Rhizoming 1 Rhizoming

What is rhizoming?

Rhizoming is a method to become a rhizome.
It releases you from daily body which is bound by so many tree concepts and hierarchic illusions, and transform to a rhizome subbody which can stream and change with the flow of life and qualia.

The daily body is possessed by hierarchic illusions, from head to foot. It is covered by a thich untransparent platonismic beliefs that there are good ideas above the head, and bad impulses are in lower body.

When we take off the untransparent covers, we can find a rhizome world is spreading over. A hope stays under ass, a desire connects with neck and sole.
An storm enter from another country to your stomuch. The skin reverses, and transform to flying anus. Rhizome can connect evrything and separate immdiately. There are no binds, no prejudice, no borders.
When the resonance happens you become me. A girl swimming up to your throat.
Your legs become the running forest. A dead lives in your pelvis.

Rhizoming means waht so strange things happen at at any place, at any time beyond familiar timespace.

After long training of rhizoming technique, your body transform to a special body as a multi-dimensional theater.

In a wide sense, every technique which I discribe in this chapter is rhizoming.
But at first I recommned you to enter body rhizoming technique in a narrow sense as the following.

1. A invisble transformation begins at the depth of your

Our daily body have forgotten so many secrets of body.
They have been hidden in the darkness of body.
Dig up them, they are hidden treasure for creation.
We have hidden cabities of body, hidden joints, hidden
(See below for further details.)

2. A transformation strats at the edge of body

It starts at the tip of a toe, finger, head, jow, toungue, tale, jow, head, and so on, and gradually spread to the whole part of your body untill you transform to complete defferent being. Show the process trandparently.
(See below 'The hidden joint')

3. A transformation begins in hidden channel

We have many channels to intercourse with the world.
In the subbody realm, they are not separated every qualia are connected and oneness as non-dual world, but for our consciousness, we cannot open plural channels at the same time.
Then when you show the body movement, the movement channel is the 'picture', and the other channels are hidden in the underground.
When your subbody show something in a channel, your subbody can catch a subtle signal from another channel.
Hide the sign, and slowly shift from a channel to another channel with following the sub-signal, untill opening another channel as another dimansion.
This is one of 'Unfold another dimmension' which I discribe later.

4. A transoformation beggins at a hidden part of space

When you start from your body rhizoming, after some time, you can find a subtle entrance to another dimension at the somewhere of the space.
You can invent your own way to open another space with following the subbody.

5. The diversity of speed, direction, and qualia

Subbody has so many variety of time and space, quality.
You can use everything from very slow world to another speed, another diection, another qualia; from underground, from long time past, from deep memory, from dissociated character, and so on.
When you become familiar with your whole self, you can find so different qualia there. Just travel there.

6. Follow your subbody

Don't think by your head about stories.
Our consciousness are bound by normal developement, typical progression, archtypical stories.
But in your subbody world so unique things are happening.
Just follow them. it is the main point to open the creativity of your subbody.

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