The Butoh \\A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
 "Quiet House" Last Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata 1974

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1-2 Beauty is in the Life Resonance


Why the surprise to Hijikata Butoh that I saw only once in my school days lasted for 25 years lomg and able to cause my life to change into a Butoh dancer at the turning point of my 40's?

Probably because the impression of the distorted Butoh's limb at the last moment of the performance was imprinted as the deep Life Resonance.
I felt that I wish to dance like that Butoh that will move some of audience after 25 years. 

It will require a little commentary on the era of that time.

Japan in the 1960s and 1970s where Hijikata Tatsumi was dancing in the Butoh, after the end of the postwar reconstruction of the Second World War, was entering a high economic growth period.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry in Japan abandoned all the waste to the river, and the sea on the coast of Japan was contaminated with garbage, heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium that caused mutations in human cells, causing a number of pollution diseases.

Among them, the sea of ??Minamata in Kumamoto prefecture was affected by mercury sulfide dripped from the fertilizer company Nippon Nitrogen, the spine of the fish curls and can not be sold on the market, the local fisherman ate it without knowing were contaminated with mercury pollution. And, many people were victims of serious Minamata disease (Fig. 1).

Fig.1 Minamata Desease

Local residents and Minamata disease patients suffered a lawsuit and national scale pollution opposition campaign raised and got excited. However, Nippfon Nitrogen and Kumamoto Prefecture did not admit themselves for a long time, and many patients died in the midst of suffering.

I was a student at the time, while sympathizing with the anti-pollution movement, I was engaged in an anti-war movement to stop the intensified Vietnam War at that time, so I could not fight with them enough, in my mind, (Sorry! Once this political struggle is settled, I will get there soon!). 

While being frustrated by guilt like keeping apologizing on them, politics conditions went deepening from antiwar to revolutionary movement, I was caught in a whirlpool of it.

Since the end of the 1960s Tatsumi Hijikata, who continued to collect the weakened bodies, incorporated it into his own dance with the deepest resonance in distorted limbs of Minamata disease patients.

While the modern dance people were enjoying the creation of a beautiful dance, Tsutsumi Hijikata alone has resonated deeply in the shape of its deformed and disabled human life and had created a novel Beauty that has never been in human history.

Hijikata called it <Flower of Kan (Flower of Disability)>.


The revolutionary movement were failed and dropped out of University, I came across the Butoh dance of Hijikata in the University campus to see Butoh performances of Hijikata company and I was breathless.

(Wow! Was there a way to resonate with the people of Minamata disease in this way?!)

As soon as I was almost involved in it and want to rush to Hijikata's group, unfortunately at that time, my wife was already pregnant, and told me to work for the baby until he became an adult.  I had no choice but to work to carry the fed for my new family.

But the impression of life resonance was stamped in my deep part, and then I decided to become a Butoh in me in my forties in 25 years.

What exactly did happen?

One answer was found for me who kept asking to my Life.


Beauty is in the Life Resonance


What is the Beauty for dancing?

Not only dance, I kept asking to Life what is the Beauty for Art?

The deepest Qualia in the long history of humanity, quietly trembling in the impressions of Life Resonance of human beings has crystallized to the Beauty of art in all fields, I could see through.

The statue of Great Mother, the oldest sculpture of human beings, was impressed by the mysterious creativity of Life in people of prehistoric times, and crystallized that wonder as a statue of Great Mother (Fig. 2).

Fig.2 Oldest Figure of Great Mother

The Qualia of the darkness of the body of the prehistoric people that tremble in deep Life Resonance is merely chaotic Qualia that resonates in a non-dual and multidimensional realm as such, but eventually humans could find that it is able to target their Qualia in various channels, They learned what crystallize to Beauty and share with together.

Life Resonance Qualia that targeted for vidual channels was crystallized in ancient cave paintings and line drawing engraved on rocks (Fig. 3, 4).
Our Life resonate deeply with them inevitably, even after thousands of years!

Fig.3 Cave Painting in Altamira, France

Fig.4 Line Drawing on the Rock of Tassili N'Ajjer, Nigeria

Things that were targeted for sound image channels were shared as songs and music, those that were targeted for language channels were shared as poetry, celebration phrases and oral myths, and all that appeared as body movements channels crystallized on dancing.

This continues to the present age.

The Beauty of all genres Art is crystallization of Life Resonance Qualia which Life is moved deeply.

Tatsumi Hijikata also, like the ancient people, discovered an unprecedented Beauty that Life trembles deeply in the warped figure that Minamata disease and other inhuman beings are deformed by unknown things and suffering struggle with it.

Hijikata was able to resonate with people with disabilities because he was also exploring the way to resonate and dance with a dead sister who suffers in the darkness of his body, at the risk of Life. In that inner struggle his Life was deformed numerously and diversified, entangled, and become unable to move.

It is neither an exaggeration nor a metaphor that he wrote "I am infinitely jealous of the disabled body." An extremely strong Life Resonance occurred, so that he became one with the distorted body.

He tried to create the Weakened body Butoh with the discovery that it will be possible to dance in resonance with a dead sister only by transforming himself into a "Shisha (Dead)" by taking off the numerous dance techniques learned while young and the experiments of Aunkoku Butoh during 1950-60's. It was inevitable Life Resonance for Hijikata.

We encounter unprecedented "Beauty" of Life Resonance, and a miracle to crystallize in some form occurs only when we explore inevitable lives for ourselves.

If you and me still want to discover and crystallize novel Beauty other than weakened body of Hijikata and not able to do yet, it is no doubt that the degree of <Desperate> is still insufficient.

Follow the inevitability of your Life and dig in the darkness of the body infinitely and desperately.

This is a manifesto@and a whip to my own Life that I do not know how many years I can continue to dance.

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