The Ten bodies
5 Kugutsu body

Essense of Kugutsu body

Essense of Kugutsu body is the following;

1. Being controlled by someone

Research the qualia not moving by your will but your body is moved or controlled by someone.
Not being moved various parts at once, but only one part is moved by someone. Sometimes unexpected part is moved to unexpected direction.

2. Medium of the other world

Kugutsu is a medium to carry a specific message of the other world. Kugutsu body stands on the edge between this world and the other world, and carrys the hidden message quietly.

3. Zanshin (Reverberation or Remaining echo)

After a part of body is moved, when it stops, subtle vibration is remained like a reverberation or echo. The size of it is depend on the rigidity of material of the Kugutsu body; metal, wood, plastic, elastic, stone and so on. The scale and time of the reverberation is different according to the rigidity of the material.
It occurs from your deep layer muscle of spine. To control it is hidden technique of Kugutsu body.

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Kugutsu--medium of other world

Kugutsu is a human shape like a doll or pappet, but not only doll or pappet.
Kugutsu is a transformed body of the Shisha( the dead), It is a meduim to carry a deep message of the other world. The message of a nature, or super nature; a sadness against the destroying the resonance of the nature, a anger aginst the foolishness of human, and so on. Kugutsu body carrys the hidden message quietly.

Stone walk

Stone body is the basis of the Kugutsu body.
1. Contract your bottom, and carry the solid body quietly.

2. Tight rope walk--Step the tight rope by using only the first toe, first tow ball, and heel, Step down the rope tightly without side swaying.

Mountain walk

Imagine that your Gravity center is below five meter undergrond. Carry the very heavy gravity center as a Himalayan mountain, with the message from the mountain to the human.

Kugutsu--carrying the deep message of behind world

You become a medium of the behind world. Various deep messages will visit your body, a secret smile, a hidden crying of the nature, and so on. Just carry them quietly without intention. Why Kugutsu? Listen to the necessary why do you need to be Kugutsu in the big circulation between the nature and human activities.

Qualia of being forced, being controlled

Not you, but someone moves you. Remmber the qualia of unable to move, hard to move, forced to move, and controlled to move. The move your deep layers muscles (=Hidden muscles), Hidden joints. Try to move without using surface muscles and human feeling.
The movement was called 'Belmer' in Hijikata's butoh score.

Reduction by X and regeneration

Hijikata changed the number od dimensions flexiblly.
1 dimension: stick
2 dimension; plate, board, paper, mask
3 dimension: box, chair, Bermer, doll,
4 dimesnion: ship, human, animal
Multi dimmension: the red god, behind world, Shisha, soul, spirit, whereabouts, vapor, dream , nightmare, the infinite realm, the abyss (depth),

Developement of the board' is also means the transformation above..
'Freedom of carrying the densty' is the synonim of them, too.


Kugutsu has another aspect. In modern age, all human are controlled by invisible forth of system People have lost the resonance with other life, and become humanoid robot. Humanoid body can show the real shape of contemporary human.
Humanoid is the same movement as human, without human mind, emotion. You can show it in extreme slowmotion. In this case, Humanoid body is not medium, but itself a symbol of the deep sadness. Exactly, the medium and itself is not distincted, they muddled and become oneness.

Kugutsu body In the butoh score for Quiet house


We can find a lot of the synonim as Kugutsu body.
hijikata expanded the qualia of them through the ripples of synonims.
His body is transforming among the solid, the liquid, and the vapor.

blue parts are the synonim as the Kugutsu body.


1. “The red god”


A girl who plans evil deeds in the rain

Keep a face of floor throughout the whole time

Stick to a face of salmon as a monomaniac

A stuffed Spring

・A nest of forest , a nest of eyes, a moth which is put on a wood plate

・A vaporized caramel artisan or the Christ which is drawn as a picture of samurai in combat

・A regeneration of a reduction by X 

2. Important


“The dead transform their shape quietly and infinitely. It is not rare that they use shapes of others flexibly and naturally.


3. “Ash girl”



4. (Vaporizing)


1. Flower, rain, girl; To use all of them

Mask or bug

Doll-ash girl-washing-nobody visits anymore

5. Something which was grasped as a shadow of mind

A hand of a mad king- a bug, a bird, a stick

A sitting crane fly

Another girl stands up, and becomes a doll via dragonfly

All sway stops in this moment


7. (Dream of horse meat)


A mad king was put in the box

The whereabouts of the box is connected to a fine dismantling

A dance of a hair

A ship

A reduction by X and a regeneration

All of them are composed the parts of a ship


A bird with the long nose hairs and a bird which becomes a box 

The ship has taken these forms 

Or we can look at them as a dismantled ship


8.(The morning the storm has gone)

A samurai commander, he becomes a nest.


9. (Behind the mirror)

 The dizziness, shivering and swaying of flower are hidden in the freedom of carrying the density.

11 (Chimera)


Bellmer(*1)--funny bear--face of horse--from eyes of deer--to a stick--beggar--tiger--bird's nose hair--flower--mad king--compound eyes--whereabouts--bug--dog--orangutan--ears of Fukusuke(*2)--ears are picked--dizzy--behind and surface of mirror
A being which is dying in the compound eyes (*3)

Doll--mask--papaya--firefly--development of a board

Union of bug and tree--behind--a being who tries sudden development following path of plant


19 (Small box of joints)


Small box of joints(*1)--Hans Bellmer--Samurai commander--Princess--tiger 


23. Compound eyes


1. Flower's eyes and a face wrapped by flowers

2. A tiny flower in the eyeball

3. Eyelashes are breeding a dust

4. A girl is a stuffed body in the bush

5. A bush, a girl and the mad king in the spiders web

These eyes are the eyeballs of the pink parakeet.


24 (Shivering)


1. The extreme dirtiness of the enduring stuff

2. A waltz of cow and tree is shivering


26 Right in the middle of strange development

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and the things that overflowed return to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I run with hand as a leaf, and the path of plant, finally I have become a stake man.


27. The participation of the skin 

3. An old woman spreads and becomes a sheet of paper. The old woman will ride on the paper as a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a Queen, the Queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee. 

22 February, 2010

Cracked faces, eating roots

--Letter from Cambodia 2

I visited Angkor Vat, Angkor Tom, and some tamples arround. I met many cracked face of stone statues, but they still continue the smiles of compassion beyond the time. May our dancing keep a moment which was crystallized beyond time like this.
I found that the Buhddism as a thought was a origin of the thought of life resonance.
And surprisingly so many roots of trees spreaded into stone structures of temple. It seems moving trees eating human structures. They are teachers of opening other dimension.

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