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10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya 2015

Starting on Wednesday 5th June! 
Aia, Aymon, Chandana,
Cristien, Gaurang, Gio,
Jaime, Jeane, Katrine,
Laurence, Lee, Lili,
Marcus, Sara, and more 

 10th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
Starting on Friday 5th June! 
Till Wednesday 17th June
Every morning Butoh Workshop and
Evening 2 Butoh Performances
All Free Charge!

School Journal
 "Between Life and Death" Marcus and Katrine
19 May, 2015

 "Between Life and Death" Marcus and Katrine 

Marcus made a stange costume by many bones which he collocted at Tatapani, and danced the duet with Katrine.
Katrine started dancing with white skin, but while dancing her white and Marcus's black skin mixed together, and co-created a beautiful ending with gray skin.

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 "Turning Over" Katrine and cobody
Sinking into darkness of the body
May 21, 2015

Regression to Fetus world

At the request of a student, we tried the Regression to the Fetus world work after a long absence.
It is that one person becomes a center fetus, and the others cover it as a womb, and share the experiences in the womb and before and after the Delivery of baby.
It is something that experience four of the world before and after the Delivery that was found by Stanislav Grof.

BPMⅠ: Ocean ecstasy

BPMⅡ: Expulsion over from paradise

Sudden change of the world, No exit

BPMⅢ Conflict of Death and Regeneration
Violence and Biological anger, Volcanic ecstasy

BPMⅣ Experiences between Death and Rebirth
Deep journey in the Abyss, Cosmic sense of Unity, Mystery of Ego and Universe, Enlightment

(BMP="basic perinatal matrices")

Big events of after the birth, are tied with any of the four phases above, and are amplified by the resonance of Qualia.
All Qualia resonate each other beyond time and space, between outer Qualia of physical experience that is happening now here, and inner Qualia that are are stored in the cells as the Life memory of 4 billion years and all Qualia of fetus.
We experienced all Qualia of Life history condensed in ten months, and the four phases of inner Qualia before and after delivery that Grof found.

The danger of this work is, we can not predict when and how the resonant amplification would occur.
We need preparation with great care, if anything might happen, everyone must face it as own issue and solve it together as One Life.
Fortunately, it has been build among this year's students.
Not only to experience this work, through it, we are sharing the issue to be transparent which we see all phenomenon as the Life Resonance of Qualia.
This is the first achievement in the history of the ten plus years of Subbody School.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
 Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone! 7 Rhizome Lee in Tatapani
Sinking into darkness of the body
May 19, 2015

A novel co-creation process

We need al least 20 unique qualia for creating one hour butoh piece, instead of theme, concept which was thought as necessary thing in modern western method.
How can we co-create it?

1. Listen
Stop daily thinking by basic conditioning No.0,1,2 or 3.
And listen to the darkness of body.

2. Find a dancing place
Choose a part of body which is felt sonething strange today, unconfortable, stiff, blockage and so on.
Ask the Life of that part's cells,
"what do you want to do most?",
"Which world do you want to dance in?"

3. Enter into a scene, which the part of body resonante with, and travel there.

Wait for the time till a scene or a space will come out with resonating to the part of body.
If a scene comes up, travel there with whole body/mind.

4. Encounter unique qualia
If you encounter someone or something, follow the flow. And catch a special qualia.

5. Share it with friends
you guide to the world where you experienced and share your qualia with them.

This week we tried this work, and we shared diverse novel Qualia as the following;

-Silence of first snow
-Poked by the stick in the bush
-Melting Iron
-Eternal motion
-Cell's swarm
-Behind and between
-Bottom body transformation
-Chimera cobody
-Fragile doll
-Dead sparkle body
-Dancing oil

Some scenes developed to a middle sequence.
This week we will co-create these scenes and share the important Qualia.
Next week subbody will develop it to a composition during we sleep, because subbody is 24 hour worker.

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School Journal
 The Unrevealed Beauty/ Laurence and cobody
"Poison Forest" Aia, Cris, Jeane, Katrine, Lili, Marcus and Sara  
19 May, 2015

"Poison Forest" Aia, Cris, Jeane, Katrine, Lili, Marcus and Sara 

On last Friday, students danced four subbody=cobodies in a day, it was a school record than ever.
The first one is "Poison Forest" which was developed from the mud cobody in Tatapani.

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 Nomad Rhizome in Tatapan
""Nest of Forest" Katrine 
17 May, 2015

"Nest" Katrine 

Katrine found a nest made by floating branches of tree.
And danced from there, with inventing various steps and unique movement at each dancing places of body.
It was a real integration of all learning of "Quiet House" and "Sick Dancing Princess".
Please learn from this, there are so many secret techniques of Hijikata are hidden.

