The Ten bodies


Possessed body

Possessed bodies (1998-2010)

2 October. 2010

Possessed body

Who was dancing?
Who was danicng with using my physical body?
It was not me, but someone else who lives in the darkness of my body.
I didn't understand it for long year.
After ten years, now I can say that my dead friends were dancing with possessing my body.
Fourty years ago, when we were young, we fought to stop the Vietnum war. The war happened between US Gavernment which pursured to controll Vietnum as their colony, and Vietnum people who wished to be indipendent. US army used the biggest violence, bombs, chemcals. They were based on US army camp in Japan, and japan gavernment supported the war as a puppet of US gavernment. We resisted against Japanese and US gavernment by demonstration at first, but Gavernment oppressed it by violence of police, then we had to fight with violence. In these fighting, eighty students were dies.
Three of my intimate friends was included. I was a leader of the activities. I organized many friend as resistants, but I could not die, because at first I was arrested by police, and instead of me my friends was died. I had deep guilty for them after the period.
For many years, my dead friends visted me in the nightmare often.
Oneday, I said to them, "Please use my body freely and dance it freely!".
It became my solos, "Infectious Fever", "Dead Fever" and so on.
I performed thoset pieces in various conuntries as another peroson during these world tours.
This was a secret in my depth, because if I speak about this, I could not explainwhat happened well, and nobody must not understand.
Now I can say that these fenomena of possession are just life resonance.
Our life is resonating with everything beyond death and life.
Possessed body is not so much special thing for life. Though we need deep training and experience to controll it transparently.
Only in the long term course we can learn together about this.

Arche body
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Arche body

When we sink deeper into the darkness of body, we meet various Archetypes.
Archetype is similar as instinct.
Both are specific resonance patterns of qualia which all human race have as common pattern imprinted on the genom.
Instict leads to automatic response of behavior, Archetype leads automatic resonance pattern of imagination and emotion.
When we see red of fire or black of darkness, all of human recognize it red or black. it is instinct which we share.
And various imaginations and emotions which visit us through the experiences of red of fire, or black of darkness is the function of Archetype.
Instincts were imprinted in our life during four billion year history of life.
Archetypes were imprinted in our brain during several million years history of Homo kind after we separeted from chimpangy kind.
Especially, experiences of deep awe and fear had imprinted in our common resonance pattern of qualia.
All mankind share the common Archetypes of heaven, hell, god, monster, ghost, spirit, and so on, beyond the difference of nation, religion and culture.
C. G. Jung found the collective unconsciousness which is deeper then individual unconsciousness. Archetypes are the main contents of it.
The most basic Archetypes are "Great mother", "Anima", "Animus", "Shadow". "Spirit", "Wisdoms", "Trickstar", "Girl", "Monsters", and so on.
So many resonance patterns are floating and transforming in deeper realm of our darkness of body.
Sometimes they appear as a shape of animals or natural fenomena.
They are not fixed forms, but transforming flexiblly, changing shapes easily and infinitely. They are the treasure house of rich imagination and creation, though it is extremely hard and dangerous to experience them.
When we continue the travel in the darkness of body in the deeper realm, there is a stage which we must meet them unavoidablly.
We cannot plan or expect it consciously, because it is the function by unconsciousness
The encounter to Archetype happens suddenly without any warning.
We may feel that we are attacked by unknown something.
We feel strange fear of being possessed, and step back instinctly.
It is natural response of edge experience of encounter Archetype.
We need to be aware of it, and accept it and become it to sublimate it to a creation.
The power of Archetyoe is extremely strong.
They are infinitely rich and dreadfully strong to controll us at the same time.
To be possessed or to sublimate it to a creation, it is a inevitable struggle.
It is a turning point of staying the condition of the human which is bound by Ego and unconsciousness, or to become free for comminicating them flexiblly.
It is the struggle to be a future human to take off all unconscious binds including the "Ego" which is the strongest archetype of modern age.

(About the Ego which is the biggest Archetype of today will be discribed at another article.)

when we accept Archetype and become them, we become "Arche-body".
There are no border between subbody and cobody, between me and you, between individual and group.
We become a sub=cobody which is the condition before separating self and others. It is non-dual body.
It brings us so strange feeling and somatic sense.
Because we become another being out of self. It is full of numinous mysteries.
At that condition, we can open the transparent eyes which we can see what is happening transparently.
The Arche body is the necessary entrance for the "Transparent body".

