The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
 Part 3
Sick Dancing Princess of 21th Century

Chapter 302

Structure of the "Sick Dancing Princess"

――Multi-dimensional resonace among people and the behind world

"People are struck by the air that exists faintly glum"

In a butoh score that some of the students wrote, Hijikata said .

The characters and things in "Sick Dancing Princess" are
residents of a world full of atomosphere faintly glum.
They are resonating with invisible multi-dimensional world which exists behind the visible world.
Rather than the visible characters and things, the invisible faint glum air seems as if it is the main character in it.
Hijikata wrote about another reality of the world which Life is trembling finely, rather than the real world of everyday.
It is "The world before the differentiation of self-other"
which another hidden logic is working.
It is a world of proto mind before the ego or self is formed.

In "Maihime quitting" is Hijikata, the truth of the life of the Invision
I tried to capture as precisely as possible.
Structure of the "Maihime quitting" is extremely complex, such as:
Have become multidimensional resonance structure that is because.

And the surrounding things and persons appearing in Chapter 1, "Maihime sick" is
Are highly complex and multi-layered resonance invisible world behind.
Since each mutual eroded with each other, I can not accurately classified as
I can be distributed to the six on the time being.

"Great creature invisible in the air" shown in yellow,
I have been involved in all of these relationships. It
Becomes "look and feel" hidden that when,
I also appeared transformed into "shady things".
Make up the tripartite world behind this multidimensional resonance while.
Consisting of old men who knew the elderly and bedridden, the body is useless
"Maihime to stop" has been variously resonate with the world behind them constantly.
Also "boy" of Hijikata, are attacked from their invisible world,
Be stormed, it would have been dancing.
Hijikata boy to see invisible things and relationships,
I was forced to put the eyes of the third eye, on the forehead like a spy.
Ya がり dark mind, I was going to take care of stray observation before I knew it.
And it's existence would have been mixed melting imperceptibly also our "Maihime sick."
Children "Chichinomi" in the first chapter does not appear only in one place,
In the second section squid it would be a crucial character.
I have been involved directly with the first living creatures invisible to the eye "
It is present close to the most non-dual life.
Anyway, in the following, the subheadings were added to the first chapter,
I have to be able to list the different colors of these six items.
One by one They are not meant to be a separate segment
Fluctuate together with each other, mutual penetration, replaced by Yuzumuge.
The first time by wearing a multidimensional resonance invisible all of them,
Unseen and distinctive body Butoh dance is a feature of the weakness of the late Hijikata is brewed.
Unseen beauty and distinctive, says Hijikata
"People are shot into the air faintly dismal term" a world.
Hijikata had an eye, all of which are integrated multilayered
It was a mystery to the world Genshutsu highway that life and death.


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