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The Butoh
 Part 3
Sick Dancing Princess of 21th Century

Chapter 300

Translation of "Sick Dancing Princess"

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Sick Dancing Princess

1st Chapter

[1 The method of clouding* the body]
* obscuring

"Hey look at them!
Insects are alive without breathing.
Look! The thinned down waist smoke bugs have come walking this way. Surely there could be a bug at the middle,
reincarnating into something.” I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body, participating in such as observations I overheard.

All because, shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.

[Strange brightness and something shady]

Also the boy as me suddenly became stupid without any intention, and kept like a strange brightness but only just barely alive. And yet, my eyes fell into something shady as if they were cursed, I had an excessive curiosity towards such nameless things as lead balls or string. I was forced to work in the eyes like a spy, guessing that the lead ball and string must be pretending to rest.

[2. A body being eaten by the snow]

I have lived with passing through my finger in to the eye of the fish, or flirting with a girl who had a dove of rubber, in fact always I have been growing in the mood such as I was taken for a pulse.

I was about to be eaten often by snow, if I in the fall, was also bitten by grasshopper. In the rainy season I was cut by catfish, and in early spring I was swallowed by the river by whole body. And probably the eyes went inclined naturally to such things.

[A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious]

I have hit a salted salmon with a plate or watching a bicycle-cart under  blazing sun, or felt nostalgic a medicine bottle with an uneven glass, or felt suspicious the people who would use an enema fig.

I explored the darkness of a rusty kitchen knife in the rainy season standing in such a place, and had been practicing how to wipe tears seriously. Because of monotonic and anxious things stormed into the body, I might be aiming faintly a chance to fabricate fake things with wearing a haze to the body.

[3. Worms and fever]

Always worms were generated in my belly, and they were wriggling slowly under the ass hole. Sometimes it came out of the ass hole. I wonder was it due to eating the greens of the backyard too much? Moreover, I always became fever and vomited red things and blue things.  I wonder the cause because I have run around under hot sun too much? Adult people said "This is a strange fever". When I heard such a thing, a sense of relief which I was guarded by something, made me closer to the faint breath further. I was swelling in such a way. My nature that would solve easily any misfortune, and a bud of weak heart and a thing close to no will, seemed to blow out from the body.

[4. Resonance of the crying woman and crying physical phenomena]

Anyway, the light bulb in the old days was shaking often. Under the shaking light, a crying woman was seen everywhere. Crying physical phenomena could also be seen around the woman. I was worried about if that a woman who is crying might control the physical phenomena. My brain was floating away just four centimeters from my head always, but the brain was scared a white flesh fish and a rusty mousetrap.  

[5. My sooty princess]

There is no doubt that a sweet nostalgic and a hopeless longing have hit anyone. Anyone would have the experience to decide to approach the princess for dancing with her without hesitation, and had hugged the body temperature of the princess in one's blood vessel. My princess was sooty, her feet was rapped with cotton, and had a kitchen knife in hand with the appearance which was wary around by forehead occasionally. However, it was a brief moment she went off to sleep leaving only the squishy laughter.  

[6. Baby]

When watching for and observing the breath of a baby, the sleeper's breathing was damp and sticky, it was not a cylindrical air like sucked through a straw. What world would be hatching out in this graffiti-like baby?  I faced the fake-like atmosphere swaying around the baby which was almost hardly to discern, and such a dislocated shape as if it were catching something eccentric long time, and suddenly I wanted to satisfy the sense of hunger like brute of a man to take away a baby food from the mouth of the infant.

 [7. Human that does huddle only by the body]

In case of being cornered, human, it becomes to huddle only by the body. There was an old lady in the neighborhood, she often showed a changing color ball from the mouth with a demeanor such as mustard vegetables, or put a odorless smoke ball in the hands from around the ass, I was often teased. Because of I might be such a kid who stood gazing at the worms in the sink. Any children are longing to love the expectation that want to miss the opportunity conveniently, and living with breathing along with it. I who was an elementary school pupil attached with the aura of toad and the smell of turtle shape soap, felt as if I already had lived much more than a lifelong. There was also a feeling that had been defeated by a stroke of knitted long johns or shirt which were hanging under the eaves. There were a lot of things like that. Also Takahashi's mother who lived in the neighbor had been creepy, because she did not try to touch the things in the house always. 

