The Resonance

1 No subject, no object

Resonance has neither subject, nor object

There are no subject, no object in resonance.
It happens spontaneously from both sides, not from one side.
This is the beggest charactoristic of resonance.
Our lauguage is not good at discriving like this thing, because our language needs subject and object absolutely.
With using like this language, we cannnot catch the resonance as it is exactly.
I was marching in place for a long years against this unsolved gap.

I decided to start digging the tunnel for resonance again, in another way.
I start from the String world.
Here is only resonance among infinite strings.
It is the pure resonance world without subject/ object.
To enter the String world is one of the most proper way to understand the pure resonance.

It's only pure resonance

According to the String theory, everything in the Universe is made of resonating String.
I will guide you to the resonance world of String with following the physician's discorvery.
I recommend you a book; "The Elegant Universe" Brian Greene, 1999. It is the best introduction for the String theory. ( For more Info, Visit his site; Elegant Universe or View video )

The world of String

Welcome for String world. The String live in the tiny hidden dimension.
The size of String is mainus 33th power of 1m, socolled Plank length, the minimum distance in the Universe.The Plank lenghth=0.0000000000000000000000000000000001m.
They are vibrating with extreme high energy (See fig.1).

Fig. 1 The world of String (The orange erea on the right edge. Crick picture. for enlarge) Sientific American Feb. 2008

The shape of String

There are many kinds of shapes; a loop shape, not a loop shape, and like as menbrane.
They are always changing shape by resonance. Sometimes two strings become one, and separate at the next moment.

Fig 2 The shape of String

Actually, they don't have specific shape and fixed number, because at each moment they are changing shape, and number. In the illustration above, you can imagine the Strings which drawn by red line transforming shape and number by resonance flexiblly.
Here are also no subject, no object, they are just resonanting together.

Eleventh Hidden Dimension

Fig 3 Calabi-Yau space; Eleventh hidden dimension

Though it is hard ly to imagine for us, Strings are living in the eleventh hidden dimension. This is one of the most atractive hypothesis of the String theory.
Our daily body and mind believe that our space has only three dimansions. But according to the String theory, there are seven hidden dimensions. They are carled into tiny space, then we cannot recognize them. The illustration above is Calabi-Yau space which has sixth dimension. It was named by Dr. Calabi and Yau who invented sixth dimensional mathimatics

Infinite resonance world

Fig 4 Infinite resonance of Strings

In the String world, all Strings have to resonante, because, at the tiny space which has eleventh dimension, numerous Strings are vibrating, they have to effect and being effected each other.
The Universe is made of resonating Strings. The resonance is the most basic principle in the Universe.
Strings are pure rhzizome. There is no center, no special point, no subject, no object. Just everyhting is resonating. The fandamental principle of Universe is the the resocracy. It is so elegant, isn't it?


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