The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
 Part 2
Abyss of ”Quiet House”

Flower of 'Kan' (Flower of Disability) 
206 Flower of 'Kan'

"Flower of 'Kan' on the 6th line of the third chapter of "Quiet House" was unsolved mystery for long time.

3. “Ash girl”

Soul and Spirit



Nobody visits any more

Nobody can sleep any more

Flower of 'Kan'

An extreme fulfillment came to her and she became an incredibly beautiful being.

She learned the various customs of Shisha

A dream of horsemeat

A man who was dragged out of the behind room

A mad man-child sitting on a chair = a beast

Dance the beginning of Kanchen naked

Use the floor technique of Framan

The morning when a storm has come


I could find the chinese charactor of 'Kan' in Hijikata's old student's butoh notebook as '癇の花'.
But, still I could not find any proper translation of '癇'.
It has too complicated meaning in Japanese, Hijikata used it in his unique ways, Then I could not find any proper English.
Now I try to translate it by paraphrasing.

What is 'Kan' ?
'Kan' is written in Japanese-Chinese charactor as '癇'.
'疒' means Sick and Disabled, '間 (=Ma)' means '(Between'. It is the shape of looking at the Sun rise (Old form is Moon rise) between the gate.
If I try to translate by meaning, 'Kan' means the sickness of resonance.
Or, exactly, It is Qualia which is hardly to resonate well with somehting.
So, 'Kan' is problem of good resonance, or problem itself.
it is not easy problem, it has a nuans of unsolved problem as a trauma, not-me, deep prblem and it developed to an ugry form.

'Flower of Kan' means to change the qualia of unable to resonance well to an unique Flower.
Flower means the beauty.
Simply, it means to turn a big problem to the beauty.

Dynamicly saying, we can expand it to all problem of Life.

'Kan' means disable, fatal disease, blockage, a bad habit, addiction, and all of entanglement of mental and physical Problems.

Kan means Qualia which is not able to resonate well yet with something, and they grew up to hard entanglement in the darkness of body.

We have so many things which cannot resonate well with various issues.
They are hidden in our darkness of body with waiting to come out as a sudden explorsion like as a mad King, as Heliogabuls, as a nuerosis, or a chronic disease.

But, when we find a way to transform it to a creation, it gets new resonance pattern in a sense. It is the cure of the hard problem (='Kan') of Life.

It is the essense of Butoh of Life to change 'Kan' to a good resonance pattern as a creation.

Invent a novel resonance pattern of your own 'Kan' which is not recognized as the beauty in our consensus reality.
Change it to a beauty with finding the best Jo-ha-Kyu, it is the Butoh magic.

( for your advanced research.
purple texts are Butoh Score by Hijikata's words from his student's notebook.)

Variation of 'Kan'

We could find many synonim of 'Flower of Kan in Hijikata's old student's butoh notebooks.
I picked up some important variation of 'Kan' as the follwing;

1 Subtle bodily sansation of the beginning of 'Kan'

When Life meets something hardly to resonate well, a subtle bodily sensation visits us. It is the sign of the beginning of 'Kan'.
Hijikata catched the subtle sensation exactly as the following.
it is so subtle and so strange that the daily body egnores or cannot notice, but when we stop daily gross consciousness, everybody can catch it.

Being gouged and melt
Squeaky air
Birds fly away from the temple
Plants crawl the temple
Stain on the wall infinitely
Blurred flowers wander
The itch
I disappeared into the haze
Whereabouts of the body is placed into body
Multi-Layering of nerve mescaline
Trapped in the mesh of the moment
Rain to diarrhea
A doll smolders Busubusu
Wire in the body
Locomotive passes through the inside of the body
Consisting by margin
Viewed by the bird's-eye
Attacked by light
Spider web of light
The ankle biten by rabbit
The internal organs hanging out of the body
Neck of the crane extending from the internal organs
Follow on the waterways of the internal organs
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Face which is put painted inside
Blurred face going forward
Breath is sucked up
Breeding of dust
Transformed into the face of the grave keeper
Draft that permeates the back teeth
Open pelvic tail grows
Old woman being kissed
Surrounding exactly what ambiguous
Touch of a fingertip to trace the grain
Being confined to the crystal
Passing of the myriad gaze
Gaze to split the space
Wander the inside of the ear
Burnt feathers
Locked in a small room in the chest
Pulling pus loose
A fool being chased
Girl approaching from a distant forest
Rising up with the darkness gradually
Leaves fall in the cranium one by one

2. Condensed 'Kan' on a part of body and mind

When an unsolved problem stays on the body for long time, it condenses and causes abnormality of the body. These are the typical 'Kan'.

Man of pock
Strange person who pinchs
Firm with remaining blured
Child drooling
Internal organ dried up completely
Person with a gibbs
Goya face of pus
Face of the pomegranate tooth
Face of the dried flower
Face being put painted inside
Face blurred forward
Right eye and the left half of the face is melting
Eyes of the cicada of rock
Scabs twitched
Dark sooty face
Face of the forest
Origin of nail and teeth
Small shrine of the eyes and mouth cavity
Absolute saveless face appears
Raisin eyes of an old woman
Man dividing meat

3 Being itself becomes 'Kan'

'Kan' developed to the whole body. Being itself transforms 'Kan'.
The final condition of 'Kan'

Framan bedridden for 25 years
Stunted young grave keeper
Sloppy girl
Looming horse
Ghost playing the organ
Girl of cataract
Stuffed Framan
Collapse of the beggar
Smoldering doll 'Busubusu'
Face of a bear on the back of the mask
Pigeon-toed gecko
Stuffed spider's web
Generation and dismantling of doll by soil
People who are made ​​of dust
Who have been put paint on the wall

Understand the 'Kan' with these expansion, and reseach them in your darkness of body. When you find how to change it a butoh dance, you will get the 'Flower of Kan'. It is an essense of Butoh of Life.

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