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Jeane, Katrine, Sara in Tatapani 
 Alexander, Laurencce, Marcus in Tatapani
17 May, 2015

Alexander, Laurence, Marcus in Tatapani

There are numerous animal bones in the riverside of Tatapani.
Marcus collected it, and buried his body with the bones.
Now it's the middle of creation process, every students reseaching on the edge between death and Life, between stillness and movement toward each own Abyss.

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 Mud Tribes in Tatapani
15 May, 2015

Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani 1
Mud Tribes

We went Tatapani hot spring, and danced in Nomad Rhizome way as usual.
Ten students have found each favorite place respectively,
If there is demand, while participating as cobody each other, and moved one place to another.
This day, there were good mud places here and there, and most of students danced with covered in mud.
When the skin becomes mud, it reminds the days of the fetus in the womb naturally.
We could enjoy the oneness feeling together as well as than ever.
Something has certainly changed.
All students know that it is above all important that do not express the ego too much.
This is the center of center which I could not share as trying to convey until now.
Old students! Sorry very much!

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 World Life Resonance


"Liquid Dance Laboratory"

Sep 8-13, 2015
Ibiza, Spain

Sinking into darkness of the body
May 13, 2015

Become Transparency

For a long time, I have wished to become transparent.
From a young age, adults around me were seemed opaque and not beautiful because they concealed something to child. I might be repulsive to it deeply yet unconsciously.
When I was a 20's 30's, I captured very small water creatures with diving into water, I was captivated by transparency of them, I spent staring at a long time.
Transparent shrimp, Transparent catfish, Freshwater jellyfish, Hydra, Plankton, and Juveniles of all fish was transparent.
I dived in mine looking for a transparent crystal and topaz.
I blew the flute while fascinated by the vibration of the transparent air.
How is it possible to be transparent as them? I was trapped by the issue, though I didn't know why.
It has continued much commitment to transparency, even from the start of dancing.
I wrote a short sentence "About Transparency" in 1996, when I met Santiago Sampere who loved the Transparency miraculously.
We led deeply by resonance to the transparency.
When I build The Subbody Resonance School, also I wrote a little long sentence "For Transparency" in 2005. that launched the site
At the beginning of this week, I spoke students about why I've stuck to transparency, and how can we become transparent.
It was the essence of the quest of this decades.
In a nutshell, we are bound by the strong yet opaque tendencies lurking unconsciously in the darkness of the body; Proneness, Desires, Prototype of emotions, Archetype of images, Ego and Superego, etc.
I wish to be released transparently from their strong and unconscious force to bind me. I will continue to dance to be transparent from them.
It's important to be free from all of their domination which disturb the transparency.

For details, please see the video and following articles.

Read "The Transparency"

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Sinking into darkness of the body
May 10, 2015

Proto Walk

In Subbody Resonance Butoh School, we usually started learning from "Ash walk" for many years.
But, to go into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess", it is not enough, a novel technique of body is required.
I integrated all necessary elements to go into the "Sick Dancing Princess" world as "Proto walk" as the following;

It is as if a transformation into a monsterous chimera creature with mixing all required elements.

Gloom of the kneeling position (low waist position)
Grabing feet
Namba walk(=Two axis walking)
Sucking up Prototype from underground
Explore the darkness by tentacles of forehead
Rotten eye
Hip Shijun (Consulting by ass)
Light and dark of short breath
Love affiar of fingers with impossible wish
Behind spirits
Hidden state
Huddling of the body only

It is necessary to instill all of these elements in a body.

We need to take off the modern human body which extends smartly, we need to carry the darkness of the body with the ancestral half-sitting posture which is resonating with the darkness of behind world, and easy to transform an animal body and back flexiblly.
Such as mix of snail, beast, sea anemone and the fairy and shivering.
We become a Chimeric Rhizome which connect with anything freely at any part of body and separate flexiblly.
And it is constantly threatened by signs of the Prototype motion/emotion and images of Archetype drifting in the air and darkness, constantly being seduced by shady things of demeanor, and are trembling scared.
It is the body that is the source of unexplored Butoh for investigating novel beauty of
Kan Flower (Flower of Disability).

It must take time to get it than ever.
But, it's the worth to take time.
This year we have faced to novel wall that we cannot go forward at any novel step from the other existing horizons without this new challenge.
Be transparent which opens inward half outward half.
When your inner necessity for creation meets and merges with a novel physical qualia of movement, it becomes BUTOH CREATION of your own.
We go forward to believe that there would be such fertile encounter.

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 World Life Resonance
 World Life Resonance
Sinking into darkness of the body
May 4, 2015

Become an expert of Qualia

Those who involved in the creation, are not to be an expert in information, but need to become an expert of Qualia.
Have you met talkative true creator?
True creation is born through the real chaos where is in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm, not through the information that is obsessed by low-level dualistic judgement or the common illusion.
Real transparent creators are required to be completely free from all of them.
In this age, everybody is trapped by enough information from babyhood, then they are forced by the misunderstanding what something must be born by the manipulation of information, but nobody is an expert of Qualia.
In spite of everybody uses Qualia unconsciously.

