The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata

The Flower, the Mystery, and the Secret

The beauty of life seems to be muddled by the chaos of the Flower, Mystery, and Secret by unknown logic.

The Flower

When we see an excelent dance, it happens the life strats shivering spontaneously and immidiately.
It is the Flower.
In my case, I saw Hijikata's butoh fourty years ago, and the shivering of my life still continues. It's a miracle.
I don't know why the shivering occurs and continues.
Just I ca nguess when the life resonates deeply, the shivering occurs infinitely.
It is not possible to be a dance without the Flower.
Because it is not a dance but merely a movement or a imitation.
Where and how does the Flower come out?
We are tendent to focus on the Flower, but the Flower is not indipendent.
It is the same as the physical flowers are supported by the ground, sunshine, rain, bugs and so on.

The Mystery

A beautiful movement becomes the Flower only with supported by the Mystery.
The mystery is an unknown chaos in the darkness of body which everything is hidden in and comes out from. That is multi-dimensional and non-dual world.
There are full of unknown tendencies of qualia; primitive, hidden, possessed, archetype, kugutsu( being moved), weakened, warped, chimerad, boxed, pressed qualia, and so on. They are moving by other logics against daily logic, beyond every border; in/out, up/down, good/bad, ugry/beautiful, self/others, mind/body, and so on. Those dualistic judgments are only by daily human head, the life never judge. That's why they are the Mystery. Butoh dancers sink into the Mystery everyday, and struggle with the unknown tendencies. It is like a bog without bottom, strange deep dark world.
Through the struggle, oneday the Flower comes out by crystallizing from the mud of Mystery. From the deeper Mystery, the deeper Flower comes out.
In my experience, the depth of Mystery of Hijikata's butoh has attacked me stronger than the Flower of it.

The Secret

Dancers try to find various movements through the struggle.
At one moment, it happens a movement changes into the Flower of dance.
When a physical movement and qualia stream of life crystalize as oneness, it becomes a dance.
Original qualia of the dancer connect strongly to the dancing place of body at that time. The crystalizing is by the work of life.
Dance is not something created by the dancer's head, but the life creates it.
It is the Secret of life.
The life just shivers, and tells us "Now is the timing!" by a special strong somatic feeling. Dancer is able to hunt the moment and inprints it on the body immediately.
It is the hunting of the Secret of life.

The Flower, the Mystery, and the Secret are belong in the life.
Dancer can just listen to the life.
To polish the subtle sensient listening to the life is the daily work of butoh dancers.
If you neglect this every day's work, you are not butoh dancer at all.
Listen to the each cell's life resonance, it is trillion times subtler than the gross sense of human.

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