The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
 Part 2
Abyss of ”Quiet House”


230 Butoh Score "Flower of Kan"

I edited the Kan Qualia that Hijikata collected for the Butoh Score of "Flower of Kan". Kan is what your Life is not able to resonate well.

Flower of Kan

1. Ash walk  灰柱の歩行

Carry your Ash body that was burn out and became standing ash pole as quiet as possible.

2. A bug walk on your right arm

3. A slime crawl up on your left inner thigh ナメクジが内腿を這い上がる

4. Breed a dust with eyelashes  まつげで埃を飼育する
A dust stop on your eyeslash. Shake the dust as your baby and breed it.
5. Plants crawl the temple, Birds fly away from the temple 

6. You disappeared into the haze もやの中へ消える

7. Whereabouts of the body is placed into body
“Whereabouts” is a special term of Hijikata. It means the whole process that smoke or steam is going up and disappearing into the air. Place the whole process of the disappearing. Some parts of your body are vaporizing.Your body becomes the “Vaporized body”.

8.A strange person approaches you and pinches your skins and memories  つまむ奇妙な人

9. Stain on the wall infinitely

Your body stains on the wall infinitely and you becomes a part of the wall.

10. Squeaky air きしむ空気

Imagine that your space is pressed strongly and the air makes the strange sound. Dance the response of your Life.
Remember the first desaster during your birth that the womb started shrinking suddenly.

11. Crack ヒビが入る

12. Being gouged and melt  えぐられて溶ける

“Being gouged” means that the flesh is cut and made a hole by a sharp knife. And the part is melt down. Imagine it by your body, and dance it.
This Qualia is also most universal desonance Qualia between Life and the world. In spite of any hard experience, Life can overcome it in time.

12. Wire in the body 体の中の針金
Someoneinsert a wire between your fingers and tows, the wires bend, streach and twist and entangled.

13. A locomotive passes through the inside of the body

14. A snake crawl up the waterways from your intestines to your throuat slowly 内臓の水路を上に辿る

15. Rock cicada’s eye 岩の蝉の目玉

Cicada's eye is completely no movement as the rock.
Your eyes become the rock, and glare back the world.
We inhibit to express, but the body which accepted many disasters and deformed into an unique form. Glare back the world with showing the deformed part.
Invent your own "Rock Cicada's Eyes" as multi-resonance Life.
This is the symbol of the "Kan Flower".

16. Find the novel ending which you have never done

[2nd stage: Yor own Kan Flower]

Remember yor own Qualia that Life couldn't resonate well in your life, in your dreams, in your illusions, similar with Hijikata's Kan Qualia.
Arrange them and create your own Butoh Score of Flower of Kan.
You can use and arrange the following Qualia flexiblly.

1. Kan Qualia that is not able to resonante well

The itchむずがゆさ
Blurred flowers wander
Blurred means to become unclear or less distinct.
Bugs crawl on your senile hand 手ぶれの腕に虫が這う
Multi-Layering of nerve mescaline
 When you put a mescaline injection on your finger, the finger starts a shivering or swaying with illusions. And not only a finger, but also the other parts is injected, many layers of shivering are overlapped. Dance this multi-layering illusions and shivering.

Trapped in the mesh of the moment 一瞬の網の目に捕捉
Rain to diarrhea
A doll smolders Busubusu

Consisting by margin
Viewed by the bird's-eye
Attacked by light
Spider web of light
The ankle bitten by rabbit
The internal organs hanging out of the body
Breath is sucked up

Transformed into the face of the grave keeper 墓守の顔に変貌
Draft that permeates the back teeth
Open pelvic tail grows
Old woman being kissed
Surrounding exactly what ambiguous
Touch of a fingertip to trace the grain
Being confined to the crystal
Passing of the myriad gazes
Gaze to split the space
Wander the inside of the ear
Burnt feathers 焦げる羽
Locked in a small room in the chest
Pulling pus loose
A fool being chased
Girl approaching from a distant forest
Rising up with the darkness gradually
Leaves fall in the cranium one by one 頭蓋の中に木の葉がはらはらと落ちる
Retracted scab 引きつったかさぶた
Retracted means to have been cramp and shrunk.
Each part becomes "Kan" flower.

