Subbody Method@
The Butoh
Part 1
What is Butoh?
1What is Butoh
2 Crystalization of Deep Life Resonance
3 After 50 years, subbody butoh was born.
4. Rich Answer to "What is Butoh?" <New>
5 Non-space, non-time of Butoh
6 Butoh as a dance being moved
7 Becoming Rhizome
8 Weakened Body
9 The Flower, Secret and Mystery
10 The Warped Qualia
11 The Face of Forest
12 Kazuo Ohno
12 Dancing in the Subconscious mode 
13 Hidden logic of Life Resonance
14 Toward the Non-Dual 
Photos of Hijikata 
Videos of Hijikata 
15 Become Transparent Life! 
Art Butoh Score 
Photos of Tatsumi Hijikata
Videos of Tatsumi Hijikata
The Butoh
Part 2
of hQuiet Househ
200 Butoh score for Quiet house
New Translation
201 Infinite Abyss of the weakened body 
202 The last butoh of Hijikata
203 The necessity of weakened body
204 What is "The Red God"?
205 A girl who plans evil deeds in the rain
206 Secret Control Technique of Weakened body 
207 Behind World 
208 Reduction by X and regeneration 1 
209 Reduction by X and regeneration 2
210 Becoming Shisha which transform infinitely New
211 "Corpse to Shisha" -A big jump of Butoh in the Quiet House 
212 Flower of 'Kan'
213 Two KAN 
214 Vaporized body
215 Shadow of mind
216 Carrying Density
217 Chimera
218 Tame
219 Blood of Dance
220 Small Box of Joints
221 Dizziness, shivering and swaying of flowers
222 Kyu of Momiyose and Jumping Wildly 
 212 Flower of 'Kan'
215 Reduction by X and regeneration 1 
216 Reduction by X and regeneration 2 
 219 Chimera as a necessity of life
220 Butoh score for Quiet house
 221 What is he doing during the dancing?
 229 Flower of Kan 2
 230 Butoh Score "Flower of Kan"
The Butoh
Part 3
Sick Dancing Princess
Index of
"Sick Dancing Princess of 21 Century"
Original Text of "Sick Dancing Princess"
Sick Dancing Princess in your darkness of body

Structure of "Sick Dancing Princess"
How to get the
clouding body

 304 Smoke bug
 305 Srink and Attentiveness