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Sinking into darkness of the body
 Why do you need stop talking
06 December, 2019

To stop thinking is the alpha and omega of the Subbody process


The first thing to do in the Himalayas is to have enough rest and relax completely. It is to rest the mind and body that was excited during the long journey. To solve the tension of mind and body, to stop thinking, and do nothing but sleep.

Gradually shift to the mode of listening to the darkness of the body from daily thinking mode. That's the most important thing to do from the beginning till the end.

Shift to the listening mode to the whole brain from thinking mode in a part of brain. During thinking by using language, the brain is excited by electrical signals which fire connections in the neuron cells at the surface layer in the cerebral cortex.

 Why do we need to stop thinking?

Please see the next figure. 


Thnking, Meditation and Medimotion


Thinking mode of brain

A recent discovery in brain science is “Default mode”. Brain scientist found when our consciousness has a rest, the brain activity doesn’t rest, on the contrary, the bloodstream in the brain is more than the thinking mode. The brain is active in “Mind Wandering”. They called this “Default mode”  as the following;


Default Mind Wandering mode (Meditation mode)

 Brain scientists found the “Default mode” above. Brain is not rest, on the contrary various parts of brain are activated and communicates.

They call it “Mind Wandering”.

The traditional meditation technique is sometimes to keep this “Mind Wandering” mode to be aware of various things. Because in this mode various parts of the brain become active and various Qualia can encounter each other and generate new Qualia automatically.  The “Enlightment” is the fruit of the “Resonant Emergence” of new Qualia that Qualia and Qualia encounter and new Qualia is born.

Recent “Mindfulness method” might be entering in this mode. In the traditional meditation technique, sometimes they focus on one image, for example, “Buddha”, “God”, “Gull” and so on. In this case, brain mode becomes closer to thinking mode (see the first figure).

Observe the above figure carefully, it is activated except for the movement field. In the movement field, there is no activity. Because traditional meditation blocks body movement at all. The Qualia stream can’t meet movement Qualia at all.


Medimotion mode

 What happens in the Medimotion?

Medimotion is moving meditation. Then including the movement field, all parts of the brain become active and all kinds of Qualia can encounter freely beyond any borders.

This state happens only in the Medimotion mode, the reason why the creativity of Life becomes maximum in the Medimotion. This finding is one of most important one during 20 years investigation.


Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 World Life Resonance

What is Butoh?

This video will explain you. (from MNOriginal)



Doushin Butoh Experience

- One Day Butoh Workshop with Gadu

Thursday, December 5th, 2019
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Heart of Tao Resonance Art
2322 Garfield St. NE, 
Minneapolis 55418
Fee: $25

Butoh is a contemporary Japanese performance art form that began in late 1950's. Originally started as an anti-establishment, anti-traditional dance theater, Butoh explores the relationship between our mind and body, and it questions our soicety's perceptions of the body and the ideas of "beauty." Though it is considered as a underground art form, Butoh is practiced all over world.

Gadu has been practicing Butoh since 2005. He has studied Subbody Butoh with Rhizome Lee in Dharamsala, India from 2007 to 2012. He became a Certified Butoh Instructor in 2012  from Subbody Butoh Foundation. 

As Gadu's understanding of Qigong and Butoh developed, he realized that Butoh can be taught not only as a performance art form, but as a spiritual practice or moving meditation technique.  Doushin Butoh was created to deepen our understandings of the relationship with ourselves and everything around us. Using physical methods of Subbody Butoh and energetic understandings of Spring Forest Qigong, a Doushin Butoh practitioner will experience everything in the Universe as a form of "Resonance," which one feels as physical sensations.  Being guided by these sensations, the practioner lets his or her body move without restrictions.  

These movements are unique to each body and can help to release physical and emotional blockages in the body.  You can "perform" these movements or simply practice as a healing movement method.  

To register, please complete 
Online Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to
 Contact Us or call 612-703-7501


Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop starts Thursday January 23rd, 2020!

(Click HERE for more information)

What is Butoh?

This video will explain you. (from MNOriginal)

( or try https://youtu.be/PdvFWVcnFI8)

Web extra: https://youtu.be/U4gIPkxNrvY

Contact Gadu




7-20 Dec 2019
Anteras, Devarayanadurga and iruWay farm, Durgadahalli foothill

Visit website



Rural Butoh Research Camp

When: Dec 6, 2019 - Feb 28, 2020

Where: IruWay Farm Durgadahalli, Karnataka, India

The Rural Butoh Research Camp is a place where performers, dancers and other body work oriented creators can experiment with new ways of creating a new kind of beauty.

