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BProto bodies of ten years Himalaya

29 September. 2010

Proto body

"Proto body" has the most primitive tendency of life in the darkness of body.
Listen in the darkness of body, and research the most slow, hard to move tendency of life.
In the modern human society these tendencies are regarded as lazy, inferior, and looked down, but for life they are the most proto tendencies as a creature.
Our life has been long time with unable or hard to move body. It is important necessary qualia for life.
Take off the human conditions, and become the proto creature.
There are unique beauty in the lezard movement, sea slug movementm and handicapped people's movement.
If you cannot feel them as a beauty, it means your beauty sense is bound by narrow contemporary human concept.
Many students created so unique proto bodies in different forms.
We have to create the future world which any slow movement, any handcapped body must not be looked down and be respected as uniqueness.
The slideshow above is various proto bodies by students from 2005 to 2010.
We need to open the infinite diverse world which any lives can live together.

19 April, 2010

Open the proto sense as the life

When we were an embryo or fetus, we did not know that we are human.
We didn't have thought, we didn't have seen, because we didn't have eyes and brain.
We had only body fluid and skin of cell. Through skin, we felt everything, we did resonate with the world. This is the proto sense. We need to open this for sinking into deeper realm of the darkenss of body.
We can enter this world through cobody (=group) process. Cobody is connected with corrective unconscious body. It is deeper than individual subconscious body(=subbody).

Today, we started from resonance touch, shiatsu, and group contact with rotten eyes.
We become embryo and fetus in the womb together. In these condition, the body feeling was the main channel without visual, audio, smell, taste channels. All senses were oneness as a integrated proto sense. With opening this protosense, we did group reseach with contacting together with rotten eyes. We become human mountain, human ocean, and human coutch. We did creation and sharing together as a cobody=subbody.

This cobody process is closer to non-dual and multi-dimansional realm of life than subbody process. I noticed that this is the very entrance of "the Butoh of life" which Hijikata has researched in his last stage. We may reach the entrance of the tunnel of butoh of life. It took ten years investigation for me in Himalaya.

Hidden nerves

21 April, 2010

Open the hidden nerves

One of the most important hidden sense is the imaginary tale.
Now we don't have tale, but we have the nerve for tale still. The nerve is forgotton for the daily body. But we can open the hidden nerve of tale.
It is connected with other hidden worlds; undergraund, heaven, behind, past, dead world, archtypes world, proto dream, forgotten memories.

The "Shijun of hip" which is one of the important choreograph for women group of Hijikata Butoh is also connected with hidde nerve of tale. The old ladies in the ancient community are moved by the resonance with other world where the ancesters are living. To talk with them is "Hip shijun" It is hard to understand, if you keep modern thinking way. We need to learn to throw away our thinking habit by words.

To move by following the invisible tale is one of the way to release from daily human body.

Animal body and Plant body

There are so many teachers in the Nature.
Animal body, Plant body are included in the Proto body.
Of courese also Insect, Bird and Ameba. Bacteria, Starfish, Jeliefish, and so on, all creature's bodies are 'Proto body'.

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