The Resonance
2nd tunnel
0 The Wonder of Resonance
1 No subject,
no object
2 History of String
3 Life is resonating
4 Qualia are resonating
5 Principle of resonance
6 Rsonance beyond time
7 Momentary
8 Non-dual and multi-dimension
9 Wonder of Becoming
10 Possessed
11 Neurousis
12 Passing through
The Resonance
1st tunnel
1 Everything is resonating!
2. Transform to the resonace body
3. Resonace self
Subbody method
The Butoh
The Life 
The Qualia 
The Transparency 
The Resonance 
Practice Guide 
Reso touch method
Illustration guide
Key word tour
Subbody Butoh


Mille Plateaux
( Individual creations)
Sinking into the darkness
of body
Resonance diary
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