The Resonance


3. Resonance self

What is the deepest problem of this contemporary world?
It is the fact that we all human are forced to be the egoic self and have lost life resonance.
During several centuries, the power of nation-state has completed the system to product "the modern human".
The concept of human must have a egoic self identity which are opposed to each other and competes against each other.
As a result of long term discipline and education for egoic self, now we feel that the egoic self is the only one state of human being.
But this is the biggest illision of contemporary society.
The state of egoic self is the histlic product by the power of nation-state which controll the capitalistic society.

The egoic self is not the only one possibility of humanic self.
On the contrary, it is just a historical made-up illusionwhich was producted by the nation-state during several centuries.

Michel Foucault has solved out the history of egoic self how was it producted in western society.
It started as a technique of "concern for self" in ancient Greece, and via Christian controll method, the modern power of nation-state has completed as a dicipline and education system of modern western society.
The egoic self is the most suitable state of self for capitalistic economy and modern system to support nation-state as a subjective citizen.
The egoic self is the disonance self which has forgotten the resonance among life.

I have investigated in alternative method of self for long years in Himalaya.
Now I can propose you a novel method of self, it is the resonance self.

Accoding to subbdoy method we can take of the egoic self, and become novel resonance self.
Not egoic desonance self which is controlled by geverment of nation-state, but resonance self which is like as the life itself.
It must take time, but not impossible.
Someday egoic self will be taken off, like as the state of Sumurai, the state of knight of the middle centuries has vanished from human society.
Oneday, we must notice suddenly that the state of egoic self is outdated condition of human.
Ego will become a anachronism fossil in the human history.

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