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Chimera body
Chimera bodies

9 October. 2010

Chimera body

Ikuko found an intersting method of practice for becoming Chimera body.
She chosed two or three different qualia. And our bodies share the two or three defferent qualia at the same time or chaninging one after onother> for example a part becomes tree, and the other part becomes cow, and exchange, and transform to next chimera, as the following;

Tree/ cow
Head of salmon/ body of girl
Chair/ animal
Mad king/ girl
Mirror/ cat
Dragonfly/ doll
Samurai commander/ queen
Face of horse/ beggar
Spoon/ old woman
Small flower/ bug
Stick/ mask
Firefly/ bear
Hands of mescaline/ rakan/ stuffed body (*1)
Board/ paper/ dead

(*!) View the last butoh score of Hijikata in "The Butoh"

These different qualia are mixed, exchanged, and make interaction in the body and transform by the various resonance patterns. We can taste so rich unexpected body qualia streaming through the paractice.

At first we doit by alone.
At the next stage, we do it by coupled bodies which move together in the close relationship as one chimera body.
One body becomes tree and the other becomes cow, and exchanges, mixes, interacts each other. Also this opens a new paradigm of duet.

Chimera is an imaginary creature in the Greece myth, which are mixed by lion, goat and snake, and blows fire from the mouse.
Almost archtype beings are made by mixing various different elements as the slideshow above.
The creation happens by the resonance with different qualia for life. Then the condition of chimera is just general fenomena for life.

Remmber "an encounter of a sewing machine and an unbrela on the operation table" by Dadaism. Butoh is unifying the dadaism, surrealism and all kinds of experiments of creation, and deepen them as the life.
I recommend this parctice to the readers. It will open your imagination of the body to the maximum level.

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