Ash walk

Ash walk

\\Stand as a dead body desperately.

Become an ash pole.

(Ash pole is the ash which keeps same shape after burned out, like a cigarette or a insence. It is very fragile. If it recieve only small stimulas it must be fallen down. You need to be very carefull to carry it without falling.)

Imagine that your physical body has been burned out,
life strength has drained away, mind, heart, soul and spirit has left.

But you have to try to stand as a dead body.
Carry your ash pole, as possible as quiet, as possible as slow.
Open to inside fifty percent, open to outside fifty percent.
Become nothing.
Become transparency.
Ash walk is the most basic training of butoh.
Try ash walk every day at least one time.
You can do it at the smallest space.

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