Resonance body
Resonance bodies (2005-2010)

2 October. 2010

Resonance body

The deepest beauty appears in the resonance of life.
Sometimes, we have experienced that unexpected so beautuful resonance happens among our life.
We don't know what happens, but we notice that our life is deeply moved by it.
I cannot explain what is the resonance body well.
The subbody is the subconscious body, and cobody is resonating subbody, this is the normal explanation about subbody and cobody.
I have reserched subbody and cobody for long years, but acctually the relationship between subbody and cobody is a deep mystery and unsolved secret for me.
I cannot explain the relationship with normal logical word. Because it is beyond logic at all.
Why subbody transforms from subbody to cobody suddenly?
At that moment, the border between the individual and the group disappears.
What is that?
And at the moment our life was moved deeply.
Recently I got an awaerness that the beauty must connect to the life resonance at the unknown dimension.
It is unknown mystery that's why I research it.
Always I am waiting for the beautifull moment when the unexpected resonance happens.
Hope to join in this research together with us.
This is sure that it is worth to research for life long.

14 May, 2010

Multi resonance body

When we could take off our ego and self, it becomes able to listen in the subtle life resonance. Life is resonating with multi dimensional qualia at the same time. This is the biggest different point between the consciousness and life.

The consciousness can do only one thing at the same time, thinking, feeling, imaging, talking and so on.

But, life is resonating with gravity, light, sound, air, wind, weather, and inner memories or dreams about them, at the same time. The life of cell has so deep memories which was reserved during the four billion years. But the consciousness doesn't notice it.  

Then we need to stop our consciousness and listen in the life.

19 August, 2010

Dancers can create a world by resonance

In the second week of August intensive cource, we learn Hijikata's Bugs walk.

Dancers can create a world together flexibly with resonance.
It is excredible wonderful thing, no other genle art can do like this.
Subbody butoh dancers are pioneer for how to create an Utopia by life resonance. Our experiment of co-creation a world will be resorce for future system of new human society.
My work is to bring up students to super creators same as Hijikata.

9 July, 2010

A miracle of life resonance

Subbody and cobody started subtle ife resonance at the subbody-cobody theater of the last week of the first semester.
There are no subject and no object in the resonance.
It just happens transparently as a oneness of resonance among subbody
and cobody. When dancers can stop ego and self on the stage, it happens.
This is the miracle what I wanted to see for long years.
To become oneness is the most important thing for theater. If each dancer could show excelent technique, but the stage could not become oneness, the theater is just cold.
Before, yes, sometimes the theater crystalized into oneness, as Hijikata's butoh theater. But it was depended on an excelent choreograper's irection and control ability. Without a special choreographer by only life resonance among dancers has happened. It is the first time for me to see. Even though it is just the very beginning of them, like as an embryo.
I live to meet it for long years.

24 July, 2010

Resocracy: a method for co-creating a world

Now we get a method to co-create a world through only life resonance, without any force, control, argument, and direction, though it is only the biginning.
We call it "Resocracy".

In the summer intensive workshop, we concentrate on the life resonance.
Everyday we start from breath of life, and feel our lives are resonating with multi-dimansional qualia, gravity, levity, temperature, moisture, air pressure, sound, light, and so on.
Not only these physical qualia, life resonates with inner qualia; memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, and so on at the same time.
We need to stop rough daily mind and body, becouse these inner qualia are so subtler than physical qualia.
When we become subbody mode, we can feel the subtle resonance.
We continued it for these two weeks, with listening in the darkeness of body, catching subtle signal, and following it, amplifing it to each subbody movement.
And free resonance between each other's creation.

This third week, we entered the next stage to co-create each world of subbody together thorugh life resonance. We have almost found the method, as the following;

1. Getting the conditioning method

The conditioning is the essence of subbody method. We continue it everyday in different ways. Then students can get the way of them.
Conditioning has some stages; the first stage is to release from dayly conditions. Breathing, swaying, vibrating conditioning are the this stage.

