The Ten bodies
11 Transparent body
22 August, 2010

What is the transparent body?

Long years I have investigated in the transparent body. At the beginning, I could feel it, but I could not explain it by word at all. It was just the most ideal condition of body and mind.

Now I can say a few characteristics of the transparent body.


No boundary


When we are in the daily body condition, there are hard boundaries between consciousness, subconscious and body. In the conscious mode, there are hard boundaries between main channel and other channels. Consciousness can feel only one channel qualia at the same time. Also there are hard boundaries in the consciousness between intending thing and other qualia. 

The other side of the boundary is opaque for daily body/mind, When we are in the  conscious mode, we cannot feel any qualia beyond the boundaries, because it is in the dark opaqueness. 

On the contrary, there are no boundaries in the life resonance and subconscious.

Life is always resonating with everything beyond borders. All qualia are resonating beyond time and space in the subconscious and subbody. This world is non-dual and multi-dimensional world, it has complete different logic from daily world.

Our consciousness is bond by dualism logic, then we cannot contact to the non-dual and multi-dimensional world with keeping conscious mind.

Transparent condition is to remove these boundaries to become subconscious body mode, which we call "subbody" released from daily condition.

Especially, important point is to be "subbody" which  opens body and movement channel.


No intention and no tension


Transparent body is deeper level of subbody, which can feel outer qualia and inner qualia equally. We open to inside 50 percent and to outside 50 percent. Outer qualia are present physical qualia, and inner qualia are including memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, emotions, feelings, bodily sensations and so on.


Timeless and spaceless


Exactly saying, we cannot divide both of inner qualia and outer qualia, because they are in the non-dual world. There are no border between outside and inside, now and past or future.

When we become transparent body, we can feel all qualia beyond time and space, beyond all channels from body and movement channel to relationship and world-self channel.


Momentary and spontaneously


When we are thinking, it takes time. But transparent body does not delay. It can response immediately with the real time life resonance. Momentary and spontaneous is the characteristic of transparent body.  


Non-dual and multi-dimension


Life is always resonating with every qualia beyond time and space in the non-dual and multi-dimensional world. It has completely different logic from daily consensus reality.

Daily logic is bond by assumptions of dualism; up/down, in/out, self/others, good/bad, right/wrong, and so on. But in the life, there are any judgments like them.


Life is just resonating without subject and object. Qualia themselves are also resonance.

Transparent body is just follow the life resonance without any tension and intention in the no boundary world.


Extreme creativity


In the transparent condition, we can contact all hidden memories, dreams, fantasies, imaginations beyond time and space. All of them are just streaming and changing flexibly. This is the secret why transparent body can open infinite creativity of subconscious and life.


Opening all channels


Transparent body is a condition which opens all channels. Especially, it opens body and movement channel. Exactly saying, there are no channel in the life resonance.

This is the biggest different point between traditional meditation and subbody method. Because traditional meditation is not open movement channel. Without movement channel, we cannot contact the non-dual qualia resonance, because they are streaming with all channel qualia.


In this year, I will start to teach how to become the transparent body slowly.
No! Exactly saying, it is not teaching. Your life is transparent already. I can be just a midwife of your transparent body. I will facilitate you how to notice the transparency of your life.

18 September. 2010

The beginning of a day

I begin a day to feel the subtle resonance of life in the morning.
It is the best way to start a day with full of creativity of life.
In front of me, a bird is perching on the top of a oak tree.

He is the best teacher for the transparent resonance body.

Without thinking any thing, he is resonating with everything in the world.
Our human body is made of ten trillion cells. We are not alone, ten trillion cell's resonance body.
Each cell has a life, and each life is resonating with everything; present physical
qualia and inner qualia as memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, emotions, desires, and so on beyond time and space.

Life is the integration of these infinite multi dimansional resonance.
To feel resonance of life means to feel all of these infinite connections of resonance. These resonance are beyond the border between death and life, beyond time and space.
I prefer to feel them the most.
I like them, I taste them, and I enjoy them.
That's all.
I spend time as subconscious mode, with swaying between sleepimg and awaking. Then so many unexpected ideas are coming up one after another.
Because it is the most creative condition of life without any daily binds of dualistic thinking and judgement.
After I moved Himalaya, the subbody method and resonance theory are generated in succession. It is not production by thinking work, but it depended on the creativity of life in the subconscious condition. .

I will start the resoannce work from here.
Also I recommend you to begin a day to feel resonance of life.
You can open the infinite creativity of life.


14 June, 2010

Fetus breathing

We have two kinds of breathing. One is the outer breathing through lung, another is the inner breathing by each cell.
Feel these duble process of breathing always.

And remember what breathing did you do when you were a fetus.
There were full of womb's water in your mouth, nose, and lung, we could not do lung breathing. Oxigen was send from your mother's haert into your body. Fetus did only inner breathing at each cell.
Try to do fetus breathing.
You will notice that it is the same as "The breath of life".
It continued from fetus age. Oh! not only fetus, when we are one celled creature, we have continued the cell breathing.

The breath of life, the breath of fetus, and cell breathing are the same.
Become cell, and resonate with everything. Life is resonating with every thing in the multi-dimension. With air, gravity, light, sound, memories, dreams, and so on. The cell breathing is one of them.

We continue to investigate in life. It is the deepest mystery for us.

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