The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata

A Girl 1973

A girl who plans evil deeds in the rain


A girl who plans evil deeds in the rain

Hijikata wrote this sentense at the first line for his last butoh score of "Solo in the Quiet house" (1973).
Who is this girl?
Where did she came from?

Hijikata was born as the last son. He had five elder brothers and five elder sisters.
He loved a sister who was taken picture with him when he entered an elementary school (See above slide arround 1935)
She had to leave from him to work at far-off town from her home village soon.
But Hijikata had traveled to meet her by long train after entering the elementary school.
He faced his sister who dressed with so loudly cloths and gaudy make up.

Why my sister had to gone?
Why did she dress such a colorfull cloths?
What did she do at the far-off town?
Young Hijikata had to ask himself many times in the dream arround mystery of his sister.
But he as a child could not solve the mystery, though when he became adult, it was so easy to understand the cruel circumstances.

Later he talked about this, "In that age when Japanese nation-state fight against the world, our northern area had to suply three things for the nation-state. The first one was rice, the second was horse, and the third was women."

It was a big tide which no one could niether resist nor escape at that age.

Hijikata spend time alone with dressed his dead sister's dress(Japanese Kimono) and with long hair for long years in his forties.
He told, " I breed a dead sister in my drakness of body. We live together. I learned how to comb long hair, how to behave with lady's dress. I learn everyhting about her in the every morning.
There are so complex relationship, more than that she falls down in the darkness, I also fall down. When she stand up, I fall down. When I devote in the creation of a butoh piece, she gives me an advise to stop all expressions. Dead sisiter is my real teacher of butoh.
We need to lesson hard with the dead constantly. We need live together with dead."

Hijikata spent for long time with his dead sister. it continued from his childhood to forties.
Hijikata might entered in her dream world so many times.

"What dream did you dream? Your whole life was as if in the hard rain. Many men's bodies had passed through your body. Nothing must be remained in your dream. You must planed only evil deeds in your dreams. You needed to take back which you have lost in your life. Let me know the details of your nightmares.

In these long process, his dead sister's qualia and his body transformed into oneness.
It fermented, decayed, and crysttelized into a butoh peice in the depth of the darkness of body.

He wrote the first sentense at his last butoh score.

A girls who plans evil deeds in the rain.

And he transformed his sister, she starts dance. Her outline transformed as an animal shape. She who plans so many evil deeds, and transformed into one after another.
Hijikata's butoh score had more than three hundred lines with so conplicated and pricise choreographies. But his dead sister could accept all of them. The evil deed was an extreme creation of butoh. It was a completion of the weakened body butoh method.
He could be burn out, and released from the bind by the anima as his dead sister.
After this performance, he stopped dancing, and concentrated in choreograpfy to his company.
He entered into another process of creation. He continued to invstigate n the next stage of weakened body technique.
He worte in his notebook at his fifties, we need the butoh which is called as the name of life. We need to enter the non-dual world before the self and the others have separated.
Butoh have to sink down into the hidden logic dimension where we assosiate with the spirits without any medium.
These images were his last investigation for butoh which is called as the name of life.
But he had to stop his investigation before it comes out with a form.

Now is the time which we continue the investigation toward the next stage of butoh.

What is the butoh of life?
Investigate in it together.

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