2. Becoming

The second stage is to open resonativity to various qualia; gravity, levity, warmth, coldness, fluidity, solidity, vaporing and so on. They are to become everything; gas, stone, liquid, creature, hidden characters, archetypes, and so on.

3. Finding own qualia

Each student meets various qualia in the dakness of body. When one follows it, one can become something. Through these self reserch, each sudent get own unique qaualia.

4. Sharing each own qualia by conditioning

Next stage is sharing each unique qualia by each conditioning.
This week students found each own qualia as the following;
-Volucanic stone ember
-Flower without baby
-Iniversal spiral
-Salted snail
-Unstable land
-Slime mucus
-Exploring release
-Heavy snow lion

Each student invented own conditioning way to share these qualia, and guided other students. When students get these qualia as a group, we can create a specific world by cobody movement.

5. Finding best combnation between subbdoy and cobody through resonance

This week we practiced these experiments. We asked each life, "What world do you want to dance in?". "which relationship with the world do you want to dance?"
Our life has each unique experiece with or against world., as a pressure, bind, strict, struggle, trauma, and so on. If we find own dance with or against a world, it must be necessary dance for life. Students tried diverse combinations among subbody and cobody with various timing and spacing.

These experiments must become so rich treasures for resocracy which we create a world together through only life resonance.
Slowly we are creating them. This is so exciting experience as a life.
So, we can release from the existing way of choreography which only a choreographer creates a world and directs dancers by one's own image.
I continued to investigate in it for long years, now finally we are finiding it firmly.

18 September. 2010

The beginning

I begin a day to feel the subtle resonance of life in the morning.
It is the best way to start a day with full of creativity of life.
In front of me, a bird is perching on the top of a oak tree.

He is the best teacher for the transparent resonance body.

Without thinking any thing, he is resonating with everything in the world.
Our human body is made of ten trillion cells. We are not alone, ten trillion cell's resonance body.
Each cell has a life, and each life is resonating with everything; present physical
qualia and inner qualia as memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, emotions, desires, and so on beyond time and space.

Life is the integration of these infinite multi dimansional resonance.
To feel resonance of life means to feel all of these infinite connections of resonance. These resonance are beyond the border between death and life, beyond time and space.
I prefer to feel them the most.
I like them, I taste them, and I enjoy them.
That's all.
I spend time as subconscious mode, with swaying between sleepimg and awaking. Then so many unexpected ideas are coming up one after another.
Because it is the most creative condition of life without any daily binds of dualistic thinking and judgement.
After I moved Himalaya, the subbody method and resonance theory are generated in succession. It is not production by thinking work, but it depended on the creativity of life in the subconscious condition. .

I will start the resoannce work from here.
Also I recommend you to begin a day to feel resonance of life.
You can open the infinite creativity of life.


14 June, 2010

Fetus breathing

We have two kinds of breathing. One is the outer breathing through lung, another is the inner breathing by each cell.
Feel these duble process of breathing always.

And remember what breathing did you do when you were a fetus.
There were full of womb's water in your mouth, nose, and lung, we could not do lung breathing. Oxigen was send from your mother's haert into your body. Fetus did only inner breathing at each cell.
Try to do fetus breathing.
You will notice that it is the same as "The breath of life".
It continued from fetus age. Oh! not only fetus, when we are one celled creature, we have continued the cell breathing.

The breath of life, the breath of fetus, and cell breathing are the same.
Become cell, and resonate with everything. Life is resonating with every thing in the multi-dimension. With air, gravity, light, sound, memories, dreams, and so on. The cell breathing is one of them.

We continue to investigate in life. It is the deepest mystery for us.

26 April, 2010

The midwife and the life resonance

The principle of subbody method is resonance of life.
How can we recover and facilitate the life resonance which has been forgotten for the daily body in the modern human society, is the most important thing.
There are no teachers in the life resonance, because there are no subject and no object in the resonance. We could be only a midwife who listen in the breath of fetus of subbody and cobody, and help the birth of them.
They are hidden in the depth of our darkness of body. We need to stop thinking and listen in the subtle signal of tendencies of them. There are no border between one's body and the others body, the subbody and cobody are oneness at the deep realm. When they come out, ocasionally they become subbody or cobody.

