Drop breathing

Drop breathing ( Losing strength breathing)

Find a quiet comfortable place.
Sit down on the floor with leg relaxed position.
Breathe in through the nostrill or mouth. Try both ways, and taste the difference.
When you inhale, imagine that some one pull up your head and spine by a string to the sky. Your spine will be stretched to the sky comfortablly.
Breathe out through the nostrill or mouth.
When you exhale, imagine that your head and spine are keep hanging from the sky, and the other all cells are dropped down into the center of the earth.
Release your all part of body from daily binds, release your all cells from unconscious tensions.
Listen to the changing of the body feeling in each cell of your body.
Slowly all cells are released from unconscious role to support other cells. Let all cells free, and taste the released feeling.
Stop thinking. Shift from thinking mode to listening mode.
Gradually you can enter into deep relaxation.
Repeat this drop breathing until your body and mind completely calm down.
If you feel pain or stiff at some part of your body, send air and release the part.
Continue it until the uncomfortable feelings disappear, and the comfortable body feelings start streaming in your body.
Listen in the subtle body feeling.
Taste it. Enjoy it. Follow it.

Next step: Swaying meditation, Bottom breathing and Some other Conditionings.

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