Butoh Festival Himalaya #5
December 2012


Subbody Journal
5th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
 27 December, 2012

Highlights of 5th Internatinal Butoh Festival Himalaya

 24 December, 2012

Grand Finale of 5th Internatinal Butoh Festival Himalaya

The Grand Finale started from each highlight of subbody solo to free resonance of cobody and dancing together with audience. It was three hours long day.
All dancers have burn out.
During two weeks of the Festival, so many novel fruits were born with overcoming each hard edges.
Long term student; KatsD and Akshi has graduated and reborn as Gadu and Agu Tara. They have already started new activity at each place at Mineapollice and Delih. Gio continues one more year. Also Kristien, Dellamore Dellamorte (Pan), Solvieg and Valerie continue next year. It is the first time that all students continue to next year.
Also old students; Honza and Javier will come back.
How deep creations will come out next year!
We will enter the Hijikata's main secret world of "Sick Dancing Princess" together with new students.
Stay tuned to this!

 21 December, 2012

I carry the Phallus of Tatsumi Hijikata in My Heart/ Dellamore Dellamorte

~I woke up,... or was I still dreaming? Anxiety was escalating. My mind was vibrating with the faraway clouds. My body cells have already started dancing.
What is this strange sensation? Energy within energy.
It was still morning. The hand didn't follow the mind. Blood on the penis. The instant worries of surprising pain quickly faded away.
You are a fool!
A body that wants to collapse. A heartbeat that wants to run away.
Breathing from the ears.
I looked at the sky. Clouds and vivid blue sky were whispering a message.
I am on my way to (y)our realm. You are the blood of my Flesh - I
am the flesh of your Blood.
Tatsumi Hijikata, I carry your Phallus in my Heart~~I woke up,... or was I still dreaming? Anxiety was escalating. My
mind was vibrating with the faraway clouds. My body cells have already started dancing.
What is this strange sensation? Energy within energy.
It was still morning. The hand didn't follow the mind. Blood on the penis. The instant worries of surprising pain quickly faded away.
You are a fool!
A body that wants to collapse. A heartbeat that wants to run away.
Breathing from the ears.
I looked at the sky. Clouds and vivid blue sky were whispering a message.
I am on my way to (y)our realm. You are the blood of my Flesh - I am the flesh of your Blood.
Tatsumi Hijikata, I carry your Phallus in my Heart~

 17 December, 2012

Forbidden Girl/ Gio

When Gio traveled to Cambodia a few years ago,
she encountered a heavy qualia and she was bound by it.
Gio continued to deepen it as her leitmotif during many years in various ways.
How can I make it realize?
She tried various ways how is it possible to solve this problem during the two years.
She has seriously thought that actually will work as a volunteer in Cambodia.
She tried many times to create butoh pieces as well.
Her own traumas also has flashbacked, and has torn her.
Finally, everything has become one. she could integrated all of them in this piece.
She started dancing as various subbodies which she met the last two years, with changing costumes on stage.
Then at the last <Kyu> part, when the Cambodian dead people's photos was projected on the stage, her deepest subbodies exploded finally.
She danced accepting the soul of the dead.
We surprized to see that Dead was dancing on her body.
I was moved deeply too, and realized what my Life eagerd to dance for long years is exactly this.
In 1998, I was out on a trip around the world, with a wish to dance the dead around the world, Second World War, Auschwitz, Hungarian revolution, Vietnum war, Tibet, Palestine, Aids, Minamata, Polution...
Though I was reborn into a midwife from the dancer a few years ago, student's subbody did it instead of me.
Wishes and desires of the dead, but was suspended in their life as an individual, It is danced through others subbody-cobody. It is taken over and carried on to the future.
Life is not only an individual, it is living as a kind.
What "Butoh of Life" was meant by Hijikata, is this.
Though not only this, but it is unavoidable essense for Life.
Hijikata tried it dancing dead sister, I also tried dancing my dead friends. Now subbodies-cobodies of students do it.
Dead can dance through our subbody and cobody as the "Shisha".
She showed the truth.

