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 Finally We could translate the last butoh score for Hijikata's solo of "Quiet House", 2010. But the translation is improving day by day in this year.
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This is one of the deepest source of Hijikata Butoh.

20 The last butoh score for Quiet house



1. “The red god”


A girl who plans evil deeds in the rain

Keep a face of floor throughout the whole time

Stick to a face of salmon as a monomaniac

・A stuffed Spring

・A nest of forest(*1) , a nest of eyes(*2), a moth which is put on a wood plate (*3)

・A vaporized caramel artisan or the Christ which is drawn as a picture of samurai in combat

・A fine spider’s thread which runs on the forehead

・A beggar

・The lower back of the cat

・A behind world

・A garbage disposal place

・When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower (*4)

・A fragile sound collapsed in a storage barn

・A can factory (*5)

・A regeneration of a reduction by X (*6)

・Behind the mirror


(*1) A nest of forest:cf. No.4 A far forest, No.26
(*2) A nest of eyes: cf. No.5 and No.7

(*3) A moth: cf. No. 27

(*4) A swaying shadow of a flower: cf. No. 29

(*5) A can factory: cf. No. 16

(*6) A regeneration of a reduction by X: cf. No. 7 and 26



2. Important


“Shisha (the dead) transform their shape quietly and infinitely. It is not rare that they use shapes of others flexibly and naturally.


3. “Ash girl”


Soul and spirit



Nobody visits any more

Nobody can sleep any more

A flower of winter

Extreme enrichment visited her and made her an infinitely beautiful woman

She learned various customs of the dead

A dream of horsemeat (*1)

A man who was brought from the Japanese-style room

Animal =mad adult and child who sit on the chair

Dance the beginning part of the Kanchen, naked

Use the floor technique of Framan

The morning when a strom has come



(*1) A dream of horsemeat: cf. No. 4 and 7


4. (Vaporizing)


1. Flower, rain, girl; To use all of them

Mask or bug

Doll-ash girl-washing-nobody visits anymore

2. Running from bird to girl, the girl has vaporized, a sitting technique

3. A witch-A is vaporizing

4. A witch who connects to the red salmon head is vaporizing

5. A great witch who dreams of horsemeat is vaporizing

6. Various whereabouts are vaporizing

Water- Obon(*1)- a far forest- the dead


    (*1) Obon: Special days when dead people return home

5. Something which was grasped as a shadow of mind


A girl who moves very slowly

Christ which has gone slack

Christ who was released down with the slacked off body 


A hand of a mad king(*1)- a bug, a bird(*2), a stick(*3)

A sitting crane fly

These are almost danced by waltz

The reduction by X and the regeneration were flying off from the far forest and the nest of eyes

And the dead participate with all of them

A butoh dancer has to be familiar with a bird's fear and bug's fear

The girl becomes the face of horse, and stops

Another girl stands up, and becomes a doll via dragonfly

All sway stops in this moment


     (*1) A mad king: cf. Mescaline hands at No.10, and   Heriogaballus at No. 22

(*2) A bug, a bird: cf. a bird's fear and a bug's fear at no. 5

(*3) A stick: cf. No.18 and 27

6. "The can factory"


"The can factory"(*1)is hiding in front and behind a mirror


(*1) The can factory: cf. No. 16



7. (Dream of horse meat)


I am sleeping naked, and dreaming of horsemeat

Where is the whereabouts?

A mad king was put in the box (*1)

The whereabouts of the box is connected to a fine dismantling

A dance of a hair

A ship

A reduction by X and a regeneration


About the nest of eyes

A bug

Rakan (*2)

A bear

A tiger

A dragonfly

A mustache which dances a waltz of bug, or a waltz mustache

A cat

A gunya-gunya(*3) cat

Gunya-gunya of the whereabouts

All of them are composed the parts of a ship


A bird with the long nose hairs and a bird which becomes a box 

The ship has taken these forms 

Or we can look at them as a dismantled ship

I fly and see far off leaves and nearby greens 

These are what I smelled at the can factory


(*1) Box: Becoming a folded body into the smallest size.  cf. No.19, 27

 (*2) Rakan: Buddhism monk who is training to get enlightenment. cf. No. 17

(*3) Gunya-gunya: Slimy and amorphous




8.(The morning the storm has gone)


I stood up ----in the morning when the storm has gone, nobody visits me any more.

A samurai commander, he becomes a nest.


9. (Behind the mirror)


Behind the mirror---a wall of light

The dizziness, shivering and swaying of flower are hidden in the freedom of carrying the density.


10  (Mescaline)


The love of hands and its copy in the skull are connected yet separate.

A mescaline injection is given at a fingertip.

Small flowers and small faces are born there.


Very fine knitted items

Lattice-like patterns of the infinite realm (*1)

A monstrous bird breathing fire and a funny bear follow the mad king while swaying (*2).

The head part then pursues another whereabouts.

