The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
 Part 3
Sick Dancing Princess

 "Sick Dancing Princess" was piblished four times.
Here we refer to the complete works edition.

Chapter 301

Sick Dancing Princess in your darkness of body

What is the "Sick Dancing Princess"?
It is the most important works of Tatsumi Hijikata.
But, it is very difficult statement even for professional Japanese writers or earnest readers.
What mystery and secret are unfolded?
It is full of unknown secret words and advanced metaphors.
He ignored the rules of grammar of subject and object,
and tried to describe the complicated multi-dimensional resonance beyond Life and Death, self and others as it is non-dual.
For me although it took a decade to understand it, finally
I have come to see transparently what the true nature of Life and Death are shown through.
This book is impossible to read by head, we have no clue what we are reading.
Through the desperate bodily investigation in "Quiet House" which is a butoh score for his last solo, during the past few years in the Subbody Butoh School Himalaya, the deep darkness was gradually becoming clear.
During that process, we got important key words "Red God" and "Flower of Kan" in the "Quiet House".
"Kan" means deformed, malformed, disabled body and mind by enduring against various long years pressures.
"Red God" is a metaphor of what brought it, or a symbol of common illusions which pressed people into those miserable conditions. Including the nation-state which pursued the World War, binds of pre-modern human relationship, complicated family relationships, and so on.
During enduring those complicated pressures for many years, human's body-mind becomes tied grudge or insoluble condensation.
Accumulated of those multiple conditions it becomes deformed, malformed, disabled mind and body.
People were involved in unknown storm of those, and had become diverse "Kan body".
"Red God" and "Kan" is oneness of multi-resonance.
By solving these two important keywords, we can grasp the essence of what is depicted in the "Sick Dancing Princess".

Hijikata sunk into the hidden memories in his darkness of body, and dug up so many "Kan bodies" which has become almost disabled to move flexibly, deformed into various shapes in a snowstorm, in the dark of the kitchen, bed-ridden in the back parlor, and so on.
He could carve most miserable human conditions in his rural hometown, Akita, Japan.
Those miserable Kan=deformed people are the Hero and heroine in the "Sick Dancing Princess".
Sick Dancing Princess is those various Kan=disabled bodies.
It 's a generic image of the original malformation of Life.

Who made this body on earth?
Surrounding the people who live in the North pre-modern village, there were so many kinds of forbidden or tacit agreement, thick tied invisible relationship including this world and behind dead world.
Hijikata childhood met so many those Kan people, near death people, and Shisha (=dead) in the village.
Including Hijikata's family, his brothers and sisters fall into the dead by the nation-state to carry out the war as the soldier or national-made prostitute.
Those countless dead (Shisha) is also part of the Hero and Heroine of "Sick Dancing Princess".
Shisha is not Zombie, Shisha can transform infinite shape between behind world and this world.

Hijikata named "Red God" to the invisible power of common illusion of nation-state, village, family, and individual ego and self which attacks and binds people as if unknown invisible violent storm.
"Red God" transforms various archetypes of the world; Saturn, Evil spirit, Physical disaster, Political war, unknown atmosphere and so on flexibly.
We cannot understand what is happening in the chaotic non-dual storm, and our bodies have become miserable.
Affirm everything infinity, including the Kan body, and tried to convert it to "Flower of Kan".
It was the Hijikata's spectacular Butoh magic.

By grasping the structure of the spectacular butoh world which is integrated the multiple worlds of real and invisible behind worlds, we can start the investigation in "Sick Dancing Princess" from the next fiscal year of Subbody Butoh School.
So we are able to start a joint research with practical decipher by body.
Most of students are young and from Western contemporary world.
It is very hard to understand the "Kan bodies" as it is, which Hijikata dug up from the ancient Japan society which remained in his home town of Tohoku (far Northeast Japan). It is the world mostly of animism.
There is a gap beyond several centuries.

However, the power of invisibility in society to bring "Kan" to the human mind-brain-body has not changed.
Only the system changed from the pre-modern nation-state which caused the World War, pre-modern human relationship in the village, to contemporary nation-state and society which is controlled advanced informational technique.
As usual, the nation-state and society continue to tighten the physical and mental state of the modern human mind-brain-body as well.
On the contrary, the ruling has become increasingly sophisticated deeper.
In the flood of information that has been formulated advanced, the Resonativity of Life is increasingly forgotten, and specific malformed human of 21th century have been produced.
Most of people become like humanoid which does not resonate with other's misery and unhappiness of Life.
Strongest Ego and Self bind and dissociated Life Resonance are the one of the specific "Kan" of 21th century.
Around the world many humanoid have been wandering the city. The diversity of "Kan" is increased in the world.
In the midst of that, dig up unique "Kan bodies" of the 21st century, affirming all of them infinitely as a mutation of Life and convert it to the "Flower of Kan", it is the specific work of Butoh dancer of the century.

It is OK simply to dig deeply and explore the darkness of your body.
There are many people who do not know how that.
If you grab even how, there is infinite wealth of creativity whose darkness of the body beyond the nationality, sexuality, the age, and cultural differences.

So, in the abyss of the darkness of your body,
"The Sick Dancing Princess of 21st century" is lurking.

How to read "Sick Dancing Princess" by body

Stop thinking

Calm down your daily conscious mind through sway or vibration conditioning for proper time. When you become a good condition of subbody mode which is released from daily judgment and critical attitude, you can start accepting all words as it is with opening Life Resonance of your body-mind-brain. Keep this condition during the reading with continuing the subtle sway.

This is the most important thing to enter the world of Sick Dancing Princess.

Keep listening to the darkness of body

Each time when you read and accept a word, you concentrate on listening to the darkness of your body what resonance is happening. If you can catch a subtle signs in your darkness of body, you can follow it. If the sign guide you to a spontaneous body movement, you can follow it immediately.
If a forgotten memory or a dream, fantasy comes up, also you can follow it and amplify it.
If you cannot feel any resonance, it means want of conditioning. Please deepen the conditioning above again.

Now we can start the reading. 

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