Rhizoming 3 Hidden joints

Metamorphose from a hidden joint

Our daily bodies have forgotten so many fanctions.
Tail is no longer used for the devolution, but we have still the nerve around the tail.
When we imagine the image of the tail in a movementm it help us so much.
Sternoclavicular joints (the joint between chest bone and collor bone), and sacroiliac joints (sacrum and pelvis) are also forgotten joints.
Try to move these hidden joints very slowly into three dimensional directions and taste the qualia.
If you feel deep resonance at a movement, it is an entrance to your hidden bodies.

Chest Joint (Sternoclavicular joint)

Move both collarbones forward. The heart fades just a little.
Move them even forward, the heart is closed and has been excruciating.
The constelation of the skeleton is changing, introverted self comes out.
Close the chest in addition. We can meet the stony-self who closed to the outside world.
Move both colorbones backword. The extroverted character is coming out.

Move them upward. We can remember when we fail something we shrug one's shoulder.
Move more and our neck disappear like a tortoise shrinked his head.
Move both collarbone down to the bottom. You become long neck. Move neck with becoming birds and horses.

Move both colorbones broading out to the clavicle.
Sternoclavicular joint is spreading like a free bird chest.
Move both collarbones in a narrow. Sternoclavicular joint is fixed.
Move more, then chest closed like a fish and snake which doesn't have chest.
Swim just like a fish with only spine work.

Sacrum joint (Sacroiliac joint)

Move both pelvis forward. Close to the pelvis and chest. The basic constelaton of skeleton changes.
You may metamorphose as a prudent character like an armadillo.
Move both pelvis backward. Sternoclavicular joint also spread to a diplomatic, an arrogant personality comes out.

Move the top of both pelvis closer. Knee becomes X leg, Chest also closed, Twist the arm to the limit.
You meet a strange character who was folded in the darkness of body.
Move the bottom of pelvis closer. At the top of the pelvis is spread to a pregnant mother's position, you can experience the body feeling of pregnance. Walk with taking care of the baby. You can know what is the mother a little something.

Separate both pelvis away from the sacrum. When the distance between the pelvis become maximum , your pelvis become the dilivery position.
Remember the exoerience which everybody has been experienced at once.

Move both pelvis close to the sacrum. Pelvis is fixed.
And even closer to the pelvis your body become a snake or fish.
Swim with using only spine just like a snake and fish swimming.

Hidden joints of the hands and feet

Similarly, move the hidden joints of the hands and feet slowly with a three-dimensional direction.
Center/edge change: Move from the center of the body( Sternoclavicular, sacroiliac), and from the edge of the body; from tip of a finger, toe. Switch from center to edge, and riverse.
Bottom/top change: Wave coming up from the bottom of body like a plant, and move from the top of head like an animal. Switch from bottom wave to top wave, top wave to bottom wave.

Jaw joint and hidden eye movement

Move jaw joint three-dimensional directions, and move eyes in an oblique direction.
You can meet various hidden characters depending on the degree of twisting.
Jocular self, full of ideas, cunning personality, curious character, and so on.
When you meet a stranger, slowly become a friend.

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