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10 Archetype body
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Archetype body

When we sink deeper into the darkness of body, we meet various Archetypes.
Archetype is similar as instinct.
Both are specific resonance patterns of qualia which all human race have as common pattern imprinted on the genom.
Instict leads to automatic response of behavior, Archetype leads automatic resonance pattern of imagination and emotion.
When we see red of fire or black of darkness, all of human recognize it red or black. it is instinct which we share.
And various imaginations and emotions which visit us through the experiences of red of fire, or black of darkness is the function of Archetype.
Instincts were imprinted in our life during four billion year history of life.
Archetypes were imprinted in our brain during several million years history of Homo kind after we separeted from chimpangy kind.
Especially, experiences of deep awe and fear had imprinted in our common resonance pattern of qualia.
All mankind share the common Archetypes of heaven, hell, god, monster, ghost, spirit, and so on, beyond the difference of nation, religion and culture.
C. G. Jung found the collective unconsciousness which is deeper then individual unconsciousness. Archetypes are the main contents of it.
The most basic Archetypes are "Great mother", "Anima", "Animus", "Shadow". "Spirit", "Wisdoms", "Trickstar", "Girl", "Monsters", and so on.
So many resonance patterns are floating and transforming in deeper realm of our darkness of body.
Sometimes they appear as a shape of animals or natural fenomena.
They are not fixed forms, but transforming flexiblly, changing shapes easily and infinitely. They are the treasure house of rich imagination and creation, though it is extremely hard and dangerous to experience them.
When we continue the travel in the darkness of body in the deeper realm, there is a stage which we must meet them unavoidablly.
We cannot plan or expect it consciously, because it is the function by unconsciousness
The encounter to Archetype happens suddenly without any warning.
We may feel that we are attacked by unknown something.
We feel strange fear of being possessed, and step back instinctly.
It is natural response of edge experience of encounter Archetype.
We need to be aware of it, and accept it and become it to sublimate it to a creation.
The power of Archetyoe is extremely strong.
They are infinitely rich and dreadfully strong to controll us at the same time.
To be possessed or to sublimate it to a creation, it is a inevitable struggle.
It is a turning point of staying the condition of the human which is bound by Ego and unconsciousness, or to become free for comminicating them flexiblly.
It is the struggle to be a future human to take off all unconscious binds including the "Ego" which is the strongest archetype of modern age.

(About the Ego which is the biggest Archetype of today will be discribed at another article.)

when we accept Archetype and become them, we become "Arche-body".
There are no border between subbody and cobody, between me and you, between individual and group.
We become a sub=cobody which is the condition before separating self and others. It is non-dual body.
It brings us so strange feeling and somatic sense.
Because we become another being out of self. It is full of numinous mysteries.
At that condition, we can open the transparent eyes which we can see what is happening transparently.
The Arche body is the necessary entrance for the "Transparent body".

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