Away from the city, the traffic and the tourists we discover the simple quiet peace of a small village next to a national forest.

The daily mind gets quiet...

Relaxing, the body reconnects with the subtle rhythms of the natural environment.

The hills, the forest, the caves, the sky, and the weather become our teachers.

There is enough time and space for individual and collective research, play and performance.

This winter the camp is guided by Honza Svasek, a visual artist and butoh performer from the Netherlands and Ivana Indjin, a performer, theater director and expressive technique therapist from Serbia.

There is a limited amount of places and the minimum participation time is one week.

Visit Website

Sinking into darkness of the body
Listen to the Forgotten Memory
26 November, 2019
Listening to subtle Qualia of the darkness of the body

I often use the word “Listening”.
What is Listening?
What do we listen to?

When we listen to the body, at first we can sense only ambiguous something that is not able to recognize clearly Is this sensation? Or the imagination? Or a dream? Illusion? memory?

We cannot distinguish at all.

It is Non-dual Qualia.

Qualia is everything that cell’s Life resonates with. Life resonates with Qualia of Gravity, Sunshine, Air, temperature, moisture, sound, smell…

Life is always resonating with these physical Qualia of environment. And not only those present physical Qualia but also inner memory Qualia of those that are reserved as the Life memory during the four billion years Life history.

Both are always resonating double. We call the former “Outer Qualia” the latter “Inner Qualia”.

We listen to the double resonance of both though we cannot distinguish as well.

But, during the listening, the non-dual Qualia shift to a certain channel Qualia; bodily sensation, movement, visual, audio, emotion, human relationship, world=self-image, and thinking channels so that we can catch it clearly. We follow it by the whole body-mind until it becomes a certain subbody movement.

When we co-research it with some friends, sometimes a friend’s movement affects you, or your movement becomes other’s movement.

Listen to the process, taste the resonance deeply. It is proof that the border between self and others disappears.

Listen to your own Qualia and other’s Qualia as well.  

Listen to inside 50% and outside 50%. This is Transparent listening.

You will meet not only your friends but also meet the world Qualia.

In the world Qualia, it includes not only the physical world but also the invisible world Qualia that Hijikata called it “Behind world”.

Those are the Qualia that we listen to.  

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 26 November 2019

Why did the daily body lose creativity?


Why the subconscious body (subbody) has infinite creativity?

The fundamental logic of the subbody method came out transparently.
The reason why the subbody had to be submerged in the darkness of the body after being dissociated from the daily body, was because the subbody had Qualia that could not resonate well with this world.
The daily body gathers only Qualia that can resonate well, and repeated infinitely, and eventually developed a strong ego, identity, self-dynamism.
"I am strong", "I am kind", we knit a story of self-identity by gathering good Qualia that can affirm ourselves. And we try to reinforce the same story of ego every day.
All the Qualia that have leaked from it are driven to the darkness of the body as a subbody=cobody. The Qualia that resonate only once, know what is unacceptable in this world, sink deep into the darkness of the body without repeating its anymore.
So, to encounter the subbody the followings are important;
1. Search Qualia that Life could not resonate well.
2. Find Qualia that has never been repeated.
3. They might be immobilized in Qualia of <Kan (disability)> such as stiffness, blockage, habit, disability of mind and body, and are hidden somewhere in the darkness of mind and body.
It is especially important to focus on these three points.
It was these Qualia that Hijikata Tatsumi kept collecting throughout his life.
I was able to encounter this solution finally by closely observing the branch point between the subbody and the daily body.
While tasting those Qualia collected by Hijikata by the body, their common points soaked into the body naturally.
Deleuze which I have been reading for many years also helped in this understanding.

"The possibility of future creation is buried in things that have never been repeated" ("Difference and repetition")

