Sacrum breathing

Find a quiet comfortable place.
Lay down with the face up position. Stand both toes virtically.

1. Breathe in with opening your both toes and pelvis. Your sacrum joint on the back will be closed.
Breathe out with closing your toes and pelvis. The sacrum joint will be opened.
Listen to the change at sucrum and pelves.

2. With keeping the sacrum breathing, gradually rotate the tips of toes with outward circle.
When you breathe in, rotate both toes outward (pelvis opened).
and when breathe out, rotate both toes inward( pelvis closed).

3. Slowly amplify the size of circle.
With breathing in, rotate both knees outward (pelvis opened more).
With breathing out, rotate both knees inward( pelvis closed more).

4. With breathing in, rotate both whole legs outward with turning out maximum (pelvis opened most).
With breathing out, rotate both legs inward with twisting in maximum ( pelvis closed most).

5. Rotate arms with legs togeter.
With breathing in, rotate both legs and arms outward together with twisting out. Turn out pelvis and chest the most.
With breathing out, rotate both legs and arms inward together with twisting in. Close pelvis and chest the most.
Taste the fresh feeling of each position. If a novel feeling comes out, follow it by body movement freely.

6. Back to the beginning position.
With breating in, open your pelvis and stomach fully. Give air between sacrum and pelvis. Send air into your stomach to the maximum. Feel as if you become a pregnat woman. Remember your mother's body at your birth moment. Become mother's body.

7. With breathing out, close your pelvis and chest into minimum size.
As if the sucrum joints have disappeared, imagine you become a snake or fish. They don't have pelvis. Move your spine without pelvis as a snake or fish.

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