The Ten bodies
0 Quiet body
Quiet body
1 Weakened body
"Weakened body" - a prototype meter of Butoh  
Weakened body
2 Proto body
Proto body 
Open the proto sense as the life
Open the hidden nerves 
Animal body and Plant body
3 Hidden body
Hidden body
4 Bottom body
The secret of the Bottom body
Archetype of the Bottom body 
Boxed body of Hijikata
Bottom of Kazuo Ohno
Dancing from the bottom 
Searching the bottom and numinousum 
Break the bottom of bottom body
5 Kugutsu body
 Essenses of Kugutsu body
Kugutsu--medium of other world
Kugutsu body In the butoh score for Quiet house
Cracked faces, eating roots 
6 Vaporizing body
  The cloud in the monsoon,
as a teacher of vaporized body
Impossible longing makes body vaporizing
7 Chimera body
Chimera body
8 Possessed body
Possessed body
9 Clouding body
 Clouding body
 Shrink and attentive walk
Quantum Foam and Hijikata's Nests body
10 Archetype body
Archetype body
11 Transparent body
What is the trnsparent body?
The beginning of a day
Fetus breathing 
12 Resonance body
Resonance body
Multi resonance body 
A miracle of life resonance 
The midwife and the life resonance 
World Co-creation
Nomad=Rhizome and Resocracy
This is the Rhizome
Nomad Rhizome 1995-2014
Dancers can co-create a world through resonance 
Resocracy: a method for co-creating a world 

The Beauty

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