Deleuze observed the daily body rather than the subbody and found the fact that "I", ego and identity repeatedly wear the same Qualia infinitely. They are only of what was old second-hand Qualia. It is arranged by tree-like hierarchical order. There is nothing fresh. Daily bodies are alienated from creativity because they are repeating the same thing.
With this, the reasons why the daily body are alienated from art and creation were also clarified.
And also why creativity is packed only in Life of the subconscious body.
I knew it from the experience of the body, but I could not explain logically until now.
Deleuze, thank you.
With this, we can add some new to the points of ordinary "Sati" (awareness that can be obtained by listening to the subtle Qualia).
Until now, we focused to be aware of when inner language talking comes up, we notice and stop it.
When we are caught in emotions, not expressing it as it is, but swallow it and wait for fermentation to a novel creation in the body.
Instead of obeying such a large inclination, we focus on listening to some sort of uncomfortable Qualia that Life cannot resonate well.
In addition to these, even when it is repeating the same Qualia, do notice it and stop immediately.
Life is short. It is unendurable to keep on repeating the same thing and getting old.
Stopping it at that moment and continue listening to the subtle Qualia of the three points above.
Let's keep listening with the subbody mode as possible as long, possibly for 24 hours.
This is the secret to living the life of full creativity every day.
Hijikata became the subconscious body and found the important Kan (disabled) Qualia to listen to.
Deleuze continued to criticize the daily body of the contemporary world and had reached the solution.
A half-century passed since I started the struggle with both. And finally, the two became one.
Both of them tried to bring novel creation to mankind. It is natural that they are connected.
However, this is the first time that the logic of the connection is discovered and they become one by resonance.
Both of them tried to bring a new creation to mankind. It is natural that you are connected.
However, this is the first time that is found the logic of the connection and discovered that it will become one by resonance.
The Tree Rhizome method that freely travels back and forth between daily consciousness and subconscious body is finally obtained a rich result.
It will open up a brilliant way that anyone can do.
Let's spread the Life Resonant Art to the world and turn everyone's Life into Art.
 World Life Resonance
 Subbody Butoh Books
 Now on Amazon!!
Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution

Rhizome Lee

Kindle e-book (9.76 USD
Now, chance to get it by
6.25 USD opening sale)

Paperback 464 page
31.99 USD

We need a change!

I wrote this book to change. We need to change both of ourselves and the world at the same time. Because our inner state and outer world states are resonating together and supporting each other.

The original articles of this book are written on the Subbody Resonance Butoh site for two decades for the practice guide for Subbody Butoh method. However, during the editing, it transformed to practice guide to change our ways of living.

Now our planet faces the crisis of nature, by sea pollution by the radiation leak, heavy metals, plastics, and forest destroy by too much cutting and burning. They are proceeding by the Tree-like hierarchical system of capitalism economy and Nation-State. We need to be aware that we support it. We have inner Tree system: Ego, Self, Identity. These outer Tree and inner Tree support each other. That’s why we need to change both at the same time.

Here are the methods to calm down the daily consciousness by Medimotion (Moving meditation) and become subconscious mode (Subbody=Cobody). It will develop to various ways of  Qualia Share, Resonant Rhizome and Rhizoming co-creation methods. This is the entrance of a radical way to change ourselves and the world together. This revolution is to take off our common illusion of "human" and to become Life which resonates together from the bottom of being. 

Kindle e-book (9.76 USD---Now chance to get it by 6.25 USD opening sale)

Crick here

Paperback 464 page
31.99 USD

Crick here

The Butoh Revolution
Third Edition

Rhizome Lee

Kindle E-book 8.99 USD
Paperback 18 USD


Butoh is a revolution

Butoh discovers a new beauty even in the unsightly form of Life that people do not normally regard as beauty. Any ugly and distorted bodies can be transformed into beauty by finding the optimal Jo-Ha-Kyu.

Butoh has continued to invent a new “Beauty” that seems to be out of the ordinary for people, breaking the narrow aesthetics of the past.

This is possible by taking off the1“human” concept and becoming a “Life” that is not trapped by “humans” and exploring the darkness of the body.

Hijikata always said to the dancers,

"Don't forget to take off all the human conditions."

Butoh is a revolution that takes away all the conditions in which modern human beings are trapped and becomes pure Life.

When we become to Life, we can recover the essence of Life Resonance that "other people's suffering and problems are my own" that we have forgotten.

In the present age of natural destruction and the devastation of Life, the biggest problem for us is that we have forgotten the <Connection of Life> or <Oneness of Life>.

 As human beings become Life again, the way to fundamentally solve the problems of the modern earth becomes transparent.

Butoh was the beginning of the coming <Life Resonance Revolution>.

In the future, it will spread to various fields of art and social activities as a “Life Resonance Art”. It will deepen and develop to a “Life Resonance Revolution” on a global scale by people who can make the whole problem of Life all over the world as own.

This book is the first step in my quest for 20 years of the path from the Butoh Revolution to the global Life Revolution.

I hope you proceed to read the next step of “The Practice Guide for Butoh Revolution” and the “Life Resonance Revolution” for the future of Life.

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