Man of pock あばたの男
Pock is pockmark of skin.

Firm with remaining blurred ぶれたまま固まる
Child drooling
internal organ dried up completely
Person with a Gibbs
Goya face of pus
Face of the pomegranate teeth ざくろ歯の顔
“Pomegranate tooth” is random teeth like the fruit of pomegranate.
Face of the dried flower ドライフラワーの顔 
Face being put painted inside
Face blurred forward
Right eye and the left half of the face is melting
Dark sooty face
Face of the forest
Forest” is a special term that is a metaphor of deep secret and mystery of Hijikata. Imagine the native forest that no human has changed. It is multi-layered by diverse plants and creatures, and became a deep mystery no one knows.
Become a multi-layered face of diverse Qualia.

Origin of nail and teeth 爪と歯の起源
Small shrine of the eyes and mouth cavity
Absolute saveless face appears
Raisin eyes of an old woman
Man dividing meat

Being itself becomes 'Kan'

'Kan' developed to the whole body. Being itself transforms 'Kan'.
The final condition of 'Kan'. Hijikata called it "Farman"

Framan bedridden for 25 years 25年間寝たきりのフラマン

Torn God 引き裂かれた神様 
Tear means to pull apart with force. Imagine that your soul has been torn.
No human condition has remained. In each house had like this "Torn God" before the WW2 in Japanese country villages. Because there were no hospitals and no mental hospitals.
Then Hijikata boy watched like this "Torn God" and "Farman".

Totally he called them "Sick Dancing Princess".
The name is beautiful but actually, like these.
In the childhood, pure Life Resonance happened between him and them, and he was merged into them.

Remember when you met disabled people at the first time

I was born after 3 years of the Second World War. In the town many disabled soldiers. And keloid people by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The half face was purple and meltdown.

At the first meeting immediately my Life became the same. Simultaneous Life Resonance happened.
After the second time, the Ego divided self and others. But before Ego built, the immediate Life Resonance happens. This is the miracle of Life Resonance.
Research the experience which you don't resonate well and dance it.
Hijikata collected many Qualia that the Qualia that Life could not resonate well have become the whole being is malformed as the following;
Stunted young grave keeper 
Sloppy girl
Looming horse 
Ghost playing the organ
Girl of cataract 
Stuffed Framan
Framan is a near death person.
Imagine that it became a stuffed being, and dance it.

Ghost of Michaux's chicken ミショーの鶏の幽霊
Henri Michaux is a French poet and painter. He drew unique paintings like by the ink drops. Imagine that a ghost of chicken drawn by the ink drops.

Ghost of Michaux's chicken.jpg

Find out a shape of Ghost of Michaux's chicken, and dance it.

Collapse of the beggar 乞食の崩壊
Smoldering doll 'Busubusu'
Face of a bear on the back of the mask
Pigeon-toed gecko
Stuffed spider's web 
Generation and dismantling of doll by soil
People who are made
​​of dust 埃でできている人
Who have been put paint on the wall

A ghost with having by its mouth a child's face  子供の顔をくわえた幽霊

Cow of density  密度の牛
A dangerous person who is likely to collapse  崩れてしまいそうな危うい人

Pope who has the steam of pus  湯気の膿の衣を引っさげた法王

A dark bottle trying to stand desperately  暗い瓶が危うく立つ

Auschwitz overlaps insects dancing on paper  紙の上で踊る虫にアウシュビッツが重層する

A girl wrapped in the dark behind  背後の闇に包まれている少女

These are extraordinary bitter waters that will catalyze to let the subbody=cobodies Butoh of Life from the darkness of the body.
Over the years it will take time to figure out how to dance these Qualia that Life can not resonate well.
Until the day that your <Qualia of Kan> will spring out from your body.
Until the day when people around the world start dancing of each Kan Qualia that they can not resonate well in every place on the planet!


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