The Ten bodies
8 Possessed body

Possessed bodies (1998-2014)

2 October. 2010

Possessed body

Who was dancing?
Who was danicng with using my physical body?
It was not me, but someone else who lives in the darkness of my body.
I didn't understand it for long year.
After ten years, now I can say that my dead friends were dancing with possessing my body.
Fourty years ago, when we were young, we fought to stop the Vietnum war. The war happened between US Gavernment which pursured to controll Vietnum as their colony, and Vietnum people who wished to be indipendent. US army used the biggest violence, bombs, chemcals. They were based on US army camp in Japan, and japan gavernment supported the war as a puppet of US gavernment. We resisted against Japanese and US gavernment by demonstration at first, but Gavernment oppressed it by violence of police, then we had to fight with violence. In these fighting, eighty students were dies.
Three of my intimate friends was included. I was a leader of the activities. I organized many friend as resistants, but I could not die, because at first I was arrested by police, and instead of me my friends was died. I had deep guilty for them after the period.
For many years, my dead friends visted me in the nightmare often.
Oneday, I said to them, "Please use my body freely and dance it freely!".
It became my solos, "Infectious Fever", "Dead Fever" and so on.
I performed thoset pieces in various conuntries as another peroson during these world tours.
This was a secret in my depth, because if I speak about this, I could not explainwhat happened well, and nobody must not understand.
Now I can say that these fenomena of possession are just life resonance.
Our life is resonating with everything beyond death and life.
Possessed body is not so much special thing for life. Though we need deep training and experience to controll it transparently.
Only in the long term course we can learn together about this.

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