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Accepting One Year Co-researchers

March Starting Course, 2017
March 6- December 8, 2017 ( 3 seats Remained)
All apllicants! Please proceed to registration to confirm your space in 2017
September Starting Course
September 4, 2017- June 8, 2018
( 7 seats Remained)

Accepting short term students
Resonance Dance Course at new Resonance Studio
March 5 - December 20, 2017
Every Monday start!

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Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017


 Schdule of Summer tour 2017 is almost fixed.

1. Netherlands (Rotterdam): Jun 19-July 3
2. 2nd Subbody Gathering (Barcelona):July 6- 15
3. Poland (Michalowice): July 18- Aug 7
4. Switzerland (Geneva) : August 10 - 16
5. Russia (Uragivostock) : August 20-25

Let's enjoy it!

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kerala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bengaluru -
- Goa - Rajasthan - Delhi - Dharamsala

India Kolkatao
 DarknLight・ Anna, Gorka, Jaime, Naireet, Pamela
India Tumkuro
Bengaluru Butoh Festival

22 - 28 Jan

The India Resonant Butoh Tour returns for its third edition and stops by the AntZFarm (iruWAY) for a second time, after healing Dharamshala, Kerala and Kolkata for the Bengalutu Butoh Festival.

The Tumkur leg of the tour will begin with a week long residency and exchange with practitioners, tour participants from all over the country and the world, local residents and enthusiasts like YOU; and it will end with a showing of the week long exchange. The tour will then move to Bangalore for a week filled with workshops, performances and exchanges.

Master Rhizome Lee- a practitioner of Butoh for the last 30 years will be guiding the tour.
You can read more about him and his work here: http://www.subbody.net/

Jan 22 - Jan 28 (The full weeklong residency for ₹5000/- board and lodge included)
Jan 26 - Jan 28 (A partial residential workshop for₹3000/- board and lodge included)

For more information and enquiries please feel free to call Lekha -9844264157

About Master Rhizome Lee:
Rhizome Lee, born 1948 in Japan , was a student of Akiko Motofuji, wife of Tatsumi Hijikata, who is considered as the Originator of Butoh. Rhizome Lee has performed and held workshops at over 20 countries in the world, (1997-2004). He is the proponent of the Subbody Resonance Butoh Method・and started the 全ubbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya・at Dharamsala, H.P., India, in 2005. He has guided international students as a midwife (Facilitator) to foster & fuel creativity of Life. He has trained over 1000 students. Over 20 of graduated students have opened their own practice places at various countries.

About Subbody:
Subbody is another body which lives in the darkness of the body. In this realm subconscious and body become one. It is a creative and communicative dancing body.
Subbody is an excellent creator of your dream, fantasy, imagination and dance. If you find your subbody, you can become an originator of your own unique and true dance which connects to the deepest of your whole self. We have a safe method to guide you into the darkness of body where subbody lives and to return back controlling yourself.

About AntzFarm- iruWAY:
AntZ farm is at the foothill of Devarayanadurga heritage hills near Tumkur. It is a collective that is concerned with art, ecology, culture,...

India Bengaluru
 Red: New schedule
India Goa

Aia hold Feminine Workshop in Goa

Every Sunday 11:00-1:00
@ Jungle cafe Temple road

Hi Lee! 

I'm in Goa now, and connected with the Subbody. Since I arrived here I could perform 3 times with musicians and also I'm giving workshops for women on Sundays   " The dance of the wild feminine". I can feel that my mission is to work with woman, holding space for the dark feminine. Exactly what  personally I find in school.

Last Sunday was successful workshop with tears and deep qualias and I could feel how Subbody method is been integrated in my creations and the way of listening and working with that. It's really excited! 
For that I just want to give my big thank you for you. Since I started with this research I feel completely inspired. The birth of Subbody mode is a mark in my body. And each day I can listen more to that state of Life resonating through.

I feel that I want more, to go more deep, to learn more, to research more. For that, dharamsala is very possible next semester again.

