The Transparency

 Become Transparent / Rhizome Lee/

1 What and why is the transparency?
What is the transparency?

What do I mean by the term of "transparency"?
It is to be able to see and to show transparently what is happening in the darkness of body, between the consciousness, subconsciousness and body.
For becoming transparent, we need to be released from any binds by assumptions, judgments, thinkings, preconceptions, common illusions.
Not only them, but also we need to be released from our gender, nationality, age, knowledge, political and religious beleives, and so on.
These are conditions for only the beginning of the long jurney to be transparent.

What does disturb the transparency?

When I was young, I efforted to be transparent through learning various aspects. so that my eyes and my consciousness become transparent without any binds by any specific conditions which I was influenced by chance.
I studied philosophy, literature, art, biology, physics, various kinds of thechniques of body work, dance, sports, various kinds of thought, religion, ideology, among the world beyond the border of western and eastern, so that my eyes and consciousness are able to catch the world transparently. Because I beleive that if I am bound by my own nationality, gender, cultural tradition, political and religious beleif, and so on, it is not transparent eyes at all.
But I have to realize that it was not enough for that.
The conscious effort couln't solve it, because my consciousness was still bound by unknown tendencies of unconsciousness. I noticed that the biggest obstacle is the consciousness itself which doesn't know the unconsciousness.
But I didn't know how to communicate with my unconsciousness at all at that time.

Entering the subconscious realm

I moved Himalaya and I strated investigation in the unconsciousness. I learned how to meditate through yoga, Bhuddism, Tao, and self hyponosis to enter the unconscious realm. The travell in the unconscious realm was so dangerous. Every moment I was attacked by unknown strong emotional emergencies. Especially, throuth the hard experiences of construction of the School in the Himalaya, I got noerosis by the culture gaps between India and Japan. Any assumption which I had in Japan was not work properly and disturbed my calmness. So many time I was attacked by unknown impulses to suicide or kill others. I researched how to solve it, but in the oriental tradition, I could not found any usefull advices, they told that only we will meet so many unknown monsters, strange happenings through meditation, and they said refuse them anyway to confirm the beleif of the God or Bhudda. It didn't work for me, because I didn't have any religious beleif. Also western medicine did not work, too. No docters have experienced in the unconscioue realm by themselves. Only C. G. Jung and Minddel's wrote their experiences kindly through the travel in unconscious realm helped me.
C.G. Jung investigate in the Archetype which appers from collectice unconsciousness.
He wrote of so many kinds of archtypes; the shadow, Anima, animus, trickstar, boy, girl, great mother, old wise man, animal and so on. He described that we will meet many types of archtypes, they will attack us, but not being bound by them. He wrote so many concrete happenings, it helped me a lot. Mindell also wrote a book; "Shaman's body" which is full of dangers and the important points which we have to be aware.
It was depend on Jung and Minddel which I could survive through the travell in the unconscious realm by alone.

Why is the transparency?

Why do we need to be transparent? I don't know why?
I can just show my process as transparent as possible.
Why did I want to enter the unconscious realm, despite of the dangers.
Because I have felt so many opaque unknown tendencies exsisted in my dakness of body, and they controled my behaviors from the young ages. ( Opaque is the oppsite of transparency.)
When I fall in love, or when I change my behavior pattern, I felt that not me, but someone who is unknown for me moved me.
What is this? It's invisible, but living in the darkness of body. I hated the opaqueness.

The biggest opaque mystery which I met was about creation of my dance. It was twelve years ago. When I tryed to research in my body by alone as usual, one day, suddenly a fifteen minutes dance came out with a exact choreograph. But I have no memory and no record which I created it.
I had a custom to write down the findings through the reseach in my body everyday. There were many records of reseach of the other day's around the period, but there was no record at all of the day when it came out.
Who created this piece of dance?
This became the biggest question for me, after the experience.
This piece was so strange one. So many unknown creatures and hidden characters came out one by one.
The mustery was not only creation, but also after then suddenly someone moved me to start traveling to perform this piece. I named it "Infectious Fever". I traveled many countries for three years with performing the piece and giving workshops.
Fortunately I had many dancing friends and supporters through a world creators network; "Dancing Commune" which I organized several years before. At that time I organized a lot of collaborations and workshops of my friends in Japan, and next was my turn to perform the solo or collaborations with my friends, and give workshor at my firend's countries.
It wan not me but someone who decide the long travel. An unknown being moved me. Who are you?
After three years traveling, suddenly someone had stoped the travel, and move to Himalaya.
I needed a practice space to continue the reseach and creation. At first I build it for me.
I started the research at Himalaya, to stop consciousness and enter the darkness of body, during the reseach slowly I could meet the real creator of the piece.
It was my subconsciousness, but not only subconsciousness. The subconsciusness and body is oneness in the subconscious realm. I named it "subbody". I stopped to use the term; "unconscoiousness". Because unconsciousness implicits the meaning that we cannot contact it at all, for daily mind it's true, but for meditative mind it's not true, we can contact with it through becoming subbody. Then I use the terms; "subconsciousness" and "subbody".

Subbody was a real creator of my peice. It has completely another logic from daily body. It is streaming and changing always among mauti-dimansions.
Still now I continue the reseach in my body and support other person's subbody process as a midwife.
My work is to listen in the subtle breath of student's subbody which is going to coming out from the darkness of body. It is a fetus of subbody. I can just facilitate the birth of them safely. I need to throw away my ego, and self to be a midwife. Otherwise I miss to catch the subtle signal of their birth. There are so complicate processes of subbody. Sometimes they are coming out as a strange creature, which was folded in their bodies as a life memories. We call it "Proto body". Sometimes they are coming out as a hidden character who was hidden in the darkness of body. We call it "Hidden body".
Another time they are coiming out with other's spirit. In my first peice, some of subbodies are which was possessed by my dead friends. I just gave my body them to use freely. We call it "Possessed body".Sometimes they are coming out as a group. We call it "Cobody". Cobody is resonating subbodies. In the darkness of body, there are no borders between me and you, self and others, individual and group.
There are so many variations of subbody depend on the person. We need to learn the nature and characteristic of each type of subbody. But these divisions are just for explanation and leraning for beginners, actually there are no borders among each type of subbody and cobody. they are just streaming and changing flexiblly in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm. That's why we need to study infinitely to see the process transparently as a midwife of subbody. And in the subbody realm, there are no difference between to be a transparent body and to open transparent eyes to the process.

to be continued...

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