Quiet body

1. Become a quiet body

Try to stop any gross movement of body and mind.

Just listen up to the life sway of qualia in the body.

(Qualia are the somatic feelings, senses which you can feel in the body .)

Just concentrate on how subtle can you listen up to the  differences between each swaying of qualia.

Life is always swaying, moving, and changing slightly.

If you try to become quiet,

your living body is always swaying.

If you stop the physical movement,

The qualia are always swaying.

If you could stop the swaying of qualia,

The life continue swaying.  

2. Listen to the swaying of qualia

When you become the quiet body until the maximum level,

a realm which you can not distinguish the difference between the physical sway or way of qualia will be appear.

Listen up to and taste deeply the subtle swaying in this realm.

When your physical movement of body become minimum,

try to taste the subtle difference between the feeling of body and the feeling of movement.

And taste the difference between the subtle movement of body and the image of movement of body.  

Until you understand by body that the difference is very subtle but they are completely different things.

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