The Ten bodies
World Co-creation
Nomad=Rhizome and Resocracy
 This is the Rhizome
27 November 2013

This is the Rhizome

Rhizome is image of future human after when we are released from modern human state which is bound by Ego, Self and the Power of the nation-state.
Rhizome is able to connect flexibly and separate freely in any kind of resonance pattern.
We need to take off the binds of Ego, Self and Power and become Life which has infinite resonativity ( =resonance ability) beyond any borders.
This is the novel experiment in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya in this year.
Students invented so many kinds of behind world as subbody=cobody with unique shape and process.
Especially, boxed cobody or bottom cobody, chimera cobody, various swarm, forest, stone garden, dismal air, and so on. You can taste them in the slide show above.
This is the richest condition which the infinite creativity of Life can be open. If some tendency which could not resonate well with any cobody, we can research it by alone as the abyss of subbody.
The Flower, Mystery and Secret of Life, and necessary subbody=cobody for survival were bloomed in those process.
This was the necessary to enter the unexplored butoh realm of "Sick Dancing Princess" of Tatsumi Hijikata. We will continue to investigate and deepen it in all over the world.

Nomad Rhizome 1995-2014
22 December 2013

Nomad Rhizome 1995-2014

Nomad Rhizome is a unique style of Subbody=cobody Resonance Butoh that is transforming the pattern of resonance between members in various ways, while separated and linked freely, go dancing by moving the location.
As we experience this dynamic Life Resonance process by whole body, we can take off the daily pattern as 'modern human' trapped in Ego, Self and Power system inevitably.
This was developed during 1995-2013, at Japan, Thailand, Hungary, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, USA, Venezuela, and at various landscapes in Himalayan mountains and Delhi. It's a novel way of Life of us in the future to come.

19 August, 2010

Dancers can co-create a world through resonance

In the second week of August intensive cource, we learn Hijikata's Bugs walk.

Dancers can create a world together flexibly with resonance.
It is excredible wonderful thing, no other genle art can do like this.
Subbody butoh dancers are pioneer for how to create an Utopia by life resonance. Our experiment of co-creation a world will be resorce for future system of new human society.
My work is to bring up students to super creators same as Hijikata.

24 July, 2010

Resocracy: a method for co-creating a world

Now we get a method to co-create a world through only life resonance, without any force, control, argument, and direction, though it is only the biginning.
We call it "Resocracy".

In the summer intensive workshop, we concentrate on the life resonance.
Everyday we start from breath of life, and feel our lives are resonating with multi-dimansional qualia, gravity, levity, temperature, moisture, air pressure, sound, light, and so on.
Not only these physical qualia, life resonates with inner qualia; memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, and so on at the same time.
We need to stop rough daily mind and body, becouse these inner qualia are so subtler than physical qualia.
When we become subbody mode, we can feel the subtle resonance.
We continued it for these two weeks, with listening in the darkeness of body, catching subtle signal, and following it, amplifing it to each subbody movement.
And free resonance between each other's creation.

This third week, we entered the next stage to co-create each world of subbody together thorugh life resonance. We have almost found the method, as the following;

1. Getting the conditioning method

The conditioning is the essence of subbody method. We continue it everyday in different ways. Then students can get the way of them.
Conditioning has some stages; the first stage is to release from dayly conditions. Breathing, swaying, vibrating conditioning are the this stage.

2. Becoming

The second stage is to open resonativity to various qualia; gravity, levity, warmth, coldness, fluidity, solidity, vaporing and so on. They are to become everything; gas, stone, liquid, creature, hidden characters, archetypes, and so on.

3. Finding own qualia

Each student meets various qualia in the dakness of body. When one follows it, one can become something. Through these self reserch, each sudent get own unique qaualia.

4. Sharing each own qualia by conditioning

Next stage is sharing each unique qualia by each conditioning.
This week students found each own qualia as the following;
-Volucanic stone ember
-Flower without baby
-Iniversal spiral
-Salted snail
-Unstable land
-Slime mucus
-Exploring release
-Heavy snow lion

Each student invented own conditioning way to share these qualia, and guided other students. When students get these qualia as a group, we can create a specific world by cobody movement.

5. Finding best combnation between subbdoy and cobody through resonance

This week we practiced these experiments. We asked each life, "What world do you want to dance in?". "which relationship with the world do you want to dance?"
Our life has each unique experiece with or against world., as a pressure, bind, strict, struggle, trauma, and so on. If we find own dance with or against a world, it must be necessary dance for life. Students tried diverse combinations among subbody and cobody with various timing and spacing.

These experiments must become so rich treasures for resocracy which we create a world together through only life resonance.
Slowly we are creating them. This is so exciting experience as a life.
So, we can release from the existing way of choreography which only a choreographer creates a world and directs dancers by one's own image.
I continued to investigate in it for long years, now finally we are finiding it firmly.

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