The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata


18 Dizziness, shivering and swaying of flowers



9. (Behind the mirror)


Behind the mirror---a wall of light

The dizziness, shivering and swaying of flower are hidden in the freedom of carrying the density.


We need special tickets to enter the behind the mirror beyond a wall of light.

It is not physical world but invisible world of qualia.  

There we can carry the density freely from the most faint qualia as air, vapor, soul and spirit to the most dense complex of qualia as the nest, chimera, kugutsu, bottom body and so on.

The tickets are your own dizziness, shivering and swaying of flower which is your own illusious experience.

We become a shisha (the dead) to get the freedom of carrying density, and transform from a being to another being flexibly and naturally.


The secrets how to get the freedom of carrying the density are your own qualia of dizziness, shivering, and swaying.


Hijikata asked you to research your own unique quqlia which guide you into the behind the mirror.


For him, they are the shivering at the skin which guides to the extreme coldness of his hometown, or the shivering of stomach which want to eat dear horsemeat. Memories of dead sister, candy maker, can factory, carnival around horsemeat, obon which shisha and living meet together, and so on. 


Each memory has own dizziness, shivering or swaying which brings him to each special place.


Reseach your own dizziness, shivering and swaying in your darkness of body.

They are the necessary tickets to enter the world behind mirror beyond the wall of physical light with real qualia.


If you get your own dizziness qualia, it will be the blood of dancing as well as the 'something connect to each dancing place', 'peacock in yanagada's garden', and 'can factory'  at the 16th chapter. 

Then you can travel flexiblly and freely between the most condensed qualia to opposite world, with jumping wild beyond the border between 2 dimension, 3 dimension, 4 dimension and multi dimensional world, beyond time and space, and beyond the border between solid, liquid, and vapor condition with reducing or regenerating by X.

If you cannot stop daily thinking, you cannot enter the hidden world.
When you could stop daily mind, and become oneness with the dizziness, shivering, and waying, you can dance in the infinite resonance world.




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