Life Resonance


Multi-dimensional Resonance of Life

Life was born four billion years ago on this planet.
It was the first being which can resonate with everything through Qualia in the Universe.
Only Life can feel the Qualia of Resonance with other things and energies.
Life resonates with Gravity, Light, Electlicity, Water, Air, Vibration, Sway, Sound, Smell, Taste, Color, and so on.
Life resonate with those things through Qualia.
Qualia are neither material, nor energy. It is just a specific resonance pattern of the String which the String theory mensions. According to the String theoy, String is resonanting in the eleven dimensions including the hidden tiny dimensions except of the large three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. The other surplus dimensions are hidden as micro size of plank lenghth.
The Plank lenghth is 0.000000000000000000000000000000001m, which is the minimum size in the Universe.
And all kinds of energy and matter are generated by the change of the resonance pattern of the String.
Life can catch the difference of the resonance pattern of the String as the Qualia.
We call it as "Outer Qualia" which Life resonates at the present moment with something.
At the biggining Life could resonante with a few things; water, amino asid, protin, Natrium ion, Karium ion, Calcium ion and so on. Around the origin Life, there were so many things which Life cannot resonante well. Oxygen gas was one of them, it was strong poizon for Life. It took for one billion years to be found good resonance pattern with Oxygen gas by proteo bacteria as the breathing system.
After that invension, almost of bacteria resonated with them as endosymbiosis, and the proteo bacteria transformed to the Mitochondria.
During four billions history of Life, Life reserve all of those renewal qualia as the Life memories in the cell. We call them "Inner Qualia". Life could keep its own resonance pattern as inner qualia set to the next generation with renewing. Each cell has so huge inner qualia which have been reserved for four billion years.
Outer qualia and inner qualia are resonating at every moment. Then Life can controll the best resonance pattern with every thing through the resonance among inner qualia and outer qualia. It is the wisedom of Life.
Now, we just try to feel the multi-dimensional resonance of Life Qualia among present( =outer) qualia and the Life memories of inner qualia.

Please look at the slideshow above. They are the image of multi-dimemsion which the String theory mensions. And feel your qualia which are resonating in that multi-dimansions.
This is the first step to enter the realm of Life.

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