The Ten bodies
1 Weakened body 

Weakened body Hijikata Tatsumi "A Girl part 2" 1973
3 January 2014

"Weakened body" - a prototype meter of Butoh

"I was trying to make a prototype meter of Butoh of the "Weakened body".
It is necessary to my butoh such as extremely weakened body against modern and traditional human body." ( Lecture in Kobe, 1983)

Three years before his death, Hijikata told.

He continued to explore it in his important work, "Sick Dancing Princess", started writing from 1976 till his death.

"Though, there is 'the health illusion' in our contemporary society, but I needed to explore an opposite direction against that."

Modern people are held trapped by that 'healthy human image' as a prototype meter, He tried to crush it, and to create completely reversed sense of values.

Why such a thing is needed?
A volume of "Sick Dancing Princess" is the answer.

Tatsumi Hijikata explored it in the work after he was banned to create his butoh pieces based on his studio Asbest-Kan by opposition of resident people, 1976.
It is the treasure source of unexplored butoh of him based on the method of weakened body.

We are about to enter into the opposite world against the modern human world slowly.
Now I am trying to convert from the book to some novel butoh scores for the weakened body.
Wait for a while.

Weakened body

---The depth of the shivering


When we see the video clips of Hijikata's weakened body butoh, "A girl" and "Hosotan", we can catch only random sways which is shivering into various directions. It was the same for me for long years, too.

But, I was attracted by it deeply, though I did not know the reason why.

It was a deep mystery for me for long time.

The mystery guided me to study his butoh with his butoh score.

Through the researching of his butoh score by body, slowly we can find so rich and delicate contents of it.


Today, a long term student Ikuko picked up the related parts to shivering from the score as the following.


A fine spider’s thread which runs on the forehead


When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower


A fragile sound collapsed in a storage barn


Bird's fear and bug's fear


The dizziness, shivering and swaying of flowers


A mescaline injection is given at a fingertip


A shout and a girl--shivering before collapsing


Bugs attach to the hand of senile Raka


 I pick a flower on the road by attacked from behind and inside.

Shivewring, the ripples are spreading on the floor and in the sky.


24 (Shivering)


When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower.

1. The extreme dirtiness of the stuff enduring

2. A waltz of cow and tree is shivering

3. When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of a flower from behind.

4. Shivering

5. Picking flowers on the road--walking blind--dog

6. Spoon--an old lady

7. Shivering

8. Flowers and small faces are hung on the lattice of the squared paper

9. Shivering

10 On the floor and in the sky, too


We repeated reading of these texts by bodies , then slowly our bodies could felt the differences of the shivering. And it became clear what he said at No. 13 paragraph.


 "The shivering---The forms are independent".


It meant that there are various kinds of shivering, and he could distinguish the difference of each shivering.
There appers so ricihness of subtle life resonance in front of us.

I can hear his voice, " Stop your thinking and listen in your life, also you can find that your life is shivering as the same as this.  Isn't it?"
When we can open more delicate sensitivity, it is able to catch these infinite deverse swaying of life. It is more tasty, than the so called beautiful great movement of gross body.


Through these practice, it will become able for everybody to get the weakened body technique.


I recommend it strongly. You can get the infinite richness and depth of the weakened body butoh.


 View Hijikata's video "A Girl part 2"

Weakened bodies of Subbody Butoh Himalaya (2005-2014)

1 October. 2010

Weakened bodies of students for ten years

Weakened body is the most basic body of butoh.
Modern human body is too strong to resonate together. Its ego and self is too strong and disturb to be life. We need to take off all condition of the human and become weakened body. Then we can resonate with all kind of life; one celled creature, plants, bug, fish, ameba, collapsed, disabled, near death bodies.
Life is resonating together beyond all kinds of border which modern human is bound.
Life is resonating with all kind of qualia; memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, emotions, beyond time and space.
We need to learn how to stop thinking, breath of life, and vaporized thecnique to become the weakened body.

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