The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata


16 Sunken logic of life resonance in the darkness of body



"Reduction by X and regeneration" is the essense of the sunken logic which Hijikata found as a special logic in the darkenss of body.
The sunken logic is completely different logic from the daily world, it belongs in the non-dual and multi-dimensional world of life resonance.
It does not follow the normal logic in the daily concensus reality as the 4 dimensional time/space which the physical sience believes.
We can see how dynamic and subtle is his sunken logic as the illustration above. All terms have to be warped and deviated from the normal meaning.

1. Resonance between micro cosmos and macro cosmos

This is the basic of the sunken logic. We can say it in different word for example, inner world and outer world, and so on.
Hijikata used often the metaphor of the resonance between nest of eyes and nest of forest in his sunken logic.

The bug's fear and bird's fear( Sec. 5) is a metaphor of the subtle life resonance between life and the world.

2. The behind world

Life is resonating with so many different worlds. Hijikata used many terms for it, as the "Stuffed spring", "Behind world", "Garbage disposal place", "Behind the mirror", " Can factory", "Whereabouts", and so on. All of those are the metaphor of multi-dimensional resonance of life.

3. How to controll the subtle resonance

Hijikata's body was seems various parts of body swaying at random in different directions at the same time. Hijikata controlled his body diveiding into three levels; the whole, the part, and the detail.
And one more is the world.
Each one is discribed at the 1st chapter and the following chapter as the follwoing;

Whole image of body
Girl, Beggar, Christ, Witch, Mad king, Bear, Tiger, Ship,

Part movement of body
Salmon face,
Cat weist,
Mad King put in the box,
A bird which became a box
Horse face

Detail of body
Fine spider's thread that runs on the forehead,
Dance of a hair,
Waltzing mustache,
Hands of mad king--bug, bird, stick
A bird with long nose hair,
Dismantled ship

The world image
Stuffed spring,
Behind world,
Garbage disposal place,
Behind the mirror,
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed,
Water, A far away forest,

Medium of the resonance between life and other world
Soul and spirit,
Nest of eyes,
Salmon face,
Dream of horse meat,
Can factroy,
Bug's fear and bird's fear,
Compaund eye,
Participation in the skin

Now I devided into the five elements, but this is only for explanation. In the true non-dual world of life, there are no border between in/out, self/world, me/others, life/death in non-dual realm.
To enter the non-dual world, we need to be able to control the subtle resonance
at various details of body as above.
They are the minimum sway or shivering which is seen almost as stop motion. The subtle resonance of life is connected to the non-dual and multi-dimensioanl world.
Then we can become the transparent body which is a meduim between this world and other world, as shisha and so on at the fifth element.

This is the essense of the sunken logic which Hijikata found.
This is the reason why he needed to take off all of his gross agressive butoh dances which he had done in his young ages.
He encountered the fatefull necessity of weakened body to dance his dead sister's warped life through reversing warp to the final creation of life.
The weakened body is absolutely necessary to dance the butoh of life.

At the begininng, try to controll these five levels of qualia at least to learn the weakened body butoh.

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