Why each other has to protect the silence during the day in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School?
Keep listening in the deep silence.
All are present in the transparency of the silence.

If deepening more, there is all among the transparent silence of Life Resonance.
So, what is transparent silence is the Qualia of Life Resonance actually.
We have to listen to the subtle Qualia of Life Resonance.
It becomes Information if reduce the Life Resonance from Qualia.
From the begining of the school, we have focused on dancing the invisible.
Hijikata called it as "The huge creature that lives in the air" or "The Red God".
Actually, it is the Qualia stream who lives in the invisible behind world, and Qualia are Life Resonance.
That's why we have to be an expert of Qualia.
If Qualia were something alive streaming in the invisible realm of Life Resonance, the information is like a corpse that was reduced the alive Qualia from the Life Resonance.
Qualia are always streaming and transforming in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm. Qualia never stops, because it is actually Life Resonance itself.

I will start from this lesson on the first day of the coming May course.
It's the first challenge also for me, but we had come to the point where it is not impassable to avoid it anymore.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 World Life Resonance

Gio, Angeliki

Dance Fest Akropoditi
Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop
with Dust Gio
organized by Angeliki and Akropoditi Dance Center

When: 13-17 July

Where:Akropoditi Dance Center, Syros

Registartion to: Angeliki <sig_an@yahoo.gr>

Summer Workshops Guide 2015
in Spain, Germany, Hungary

with Lee
in Greece
with Gio


Jonathan, Lee


Butoh in spanish Himalayan mountains with Rhizome Lee
in Madrid, Spain

organized by jonathan and Subbody Butoh Laboratry Madrid

EXIN dancing from the source
proudly presents:

Butoh in spanish Himalayan mountains with Rhizome Lee,
Japanese dancer, creator of subbody butoh and founder of subbody butoh foundation in the indian Himalaya

When: 19th to 29th of July of 2015.

Where: In El cielo de la Vera, Caceres, Spain. (Two hours away from Madrid).

Workshop and Collaborative Performance

1. Transform from daily thinking mode to subbody (=Subconscious body) mode and cobody (Resonant subbody) mode by original Conditioning method (Breathing, Vibrating, Swaying, Opening various channels of the body and so on.)

2. Listen to the darkness of the body, catch and follow the Subtle tendencies of Life in it.

3. Research in the Abyss of Life (=Necessity of Creation and reason of own dancing) for each and share them together as own issue with opening Empathic Imagination.

4. Enter and share each other's mystery, secret and flower of Life. Co-create subbody=cobody butoh dance pieces together with opening Transparent Life Resonance.

Workshop ・340 euros (290 before May 31st)
Lodging and vegetarian food (three meals per day) ・390 euros
Total ・730 euros (680 with discount)

Information and inscription:

www.exindance.com / butosofia.wordpress.com

informationexin@gmail.com / (34) 625 067 600


Yumiko, Lee


eX...it! '15

6th international butoh dance eXchange
and performance festival

organized by Yumiko Yoshioka and delta RA'i

When: 3-16 August

Where: schloss Brollin, Germany

for more informations please visit the site:


Judit, Andrea, Lee

Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop

organized by Judit and Andrea

When: 18-31 August

Where: Budapest

Registration to : Udit.P.<pjudit13@gmail.com>


Angeliki & Dust Gio

Dance Fest Akropoditi
Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop
with Dust Gio
organized by Angeliki and Akropoditi Dance Center

When: 13-17 July

Where:Akropoditi Dance Center, Syros

Registartion to: Angeliki <sig_an@yahoo.gr>

World Subbody Course Guide

You can learn Subbody Resonance Butoh
in many places in the world!

See the left collumn and crick links!

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"Turning Over"
Katrine and cobody
 Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone! 7 Rhizome Lee in Tatapani
The Unrevealed Beauty/ Laurence and cobody
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"Nest" Katrine
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"Between Life and Death" Marcus and Katrine
"Turning Over"
Katrine and cobody
 Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone! 7 Rhizome Lee in Tatapani
The Unrevealed Beauty/ Laurence and cobody
"Poison Forest"
Alexander, Laurencce, Marcus in Tatapani

Mud Tribes in Tatapani
Lili, Cris, Katrine and Laurence

Aia, Sara and Katrine
Whats left if anybody is gone'
Marcus and cobody
'Evil spirits of rivers and mountains'
Sara and cobody
'Nightmare of Flesh' Batash and cobody
Nomad Dream
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 Nomad Dream
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'Dark Feminine'
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