Subbody method illusration guide 5

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5 Introvert and extrovert channels

There are introvert channel and extrovert channel in each eight channels. Extrovert channel get qualia about something by resonating with something outside directly. Introvert channel get the same reality with activating inner stored qualia into resonance. Actually these two kinds of qualia are always resonating together. Then we have double reality always. This double reality of qualia become cause of delusion, neurosis, and at the same time become a resource of creativity.

When we calm down our language thinking, and shift to the subconscious mode of body (=subbody mode), we can catch subtle signal of qualia in introvert channel.
At the conscious mode, the neurons are fire together by electric signal then this noise masks the subtle happning of qualia stream in our body. When we are conscious mode, we cannot catch these subtle signals by disturbing by noise of neuron excitement.

This is the reason why to die down our thinking mode and concentrate to listen to the subtle intorvert signal is the entrance of subbody world.

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