Conditioning 3 Clock sway

(continued from Sho-shu-ten sway)

3. Clock sway

At first you start from six-twelve circle same as Sho-shu-ten sway ( Black circle above illustration).
Then shift to raise up from seven o'clock, and sink down one o'clock line(Red circle above)
4. Eight-up, two-down
5. Nine-up, three-down
6. Ten-up, four-down
7. Eleven-up, five-down
8. Twelve-up, six-down
9. One-up, seven-down
10. Two-up, eight-down
11. Three-up, nine-down
12. Four-up, ten-down
13. Five-up, eleven-down
14. Six-up, twelve-down

Then you come back to the first positon, try opposite direction next.

Variation of clock sway

Clock sway from imaginary tale

Imagine that you have long tale, and someone move your tale
front and back in the underground, then your spine have to
sway front and back.
Try this tale sway with clock direction.

Clock sway from stomuch

Same as tale, someone move your stumuch in the clock
direction, then your body have to sway according to the clock.

Clock sway from back
Clock sway from chest
Clock sway from head
Clock sway from string which hangs your head

Continue this sway until your body is released from the habit
and binds of daily body.
Try to change your spine like an octopus or ameba.

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