall not succeed as a thought as binding the water by hand, something very difficult were also mixed in the steam.


[It was not only me who had been danced by someone]

In retrospect, the whereabouts which cannot get might be hidden at only place like it missed the bones of a fish which pierced into wet cloth. It was not only me who had been danced by someone. I have been returned stare a pig which watched the dopey children, and have sometimes stood under the chilly Sun like a chicken looking up at the sky. At times like that, I've been trying to put a tooth biting a pillar, or forget such things of bitter cucumber in the field.

[Creature that lives in a sound that no one knows]

It might be able to be peeped the shape of creatures that lived in a sound that no one knew, through the people who were extending the crumpled paper in the house. But my young body has fallen into where not blame, or into where we bypassed the light brown robber socks stopper by afraid.


[15. A body which continues to be eaten]

I played in the street until sunset, my vocal cord was about to collapse like a brown sweet sugar. Also buttons of my jacket were smashed enough even if the daytime hot flashes were not fallen out in the evening. As I came home, I was inserted the cotton painted black ointment at the tip of disposable chopsticks into the ass in a groveling position.

After I went home, so there was scenery like the dusk was connecting from the angle of running away of small animals which was near me. Red dragonflies and mixed small insects hit my face. So, I have drunk them deep into my throat so that probably the expression of rough throat might connect to my body.

My body dripping blue nasal discharge was also violently hit by horsefly. I was eating various sweets by such a body.  Roasted fragments barley flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, a piece of ginger rice crackers, soybean paste bread, twisted candy, fist candy, bomb, and banana sweets. Somehow when I eat those kinds of thing, a thin man came out from inside the house in trickles, and put a hoe in the back of the field, and he pulled out the green onions.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

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Solos in the Indru Naag  
 Himalaya Resonance Diary
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Gadu was awarded 2016 Sage Award for "Outstanding Dance Educator"!

Gadu was recognized for his work in teaching Subbody Butoh in the Twin Cities.

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School Journal
 Wongmar/ Pamela and Gorka
Behind the Mirror/ Aia and cobody
 Searching Atom/ Suman
Rusty Time Machine/ Laura and cobody  
Sinking into darkness of the body
What is the Jo-Ha-Kyu Completion? 
15 October, 2016

Kyu of the "Quiet House"

This is the typical "Momiyose" Kyu that the Noh master Zeami discrived in his book.
Momiyose means to dance all essenses of the piece in a condensed short time.
Hijikata could condensed all Qualia of this piece in these last three chapters.
Let's become the dancer "Hoopee"!!!
It is the most ideal transparent multi-resonance body.

25. (Nightmare)

The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, face of Michaux, face of a girl and face of horse, a woman with perm, face of fool, face of a person drawn by Bosch, hands that beg to be saved

2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug


26. Right in the middle of the strange development

1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull completely

2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.

3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view changed to eyes of point. It was exposed to the reduction and regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a stake man.

6. In the picture of abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.


27. The participation into the skin 

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

School Journal
 Resonance studio
  5 minues from the school5
12 October, 2016

Opening new studio for beginners!

On 23th October, new stuido will open!
It is near the school for 5 minutes walk.
We name it "Resonance stuido.
Pilar holds Subbody Butoh class for beginners.

Read more "School Journal"

 Pilar Dancing Underwater in Bali
12 October, 2016

Pilar will back to Himalaya!

Pilar will back from Underwater in Bali to Himalaya as a midwife for beginners course.

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''Dance with the Red God''  
11 October, 2016

Dance with the Red God

Life is always resonating with the world.
And moved by some one invisible.
Tatsumi Hijikata's called it < The Red God> in the "Quiet House", and <A huge creature that lives in the air> in the "Sick Dancing Princess".
Butoh dancers apear on the stage as a Shish (Dead) that was moved by someone, and transform into infinite beings and phenomena on the earth.
Let those diverse invisible beings appear on the stage.
It is the second developement of the <Clouding body> method which wears various original Qualia cloud around the body.

Read more "School Journal"

Sinking into darkness of the body
8 October, 2016

"Yamazaki, Sleep! Yamasawa, Sleep! "
Rhizome Lee

49 years ago today, in the Vietnam anti-war demonstration, my friend Hiroaki Yamazaki died.

I was bound by a guilty that I was a political leader in my high school and University, and agitated, organized many friend to the movement, and let my friends die, but I could not die. Because I was caught by police at first and be in the prison. Totaly, I lost three intimate friends during the days.
This guilty made a lot of nightmares in my middle ages, and finally I gave my body to my dead friends, "Please use my body and dance freely!".
They created my first butoh piece "Infectious Fever" and some more.
I understood it was a natural Life Resonance, though ancient people regarded it as the possession.
Life Resonance Qualia are resonating always beyond the time and space.
The past some years, I has been dancing "Yamazaki!" in an attempt to awaken him.
But, now I stop it, because the dance was dominated by my political personality; Yamasawa.
Yamasawa was a political leader, organizer and agitator in the revolutionary movement in my youth.
He has slept for long years, but woke up with Yamazaki and tried to dominate me.
When I stopped the movement, I decided never to do politics any more.
I beleive that the politics must die as well as the nation-state.
I must find a novel way to change the world without using the politics.
I took off Yamasawa, and let him to sleep.

Do not use Yamazaki in politics, even if it would be aimed such as "anti-war".
Not by the politics, but through only the Life Resonance, the world will change.
I believe the Life Resonance that transmitted from Life to Life through dance.
It must need a tremendous time.
Many generations, might take dozens of generations.
However, I have prepared the developement of Life Resonance without me after the death of me to all over the world.
We can leave the specific deployment to later generations.
This is the most certain way to let the politics and nation-state to die.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

Dancing in the Abyss/ Video Lecture by Rhizome Lee  
 Now on Amazon!!

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Rhizome Lee's ten years investigation in Himalaya
 Sinking into the Darkness of Body

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Abyss of Quiet House
Rhizome Lee

Behind the Mirror
A Butoh manual for Students

Rhizome Lee

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Lost in Tibet Aia, Silvia and Anais  

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