The Ten bodies
3 Hidden body

Hidden body

Hidden bodies whom we don't know are living in the darkness of body.
They were born in the various time in our life, but were not allowed to live in this world.
They are called as a shadow, not-me, inferior personality, sub-character, dissociated personality and so on.
They are living hidden in the depth of the darkness of body with shrinking into the minimum size for long years.
Some of them are forgotten at all by dissociated.
We call up them to dance together.
When the main character control us, they are not able to come out.
We need to stop the daily consciousness, and become subconscious mode, to let them come out.
At the slideshow above, we collect hidden bodies which old co-researchers digged out from their darkness of body. They are so unique and interesting people.
We need to create a world which all hidden bodies are allowed to live together.
How the world recover the Diversity and Rhizome.
Our subbody Resonance Butoh is the place to realize the Future ahead.

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