Thank you for all non teachings- teachings! 
Enjoy the tour
We meet in Goa, I will be here with Pilar waiting for you all.

Big hug!!!

India Kolkata
 2nd Kolkata Butoh Festival
 Some glimpses from the workshop
at The Creative Arts Studio

Derector of The Creative Arts

The chaos share workshop at the Creative Arts studio, which was the start of the 2nd Kolkata Butoh festival, gave far greater results than expected.
Everyone turned to the subconscious mode, fully opened their imagination, and co-creating their imagination world with the group. This success lightly shines the future of the Indian tour experiment.
I regret that it was not able to take a video by technical trouble.
I think it can be imagined from the following voices full of excitement of the participants.
Thank you for everybody!

Butoh is a dance form to listen to the silence of the body...

" I discovered that, when my consciousness becomes quiet enough and calms down to the same level as my subconscious, I can feel the whole flow of qualia in my body very delicately and precisely." Rhizome Lee

Two days with Master Rhizome Lee have been like being in a continuous state of meditation...connecting to your innermost core of the body... to find the organic impulse of your body...


Voices of the Participants

Vineeta Bothra Abhani It has been a truly truly blissful experience

Sundeep Kedia Very strong amazing body language

Priyal Loyalka Brilliant workshop..thank u ma'am for this opportunity!!!!!!!

Saroj Tivary Yes it was a unique experience ..lucky to be the part of this..thanks ma'am for arranging this.

Seema Grover A new kind of experience that takes you to a different level..thank you ma'am for being in our lives!!

Priyal Loyalka Thank u so much ma'am for introducing us to this unique, different, wonderful way of letting go. had never heard of butoh before. three days of so many emotions...felt relaxed, stressed, angry, emotional, happy,s ad, felt like crying ,laughing sometimes. But today just felt freeeeeeee and so so light .thank u sooooo much!!!!!

 Anita Khandelwal An amazing three day session of letting ourselves flow freely in our emotions individually and collectively. The warmth, energy and emotions took us to a different world within ourselves. For the first two days the body felt pain, stress and tiredness but today we felt so peaceful, calm and relaxed and floated together in the most wonderful way.
Thank you ma'am for this amazing and unique experience.



New Subbody Butoh Book
 Now on Amazon!!

 Qualia as Life Resonance

Rhizome Lee

4.99 $

 A Happy New Qualia!

Why do we share a sense of warmth, happiness, or scary?

The basis of these common sense such as bodily feelings, all kind of senses are called Qualia.

Qualia are generated not only by humans but also animals, plants, single-celled organisms, and all kinds of Life, when resonate with the outside world and cell memory.

It is an unique process of Life what is called "the Resonant Generation".

This is a unique perspective in the world submitted by this book "qualia as life resonance".

This unique point of view was grabbed during the author Rhizome Lee retreated in Himalaya India for 20 years, stopped daily consciousness, listened to the darkness of the body (= subconscious and collective unconscious realm), found an original Subbody Resonance Butoh method that amplifies subtle Qualia as a movement of the whole body.

Qualia is a heritage of Life that Life has accumulated in the cell through the life history of 4 billion years.

By accessing this Qualia as a heritage site and releasing free Qualia resonance, everyboy is able to become release the infinite creativity of Life.

In the Subbody Resonance Butoh school which was founded in Himalaya, over the past 12 years, more than a thousand students have studied subbody method and are growing as the unique butoh dancer or practitioner in the world.

Click Here
 You can read it by any devices. Download Kindle free APP. please download it on above link.
 Read more Subbody Books
 Read more Reccomended Books

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

 "Way of Coexistence"/ Isa

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bangalore -
- Goa - Rajasthan - Delhi - Dharamsala

India Goa

A Journey through experiment…
February 2017 in Goa

Read the details


2nd Kolkata Butoh Festival 2017

   DarknLight/ Anna, Gorka, Jaime, Naireet, Pamel 

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3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

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International Butoh Festival Himalaya

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