[8. A woman glared at me and I became a stick]

One day, a woman who was dressing a kimono in the house has a little stretch with chewing a piece of string from the tatami floor. After that, she turned the hands behind the band with a terrible face, and glared at me with tight eyes. I went out from the back door silently and was watching a mediocre stick that was leaning against the eaves quietly behind the house. Before I knew it, I became a stick and was playing.  

[9. A hidden state]

I sometimes had danced playful with drinking a cider for sure. But, there were so many adults who ate a meal voraciously with anger, and people who worked hard by grinding one's body like a tool, therefore I had become to live at an abstract place where my feeling became like a pathetic shadow. An atmosphere that I was inhibited to go far too much is hidden in it and it made me feel the signs as if it talked to me. This hidden state, which had a face like a reality apart from the attributes of all, but, myself was also similar to the state as if I was yawned by it, my breathing had to become modest gradually.

[A body without intermediary]

My body did not speak, but it seemed to sense something which lived at the place where was apart from infant things or things which has the shame certainly. The body had been like going out and retuning to body. My forehead was open always, but I had become as if eyes accepted nothing. It became a body with no intermediary procedures as if my body became a flower easily at a moment before stumbled and fell while walking. I also don't think to surgery such a body. But there would be not able to. When it is so much fun, I have decided not to dance.  

[10. A vague figure]

A vague figure which I had inhaled with the smell of lunch which went bad, around the color of sour pickled eggplant which was blowing powders, would have been the precious thing. 

[11. A woman of exploding hair]

I felt the fear and anxiety for boredom of a boy who was gnawing lacquered chopsticks and a woman who comes up on the tatami room with erecting the hair as if electricity been going. I wonder all of them has become like that by passing through the explosion. But why so many swollen legs were seen around me? Or, did something being ridiculed make to show me that?  Though I looked at long time, it comes up with floating in front of me that sort of cloths shining with yellow light, and fading whitish mediocre yellow faces.

Beside it, there was a child who was crying till ear's color has changed red, and a child who was poked because of the rumor that he was tearing red tears from the eyes and spitting out the thread from the mouth, had grown up. In those days when the running ears and trachoma were popular, the light was used sparingly and might illuminate up these things as if exploring those. Something a little broken and rotten, seemed to snuggle gently beside a schoolgirl who smelled intensely of toilet. 

[Feeling which seems to have been already danced by someone]

I've always approached towards crying children who became dirty whitish. I also went to bark toward green onions unable to eat because grew up too much. I was caught in the feeling seems to have been already danced by someone. I was shrouded in steam, or became like an object lost life totally. The lack of the gravity which the body itself feels, would teach me a gesture that like I ate up quickly a form floating up by chance in a think. 

[A body which was forgotten]

In my behavior, a room which something affectionate and thoughtful is able to get into would be gone. As if the body was not my property, I had forgotten my arms and leg, also the body itself was forgotten away. As the evidence that I could not grasp what came into my eyes, I was standing in a place like watching a wet paper during it turn yellowish and drying, and a butterfly stopped on it for an hour. Therefore or, I would probably be afraid of slipping of chopsticks during eating a bowl of eel and rice still. The whereabouts of my changeable feelings which I suddenly lose energy, and spirits rise up in the evening, gone melt into my body, it has become difficult to search, also to follow its whereabouts precisely.  

[Practice of the gloom that oozes among the kneeling position]

However, even in such a state of the body that are forgotten, the weight of the stone on top of the pickle barrel that is blowing white powder is unforgettable. The kneeling position when I lifted the stone, and raise the stretched eggplant, and the gloom that oozed out from the kneeling position itself, probably it would be what provided in the body naturally, but on the other hand I had practiced it. 

[12. Fear of silk thread]

I needed long years till to become not scared of silk thread, and I have experienced various refractions till I recognized a woman who was hanging two breasts while standing in a kitchen place with heavily breathing, as something beautiful. 

[13. A body being removed the outlines from]

Various things enwind the body that was removed the outlines from, and if I peeled them off, I felt as if a new wind was printed on it, but also the side of wind had made a mistake, and maybe also I would merely have repeated a mistake. 

[Eyeball for watching the invisible huge creature in the air]

If I had not an eyeball on the forehead, I would have been eaten by the fight against those which are hanging all over the place, and it was not able to see the invisible huge creature in the air. My body seemed to be sandwiched in that place. I often bought and ate foods. I was walking on the street with the dirty face of buying and eating. I rubbed the candy and dried squid to the dog passing each other on the way and was eating it again. I was, like that.....

