The Ten bodies
4 Bottom body

The secret of the Bottom body

The bottom body was a deep question for me for long time. I have become it so often for many years, but I couldn't understand what it is. It was just an opaque question.

But, slowly the secret of bottom body is going to be unfolded. 

During the second week of 2011 for five days we continued to research the bottom body from different aspects.

Almost students found their own unique bottom bodies. Some of them met the first bottom and second bottom body.  Transformation among them was so rich and deep taste.

Then I found that until this year we did only one or two day for researching bottom body.  This was my biggest mistake. It was too short. It need for one week or more to meet the bottom.  I realized so.


I did not recognized the real importance of the bottom body until last year.

I felt that the bottom body is special thing only for me, than I could not guide students so much strongly toward the bottom body.

But, during last year we research Hijikata's last butoh score "Quiet House" , and could create various practice methods.

This experience gave me a strong confidence what I am not alone.

I found the boxed body for Hijikata is the same as the bottom body.

And also Ohno kazua had various bottom bodies.

The bottom is one of the importance for transformation.

In the Greece and Roman myth, the Mercury who is a symbol of transformation is put into a bottle. Also this is a kind of bottom body.

In the Aradin's magic lamp of Arabian night, also a giant is folded in the lamp or vase.


These smallest spaces were a base camps of transformers in various culture.

Now finally, I understand that the bottom body is an universal necessity for transformation.        

At first the subbody method was born independently from Hijikata. But, through these processes the subbody method and Hijikata's method resonated and are going to become oneness.

The resonance brought it.


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8 December, 2010

Archetype of the Bottom body

Subbody school 2010 is over.
At the moment, my subbody starts to integrate all experiences of this year through whole night.
He gave me so many new awarenesses.
Awareness comes up always to find a hidden connection between issues which I regarded two different things.
One of them is finding an unification of the tenbodies and the archetypes. They are resonating in the collective unconscious realm.

I didn't know what is the bottom body. I have just continued to become my bottom body. It brought me a special somatic feeling as a mystery. I suggested to find own bottom to students. Some of them didn't meet it. But a few students met it and created unique subbody. Their dance has changed completely and deepened by finding own bottom. What did happen?

About this, I will continue to deepen it.

Boxed bodies

21 October. 2010

Boxed body of Hijikata

In Hijikata's butoh body, there is a boxed body.
But, it was mystery for me for long time.
Finnaly, the question was solved.

Now we are studying of Hijikata's last butoh score for "The Quiet house".

At first we tryed to disifer it. The text is so difficult and strange Japanese. Even for me it took for over ten years to read and understand. Now we are translate it into basic English. Because most of readers are non English speakers. It is so hard to translate the most myster.ious Japanese text into one thousand vocabrary of the basic English.
But now we have finished it, and proceed to the second stage to read it by body.
This body reading is the most imporatant process. Everyday we read and resonate by body.
Through this process, we could meet many new awarenesses.
One of them is the connection between Hijikata's boxed body and bottom body.
We can find many variations of boxed body in the text.

A mad king was put in the box

A bird which becomes a box

Small box of joints--Hans Bellmer--Samurai commander--Princess--tiger

The queen will be put in a box of joints

When I tasted these boxed body by my body, suddenly I noticed "Oh! This is totally the same as the bottom body!"
During I read by only head, I couldn't notice at all, but through the body reading, body felt the same qualia of the both.
That's why the body reading is so important.

 Bottom of Ohno kazuo
31 October, 2010

Bottom of Kazuo Ohno

I collected bottom shapes of Kazuo Ohno.
Only dynamic standing pose is spread to the world as if Ohno's trade mark.
I worryed about it. It guides people to a big misunderstanding about his butoh.
Ohno's butoh was distorted by those great pose of his pictures.
Photographers used to shoot the timing of his standing and spread his big hands to the sky
In spite of that it is merely the final pose of his butoh, camera men aimed to shoot the great final pose. Because it is felt as the beauty for their eyes.
But their eyes are warped by modern daily sense of beauty.
Photographers who shoot only his great pose, distort his life of butoh completely. And the sad thing, many Western butoh dancers are inflenced by 'the fake of Ohno's butoh style', and it spreaded to the world.
For long long years I worryed about it.

It is one of the flower of his butoh, all right. He looked even being happy. But flower is not made of by flower itself.
Flower becomes the flower suported by the secret and the mystery.
Ohno's real dance was wandering the dark world below the knee, he faced to the edge of death, listen to the other world, full of the secrets and mysteries of life there. And he found the timing to bloom the flower.
Without facing to the mystery, the butoh turns to the fake dance.
Most of photographers seem not to see his secret and mystery.
Yoshito Ohno, his son said "Kazuo had another world under the knee. It was another cosmos for him. ' The world of under the knee was very important for him.In case of modern dance, the tendency to orient upper direction against the Gravity is strong. But, for kazuo, in the opposite. When he felt something under world, he just fall down. The speed is terrible. In a moment he was fallen."
(" Ohno kazuo; daily food for Spirit", 1999, Japan)

I collected Ohno's photos of the opposite pose against the great pose of his butoh.
It was hard, because too rare to find.
Fortunately in the works of Naoya Ikegami, I could find a few photos.
I deeply apriciate Naoya's important works. It may be usefull to save the worldwide misunderstanding about Kazuo's butoh.
Please taste them by your life., with stopping your dayly sense of the beauty.
We need to take off all conditions of human. And ask your life, please.

