4 Butoh as a dance of being moved

Passive body

Qualia of being moved is one of the deepest qualia in life, just like the qualia of being unable to move.
When our origin of life was born four billion years ago, we could not move at all.
Life was moved by other powers; gravity, waves, wind, earthquakes, thunder, storms, and so on.
In our life memory are folded many kinds of qualia of being moved and being unable to move.
Our consciousness has forgotten them, but our life can remember them. They are recorded in our genome; all of us can share them as life.

Qualia of being moved

From your sacrum to your head, at any point in your body, try to be moved by another being, with random timing, in different directions, with different strengths and speeds.

Forget that you are human.
Throw away the concept that you are the subject.
You just become a passive body.
Not you, but another being, moves your body.
You just become a medium, which is possessed by another strength, by another spirit.

Clear out your body

Normally, our daily ego belives that it is the owner and director of our body.
When the body is moved by another power, the ego feels this as an intrusion.
When you try to clear out your body, you may feel fear or resistance.
It is the edge between ego and an egoless state.
Taste the edge deeply.
Taste the reason why your ego feels fear or resistance.
Try to listen to what your life feels.
If you can catch the difference between ego and life, you will notice that your ego doesn't like the feeling, but that your life enjoys being moved.
Your life is moved by the familiar qualia of a l

Normally our daily ego believe that ego is the owner and derector of our
Then when the body which should be under the controll of ego is moved by
another strength, ego feel it is intrusion to ego.
When you try to clear out of the body, you may feel fear or resistance.
It is the edge between ego and egoless state.
Taste the edge deeply.
Taste the reason why does your ego feel fear or resistance.
And try to listen to what does your life feel.
If you can chatch the difference between ego and life, you will notice
that if your ego doesn't like it, but yor life can enjoy the feeling to
be moved.
Qualia of being moved is the most familiar for life.

Hidden self body

So many hidden selves are folded in the darkness of the body.
How is it possible to contact and express them?
We have found a tunnel to reach them.

1. Open hidden joints

In our daily body, we have several hidden joints, which we forget to use: the sacrum joint, chest bone and collar bone joint, the fourth joint in our hands and feet, the joints between each spine, and so on.
So many hidden characters and creatures and folded in these hidden joints.
You once used these joints, but you learned through your parents and teachers to ignore them. The qualia of your hidden joints are now folded there as "not-me."

Try to open or close these joints, change position from your daily position, and you may catch the subtle qualia of a hidden self.
When you meet subtle qualia, just follow it and amplify it, until you meet a hidden character.

2. Open edge eyes

Quickly move your eyes diagonally.
You may feel some unknown characters taht are strange or humorous.
See, using the corners or edges of your eyes.
Show your white eyes.
See through the upper edges or lower edges of your eyes.
You may meet a cunning character, a quick one, a character who looks down on everything from another world, and so on.
Use floating eyes - "nagashi-me."
Shift both eyes up and float your eyes in darkness.
Become white eyes.
Invent your own dead eyes.
Watch this world as a dead body.
You may meet another self.
Enter and become this other self.

3. Change breathing and face

Try breathing with a rhythm that is different from your daily breathing.
Try strange breathing as another creature.
Twist your mouth; change to another face.
Find body sounds that are different from your daily human voice.
When you have found them, they will continue for a long time.
Enjoy the subbody voice.
Find another self, another creature.

There are so many hidden selves in the darkness of your body.
How many hidden selves can you meet?
Dance with them.
It is the subbody travel in your whole self world.

Possessed body

These practices are important in the process of becoming a possessed body.
Butoh is not self-expression at all.
You do not dance by yourself; something else moves your body.
Another being who comes from an unknown dimension possesses your body and mind.
In this way, Butoh differs from modern western dance, which is bound by the concept that dance is self-expression using the body.
In western dance, it is believed that you can possess your body and control it.
This is a misunderstanding about life and the body.
The subconscious is not known about or understood, neither is the fact that life began four billion years ago.

Most Butoh dancers are also bound by the concept of self-expression.
Real Butoh is the art of living in a completely different, multi-dimensional world, released from the narrow concept of a modern human.
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