[14. A body which was left alone too much]

Sound of boiling food was heard under the sky as if the Ishikawa Goemon(*) was likely to come out. Rather, I would have wished to be able to hear it. Or the strings of the thought might have been cut off, because I had lent my eyes too much to the pattern of tatami mat, though it might be able to be heard. My thought had been unconsciously led to the body which has been left alone too much.

* A legendary great thief

[Body which had been stolen by steam]

When I was blown by the steam from the boiling iron pot of rice in the dusk, I have lost appetite, my thought became like steam, my body had been growing up to such as a fictional body. Thus, my body was stolen even by the steam. Though it had been stolen and been danced by someone already, I had no idea how could I get back it and regenerate. I wonder that a blind and a lion like laughing me were hidden in the steam rising up faintly. What shall not succeed as a thought as binding the water by hand, something very difficult were also mixed in the steam.

[It was not only me who had been danced by someone]

In retrospect, the whereabouts which cannot get might be hidden at only place like it missed the bones of a fish which pierced into wet cloth. It was not only me who had been danced by someone. I have been returned stare a pig which watched the dopey children, and have sometimes stood under the chilly Sun like a chicken looking up at the sky. At times like that, I've been trying to put a tooth biting a pillar, or forget such things of bitter cucumber in the field.  

[Creature that lives in a sound that no one knows]

It might be able to be peeped the shape of creatures that lived in a sound that no one knew, through the people who were extending the crumpled paper in the house. But my young body has fallen into where not blame, or into where we bypassed the light brown robber socks stopper by afraid.  

[15. A body which continues to be eaten]

I played in the street until sunset, my vocal cord was about to collapse like a brown sweet sugar. Also buttons of my jacket were smashed enough even if the daytime hot flashes were not fallen out in the evening. As I came home, I was inserted the cotton painted black ointment at the tip of disposable chopsticks into the ass in a groveling position.

After I went home, so there was scenery like the dusk was connecting from the angle of running away of small animals which was near me. Red dragonflies and mixed small insects hit my face. So, I have drunk them deep into my throat so that probably the expression of rough throat might connect to my body.

My body dripping blue nasal discharge was also violently hit by horsefly. I was eating various sweets by such a body.  Roasted fragments barley flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, a piece of ginger rice crackers, soybean paste bread, twisted candy, fist candy, bomb, and banana sweets. Somehow when I eat those kinds of thing, a thin man came out from inside the house in trickles, and put a hoe in the back of the field, and he pulled out the green onions.

Also I was wonder that a strange person of a blue face went away by very quick running away beside me eating various wild fruits.

As same as these people like spies, and those who would have contact with glimpses quickly, I was simple species. If we have lived  too much apart from the childish oldness and smoke, we forget even that we can become one-eyed child monster by playing just to put tongue out at full length. We become not to be able distinguish between crying thing and melting thing, and even the voice of child shouting "Oh, help me!" come heard as histrionically thing, and I cannot go down to the bottom.

Tatami and shoji in the house have kept a surface without any changes. The days guessing whether things cannot get the chance of love affair, continued. Though I have struggled and made some noise by twisted my body and stepped my feet violently at such time, I had been to lose against the speed of the empty space spreading which invades my body. If I noticed actually that the cake and candy which I wanted to eat won't be able, the images of a flat dog and stretched out cat as a string, came up around my head. I did strange way of decision like since a dog and cat were candy. This body, I was thinking just that it would continue to be eaten thus.

[16. God being torn to shreds]

 There was one or two God being torn to shreds wherever we went. On every house we went, people that could not suppress passions of the soul anymore was sitting in the house, and was shouting by screech having the nostalgic iron tongs. I'd had been watching these people who was tasting the precision of as much as on the verge of becoming fool, with empathy as I could understand them.

[17. The basis for a human being who has collapsed from around anymore]

Compared to such a state, probably what we found out by sharp-sighted is mostly broken, and is merely empty corpse of the type.  Because the basis of a human had been collapsed anymore from around, I would have been able to watch it as I don't need to think of. 

