What is conditioning?


The most important technique of subbody method is conditioning.
Conditioning is to condition your body to a specific subconscious body mode.
There are twelve techniques of conditioning.  They are grouped into two kinds. First group to calm down from daily mind/body mode to subbody mode.Another one is to activate for specific subbody mode, for example to become  proto body, animal body, hidden body, rhizome body, multi channel body, weakened body and so on.


Ⅰ.Conditioning for calming


Conditioning No.0: Breathing

Breathing is the most basic technique to change our body from a condition to another condition.

Drop breathing
Bottom breathing
Subtle breathing
Sacrum breathing
Pelvis breathing
Minimum breathing

→ See “Breathing”

Conditioning No.1: Vibrating

Lay down with face up position. Stand feet vertically.
1. Shake your feet in Head/tale direction with the most comfortable vibration by whole body.  
2. Shake body from pelvis in side direction.
3. Stand knee with connecting both knees, Shake up down and side direction. 4. Stand knee on parallel feet. Shake each spine bone from sacrum till neck with separating from the floor one by one in up/down direction. Continue it until your daily mind and body calms down.     

Conditioning No.2: Swaying

Imagine that you are sitting at the center of big clock on the floor. Inhale and send air to your lower back to head, and exhale from front part of the body.  With this breathing, sway your body six-twelve o’clock  direction (forward-backward). Change direction to seven-one o’clock, eight-two o’clock, nine-three o’clock, until one round of clock.  Continue it until you release from daily mind and body. →See "Clock sway"

Conditioning No.3: Three dimensional movement at hundred tandens

Tanden means initiating point of movement. We have almost hundred joints in the body. Move each joint to three dimensional directions with different size as the following.

1.Cross eight figure
From sacrum to head, move each spine in three dimensional directions with cross eight figure. →See illustration.  Move each joint of head, arms and legs too.
Move each joint of hundred tandens with circulation.
3.Subtle sway
Sway each joint of hundred tandens with minimum size.

Ⅱ Conditioning for activating


Conditioning No.4: Four limbs

Become dog position with contacting hands and feet to the floor. Wave each part of body in three dimensional directions. Wave your whole spine from head, and from tale, in three dimensional directions.   Change posture from dog position to lizard position and wave too.

Conditioning No.5: Five Hidden Qualia

Hidden cavities →See Hidden cavities
Hidden joints →See Hidden joints
Hidden muscles →See Hidden muscles
Hidden fluid
→See Hidden fluid
Hidden skins →See Hidden skins

With various walking, open these hidden qualia

Ash walk
A size walk
Nest walk
Mountain walk
Bugs walk
World walk

→ See “Walking ”

Conditioning No.6: Six sways

Our daily bodies are bound by daily habits. But our subbdies are not bound by daily habits and limits. There are so diverse of movement between life and death. Release your body from daily body to flexible body which is able to follow any kinds of subtle signal of movement from the darkness of body.Move hundred points of your body with following six kind of movement.
→See "Six sways"


Conditioning No.7: Seven rhizomings

Rhizoming is special term for transforming of subody method. A subtle tendency starts at a point of body and spread it to the whole body with different way of progression.

Bottom rhizome
Top rhizome
Center rhizome
Edge rhizome
Focus rhizome
Random rhizome
Total rhizome
→See "Rhizoming"

Conditioning No.8: Eight channels

We have eight main channels at the following. Normally we use a few channel and shift another channel unconsciously. Be aware of the channel which you use with the following method. And become able to control all channels flexibly.

Body channel
Movement channel
Visual channel
Audio channel
Emotion channel
Human relationship channel
World-self chanel
Thinking channel
See "Eight Channels"

Conditioning No.9: Segmenting

Segment your body into three parts; legs, body, and head part. and control each part to sway with different directions.
Segment the each parts of body into three sub-parts. Segment legs into feet, legs, and hip. Segment body into pelvis, stomach, and chest. Segment your arms into hand, elbow, and shoulder. Segment your head into neck, lower face, and upper face. Control each segmented part into different directional sway.  
Segment each nine parts into three more sub-parts. And control each part with subtle sway.
Segment each part into infinite tiny size until cell scale. And control each cell with different sways.
See "Infinite segementing"

Conditioning No.10: Ten fingers 

We have ten meridians with connected each finger’s front line and back line. Open  each meridian with sending air and twisted stretching. Listen to unique bodily sensation in each meridian. Catch subtle tendencies from the darkness of body and taste them carefully.


Conditioning No.11: Resonance touch

See “Resonance touch method”


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