The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
 Part 2
Abyss of ”Quiet House”


228 Qualia and Butoh

Butoh dancer is an expert of Qualia

The word of "Qualia" frequently comes out in this manuscript.

Qalia is everything that Life resonates as the texture, sensation, feeling of various things.

Qualia is the basis of everyone's daily thinking and actions. But, daily consciousness does not know about Qualia, because it is unconscious process.

All artists use Qualia, however, other art genres use a single channel Qualia. Painters use the visual channel Qualia and target it to the canvas. Musicians compose and perform using the Qualia of the auditory channel. Literary writers are using the words of the language channel.

On the other hand, Butoh dancers use the Qualia of all channels flexibly. That's why only the Butoh dancer is the expert of the totality of Qualia.

Adding this, while daily consciousness has only one channel open all the time. On the contrary, subbody Butoh stops consciousness and dances with the Qualia stream of subconscious. We dance the multi-dimensional Qualia and non-dual realm of Qualia before differentiation into channels.

Butoh dancer has to come and go flexibly among the non-dual Qualia, and the single channel's Qualia such as bodily sensation, movement, visual, audio, emotion, human relation, world=self and thinking channel.

From accumulating that experience, it became inevitable the <Tree Rhizome Technique> to freely go back and forth between the dualistic Tree world and the non-dual Rhizome world.

Every dance is dancing with Qualia, regardless of knowing the word of Qualia. In particular, it is a feature of dancing to fully open the channels of body and motion, which is the most fundamental channel for Life.

Classical meditation also stops thinking and listens to the flow of Qualia that is transforming in the darkness of the body. But meditation is done with closed the body movement channel completely. On the contrary Subbody Butoh fully opens all channels.

In particular, dance non-dual Qualia before differentiating into each channel.

Descending into the world of hidden logic of Qualia

In the days of Hijikata Tatsumi, the word Qualia was not known yet. However, who digging out the darkness of the body without doubt, he knew how to journey through the world of this non-binary Qualia.

Hijikata wrote frequently as the following in his unpublished draft.

"Butoh has to get off to the world of relations of the "Hidden logic" before the differentiation of self and others."

Hijikata has no choice but to invent the new word "Hidden logic" to travel into the world of Qualia transforming and streaming in the darkness of the body. We are moved according to unknown logic that has not been unveiled yet by anyone, radically different from the daily physical and informational world. It was necessary to investigate in the "Hidden logic" world in the unknown world that can not be seen from the surface world.  

Hijikata further states.

"There are various worlds of  mythical order, historical order and unknown order of future.  Human beings have not touched even parts of one millionth of them.  The sessation of liberation has changed and seemes to developed a lot. Although human beings  seems to be bullied by it. You can see at a glance that this deformed body is hidden inside such a things. There will be opportunities to be hit by various horrors from now on. How can you say that human beings progressing on earth? " 

The Qualia in the darkness of the body is changing and flowing beyond the space-time from the prehistoric period to the historical period, the modern age hit by information flood, and the unknown order of future. Hijikata knew that there was a treasure trove of infinite creativity of Qualia in the darkness of body.

And he also found the unknown logic of Qualia flowing there.

That is completed with "Quiet House" <Reduction by X and regeneration>.

Qualia are not physical thing, and not captured by the laws of physics and the logics that humans know so far. Qualia transform as two become one, one transform multiple freely.

Qualia do not follow the simple time dimension flowing from the past to the future. The Qualia that Life resonates with the present physial world constantly resonates doubly with the Qualia of memory of every age that Life has experienced in the past. There is no distinction between self or other, internal or external. The inside flows out to the outside continuously, the outside Qualia flow into the Life.

Such transformation of Qualia with fluid characteristics can transform infinitely by reduced and regenerating with arbitrary X.

It is the same as the flexible imagination that prehistoric Animistic people had.

By deducting or amplifying the size from daily people, suddenly giants come out, becomes minimum size, or traveled beyond time and space like Japanese ancient tale of "Urashima Taro", horse and a girl fell in love, change infinitely beyond the space-time like "Kaguya Princess".

“Chimera” which one creature has a combination of various creatures of living things, is also a product of the imagination of ancient people around the world.

Yes, the ancients knew of how to enjoy the changing liquidity of Qualia better than the modern people.

Hijikata who grew up in the era when Tohoku Akita's Animism was still alive, surprised people of the same age by using full of ancient human's creative imagination of Qualia. 

Qualia resonating at the cellular level

At the beginning of the quest of Qualia, I also misunderstood that Qualia is a characteristic of human beings, just like any other people. However, as we dig in the darkness of the body, the question arises that why humans could feel and use Qualia at all. So we used the privilege of Butoh to become things other than human beings, and continued training for seeing and feeling as another aspect. Apparently, animals and insects and fishes seem to live with feeling Qualia. Plants seem to resonate with the world with the plant's own Qualia.

Slime mold is the teacher of Life

I had a long time to nurture slime mold brought from Japan to Himalaya as a teacher of Life and to have time to watch and learn from them, but slime molds also feel a variety of Qualia, and it is often good to live using it. I got it.

Becoming the Origin of Life

Further more, the primitive cells born on the earth 4 billion years ago should have also felt Qualia.

Otherwise neurons and glia, of our brain that have the same shape as slime molds, can not handle the enormous Qualia like today.

I became the Life of the freshly born primary cell and I felt what the original Qualia was. As long as I repeat it, I got that the Qualia of warmth and coldness has been one of the most important Qualia in the earliest days of the single celled Life.

The hypothesis that the original cell life was born near the hydrothermal vent hole in the deep seabed is now most promising. And when they tried to become the life of the original cell which lives in the seabed near the hydrothermal vent hole, they still could not produce enough thermal energy by themselves. It was an indispensable condition for survival to receive thermal energy for activities at moderate distance.

That is why the warm Qualia leads to survival and the coldness Qualia far from the heat source must have been the most dangerous Qualia that immediately lead to death. Only those individuals who could successfully control the thermal Qualia survived and conveyed their know-how to life as a wisdom of Life. Every population that can not resonate well with the warm and cold Qualia has completely gone away.

All of us, descendants of the Life that survived 4 billion years, are keenly sensitive to them.

To inform that it is a very important Qualia, thermal Qualia is associated with emotional Qualia, Cold Qualia make us sad and warm Qualia make us happy. 

Becoming various things with using the technique of "Reduction by X and regeneration".

Becoming the origin of Life.

Becoming the wolf.

Becoming the forest.

Becoming the stone garden,

Becoming the 'Behind world".

Becoming the "Resonant Rhizome".

These are just the beginning of the Quest.

We need to go further.

Dig into Qualia together!

Find out another hidden logic more!

The Secrets of Life's creativity are buried there.

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