[18. Relationships that are threatened by demeanor of things]

A quiet and thin person who was picking eggplant, many flying butterflies, soy sauce bottles that has a certain thickness, even the weight of the charcoal briquette, the weight of the hammer, and a yukata robe which came back from the cold; all of them were what abetted human violent emotions. But, if watched from the relationship that is threatened by demeanor of the stuff like these, they thought that it might happen that our breath itself would go out from the body, and they had to make a living darkly with cautious. They might had put away the intervention of the sharp eyes that surprised humans, as a kind of disease unknowingly.

[19. Lessons of Sick Dancing Princess]

Sickly person who was sleeping or awaking was always groaning in a dark place of the house. My custom to let release my body onto the tatami like a fish, was learned through the lessons of this sickly dancing princess. Her body was seen like made by the outline which was making a wish. But it had been caught in the darkness which was a thing like born fruit by bursting somewhere. Anybody would not have remembered the darkness of the other side that everyone does not know, this beginning like a revival. I have grown up with breathing in a place that cannot learn by being taught. When being forced to watch these sick people, a desire to release my body by being beaten strongly my knee by something like a stick, had been scraped out from my body. But most of time, my body had no desire, and it moved as if going across the shadow of the malformation.

[I would have been fused and merged with Sick Dancing Princess]

I might have thought sometimes to want to re-capture and re-construct this body that would be bitten by anything easily, but it had fluttered along the base of the existence of the sickly dancing princess who was sleeping or awaking, and I would have been fused and merged with this dancing princess immediately.

[20. An observation that is going to stray]

I was living with the body as if the sound of sipping the snivel was similar to the spirit faintly, spend looking at the chickens which have a color similar to the gloom under the rim, and completely forgot about the teeth of the horse. My body has been brought to the place just as being bowed by frog and balloons.

I maybe too much followed uncertain contexts, or too much related to the people who were laughing with wrapping nail in paper and appeared in front of the fence of coal tar that was not able to follow the outlines, I have run and lived as if a drawer of closet full of sigh was slipping out. However, even if I watched inside the mind so brightly, there would be no reason such that the movement that was playing like a dog that went ahead and behind would disappear quickly from the body.

With moving my roundish ankle and playing, I touched on mother's shoulder which was smelled of dust and hand towel, or I have listened to the sound of kettle while fiddling her shaggy shoulder by fingers. I have peace of mind watching her downy hair of the face that was left without shaved, while looking away from the big eeriness of her mouth, feeling the eyes that did not see me.

The soul would hide at that place and it is not able to look at by any eyes of the face. But I when will it be able to become such a man to behave carefully peel off the skin of boiled eggs in a natural state?  I thought that I do not need to focus on the behavior of such a man especially. The more I thought, the more increased my observation straying.

[Brightness and darkness of breath]

I had cut the tongue often, by licking a candy that had empty nests in it.

I was watching the coolness of ice cream seller who had suffering eyes, as a thing without bounds than doctors who let me frozen. Then, when approaching such a cool place, I suddenly stopped the motion and stiffened. Sooty thoughts and eroded shadows were living around it, and thing which was regarded as worry has suddenly turned to an ease. Brightness and darkness of the breath that was not necessary to untie and erase such things would have connected to my body. Anyway, I would prefer such a condition as if the shade let the light breathe. However, a body that has drunk the water without bitter medicine, when it joined in the people, came out as a body that failed to appear in disguise, and brought big fuss. 

[21. Dusk of vague mind]

If we have not led to the mind condition of completely exhausted, we might not be able to grasp the real relationships of people. We can release it into this dusk of vague mind, what we cherish as sacred things as the catfish, loach and winter crucian, and also what we chased the people who gave us candy with stroking the face jingling, and bowed politely. How is it possible to see by opening the eyes, if we didn't prefer to hide in this dusk, and if there were not something that wished to be broken there?  It is connected to the vague dusk unpromisingly also what I was watching the edible wild plants and beans that were boiled and immersed in water of the pot for several days, also what I have been chased in the room by a lascivious and frank woman who came to sell the chicken only on the day that noisy wind.

[22. In the bed, God also would crawl into]

The sleeping face of any kind of people is peeped as if a makeup which is hard to express by word. God also would crawl into bed. The size of the body also seems to be determined.

 [23. What is visible would be a dark hole itself]

Though those things that are visible must be certainly horses and cows, I wonder if it would be a dark hole itself, or they would be things that enter into the hole and become invisible.


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