The important five contents of midwife method are the following;

1. Become egoless and selfless condition, and open life resonance transparently.
2. Tree-rhizome mrthod
3. Ripple method
4. Facilitate the subbody-cobody process
5. Edge work

In this month, long term studetns will start to learn midwife process as the following;

1. Starting to guide the conditioning process
2. Finding the best connection between conditioning and reseaching a specfic hidden qualia; hidden skins, hidden fluid, hidden cavities, hidden muscles, hidden joints, hidden nerves, and hidden eyes.
3. Reseaching the total connection among the conditioning, reseaching and creating our ten bodies; Quiet body, Weakened body, Proto body, Passive body, Hidden body, Vaporized body, Fossil body, bottom body, Kugutsu body, Nest body, Possessed body, Anima-Animus body, Transparent body and various cobodies.

Life is resonating with everything. The life resonance continued from the beginning at four billion years ago.
About this, please view "The life" and "The resonance"

Transparent body
22 August, 2010

What is the transparent body?

Long years I have investigated in the transparent body. At the beginning, I could feel it, but I could not explain it by word at all. It was just the most ideal condition of body and mind.

Now I can say a few characteristics of the transparent body.


No boundary


When we are in the daily body condition, there are hard boundaries between consciousness, subconscious and body. In the conscious mode, there are hard boundaries between main channel and other channels. Consciousness can feel only one channel qualia at the same time. Also there are hard boundaries in the consciousness between intending thing and other qualia. 

The other side of the boundary is opaque for daily body/mind, When we are in the  conscious mode, we cannot feel any qualia beyond the boundaries, because it is in the dark opaqueness. 

On the contrary, there are no boundaries in the life resonance and subconscious.

Life is always resonating with everything beyond borders. All qualia are resonating beyond time and space in the subconscious and subbody. This world is non-dual and multi-dimensional world, it has complete different logic from daily world.

Our consciousness is bond by dualism logic, then we cannot contact to the non-dual and multi-dimensional world with keeping conscious mind.

Transparent condition is to remove these boundaries to become subconscious body mode, which we call "subbody" released from daily condition.

Especially, important point is to be "subbody" which  opens body and movement channel.


No intention and no tension


Transparent body is deeper level of subbody, which can feel outer qualia and inner qualia equally. We open to inside 50 percent and to outside 50 percent. Outer qualia are present physical qualia, and inner qualia are including memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, emotions, feelings, bodily sensations and so on.


Timeless and spaceless


Exactly saying, we cannot divide both of inner qualia and outer qualia, because they are in the non-dual world. There are no border between outside and inside, now and past or future.

When we become transparent body, we can feel all qualia beyond time and space, beyond all channels from body and movement channel to relationship and world-self channel.


Momentary and spontaneously


When we are thinking, it takes time. But transparent body does not delay. It can response immediately with the real time life resonance. Momentary and spontaneous is the characteristic of transparent body.  


Non-dual and multi-dimension


Life is always resonating with every qualia beyond time and space in the non-dual and multi-dimensional world. It has completely different logic from daily consensus reality.

Daily logic is bond by assumptions of dualism; up/down, in/out, self/others, good/bad, right/wrong, and so on. But in the life, there are any judgments like them.


Life is just resonating without subject and object. Qualia themselves are also resonance.

Transparent body is just follow the life resonance without any tension and intention in the no boundary world.


Extreme creativity


In the transparent condition, we can contact all hidden memories, dreams, fantasies, imaginations beyond time and space. All of them are just streaming and changing flexibly. This is the secret why transparent body can open infinite creativity of subconscious and life.


Opening all channels


Transparent body is a condition which opens all channels. Especially, it opens body and movement channel. Exactly saying, there are no channel in the life resonance.

This is the biggest different point between traditional meditation and subbody method. Because traditional meditation is not open movement channel. Without movement channel, we cannot contact the non-dual qualia resonance, because they are streaming with all channel qualia.


In this year, I will start to teach how to become the transparent body slowly.
No! Exactly saying, it is not teaching. Your life is transparent already. I can be just a midwife of your transparent body. I will facilitate you how to notice the transparency of your life.

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