At the ending, Gio and KatsD showed sweet taste duo, and in her cobody piece, students invented a funny hip dance, too. They suggested infinite expantion of the Shisha's butoh into multi-dimensional resonance world.
Darkness and brightness are resonating together in Life.

#1. Dance of Life, blood of dance.. Gio

A girl whose dirty hands, dreams
abandoned, wishes vaporized..

A girl who ran away shaking off her
mother’s hands dying..

A girl who was killed, the life forbidden
even a air, wind..

A girl in bloody love, falling down and
falling down in circle..

A girl who dancing hiding black devil..

Who carve the marks on her body as
sex object, of guilt feelings, forbidden
tears, laughing from extreme sadness..
Finally world made her a mad girl
wandering about in the crowded with
people of metro station.

... and white flower, forbidden wall,
drying & dying…

These images have been breathing in
my body, life for a long time.

I don’t’ know why but finally I danced in
the girls, like solving a riddle gathering
the fragment of each subbody. The
riddle was very mysterious but my body
knew the answer with deep memories,
edges, hidden feelings of life. Yes! It’s
life, my life!

I danced the life, Dance of Life.

"Dance what you can thousand times
and more."

When Lee told us about this for the first
time, It was far away for me.

But now I opened a door of the world, I’
ve reached on some dances can do
thousand times. Because I danced Life,
it’s connected with necessary of dance,
with blood of dance.

A girl’s dream to be a dancer was

The dream has become white flower in
her abyss..

The girl danced with praying for some
spirits of her abyss with the white

The white flower went to tomb to be
reborn in new womb..

#2. The Secret between subbody and

Thanks for all forbidden girls of cobody.

At first I created cobody piece based on
my small subbodies.

The cobody became ‘world’ ‘Life’.

I entered into the cobbody world
dancing together with the girls being

And finally I’ve found new subbody
world as solo piece from the cobody.

In the solo I was dancing with the
world, the life.

It’s very interesting process.

There is a big secret to make us face
unexpected world, life, universe
forgotten, hidden for long time.

The process gave birth to the world
recreated, the life re-framed.

I can’t explain more, just find and jump
into the cobody world, feel through the
body, life!!!

Thanks Lee and subbody friends.. see
you on spring with lot's of butterflies!!

Love, dust gio


 15 December, 2012

The Red/ Agu Tara( Akshi)

Akshi integrated her all subbodies at her last solo in Himalaya, it was so amazing succession of transformation.
So many novle subbodies I have never seen during two years came out one after another, about I could not take a breathe.
Word is no need, just enjoy the rich diversity with carrying density and jumping wildly. She became the dancer Hoopee as in the "Quiet House" finally. 
She reborn as "Agu Tara" on this day.
Agu Tara, congratulation for your graduation!

She wrote an article about the creation process how she has overcome the hard edges and what awarness she got.

After the Festival/ Agu Tara


What is it that your life wants to dance? What is it that your life wants to live?

Listen to your life very carefully. The most subtle qualia is always stuck somewhere in your body. It is hiding. It is sitting. It is waiting.

Endure it. Let it mature…become pregnant with it, nurture it and find the right time for its birth.

The necessary, the novel and the deep:

Even though, all subbodies carry a small ego; sometimes, your ego does not allow you to listen to very subtle qualia. Sometimes, ego becomes big when there are a lot of world qualia pressing you. And maybe it hides your necessity. The necessity of your life.

 It tells you should dance this or you should dance that. This process leads to creation…but not always the necessary creation of your life. The process helps you to find novel and deep qualia, but if the necessary qualia is not met you cannot dance the novel or the deep again.

 Your creation can only go a little further…and then it will come to a stop…you will be forced to stop dancing.  You will be forced to catch that subtle signal to listen to the necessary qualia of your life. You may experience kan qualia. Then you have to listen to it…and transform it into beauty.

 Never avoid the necessity of your life. That is unique to you.

 Continuously, ask your life, ‘ What do you want the most?’ sometimes in the chaotic abyss of life, it is impossible to understand anything; but then the only way is to dance. Dance the chaos. This is the abyss of life, the non-dual, multi-dimensional chaos.


