The Butoh ―― Part 3
Sick Dancing Princess

Chapter 304

Smoke bug

At the Chapter 303, we see the whole view of body reading for "Clouding the body".
Now we proceed it one sentense after another.

Hey look at!
Insects are alive without breathing.

[Body reading of the 1st Section]

Living without breath

Become a living insect without breathing.
It guides us into an Abyss of Life.
They don't do lung breathing like an animal or human.
But, they are alive without it, they have other way of breathing.
We need to take off all binds of human.
Not only human is living on the earth.
They are so many ways of living, and all of us are one Life.
We just separated into various way of living during the Life history of four billion years.
Insects breathe through a branched network of tubes called tracheae. And each cell get oxygen. The ways are different, but the basis of breathing for Life is cell breathing.

Cell Breathing

Cells breathe inner breathing which the red blood cells carry the oxygen and supply it each cell of the body. Contrary of it, the lung breathing is called outer breathing.

Breath of Life

And the totality of cell breathing, it becomes the "Breath of Life".
Through the Crenio-sacral method, we could learn it.
Also we use it usually at the beginning of the conditioning everyday in the Subbody School.
The tempo of cell breathing is slower than lung breathing.
When each cell get flesh oxygen, it is activated and spreads a little bit. When ten trillion cells get oxygen, the whole body spreads slowly and slightly.
It takes for ten seconds to one minute or more.
This is the Breath of Life.

Embryo Breathing and Fetus Breathing

When we were a enbryo and fetus, there are no air in the womb. Also the cells of the embryo and fetus did the cell breathing. It is the same as the Breath of Life.

Breath of bug

In Japan, there is a word "Breath of bug", it is a metaphor of near death condition of very subtle breathing or almost no breathing.
When we become the bug or stone (near death being or dead thing) in butoh, we use the subtle breathig as a transforming technique. It is the third stage of bottom breathing. at another time, you can learn it later.

Try to continue the Breath of Life. It may guide you to the "Origin Life meditation", "Life Upstream meditation", "Embryo dreaming", "Fetus dreaming" and so on, later.
The Breath of Life and taking off the human binds is the basis of them.

Look at it, smoke bugs of thinned down waist come walking over here.

They would be a bug in the middle of a reincarnation of something surely.

 Smoke bugs and Multi-dimensional resonance of Life

Smoke bugs are the swarm of a kind of mosquito above.

Their waist is so thin like a fairy.
The swarm looks like a smoke.
Become the smoke bugs; a swarm of vaporized body of fairies or mosquitos, floating in the space with changing the shape at each moment.

The larvae of this kind of mosquito grow up in a drain near the human houses. ( See the picture of the red bug above.)
They eat dead cells of human which were washed away by the bathing and shawering and the rest of foods which was drained away from the kitchen.
And when they mature as a kind of mosquito, they come together as the smoke like swarm in the space.
The swarm is formed mainly by male mosquitos, and female joins to find a sexual partner. In the high speed spiral flying, they get mating in the air, and the pair separate to lay eggs in the water pond.
After laying eggs they die soon.
Old people ovserve the process very exactly, and express it.
"They would be a bug in the middle of a reincarnation of something surely."

Yes, it is so exact observation of circulation of Life.
All kinds of creatures including the bug and human are in the multi-dimensional circles of Life resonance.

TO PRESERVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR WATCH. I'm not talking about some sort of a religious point of view here. I'm just telling the facts of Life to come appear transparent on all stripped off our deceit including scientific and religious view. We need to open transparent eye as Life about the archetypical view of the "Reincarnation" in this ancient animistic old man's observation.

I've been brought up with the method of clouding the body, participating in such as observations I were heard.

Boy Hijikata was brought up with particpating such as old man's observations without doubt.
Now, maybe our educated intelectual which is bound by physical sientific view will disturb it. But it is just narrow common illusion in modern age.
Take off it. And feel the numionus secret and unknown mystery of Life.

: Calm down your head and mind through swaying meditation or vibrating conditioning with finding most confortable size and speed.
Relax and fade down your consciousness enough.
Then you can become subconscious body (=Subbody).
Listen to the subtle qualia of the darkness of body.

Affirming: Stop your thinking and judgement, and accept everything arround you. Affirm every fenomena about Life.

Resonating: Listen to the subtle resonance of Life. Everything is resonating. If you meet an unconfortable qualia, just find the better way of resonance. It is the way of Life which Life has continued for four billions years long.
Take off all conditions of human. Become Life.
This is the only one entrance for butoh world.

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