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 Clouding body
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22 May, 2010

Quantum Foam and Hijikata's Nests body

Fig.1 Standard concept of space 

Fig.2 New concept of ultra micro space of Quantum theory

We beleived that the space is flat and equal (Fig.1).
But quantum mechanics changed this conclusion radically.
Brian Greene who is a physician of the string theory wrote,
" It takes on the frothing, turbulent, twisted from illustrated in the uppermost part of the figure 2. John Wheeler coined the term Quantum Foam to discribe the frenzy revealed by such an ultramicroscopic examination of space ( and time)---it discribes an unfamiliar arena of the universe in which the conventional notions of left and right, back and front, up and down (and even before and after) lose their meaning." ( The Elegant Universe, 1999)
See more details of String theory in "The Resonance"

Our life is also living in this quantum foam.
The last butoh performance of Tatsumi Hijikata was an experiment to enter the quantum foam realm of life by using the human body directly.
He was a experimental diver into the darkness of body, not only a butoh dancer.
But he did not tell it any other his students, it was his deep secret to open his extreme creativity of life.
I beleive that he could just do it, he did not have time to tell others how to do it. Because it was the adventure with full of unknown risk even for him.
Now we can dive into the darkness of body with following the subbody method safely.

He calmed down the body and mind until the limit as the ash body, and he carryed it as quiet as possible with opening multi-dimensional subtle resonance of life.
It seemed just a random sway in various part of body by daily eyes, but his life was resonated with multi dimensional different world dynamicly, like as the quantum foam.
We can learn his butoh method as following his butoh-hu(=score) from "A size walk", "Bugs walk",and "A quiet house". There are full of the multi dimensional resonance of life.
You can see how the content of his butoh score was in "The Butoh cahpter 8-14".
How can we call this body?
He called it as the weakened body. Yes, that's right. But it was more than the weakened body which he could discribed. It had deeper complex secret.
We tryed to call it as "Nests body" with using Hijikata's favourite term of "nest". Nest means a congromarate of multi dimensional resonance, like as "nest of eyes", "nest of forest".
Or we can call it as "Multi dimensional resonance body", though it is too direct discription.
Nests body was invented by him, when he investigated in how to enter the realm of life which is resonating with so many different qualia at the same time.
All of the ten trillions of cells in our bodies are breathing and dreaming in each different dimension.
When we dive into this realm, we need to try the multi dimensional subtle breathing. The other human breathing does not work in this realm.
Hijikata's body was bubbled by quantum foam which is resonating with so many other world by so strange subtle qualia.

Now we are going to enter this butoh body. This is the real butoh of Hijikata, though nobody knows.


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