Mystery between cobody and subbody:

The cobody creation process is very good for the subbody.  It helps in enduring. However, it is important to listen to the subtle signal for the need for world change.  Or listen to the tendency to escape or leave the world.  Why do you want to escape? How do you want to escape? & When do you want to escape?

 It can be a sudden change; a transformation that you didn’t even realize had taken place. Your subbody is aware of this transformation but you have to listen to it.  It happens very softly, calmly and smoothly.  That’s the beauty!

But if you don’t listen to it, then your subbody may suffer. May be, it feels suffocated in the old world. May crave for the world change…and not dance but become sad. As a midwife for your subbody you have to listen to this tendency…and find the right timing for the change…to give birth to another, in a new world. …in a transformed world.

Somehow, this reminds me of the small box of joints chapter from the quiet house; don’t know why!

Who integrates your subbody?

 The red god will integrate your subbody. Recognize your necessary qualia. Your basic need  to dance. Why do you need to dance? 

You have continuously to ask your life what moves you; be moved each time. Only then will find the necessary, deep and the novel.

 For integration, you have to want to integrate . You have ask your life for integration. Spending time alone and listening to the subtlest of tendencies…catching hold of the subtlest desires or resentments, the hidden characters…your dreams…your spirits…illusions…everything that haunts you or entertains you.  Become friends with everything.

 Like lee says, Dance everything! And when you start to dance with the necessary qualia…slowly ….your subbody integrates.

 Integration is a big accomplishment! It does not always happen, but when it happens it comes with a big awareness of life.  My biggest awareness was to understand the dance of life, more deeply.  And to understand my necessity to dance.-  Why?  – ‘I must dance. And keep dancing. There is no other way.’

 When you integrate everything…then you become life...and experience the essence of life.


The Edge:

 I was avoiding dancing the necessary qualia.  I was trying to evade it by dancing novel and deep, but you cannot evade the necessary. A big learning of life. Without necessary there is no dance. ( maybe).

 And maybe this necessary qualia had become my edge. That I was repeatedly hitting this semester, and trying to fight it through creation. But I was trying to evade it or somehow cancel it, but not really dancing it. I listened more carefully, and danced the edge from both sides.   This gives you a transparent awareness of life.

 I remember while dancing the first piece, aum namah shivaya, I was feeling unhappy. I was not dancing but putting an effort. My life did not want to dance it.

My life wanted to run away! Why? Due to lack of transparency in some ways and, maybe I met another edge, because my subbody needed a world change. I realized that something had transformed and can be danced only after some years. Yes, as Lee says that qualia will flower sometime. It has become a secret of my life. It was deep qualia that I met. It needs to be born at the right time.  I have become pregnant with it….but for the birth the right timing is important.

 As midwives we have to be very aware and listen very carefully to the darkness of the body. There is only one right timing for the birth of a subbody.

 A subbody that has already been born only comes together in the integration process. You cannot force it to dance again…if it does not want to. Wait for the right timing.

 The cobody creation process helped me endure qualia -subbodies that came out at the right timing for my solo, the red.  And also made me meet a qualia…that I will dance someday, when the subbody has matured enough to be born.


 13 December, 2012


Way Home/ Valerie

Tibetan self-immolation to protest the tyranny of China is a series.
"According to the Tibetan Government-in-exile,as a protest to the crackdown and religious language and by the Chinese government, 76 people has achieved self-immolation protest in Tibet before 17 days, 62 people died. Although the Tibetan Government-in-exile urged not to take action such extreme action, only for one and a half months from October this year, 25 people suicided for self-immolation, it seemes to continue unending. (November 19, the Sankei news paper ) "

The creation of this piece by Valerie who came from Russia was in the midst of this situation.
Daily, self-immolation of Tibetans was reported during the whole time of creation.
In the town of Dharamsal where Tibetan Government-in-exile is, continued demonstrations and gatherings of Tibetans in response to it.
Valerie is attacked by the resonance of deep sorrow and anger, it was devastated each time.
The end of this dance, all the dancers were dancing with resonated with people dying in flames.
Valerie also could completed her solo at the last performance finally.
It moved audience in the depth of Life.

