The Qualia


4. Fifty thousand years history
of Qualia of Self image Archetype

1 Ego
You will meet ego. Ego has several general tendencies.

Self story maker
Ego is always making an ideal story of ourselves about personality, character, and so on. When we believe the illusional story, we can be at home with our illusional identity as daily body.

Self jusification
Ego always corrects good images and makes our self images to justfy ourselves in each moment. Ego ignores negative elements and dissociate them as not-me.
Not-me is hidden as the shadow in the darkness of body.

Ego always sumilates future with variateing world image and self image.
Ego is always afraid of bad situations. Through the sumilations we can get the best senario to avoid to be fallen in the worst condition.

Ego is living not only in the real time-space, but also living in the illusional space and illusional time. It is a world of qualia. But ego doesn't know about qualia, because it is unconscious process. To be aware of it is necessary to be whole self transarently.
Whenever you notice ego rise up in the subbdoy process, say "Hello and good-by" immidiately. " I know you well. You are important for daily life, but not now. Now is the process of whole self travel. Don't disturb me."

2 Super Ego

Super ego is a judge or prosecutor in the darkness of body. It continue to judge everything, "This is right. That is wrong.", "This's good. That's bad." It continues to direct us to be right, to be just, to be honest, to be kind, and so on.
Super ego accepts only positive half of the whole self, and ignores the negative half.
Super ego suppresses all bad tendencies which it judged. Then these negaitive elements are folded in the unconscious realm.

It criticeze you by cynical and negative atitude. It always pays attention to the negatice side of whole. It points you about your hidden intention, and stops you to so somehting. It counts so many negative elements and discourages you.

Old grandmother
It finds some uncomplete elements of your plan and forces you to give up it.
"You are not mature enough to do it. Wait for a while."
It always delayes you to do somehting.

These three are the just different appearances of the Super ego. They are enbodiment of dualism. When we are bound by langage thinking unconsciously, we are often bound by dualistic judgment. We need to stop thinking by using language for released from them.
Be transparent about them. They are also members of our whole selves.

3 Shadow

Try to meet all members inside of your whole self,
including very negative characters as cunning, artfulness, accountant, layzyness,
liar, coward, inner child, wheedling baby, anger, violence, and so on
All of them are not-me which have been dissociated from our whole self.
They are just various tendencies of life. They are closer to life than us. They are shivering between death and life in the darkness of body. When we meet them, just follow their tendencies, and amplify them to various subbodies; proto bodies, hidden bodies, weakened bodies and so on. To accept all tendencies without judgment is the only one way to be whole self.

4 Anima and animus

Anima is an oppsite gender half of self for man. But we continue to seek her outer world as an ideal fatal partner. We are hungry for Anima unconsciously, because it is unconscious half of ourselves.
Animus is an oppsite gender half of self of woman also.
They are resonating with our mother's imago (=ideal mother's image) , father's imago and image of our real partner in daily life. The bind of Anima and Animus often destroy our real relationship.
They are one of the strongest archetype. We need for long years to release ourselves from their bind.
Tatsumi Hijikata needed for fourty years to be released from his dead sister. Kazuo Ohno needed for fifty years to be released from his Anima; La Argentina, and sixty years from his mother's bind as another Anima. After danicng Anima, we may be able to integrate our whole self as oneness.

5 Other Archtypes

Ego, super ego, shadow, and anima-animus are the most strong and common archetype which lives in the darkness of body of everybody.
C.G.Jung named it "Collective unconsciousness".
But not only them, there are so many archetypes are living and influences you from diferent directions.

Brave boy, Curious girl
They are so curious and active for novel things, they jump into new world without fear. Sometimes they encourage you a lot. You need deep carefullness when you travel into flontier.

Wise old man

wise old man(or wise old woman), pure hope,
and so on in the supporting side.

Trickstar turn over every view point into opposite position. He is an inventer of novel view point. He can ride on the horse with reverse posture. Most of sharman has this tendency. He is an creater and destroyer.

Animal guide
Sometimes an animal gives good advice for travel. They are spirits for other world.
We need their help.

Great mother
She loves everything, and she eats everything.
She is so empathic, gentle, kind and violent.
Because she is a womb of every element.
For she, everyhting is fetus belonged in her.
Be good friend with her, but be careful not to be eaten by her.
We have deep tendencies to go back to the oneness world when we are fetuses in the proto womb.

Pure hope
We may have forgotten it, but it is hidden in the darkness of body. It's just innocent, it doesn't know the world enough. But we can keep it and grow up them with together slowly.

Atitude for them

Become a midwife who is listening to the whole process transparently without ego and self.
Subbody which is not recognized yet as a member of whole self by you is like a fetus.
You need to listen to their subtle breath carefully until the birth when they come out as a subbody or cobody. Give them best help at the best timing for birth. Accept them as a new member of your whole self.

When you meet strange and dangerous subbodies within you,
you can just recognize them and leave from them.
Keep safe distance with them until you are ready to contact them.
Slowly slowly you can become a friend with them in the safe distance.
And some day you can dance them finally.

See "Edge work", "Edge work 2"

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