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Hidden skin

The hidden skin is a remained sense from old age of life. Life has changed shape and way of life in the four billions years history from one celled creature to multi celled creature, but each specific qualia are reserved in the cell. Hidden skin has long history from one celled age and through each creaturefs age, fetus age to presence. How can we remember the hidden qualia of them. I will tell you the origin of each layers of hidden skin, and how to wake up the slept senses.       


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The 1st layer: Placenta

A fetus of mammal is wrapped by a thin film which is called Placenta. The placenta protects the fetus against shocks from the outside world. The fetus recognized the world through the subtle vibration of placenta. At that time the five senses were not separated, also eight main channels were not separated. They were oneness including the sense of pain, pressure, temperature, smell, taste, movement, light, sound, and the world-self channel. Like as one celled creature, the fetus resonated with all qualia and recognized the world totally through the placenta.  

After the birth, the sense of placenta remains through the whole life. A specific way of sensing is remained even the organ is vanished; like as the tale, lost limbs, and so on. The sensing qualia through placenta are remained. It is not noticed by consciousness, but the subconscious uses the non-dual and multiple qualia as the most sentient feeling about the world and self condition. The subbodyfs main channel is this non-dual and multi- dimensional channel.

Try to practice with the subtle contact movement with a partner by the closest distance between touching and not touching. Everybody must enjoy a comfortable resonance and fall into the state of dreaming.         


The 2nd layer: Amniotic fluid

Outside of plaxenta is the layer of amniotic fluid. We have spend for ten months in the ocean of womb, and life had spend for four billions years in the real ocean.@Thatfs why the qualia of being moved by the outer wave is so dear for us. Practice the pair movement by a proper distance with a partner with sending imaginary wave each other. You must like it.   
Also through the practice of shool of fish, you can remember of fish's 2nd layer qualia.

The 3rd layer: Womb

Womb was the biggest shelter for fetus. We need a proper small space like as a bedroom, a bathroom, and so on for relaxing in safe feeling. If your house is invaded by unknown alien, you must feel deep fear, because the safety shelter layer is shaken and invaded.            


The 4th layer: World

Motherfs body was the world for fetus. We have felt the world through the resonance with motherfs body, your deepest nature before you get your own ego and character which the origin is not unknown may come from the experience of resonance with your motherfs body in your fetus age.


The 5th layer: Out of the world

Out of the world layer is the alien space. When we enter an alien land, our body response automatically the sympathetic nerve mode and adrenalin spread the body for preparing the condition of flight or fight. When you encounter an unknown thing or people, see your body condition transparently and release your body from the natural response of body. Otherwise you may be bound by the uncomfortable mode unconsciously.


The 0th layer: The skin

The cell has many receptors in the cell membrane, and resonates with every kind of matters through them. It is the real physical  communication layer with the environment, comparing the plaxenta is imaginary communication organ through qualia.  Also the sense of touch controls the resonance pattern with environment. By sharing the same shape of skin, you can resonante with the inner qualia of body naturally.  

The -1th layer: The body fluid

The body fluid is streaming under the skin layer. It is biggest medium for inner communication. Many kinds of transmitter substances are floating and controlling the resonance pattern among all cells. The signs of change of bodily condition comes out as emotions. The qualia of each emotion are the biggest messenger between life, body and consciousness. When we are able to see the condition of body fluid and control it by various techniques, we can transform numerous being.  

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The -2th layer: The muscle

The muscles are classified to surface muscle and deep layer muscle. Consciousness of daily body control surface muscles according to the habit and manner of modern human society. When we inhibit the big and rough habitual movement by surface muscles, the hidden movements come out from the darkness of body.


The -3th layer: The hidden muscle

The hidden muscles are not noticed by daily consciousness. But the deeper response with the qualia of hidden skin are responded by them. Listen to the subtle resonance among the hidden skin and hidden muscles. To open the hidden sense which is folded in the body is one of the main training of butoh.

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The -4 layer: bones and joints

The hidden muscles are running spirally under the straight surface muscles, and connect each hidden joints beyond plural numbers of bones. Be awrare of them, too.

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The -5th layer: The hidden cavities

There are so different hidden cavities in our body. Make it your daily habit to listen to the subtle signal from the inner organs and hidden cavities. Invent your original dance from the hidden cavities. It must become your flower of your butoh.

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