Self-immolation in Tibet is still one after another.
Even a 16-year-old girl recently was self-immolation.
So. Now the world is something wrong.
Also in my young ages, many Viernam monk did self-immolation in protest against the domination of the United States in Vietnam.
Mr.Yuri in Japan and a young girl, Francine in Paris, spent a life in flames by resonance.
However, these Life Resonance in the world finally ended the USA domination in Vietnam.
Still now, conflict between China and Tibet, Israel and Palestinia, the Massacre of Life by the nation-state is continuing.
Tribulations of Life will continue untill the disappearance of the nation-state as the biggest monster in human history.


 13 December, 2012

Sphenoid/ Solveig

Solveig found some of unique dancing place, and investigated in it deepening the segmentation.
One is the skin, and the otheranother one is sphenoid bone.
Subtle dance of both of them are too subtle that the camera could not catched it, perhaps video, too.
The skin is one of the most important dancing place which infinite qualia are lurking in.
Sphenoid bone is located behind the nose of the face,
If we can dance it, it changes the resonance of the voice and facial expression very slight, both of them are the place where great potential are buried.
Remarkablly point was that Solveig participated in most of cobodies in this dance festival.
So many unexpected movements and faces which is not able to see in her solo, came out gushing.
To see her hidden flexibility and meet her unknown subbodies in the cobody dance was one of the pleasure during the festival. I was surprised at many times.
In her darkness of body, still unknown qualia are lurking.
To integrate all of them is her challenge of the next year, with carrying density and jumping wild, though must overcome much harder edges.
Solveig, to continue conditioning everyday is the most important for you during the Winter.

 11 December, 2012

Remains of Pleasure and Pain/ Kristien

Kristien solo begun with a surprise, while everyone is unaware, garbage bags have been discarded in the yard that move imperceptibly.
Just hand dance in the cement bags was <Jo (Beginning)>,
dynamic change on the rooftop terrace was <Ha; Breaking>,
<Kyu; climax and ending> was as an Undine in the pond and in the end ascension, it seemed as a mermaid.
It could completed the dynamic <Jo-ha-kyu>.
Krietien has faced a difficult edges how to take off the dance which she learned during the year.
The title shows the exact location of her current standing where is on the edge remains still trying to slice off all conditions of human.
It was one of the big struggle for Hijikata for inventing the weakened body, and me too.
Dynamic movement and contact improvisation give us fun.
However, it is the scary trap which is deprived of the very subtle resonance with behind world, we are is no longer heard it.
Many dancers have never even noticed that it is caught in its trap.
After the dance, she lamented that she could captured the subtle qualia merely a few seconds, and most of the moments are flowed in the movement without hearing the subtle qualia.
It's so good.
A big movement can be Flower, if it could find the optimal timing of Johakyu.
Even you came across a body that has been taken in that,
What you could notice it, is the biggest benefit.
Maybe, in the dance of the previous semester, you did not even notice it.
The difference is the big growth.
Sense of transparency will continue to grow little by little.
've Come this far, but only after traversing the eternal devotion.
I'm looking forward to next year's transfiguration.
When we've come this far, we can only traverse the eternal quest.
Looking forward to next year's transfiguration!

 9 December, 2012

Subbody-cobody in Switzerland

Pictures of the final day's performance of one month workshop in Switzerland of this Summer were arrived.
Though the files were missing for a long time,
It arrived in time to resonate with Himalaya Butoh Festival.
In Switzerland, we danced on every Friday at various places.
At the first week in the mountains, second week arround the rivers, at the third week in the city of Geneva, and the fourth week we danced at the dormitory house.
Each participant chose a faouvourite place and performed subbody-cobody theater.
This was the first experiment if could we go how much further in one month, and they created beautiful subbody-cobody theater.
Cyril, Audrey, Ester, and Bruce was set in a practice hall,
Ainara and Sebastian chose in the cafeteria, Lisa danced in the staircase, Aymon waited till evening, and began to dance from the ashes of a bonfire in the garden.
Though it was just a month, after then the participants became a nomad-rhizome company, and performed at Geneva festival and so on.
It is fun what will happen next.
Of these, Lisa from German will join the Subbody School, next year.
I'm looking forward to dance with again.
In the busy work as a photographer, Bruce, thank you very much for editting photos and sent us.
We are resonating beyond the distance!