"What is the real Flower of his butoh?"
"What is the Secret of his butoh?"
"What is the Mystery for his butoh?"

All of Secrets and Mysteries are invisible.
Only when you stop your daily mind, it will be able to resonate with for your life.
You must find the deepest rich Flowers of Kazuo's butoh in his bottom bodies.

25 March, 2011

Dance from the Bottom


Dance from the bottom of being, this is the bottom body.

What is the bottom body?

It is the most pressed subbody from the world into the minimum size.
It was not allowed to live in the daily world.
It was hidden at the bottom part of the darkness of body for long years.

When we become the bottom, it is so uncomfortable, but familiar at the same time.  It is the paradox of the bottom body. 

It is the bottom of the being for us.
We start an experiment to create the deepest butoh dance in the world from here as life which subbody and cobody become oneness.
We will sink down into where nobody knows, what nobody has been experienced yet.



25 September. 2010

Dancing from the bottom

The darkness of body is infinite, actually, there is neither bottom nor top.
The bottom body is just a means to dance from the depth.

Try to find the amallest and weakest shape of body.
For the time being, we call it "Bottom body".
Maybe it is the most warped body, or the most pressed body.

Anyway tryt to find it.
This is a working hypothesis to search the deep dance.
It is worth to search, at least you can avoid the sharrow surface dance by dance from the bottom.
Though it is hard to move with the bottom physically, because it is the minimum size of body. You may meet various edge qualia which is not confortable.
But also they are worth to taste.


Searching the bottom and numinousum

24 February, 2010

Searching the bottom and numinousum

Letter from Cambodia 3--Young dancers in Phnom Penh

I gave two days workshop for young dancers in Phnom Penh.
They are normaly laerning or teaching Traditional Cambodian dance;the role of Hiro, Hiroin,
Hanuman(Monkey god's dance in Hindhism) and so on.
As it was only two days, I focused on only three points.

1. Butoh is to transform dead body which mediates between living world and dead world.
2. Stop daily mind and listen in subtle body feeling in the darkness of body.
3. Find each own bottom and search numinous body feeling which you have never felt.

Searching the bottom and numinousum

1 and 2 is normal process of subbody method, and 3 the bottom was a special experiment
at Cambodia.
Bottom is a unique body posture for each subbody which is warped or shrunken into the limit. At the bottom we can meet novel, numinous qualia easily compairing the daily postures.
It is not only physical shurinken shape, but a shape or movement in which the qualia
become thickest.
As it is so difficult to explain by word, I showed some samples of bottom of Hijikata and me, and let them to search their own bottom which have never done, and never seen, through warping, twisting, shrinking, stretching each part of body untill the limit.
If one meets numinous feeling in it, follow it, and create your own dance from there.
I also used the cracked face, decayed body, warped roots in Angkor which is familiar for them.

Their self reseach was so sincere and full of challenging spirit. Almost of them were from
poor families and they couldn't speak English. But through the bodily communication, they
got essential points perfectly like as blotting paper.

The last dances which they found moved me deeply.

My conviction that the bottom has an unknown possibility for necessary creation was confirmed.
The bottom is not only shrinked posture, any posture can be the bottom which one can
meet one's own necessary movement.
The reason why one feels deep strange connection with the bottom posture is not
understood by oneself. It is numinous, but there must be hidden the deepest secret for
one's life in it. The movement which comes out from the bottom spontaneously has a thick possibility to be a necessary dance for each.
For example the transformation from the shape of a girl to animal was the key of flower, secret and mystery for Hijikata.
Research the bottom posture and numinos movement. It is the tresure house of essential creation.

The bottom, numinousum, and edge are connected deeply. This year we will investigate in these qualia deeper.

20 October. 2010

Break the bottom of bottom body

The darkness of body is infinite vast.

There is niether bottom nor top.

The bottom of "Bottom body" is just temoporary.

The bottom of my bottom body was broken last week.


When Ikuko guide her class, she wrote the following on the white board.


"Find the most


   small body

   uncomfortable body

   warped body

   hate body

   dirty body


Try various shape!

Finally choose one!"


I used to guide to search "the smallest, the most warped, and uncomfortable shape" for bottom body.

But, "the most hate" and "the most dirty" is freash for me.


I noticed that it was my blind point to look inside.


I searched the most hate and the most dirty body. I met small ego of my subbodies.

I hate it, and I tried to dance it. Then new bottom bodies came out one after another.


It was so hard for me. Because the ego was connected to all experiences of the falure of love.

But I danced it, because I noticed to dance it is necessary for me.

I could meet the new bottom body after twelve years absence.