The Beauty
What is the Beauty?
 Beauty of Life Resonance
What is the beauty?
Expand the beauty
Beauty is from the life resonance
The Mystery-Flower-Secret
The Flower
The Mystery
The Secret
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Resocracy: a method for co-creating a world
Depth of free resonance
A miracle of life resonance
A demon in the world=self channel
Poisoned water and water of life
A transparent resonance field
Fetus breathing
Co-dreambody work
The Flower
The Secret
Hunting the Secret of life
The Blood
Dance and its blood
The Ten bodies

Crick here
What is the trnsparent body?
A secret key which was hidden in the last sentense of bugs walk
Quantum Foam and Hijikata's Nests body
Multi resonance body
The micro Jo-Ha-Kyu
Midwife and the life resonance
Open the hidden nerves
Open the proto sense
Letter from Cambodia 3--Young dancers in Phnon Penn
Letter from Cambodia 2--Cracked faces, eating roots
A letter from Cambodia--Who moved me here?
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