 7 December, 2012

Death Baloon Elephant/ Akshi, Gio, KatsD

Three long-term students danced trio.
Akshi and KatsD graduate this year, Gio continues for another year.
Trio of them is the first and the last.
Each subbody transformed into curious body,Akshi was a dangerous man with a sickle, KatsD was Balloon mon, Geo became a ghostly thing, different from their usual shape.
The stage started from a Rizoming chaos in the hall, and vaporized bodies with the background of mountains in the garden, at the last they completed Jo-Ha-Kyu at the water's edge of the pool.
There had so many experience of nomad theater arround in the school, this day they found one of the best Nomad-rhizome theater, with showing a variety of resonance patterns.
Some voices "Amazing!" came from the audience at the end.
KatsD completed three years creation and midwife course, Akshi completed two years course respectively as well.
They are able to graduate successfully.

 5 December, 2012

Free Resonance Theater

Dancers resonated freely on the middle day of the festival, by Akshi, Gio, KatsD, Krestien, and Valerie.
We will dance one more free resonance on the final day by all dancers.

This can be seen the degree of the maturity of the subbody and cobody.
Subbody has been lurking in the darkness of body for a long time, then when it is born, it does not know how to resonance with the world and others at all.
Subbody's original characteristics is <Disonance>.
Alternatively, some subbody has small ego depend on the age when it hided in the darkness in childhood.
It has baby ego, or paranoid ego, their original characteristic is <Dominance> that tries to protect themselves and to dominate the other and the world.
Through the various experiences of resonance, they can learn how the best resonance gradually.
Midwife has to take all responsibility of the learning diverse resonance patterns.
We had co-researched so many diversity of resonance during the year.
Resonance improvisation of Life without expression of Ego and Self is born from here.
Dancers will do the free resonance again on the grand finale day of the festival by all.
Four days remained of the festival.
Enjoy it!

 3 December, 2012

Navel Ear/ Kristien

Kristien used to work with voice workshop, and people with disabilities originally.
She was anxious strongly to experiment of cobody using the audio and movement channel, and persuited it.
The experiment was deepened a lot overcoming various hardships.
Finnaly it has blossomed greatly in this "Navel Ear".
This development became the common property of not only for the school, but also for the world creation.

Breakthrough, it is the basis for most of <Earth cobody>
which was found on the way.
<Earth> means the basis to firtilize all Life.
It means fertile land and producing a wide variety of organisms, a state in which an infinite number of elements is resonating optimally.
We could co-create the state by breath, body sound, voice, and movement.
It's started from listening carefully to all sounds arround us and inner memories of sounds.
Gradually from there go to a variety of voices and sounds, going to co-create a rich <Earth>.
Then, one can bloom <Flower> to find the timing, as a solo voice with or without movement.
<Earth cobody> listen to the rise of the first flower carefully, and the resonance in the voice of the <Earth> support the <Flower> respectively.
The important thing is that at that time, not bound to the knowledge of the harmony of the Western musical scale.
Ways of a non-harmonic resonance out of Western music are numerous.
Kristien investigated in the world music of the indigenous tribe people in Afirica, Oceania, Asia, America.
Through sharing it, we got diverse resonance method.
Kristien's Abyss might connect with her mother's home land, Trinidad in Caribbean Ocean.
If we continue to participate in other people's voices increasingly resonant in the <Flower>, it becomess <Busch cobody>.
It becomes next <Earth> for another <Flower> or <Busch>.
The finding of the infinite circulation method of <fertile Earth> to <Flower> and <Bush> is the revolution in cobody method.
It could segment and enrich the known cobody method of <Swarm>, <Forest> and <Stone garden>.
From there, it established the structure of infinite circulation of <Earth> - <Flower> - <Busch> - <Earth>.
If you look at from the outside, it may seem what can not be great thing, but in the history of the quest for cobody metod of decades, it was indeed a great revolution.
In the process of co-creation of the "Navel Ear", everyone investigated in the darkness of body further.
Exploring a unique voice that opens the door to the own Abyss, and realized each Flower or Busch.
All of them became so rich oneness at the last performance.

