The Butoh \\A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
5 Becoming a rhizome

Become a rhizome.
Become a secret!

What is Rhizome?
It is a new way of being.
Take off the illusion of being a human and you will find the possibilities of just being a life very flexible.

Rhizoming technique is a technique in order to become a rhizome.
<Rhizome> is the oppisite concept of <Tree> that has hierarchy.
All hierarchy that has top/bottom, center/edge is common illusion that human made. In the Universe, there is no center, no top. Universe and nature is the rhizome acctually. Rhizome can connect freely and separate flexiblly at any point.
To become rhizome means we become nature with taking off all human illusions.

1. Control the body at a subtle level

Rhizoming is a technique of transformation that begins at one part of the body, then infects a neighbouring part, and spreads to the whole body/mind.

In the darkness of the body, non-dualistic multiple dimensions are streaming and changing. If we watch this directly, we cannot understand what is happening, because there is too much chaos.
By slowing down, we can differentiate within the chaos. We can choose a subtle qualia, follow it, and amplify it to the maximum. By cutting the whole process into thousands of moments and stopping time, we can see more clearly what is happening within the process.

2. Various Rhizomings

There are seven ways of rhizoming:
1) Bottom rhizoming; a transformation that starts from the bottom.
2) Top rhizoming; starts from the head.
3) Centre rhizoming; starts from the centre of the body.
4) Edge rhizoming; starts from an edge, like a finger or toe.
5) Charm rhizoming; in the middle of a bottom or centre rhizoming process, another power influences the movement, and the movement changes to another stream.
6) Strange rhizoming; in the process of top or edge rhizoming, another power disturbs the process, changing the movement in a strange way.
7) Random rhizoming; starts at random points of body.

3. Eight channels Rhizoming

When subbody is streaming in the darkness of body, it has multi channels Qualia, it does not separated into any channels.
But when it comes out with noticing by the consciusness, it has to come out through a channel, because or consciousness can recognize a signal through only one channel at the same time.
Then our multi channels qualia have to change into a channel stream with shrinking.
That's why a stream comes out through fifferent channels, for example, dream , syndorome of body, subbody movement and so on.
We need to control these process between multi channels qualia streams to passing through single channel to another channel in the time process to show whole Qualia.

4. Tree/Rhizome change

Subbody stream seems to change shape and qualia from a channel to another channel. But it is a illusion only for our consciousness, because the consciousness can recognize qualia through only a channel at the same time.
Then we need to show our subbody movement with changing from a channel to another channel for informing the whole channels qualia to others.
We have to be a transrators from multi dimensional rhizome to lower dimensional tree movement.
To become a subbody means to become rhizome and transrator between rhizome world and tree world.

5. Opening another dimension

Subbody method has a specific changing technique as a 'opening another dimension'.
Like a dream change the scene from a scene to another scene without noticing by consciousness, our qualia stream are always changing and streaming in our darkness of body.

A subtle signal of onther dimension which was folded in a dimension is unfolded, and comes out gradually until to open whole of another dimension.

6 Transparent mind and body

When you get the whole techniques above, you can see the whole process transparently which is happening in the darkness of body between the body, subconsciousness and consciousness.
It happens not in stillness body, but in moving body.
When you dance your subbody butoh movement with changing from a dimension to another dimension dynamicly, you can see everything so transparently.
It is the transparent mind.

And when it is possible to show everythng to the audience with resonance riken.
Resonance riken means to watch the whole process in performing from outside, including the resonance with audience.
Everything is resonating between dancers and audience in a short moment.
Then with using resonance riken, you can controll the Jo-Ha-Kyu timing with subtle control.
When you get this resonance riken, you can becoem a transparent body which it is able to show everything transparently.
I do not know how long time we will need, because also I am middle on the way to be a transparent body.

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