All matieres (*3)are supported by the behind world

The compound eyes (*4) and multi-layering are muddled and unified


(*1) The infinite realm: cf. The picture of abyss(depth) at No.22 and 26
(*2) A sample of the chimera body
(*3) Matiere: (French) Qualia of material
(*4) The compound eyes: cf. No. 11, 22 and 23


11 (Chimera)


Bellmer(*1)--funny bear--face of horse--from eyes of deer--to a stick--beggar--tiger--bird's nose hair--flower--mad king--compound eyes--whereabouts--bug--dog--orangutan--ears of Fukusuke(*2)--ears are picked--dizzy--behind and surface of mirror
A being which is dying in the compound eyes (*3)

Doll--mask--papaya--firefly--development of a board(*4)

There are small flowers and so on

Face of horse--face of girl--dog--spoon

Union of bug and tree--behind--a being who tries sudden development following path of plant


 (*1) Hans Bellemer: German artist who made dolls with spherical joints.  cf. No. 19

 (*2) Fukusuke: A special character who has a big ears which connect to happiness

(*3) The compound eyes: cf. No. 10, 22, and 23

(*4) Development of a board: Changing the number of dimension; one dimensional space as a stick, two dimensional space as a board, plate, paper, three dimensional space as a box, four dimensional time-space as a movement, multi-dimensional time-space as qualia stream


12 Collapsing


A shout and a girl--shivering before collapsing


13 Shivering


The forms are independent (*1)


(*1) cf. Various forms of shivering at No. 24


14 Hands of Mescaline


Gradually, the issue of the hands will become clear (*1)


(*1) cf. No. 10 and 26


15. Slow diffusion


Keep in mind not to vaporize at once (*1)

A development of the vaporizing process should be tried in the vaporized condition.

This issue will become clear before long. (*2)


(*1) cf. No.4

(*2) cf. No. 26 and 27


16 The difficulty to change place


The body is the dancing place. A dancing place of hand, a dancing place of hip, a dancing place behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of the dancing place is formed by overcoming hardship and connecting memories involved in each part of body.

For example, I find that it is very precious thing that there is a peacock in the garden of Mr. Yanagida's house.

And, the place of the can factory is told by my dear powder.

They become my blood in the dancing.


17 (Rakan)


Bugs attach to the hand of senile Rakan--small flower--string--shell--a scale


18. ( The eyes)


Gaze deeply inside the brain and eyes--Gaze deeply at the condition of the watching--When you observe it from the outside, it will seem to a stopmotion--Focus on your eyes--Focus on a fine fine stick


19 (Small box of joints)


Small box of joints(*1)--Hans Bellmer--Samurai commander--Princess--tiger

(*1) cf. No. 7, 27



20 (The flower of the whole)


The flower of the whole and the participation of the skin are the homogenous. (*1)

The nightmare when the whole is acted out by the hanging down of the hands is particular thing of naked body.


(*1) The participation of the skin: cf. No. 27




I pick a flower on the road by attacked from behind and inside

Shivering, the ripples of the shivering are spreading in the floor and in the sky.


22. (Heliogaballus)


We must pay more attention to the participation of the skin (*1) than the compound eyes (*2) in the picture of the abyss(depths). There is only one moment of Heliogaballus(*3).

What endures is another face of extreme moderation. 


(*1) The participation of the skin: cf. No. 27

(*2) The compound eyes: cf. 23

(*3) Heliogaballus: A Roman emperor. A symbol of the mad king. He is known as who deviated the most from the tradition and moderation


23. Compound eyes


1. Flower's eyes and a face wrapped by flowers

2. A tiny flower in the eyeball

3. Eyelashes are breeding a dust

4. A girl is a stuffed body in the bush

5. A bush, a girl and the mad king in the spiders web

6. A girl and the mad king are in the bush in the eyes

A body which connect to these details is waiting for a coming storm, as a little dog which feels a storm coming, or as a spoon or a firefly.

And butoh dancer must keep the eyes connecting to all of those. These eyes are the eyeballs of the pink parakeet.


24 (Shivering)


When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower.

1. The extreme dirtiness of the enduring stuff

2. A waltz of cow and tree is shivering

3. When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower from behind.

4. Shivering

5. Picking flowers on the road--walking blind--dog

6. Spoon--an old lady

7. Shivering

8. Flowers and small faces are hung on the lattice of the squared paper

9. Shivering

10 On the floor and in the sky, too


25 (Nightmare)


The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, face of Michaux, face of girl and horse, woman with permanent (curly hair), face of fool, face of the person which Bosch drew, hands which beg to save one's life,

2. a dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug


26 Right in the middle of strange development


1. Replace the love concentrated in the hand into the skull, completely

2. A nerve became a stick, the stick became a beggar. The beggar swung a flag. It became a big bird.

3. The neck got longer as it became the neck of a horse, and the elastic of the fingers got longer too. Right in the middle of the work, the vision changed into that of glass ball eyes. All was reduced by X, and regenerated. At that time, snails got stuck behind the body, the whereabouts has lost its way and is growing up, a small mime was born there as a result of a new regeneration.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and the things that overflowed return to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I run with hand as a leaf, and the path of plant, finally I have become a stake man.

6. In the picture of the abyss(depth), all physical phenomena at the stillness of one a.m. the peacock of Mr.Yanagida's house is completed.


27. The participation of the skin 


1. A tiny flower in the tiny skull, extremly fine focusing eyes, a nerve sees sticks outside of the head, eyes which are sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A blind who walks with a small face is like a monkey. A lightningbolt at the head of the monkey causes small flowers to bloom in the head, a spinning thread song is heard

3. An old woman spreads and becomes a sheet of paper. The old woman will ride on the paper as a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a Queen, the Queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee. 


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