To Deepen this exploration, Kristien decided to continue further subbody-cobody research for next year, too.
Now, Subody School of next year, eight old students, Gio, Pan, Kristien, Solveig, Valerie, Honza, Javier, and Eleanor will proceed to second and third years.
Freshman's space has narrowed temporary, but this must be necessary. Rather, gradually our Subbody School has to develope to 2 years or 3 years course.
We must provide short-term course for freshmen in the future.
Next year, a trip to the unprecedented depth looks to be possible.

 1 December, 2012

Aum Namah Shivaya/ Akshi

Aum Namah Shivaya is one of mantra of Hidhuism.
A( make) u(dream) m(deep sleep) Namah( not mine) Shiva (Lord Shiva) ya(soul)...
Totaly it means Unification of indivisual soul and Universal soul =Oneness.

Within this dance, the strongest archetype in India, Lord Shiva was raging.
As Hijikata danced Shisha and human at the mercy of "Red God" in the "Quiet House", Akshi and dancers had to be involved into the non-dual storm of Shiva God.
Shive is the strongest Archetype of creation and destruction in India.
Rejected the prayer of the girl, Shiva pulled her into the darkness of the bottom of the well.
Shive transformed into a stone, fire, storm, and vampire and the evil spirit, dancers had to be cought up in the non-dual storm of Abyss.
Darkness of non-dual vast chaos still remains in the piece,
not matured to the point where everything is in one crystal. To dance the Abyss is to experience the unknown chaos.
Akshi was struck by the <Kan> qualia which could not dance at all during the performance.
She met the unknown Secret and Mystery in the piece, she has to wrestle and explore it over many years from now.
What she was able to meet it, is a great harvest.
Remained Himalayan Cherry joined as background flower in the performance.

 Himalayan snow -Winter has come early this year
From Subbody School 30 Nov.
 29 November, 2012

Forbidden Girls/ Gio

What is a woman?
What makes a woman of what is forbidden as Life?
What is a man?
What makes a man by what is constrained to Life.
Gio has continued to explore it with all dancers.
All through the process of regulating bodily exploration and body's discoveries about the tangle of biological sexuality and social gender.
Dancers researched the heterosexuality lurking in the darkness of body, and the Anima/ Animus.
They realized it through the rhizoming and strange relationships in various scenes.
To become the multi-dimensional sexual complex not by thinking, but by body is butoh.
Especialy, to become rhizome which can separate and connect freely at any part of body and sexial chimera body beyond the sex and age is inevitably process for overcoming the trap of sexuality and ego binds.
During performance they invented intersting hip dance which hips talk with audience.
In the middle of serious and confusing performance, some funny dance blossomed, it perfected the Jo-Ha-Kyu.
It may not know in the picture.
Wait the video editting for a while, please.

 1 January, 2013

Kuu-Emptiness/ Gadu (KatsD)

What does that mean to dance "Emptiness"? I have been contemplating for some time.

In Buddhism, "Emptiness" doesn't mean "nothingness." Instead it means emptiness of "self-existence." When you look deeply, everything exists relative to other things. Nothing exists by itself. So, Buddha said that self is empty. In the light of emptiness, one should not attach to anything because the idea that there is "something" worth attaching to is just a delusion. This teaching is called prajnaparamita or "perfection of wisdom."

Since I arrived at Subbody Butoh School in 2007. I have learned so many things from Lee and explored so many different aspects of my life and different worlds. I put everything into this and at the same time I had to let go everything.

This is neither choreographed or improvised. These things are just names and just a superficial distinction. This was intended to be neither subbody or cobody. If I succeeded, people might have seen "nobody."

