Rhizoming 5 Hidden cavities

Rizoming in hidden cavities

We have so many hidden cabities in our body. The deeper level of bodily sensation is connected wuth these hidden cavity.
Daily body has fogotten them at all. But when we remember them and use freely, we get so wide possibility to transform various kinds of creature.

After practice of 'Upstream life meditation', 'Three dimensional body cavity' and 'Three dimensional oral cavity', proceed to following transforming method.

1. Transform from body cavity

With following subtle signal of body image from your life, change the shape of body cavity in various dimensions.
Ask to your life 'What creature' body image do you remember today?'
If you get a subtle melting tendency of your life, follow it and transform your own ameba or another creature.
If your subbody want to flow, follow the sub-signal, you can transform jellyfish or sea anemone and so on.
Our life had spend time in the water so long time, then our subbody can remember the qualia of inner water life.
With using various kinds of breathing, change the shape of your body cavity, in various rhythm, speed, and directions.

2. Transform from oral and nose cavity

Also transform from oral cavity, nose cavity, with various breathing way, you can get so fresh body sensation and emotion, world image stream and so on.

3. Transform from eye cavity

Change your eye with following your life memories, what have you seen in the deep sea, underground, and complete darkness without eyes.

4. Transform from hidden cavities

When you follow the spontaneous body sounds with various breathing ways, open resonance with the hidden cavities above.

We have many sinuses--cavities within the skull bones surrounding the nasal passage--warm and moisten the air prior to it entering the delicate lung tissue.
When the body sound resonates with thiese cavities, it become Hoomee sound of Mongian and Tuvan people.They taste the sounds as a voice of Heaven.
You can open another dimensions through audio channel.

5. Emotional rhizoming

When you follow the spontaneous body sound stream, also your emotion assosiate and gives sub-signal, follow the subtle emotional stream. Unfold the hidden emotions which are folded in your darkness of body for a long time.

6. Relational rhizoming

Our subbodies are always streamign with changing channels, when you get sutle signal of human relational channel, follow them and enter another relation ship. Not only human relation ship, but also open relationa ship with some strange imaginary creatures. Enjoy play with them.

7. World image=self image rhizoming

Final channel is world=self image channel.
When you catch a subtle signal of shift in world image, follow it and open another world image.
Our life has expierienced so many circumstances and environmental changes: ice ages, storms, earthquakes, volcanos, and so on.

Enjoy travel in your proto creature's world. Through the travel you became familiar with your various life memories. Dvelope them until it grow up to your own proto-body which is one of your ten bodies of subbody butoh.

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