Subbody method illusration guide 1

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1 Whole Self

There was a whole self as a Tao.

Everything is just resonating there.

When we were fetus in our motherfs womb, there were no border between inside and outside, between mind and body, between self and others, between individual and group.

It is non-dual and multi-dimensional realm.

Just whole self and whole world were mixed into oneness and resonating. Just qualia flows were streaming with resonating with the world. Our fetus has expieriences in each stagel of four billions years life history from one celled creature age to multi celled creature and various kinds of animal and so on.
We were dreaming as another creature in another world at another time.

Our subbodies which are subconscious=body come from like this world.
They have so richer histories and deeper memories through these expieriences more than our consciousness.

Now we start a travel into the darkness of body which our subbodies are living.

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