This was the end of something and the beginning of something else. I am just so grateful to Lee and all the students I have met here over the years. I have learned so much from them.

Thank you!

Kats D

Graduation performance of KatsD

The first day of the 5th International Butoh Festival Himalaya was opened by butoh performance of "Kuu-Emptiness" by KatsD.
He is going to graduate after six years training at Himalaya from 2007 until this year, total three years he lived here.
Prior to this, he guided to become Kuu-Empty body through several conditionings.
At first he guided to become a baloon body as the air inside and outside equally, such as balloon, to guide the body, focusing on a piece of skin that separates the outside world and the inner world.
Skin is the last "Dancing Place" for Hijikata's last solo "Quiet House", which consists of several layers of Hidden Skin.
And even the skin will disappear at the end.
There is no distinction between the inner world and the outside world.
He carefully guided so far.
It was the best conditioning of him during these six years.
Also, I was able to become free Subbodies which had forgotten to come out.
So, the depth of a conditioning can be measured through the body how much the body, brain, and mind are released from the binds.
He had come so far, now Kats can go anywhere in the world and able to release people's bodies.
Before the performance, he guided audience to music collaborators, by various instruments like pots, pans, and ask them to hit it by own wish to be realized as knocking the Heaven's door.
Began with silence, and with their own wishes on the way he asked them to start hitting that wish to reach.
Dancing in the silence, the sound of the audience wishes became intersecting music in the middle.
And naturally it subsided.
He was dancing in the Johakyu with resonance of audience. He realized the co-creation with audience.
He put mud on the skin, and human skin became the same quality as the soil, and became transparent.
Kats got the key to metamorphosed into a transparent body which is one of the last butoh body.

The concept of the Kuu-Emptiness is one of the cornerstones of Eastern thought.
But, to develope it into how to realize it on the body, this is butoh.
He was able to clearly far into methods to become empty body.
It is a feat of the first in the world as far as I know.
He will open the new practice place at Minneapolice ,Minnesota, USA in the future.
Little ripples of life resonance will spread from there.
Kats, Congratulations on your graduation!

5th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
24 November - 8 Deceber, 2012 

 Butoh Performance  Workshop
All performances and workshops are Free of charge!!





Dancer and Instructor





Subbody Hall



Butoh Workshop  Guided by KatsD (USA-Japan)







"空" Emptiness
Secret Performance by








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Butoh Workshop  Guided by



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"Forbidden Girls"
Performance  by








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Butoh Workshop  Guided by


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 "ひろみ Hiromi" Performance by Pan Dellamor(t)e(Planet)









Subbody Hall



"Secret Voice" Workshop  Guided by Kristien (Holland)


Subbody Hall



"Navel Ear" Performance by Kristien(Holland) & Cobody






Subbody Hall



"Body Memory" Workshop 
Guided by Gio (Korea)



Subbody Hall



"My Nature"
Performance by




Subbody Hall



PerformancePerformance by
Valerie & Pan Dellamor(t)e





Subbody Hall



Performance by
Akshi, Gio, & Kats D






Subbody Hall



Butoh Workshop
Gio (Korea)



Subbody Hall



Performance by

Akshi (India) & Cobody








"Falling Down" Workshop  by Gio (Korea)






"Remains of Pleasure and Pain"Performance by





Subbody Hall



Butoh Workshop
Guided by Pan Dellamor(t)e (Planet)



Subbody Hall



 "Sphenoid"Performance by






Subbody Hall



Butoh Workshop  Guided by Akshi (India)


Subbody Hall


"Way Home" Performance
by Valerie










Subbody Hall



"Stone to Spirit" Workshop 
Guided by



Subbody Hall



"Forbidden Girl"
Performance  by






Subbody Hall



Butoh Workshop  Guided by KatsD (USA-Japan)


Subbody Hall



 "奇形見世物 Malformation
Performance by
Pan Dellamor(t)e(Planet) & Cobody




Subbody Hall



"Grand Finale"
Performance  by

All Dancers